Four AFC teams only one game back of last playoff spot

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It’s going to take a while for the AFC playoff picture to shake out.

The AFC West is the division that remains most up for grabs, with every team still alive and a lot of division games left to play.

The final wild card spot is just as jumbled.  If the season ended today, the Ravens (7-3) would win the AFC North and the Steelers (7-3) would get the first wild card. With forgiving schedules ahead for the most part, we expect the Ravens and Steelers to both make the playoffs in some spot.

Things gets interesting with the No. 6 seed.

The Bengals have the last playoff spot by themselves right now at 6-4.  Four teams are only one game back at 5-5: Denver, Tennessee, New York, and Buffalo.  (That would be the current order for tiebreakers.)  The Chiefs could get to 5-5 with an upset over the Patriots on Monday night.

Fans of the Titans, Bills, and Jets probably don’t feel great this morning. The realty is that they are still in fine position.  (Although Buffalo may want to stop losing by 30 points every week.)

Winning ten games would give any team a great chance to get the six seed, and even a 9-7 team might slip in.

23 responses to “Four AFC teams only one game back of last playoff spot

  1. Don’t give up on the bengals yet. They lost by seven to both the ravens and steelers. They could still very easily win the division.

  2. Am I the only one NERVOUS the arrest ticker is up to 19 Days…..this is about the time it gets reset

  3. bengals3285 says: Nov 21, 2011 9:00 AM

    Don’t give up on the bengals yet. They lost by seven to both the ravens and steelers. They could still very easily win the division.

    By “very easily,” you mean “near impossible.”

    lol Bungels fans

  4. @seneca

    As long as its not Dalton or Green I think u are okay. If those two go it means the Others corrupted them and u are down for the long haul.

  5. You just named 6 teams with 5 or less losses. For a 9-7 team to get in, The Bengals would need to go 3-3, Broncos, Titans, Jets, Bills, and Chiefs would ALL need to lose 2 more games, and the Browns and Chargers would need to lose a game.

    Any of those teams are easily capable of meeting those requirements, but it’s pretty unrealistic to consider ALL of those things happening. Especially considering they’re all in the AFC and alot of those teams will be playing each other.

  6. bengals got 6 wins so far….they still got clev…ari….and st louis…..theres 9 wins there…..and balt at home last game…who would have guessed that would happen to the bengals to be mentioned in the playoffs at the start of the season?….i know i didnt

  7. Bengals3285,The Bengals are gonna have to see the Ravens falter in at least one of the Browns games for them and then beat them in Cincy week 17 to flat out win the division, this is providing they also even the score in the second Pittsburgh meeting as well so I don’t think they can still “very easily” win the division. I’m not saying its not possible, the Browns do have a losing record right now and that seems to be the Ravens’ weakness this season so who knows. That said, you guys have a solid young QB who is already as good as the Ravens’ guy and a talented and mostly young defense that continues to improve each year. Its gonna be an interesting next few seasons in this division, not to mention all that is left to play out in this one. Good luck moving forward except in the week 17 rematch.

  8. AFC west champions Raiders. unless of course the league pushes the refs to continue their crooked ways.

  9. If Cincinnati beats Houston, Cleveland, Arizona and St. Louis without even getting a game against Pittsburgh or Baltimore, the Bengals are at 10 wins. That should get them a wild card spot.

  10. The Chiefs could get to 5-5 with an upset over the Patriots on Monday night.

    Really??? I hope you’re not counting on that?

  11. The Bengals are still in contention after week 11 for the division and the playoffs. Don’t NOBODY pinch me, ’cause I don’t want to wake up.

  12. ahostiletakeover,
    Your right, that would mean that the bengals would ultimately have to win out the last 6 games, and baltimore would have to lose one of its games to Cleveland. Its a stretch for sure, but the way the bengals played against the steelers and the ravens, and the way the ravens play at their opponents level, I could see it happen. Houston only has a running attack now with matt schuab out and the bengals have the best rushing defense in the AFC so we have a shot there as well. Its gonna be a good race to the end, but never the less, the steelers, ravens, and bengals should all make it to the playoffs. I have high hopes the next few years for the bengals.

  13. As a jets fan i still have hope. They have a pretty soft schedule – the giants and eagles. Just looking at the overall picture if they start playing better the jets are gonna be that 6 seed just like they have been the last two years. I like the bengals but they still have balt and pit again. denver has hard games coming up tennessee isnt great and if the jets beat buffalo sun they will be out to. Gonna be interesting theres a long way to go alot can happen with all these teams.

  14. Looks to me that the AFC North will send three teams to the playoffs. The Bengals are better than the other teams vying to the 6th playoff spot.

    /Steelers fan

  15. nice redbull, so along with all the bills fans, all the Denver, Tennessee, New York, Kansas City fans, and all the other teams with similar records are back down to earth as well??
    i know its a tough decision for you ever season, choosing which team to pull for and all- pats or steelers right?

  16. early on i thought afc west would have two teams, but now would have to say wild cards are all about the NFC North, and AFC North.

  17. The Bengals SHOULD get to 9 wins playing Cle, Stl, and Arz. The Houston game is a toss up with Leinart starting, and they could beat Baltimore at home in the finale if Baltimore has clinched their seed. Their record should at a minimum be 9-7 and at maximum 11-5. I say 10-6

  18. Nothing’s been settled in the AFC North, and I don’t think either my Steelers or the Ravens should get comfortable. Andy Dalton made a couple of rookie mistakes against a great defense toward the end of yesterday’s game–but he strikes me as a fast learner. That division title is still up for grabs. And it wouldn’t surprise me to see the AFCN send three to the playoffs.

    Otherwise, the most interesting aspects of the race are that Tebow has made Denver viable, and the Jets are just hanging in. I doubt many pundits would have predicted those outcomes before the season began.

  19. I know it’s not possible but it seems like everyone is playing Arizona and St. Louis down the stretch and expecting easy wins (which they are) but, Tim-Tebow-on-a-Cross, it really chaps my hide… I guess that’s because I hate the Niners so much.

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