Jake Plummer wishes Tim Tebow would cut down on the religion talk

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Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow is a Christian, as he rarely misses an opportunity to say. Former Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer says he’s heard it enough from Tebow that he doesn’t need to hear it any more.

In an interview with 910-AM in Phoenix, Plummer said that he thinks highly of the way Tebow is winning games in Denver, but he wishes Tebow would cool it on turning post-game interviews into an opportunity to proselytize.

I wish he’d just shut up after a game and go hug his teammates,” Plummer said, via SportsRadioInterviews.com. “I think that when he accepts the fact that we know that he loves Jesus Christ then I think I’ll like him a little better. I don’t hate him because of that, I just would rather not have to hear that every time he takes a good snap or makes a good handoff.”

Plummer had positive things to say about his time in Denver (though not his coach in Denver, Mike Shanahan), and he said he’s glad the Broncos have a quarterback who has led them to four wins in five games.

“They are going to try to win with what he can do and it is kind of fun to see since they are bucking the system in the NFL,” Plummer said.

So Plummer is a fan of the way Tebow plays the game. But he’s not a fan of the way Tebow preaches after he plays the game.

264 responses to “Jake Plummer wishes Tim Tebow would cut down on the religion talk

  1. You mean the only guy in the NFL who didn’t put the Hispanic Heritage stickers on his helmet said that? that’s crazy!

  2. Hey Jake, How about you worry about yourself. Maybe you could learn something from him like not quitting the NFL because your unhappy being traded.

  3. You know what Jake? Blame the media, not Tebow. If they wouldn’t stick a microphone in his face all the time you wouldn’t have to listen to ANYTHING Tebow says. You could always change the channel too.

  4. I totally agree with Plummer. I probably would be a fan of Tebow if it wasnt for his crush on jesus. It is very annoying… keep it to yourself, not everyone is gay for jesus. Im pretty sure that if jesus had his back, he would be a lot better than what he is…

  5. I just wish Jake Plummer would shut up and retire. Because the cry baby didn’t want to play for the Bucs he took his ball and went home. I’d rather listen to an overachieving QB with a will to win who “proselytizes” his faith then a QUITTER! It’s very simple Jake, if it bothers you that much cover your ears or change the channel.

  6. Finally, we get to hear Jake’s take. I’ve been wondering what he thought about Tim Tebow.

  7. Jake plummer was himself an avg qb and highly inconsistent… his behavior was quite good though… strait up!

  8. not sure anybody cares what plummer thinks…….

    and im obviously not in the bronco locker room but i have to imagine that tebow is ESPECIALLY appreciative of his teammates.

  9. Jake, I think I will like you a little bit better when I forget how you killed our chances of making the Superbowl against the Steelers in the AFC Championship.

  10. He’s a tad bit harsh the way he put it, but I somewhat agree. Postgame interviews are a time to talk about football. I’m a Christian and I admire Tebow’s faith but there’s a time and place for everything

  11. So Jake would rather listen to the usual cliche ridden claptrap than hear a few religious platitudes thrown around in some VERY interesting and honest conversation by Tebow?


    Raiders get royally screwed by officials each and every year. This, is nothing new. However, yesterday’s Raiders-Vikings game officials should’ve had ski-masks on for that stick-up job.

    Could it be a coincidence that this blatant, ugly bias by the officials happens just when Tebowmania is taking off and the Denver Broncos all of a sudden have a chance in the division? Who doesn’t think the NFL would like to squeeze every last drop it can out of the Tebow publicity? Broncos making the playoffs would certainly extend that story.

    Sadly, Raiders may have to overcome an 11-on-18 playing field each week from here on out or until someone puts Tebowmania out of its misery.

  13. plummer obviously is a devil worshiper, tebow will smite him. but not right away. he’ll be really awful at smitting at first, in the end plummer will be a pillar of salt.

  14. I like Tebow, but tend to agree with Plummer on this. I think “our lord and savior” might have more important things to do than help a football team win games.

  15. Tebow’s contsant preaching is making me more faithful. Every time I hear him talking about it, I think “Jesus, I get a headache listening to this.”

  16. Here is my theory on Tebow… hundreds and hundreds of football players are devout Christians… only one goes out of his way to brag about it – Tim Tebow.

    He will turn any interview question into being about his love for God, if he’s in the right mood, which is 90% of the time. The other 10% of the time, he just waits for the next question to do it.

  17. Says what everyone is thinking. Personally, I don’t care who you worship. Just shut up and play football. And by play football, I mean throw the ball 15 feet over the WR’s head

  18. Thank you Jake.

    I personally want to smash Timmy over the head with a Bible every time I hear him talk about Baby Jesus.

    It’s literally creepy. We get it already Tim. Shut up.

    It’s bad enough your teammates make fun of you for it (and the fact that you don’t curse and that you’re still a virgin).

    Well, at least your wide receivers from Tidewater do.

  19. If Tebow is the equivalent of all things Biblically good, then isn’t it only fitting that a player nicknamed “The Snake” should be trying to persuade him to temper down his beliefs?

    Wait… does that make Denver the Garden of Eden, John Fox as Eve, and Elway as God?

  20. Finally, a public figure has the courage to say what all of us (minus the whacko evangelical crowd) are thinking.

    Stop with the Jesus preaching, Tim. You’re an NFL QB, not a GOP Presidential candidate.

  21. I’m glad the epitome of professionalism that is Jake Plummer is giving advice to Tim Tebow. What a joke.

    As for Tebow’s “proselytizing,” get over it. We hear constant griping over the dumb crimes professional athletes commit, the selfishness so many exhibit and the fact that there are few role models in sports these days. Then here’s a guy who, while limited in his ability as a passer, is a great athlete and a fantastic human being. So what do we do? We rip him because he leads off with a quick shout out to Jesus in his interviews.

    It’s not like he goes on and on and on about it. It’s one line at the start of interviews and that’s it. And honestly, there are a lot of other guys who do the exact same thing. Greg Jennings frequently makes references to his faith; the guy wants to follow in his dad’s footsteps and be a preacher after he retires. Where’s Herman Moore coming out and blasting him for that? And yeah Jake, you were basically on par with Moore and Brent Perrmian. Or if you want AFC West and NFC West comparisons, how about Frank Sanders and Eddie Kennison?

  22. Oh, THAT Jake Plummer, of the “Who is better, Jim Druckenmiller or Jake Plummer” discussion of several years back.

  23. as a Christian it is Tebows life job to inform the world of our Lord and Savior. he could never say enough about God. so for all the people that hate on him it’s ok he know’s he wont be able to save you but it wont stop him from trying. God bless him and God bless each and every one of us.

  24. I can live with the Jesus talk from Tebow. I’d rather here about Jesus then watch some of these idiots that celebrate like they just won the SB, but in reality simply tackled a guy for a 3 yard gain on 2 and 10. I hate that crap.

  25. He always praises God AND his teammates but you woulld rather hear him praise himself like a lot of other self absorbed PEOPLE in this world? (not just athletes) If you don’t like it turn down the volume or change the channel. Jake whoever you are…

  26. I remember Jake. He was the Snake in the Adam and Eve story, wasn’t he?

    Seriously tho, Plummer is missing the point. Tebow is not a football player who preachs, he is a preacher who happens to play football. Huge difference there.

  27. Along with most everyone else. I don’t mind a prayer after a score or before or after a game, but stop forcing it down everyone. Go evangelize somewhere else. If he spent a little more time own his throwing motion he would have yo spout his religion ALL the time.

  28. TT should probably work in a couple of “thanks” to Kyle Orton, who is more responsible for TT’s current opportunity than is Jesus. (Unless Jesus made Kyle Orton suck that bad, and that would just be mean…)

  29. I can’t wait till there’s some Muslim QB to come along and starting praising Allah after games.

  30. wwwwaaaahhhhhhh…..”he talks about God”……..wwwwwaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh………….
    “he’s shoving his religion down my throat”……..wwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

  31. Maybe, but it sure is better to hear this then be talking about dog killers, players up on murder charges, assault charges or drug charges…

  32. Its a free country Jake, just like you were free to retire Cuz you didn’t wanna play for the team you were traded to

  33. Wow, of all the people and things you can criticize within the the NFL your gonna choose someone that too strongly portrays his love & faith in Jesus Christ. Iam even more surprised at the amount of comments backing Plummer. Ive made many wrong decisions but thank God you are judged as you judge others. That always seems to set my mind right. God Bless..

  34. Seriously who cares? I don’t care if he talks about God. Is that worse then talking about himself like so many other players do? This is America talk about anything you want people. Who cares if other people don’t want to hear it. That is their problem. I hate all that politically correct crap. You might say something someone else doesn’t want to hear.. WHO CARES! Tebow please keep talking about God. Don’t stop because there are immature haters out there like Jake Plummer who never won anything. This is America, say what you want Tebow!

  35. If I believed I had THE ONLY message that saved the world from Hell I would probably shout it just as much as Tebow does. Preach on kid.

  36. LMAO @ “…then I think I’ll like him better.”
    Cuz, as we all know, it really does matter that Jake Plummer approve of you.
    Look, I understand what Plummer is saying and i don’t disagree but in the end, it’s not for us to say. More importantly, who loses sleep over this kind of stuff?
    Let the guy thank his Lord and Savior, then he’ll move on to answering the question. That’s what he does.
    Bottom line; Reggie White was every bit the same as Tebow but I don’t recall anyone bitching about it. Ever.

  37. It isn’t the issue of Tebow’s faith, as much as it is demonstrating it in front of the cameras. But lets face it, the public tires of “reality show” players, gunshots (see Giants’ Victor Cruz incident), Aquib Talib, off season arrests, etc.

    Tim Tebow is refreshingly cliched, but earnest in his beliefs, and the snarky, media love to set up guys like this to fail. Nothing like showing them you’re wrong.

    Faith is immensely personal, and some feel it shouldn’t be advertised. But why? There used to be Athletes in Action, a college basketball team that was primarily christian that was an independent. There are religious based schools, etc. There are evangelical stations. Players take a knee and bow in the end zone and point the fingers up to the sky. Lets see if Tebow and the Broncos can keep winning…i think its no big deal, and a compelling story. There are a lot of problems in society, and Tebow APPEARS to have belief.

  38. Lets limit every post game conference to 1 God reference. (And that applies to everyone, but esp Tebow)

  39. What a bunch of freakin losers on this site. You hate TEBOW and religion because the truth scares you and God Forbid you have to look in the mirror at your pathetic lives. I get it

  40. Yes, we can all hit mute when Tebow speaks, but here’s a thought…the reporters shoving mics in his face are askin him about FOOTBALL, not jesus, religion or anything remotely related to that topic. We get it, you like god, move on & pipe down bout it. If I wanted a sermon, I’d go to Friggin church!!

  41. Jake is RIGHT! Im sick of hearing about someone giving praise to GOD! Yuck! I’d much rather hear the 99.9% of NFL players who give thanks to theirselves, their bloodsucking agents and their baby’s mommas.

  42. Tebow is a refreshing change from the selfish athlete, who praises himself first. Tebow gives all the glory to the God Who made him. Jesus made the non-believers nervous 2,000 years ago and still makes them nervous today.

  43. You know, I’m not a huge fan of anyone that tries to force his/her beliefs on me no matter what the subject is; But, I give Tebow credit………he’s not a fake and he practices what he preaches. He seems like a real nice kid who has his priorities in check and I respect that. Now, at some point that must equate to wins for the Broncos. They didn’t draft him to evangelize, they drafted him to win football games. If he can do both…..more power to him.

  44. Before I make my comment I want to say thanks to Jesus Christ because through him all things are possible. Also I wish Tebow would just answer the stupid questions and shut up about God.

  45. I don’t agree. Tebow is genuine about it. He’s just not the type of guy to talk religion to have this nice image and be loved. He’s passionate and genuine about his religion.

    Let’s all pray for Jake.

  46. I remember back when Reggie White would say the same things Tebow did, and would conduct on-field prayers with players from both teams. People were outraged and complained all the time about Reggie talking about religion so much.

    I remembered that right after I remembered the Lions winning the Super Bowl and Japan winning World War II.

    Funny how “tolerance” doesn’t extend to devout and proud Christians. Unless, …. never mind.

  47. Tim,

    Seriously, it’s getting a little annoying up here too.


  48. speedlimit41 says: Nov 21, 2011 4:06 PM

    I can’t wait till there’s some Muslim QB to come along and starting praising Allah after games.


    Glad you said that. No one will dare say a word then.

  49. Get a life, Plummer. Tebow is giving credit where he believes credit is due. Nothing wrong with that. This is America where we have freedom of speech. Something tells me that Jake Plummer is a jealous, bitter guy because we aren’t hanging on every word he speaks.

    I don’t think that Tebow is a great quarterback. But he is a great leader and competitor. He’s the kind of guy that you would want on your team, regardless of the position he played. And he is the kid of athlete you would want your kid to emulate.

  50. Seriously? If Tebow’s faith offends you, don’t listen. Or better yet, grow some thicker skin. Who cares what he believes? If you don’t care, then it shouldn’t bother you any more than listening to QVC or Chris Berman. If you do care, then he’s giving you unadulterated insight into his religious philosophy.

    The kid can’t win. He’s 4-1 with a team that has gone 4-14 in the past 18 games he hasn’t started, for a coach that was 3-18 in his past 21, and after every win, he credits his teammates and his religion, saying he still needs to improve. If this is a player or person that irritates you, it says more about you than it does about him. You likely lead a very unhappy life.

  51. Reggie White used to act the same exact way Tebow does during post-game interviews and nobody would say a word about it. Why is it so awful for Tebow to act this way, but for Reggie it was perfectly accepted?

    Definite double-standard there.

  52. Thanking his Lord and Savior and his teammates is a problem? I see so many athelete’s interviews where their entire talk revolves around “me” without ever giving props to the other 10 guys on their side of the ball who make it possible for the jabberjaw to make whatever play they made. Guess Tebow would be better liked if he had 18 kids by a bunch of different women, beat his spouse, fought dogs, or…..

  53. I wish their was a really flamboyantly gay NFL player who talked ALL THE TIME about how much he LOVES being gay.

    Then maybe the Christians would understand why the rest of us find Tebow so annoying.

  54. And I wish players would stop getting arrested left and right, and holding out for bigger contracts that they never justify. I’d also like to see less fighting on the field and fewer hits directed at the heads of other players.

    You know what? Screw that, let’s just bash the guy that stands for something positive and is doing nothing but “good” things; both on and off the football field.

    When you do something to get arrested, it’s your fault; if you’re praying after a play (on the sidelines) and the cameras choose to film you instead of something else, that’s not your fault. It’s a popular story, so the media is going to cover it. Get over it.

  55. From what I see it is the media and idiots like Plummer who think being religious is somehow a bad thing.

    Say what you want about Tebow’s skills or lack of as a football player.

    What ever his personal believe’s are he should be admired for being who he is.

    A Man who lives for his Family, Faith & his Teamates.

  56. autumnwind999 – As a huge Raider fan, please stop, you make any rational Raider fan look bad. Trust me, the calls were justified and undiscipline, it’s the same Raiders each year. Some of us do have perspective and discernment… Raiders were not going against AP, rookie QB, had FOUR turnovers and still couldn’t put the team away because of the lack of discipline and barely pulled it out at the end.

  57. Tim Tebow is the NFL’s version of Nysync/Justin Beiber….

    Dude is just manufactored boy band hype by the media to pollute the minds of the dumb….

  58. I would rather listen to Tebow talk about Christianity than watch DeSean Jackson pound his chest and demand that everyone look at how great he is every single day of the week.

  59. Jake, I totally agree. After the game, I would much rather hear Tebow say things like “Well we went out there and gave it 110%”.

  60. Countless Americans have given their lives so that you and I can have the freedom of speech. Plummer has every right to repeatedly say how much hates tebows crush on Jesus. Likewise Tebow has every right to repeatedly say how much he loves Jesus.

    Maybe the best position is to be grateful to our fallen Comrades that both Plummer and Tebow can express what’s in their heart without retribution.

  61. I like Tebow and I think he is a great person. It shouldn’t offend people that he is deeply religious and is vocal about it. That said, it doesn’t make him better than anyone else in the league that is less vocal or has different beliefs. It’s not Tebow’s fault, but he is put on a pedestal because of his strong beleifs. It would be a nice story for many Christians or other devoutly relegious folks if he were to continue to do well. In reality he’s just another football player trying to carve a spot in the NFL.

  62. This is what makes me like Tebow. I don’t like country music so guess what I don’t do, that’s right I don’t listen to country music. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. I LOVE JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!

  63. he has to have some divine intervention to win as ugly as they play. so whats wrong with giving credit to the one who deserves it.

    As a raider fan who has learned to love to hate the broncos. i find it difficult to dislike tebow. I don’t care if tebow keeps on winning as long as they stay behind the raiders and in front of the chargers.

    Thanks be to God!

  64. I’m with Plummer. Faith is a personal matter. Imagine how out of place it would be if he told us how much he loved his girlfriend after each game.

  65. If some of people have THAT much of a problem with Tebow briefly (what he says takes about 8-10 seconds, it’s not a sermon, geniuses), then change the channel as soon as the clock hits zero, and you won’t have to hear it. If you keep watching his post game interviews, you have no room to complain. You’re not paying to watch the games, anyway.

  66. I don’t believe Mr. Tebow will be in the NFL in three years, but he has the right to express his religious beliefs all he wants and if anyone doesn’t want to listen, just tune him out. It just isn’t productive to complain about things our ancestors fought and died to preserve — the freedoms of religion and speech. I think that, to God, there are much more important things than the outcome of sporting events, but each of us in this country are entitled to our religious beliefs and their expression. God bless you, Mr. Tebow, even though I do not think much of your abilities as a NFL quarterback.

  67. The last thing I think Jake Plummer is is jealous of Tim Tebow. Obviously living in Phoenix, I have a bias toward Jake from his college days at ASU, plus I actually heard the whole interview on 910, not just an excerpt here on PFT….People seem to forget that Jake made a nice chunk of change during his years in the NFL and chose to retire at a young age rather than risk the chance of being hurt and being pushed around in a wheelchair. He said as much the same day during an interview on KTAR 620 that he didn’t want to end up like Earl Campbell. I will always be loyal to Jake for taking the Sun Devils within 1 minute of a Rose Bowl and National Championship in 1997, but I’m also a Tebow fan as well. I have ultimate respect for the guy, not only for his beliefs but for the way he has performed on the football field. They asked Jake for his opinion and they got it….Just like it’s a free country for Tim to openly express his faith and beliefs all the time, it’s also the same free country that allows Jake to retire when he wants, and allows him to answer a question honestly and openly when he is asked!

  68. It isn’t like the dude does a Sunday sermon or has his own reality show. He plays football, marginally, and then talks when someone shoves a mic in his face. He’s kind of nutty but is that really such a bad thing? Aren’t we all kind of crazy in our own ways?

    Meh. The NFL needs polarizing players to fill the void left by Favre, who basically fell of the face of the earth when reporters stopped stalking his ranch.

  69. I wish everyone was as bold as Tim to share the good news about Jesus. I haven’t seen him shove it down anyone’s throte yet. I love how he talks the talk, but also walks the walk. Eventually EVERY knee shall bow and EVERY tounge will confess Jesus is Lord, thats not some, or most, or a few, EVERYONE! The gates to hell are wide, and the gates to Heaven are narrow, so ofcourse to most people this will sound foolish, if your one of those people today would be a perect day to ask Jesus into your heart. Its funny how we elect a Goverment full of criminals and worship Lady Gaga, but a nice guy like Tim comes along and we want him quiet? Are you serious? For those of you who remember 9-11, the following week the church’s were full, everyone was seen praying, we thought the end of the world was near. Some of us have sick kids, whats the first thing you do when you hear the news????? On your knees praying to God, but no, we cant let Tim talk about Jesus.

  70. I think Pat Tillman, fearless atheist who argued against the evils of organized religion, and for the principle that you should think for yourself and not follow preachers, would agree with his friend Jake.

  71. Hey Jake!…When Tebow Praises Christ for his success ,he’s only speaking for himself and his own beliefs. Why does that bother you or anyone else?…I see a non-stop lineup of self praising every sunday,each time some ego-driven athelete who gets paid very well sacks a QB,or makes a touchdown grab etc…But thats ok right? We glorify the hell out of those guys…dont we?

    Tim Tebow has every right to do what he does and say what he says about his beliefs and so do you Jake!
    The thing that bothers me the most here is that there is (I believe) a group of people that want Tebow out because of his christianity…and THAT is wrong. I have said it before…The NFL has gone politicly correct…and giving glory and praise to God or Jesus is not in line with them.
    Pray on Tim…Its your RIGHT to do so.

  72. Watching a Tebow presser is like having Thanksgiving dinner with your Evangelical parents. You can’t wait for it to end.

  73. The Tebow haters may want to take a step back and consider looking into the strength he finds in Christ. It may help you find strength in tough circumstances someday.

  74. tebow knows that the religious folks form the backbone of the fan support that enabled him to get the call over brady quinn despite the opinion of the coaching staff. first time i can remember an nfl team allowing the tail to wag the dog. thus far, it’s worked out. we’ll see for how long.

    he also knows the religious thing is the part of him that is most marketable. my guess is he will be running for office as a conservative republican after his three or four year career. folks can believe what they will, but to me the whole tebow show is pure calculation.

    brian dawkins, while deeply religious, doesn’t wear his on his sleeve. he has always carried himself with class and grace, and has had a hall of fame career. one would think he would engender the same type of hero worship. but brian doesn’t fit the ethnic preference of the fundamentalists in the south, so he is unlikely to be revered by that audience as much as the less accomplished tebow.

  75. Plummer may have sounded a little harsh, but it’s what most of us have been thinking about Tebow to some extent.

    I’m not gonna bash Plummer either, he’s a good dude. He didn’t quit because he was traded, the trade happened a couple of months AFTER he retired. He quit football because he was tired of coaches like Shannahan, and just didn’t enjoy playing anymore. Now he’s living his version of “the dream”, playing handball and relaxing w his family, as well as delivering meals on wheels, and volunteering at a senior center in his community. Nothing wrong with any of that.

  76. Before, I too was like most of you and did not understand nor like the public display of affection to God in sporting events. Though, thankfully, because of people like him who are brave enough to share their faith I have received eternal life and developed a relationship with God thru Jesus Christ.

    The funny thing is that Tebow would thank the Lord regardless of the outcome of a game. Perhaps you should realize the joy he has and ask yourselves if you truly experience that uninhibited Joy? If not, perhaps you want to drink the Jesus cool aid and get your very own relationship with him.

    Christians are football fans too…

  77. Tebow, your wins are awesome. Your team is average, but for some reason ya pull it out down the stretch. Im not a fan of the Broncos. Hell, im agnostic. Keep doing your thing, tell them christian haters to kiss yo holy ass!

  78. Do not mess with God’s QB! Look at their remaining schedule God gave them…

    @SD, @MIN, vs. CHI, vs. NE, @BUF and vs. KC

    He is the best QB in every game except NE. Rivers is having an off year!

  79. I totally agree. As with Politics, religion and professional sports do not mix. I am a Christian and expect participants to conduct themselves in a moral manner. However, religious views are private, not for sharing with the media.

  80. MTV can show gayness all over, whoring, getting stoned, nobody says boo. Players get arrested all over the place, they’re glorified. One guy talks about Jesus and nobody can stand it…..

  81. Maybe if he was on TV rattling off his “big ups” to his boys, baby mamas and 17 kids. Jake wouldn’t have a problem w/ that?

  82. Jake Plummer? Really? Must be a slow news day…and lunch rush at Wendy’s for Jake to be able to take time off from flipping burgers to do an interview.

    Nothing like a jealous loser liek Jake who had potential – and threw it all away

  83. Hmm, I think the word “former” is the key word here. The “former” aka “wanna be” should keep his comments to himself. Plummer isn’t even close to being as talented as Tebow. Tebow is proving all the haters wrong in a big way. His numbers through 9 starts eclipse even the great Elway.
    What’s wrong with spreading a little faith? This world needs more people like Tim Tebow.

  84. Wow. Its really a shame to hear so many people not like a guy because he is vocal about the things that make him happy. No one is making you listen to him. He’s not coming to your front door. But hey, who cares about life and being a positive example, right? Hey Tebow, just put out an album where you rap about guns, cars, pimps and hoes. Im sure everyone will love you then!

  85. There are two precious freedoms we all enjoy in this country. Freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

    I suspect Tebow is exercising his rights in both of these areas, just as all of you are expressing yours on this forum.

    As a Chrsitian, I would not act like him because my beliefs I do not wear on my sleave like he does. But that is his choice.

    Anyone remember Muhammad Ali thanking Allah after every fight? Devout people many times take advantage of their platform to express these things. Don’t like, don’t listen!

  86. People who get upset with those who dont like Tebow because he constantly throws his religion in our faces arent looking at it both ways.

    If there was a popular QB who every time the camera was on him talked about being an atheist, that player would be the most hated in the league. Easily.

  87. Love how Jake Plummer is getting shredded for this. He was asked a question and gave an honest comment. He didn’t torch Tebow, yet gave an answer that MANY people agree with. I cringe every time I hear an athlete thank god for the game winning jump shot or catching the winning pass. If God cared so much, Stevie Johnson woulda caught that pass last year. Just sayin….

  88. autumnwind999-

    The Raiders have led the NFL in penalties since 2003. I’m pretty sure Tebow wasn’t in the league for most of those years. Dumb comment.

  89. To Mr. Plummer and all those who are so hostile to Tim Tebow being outspoken about his faith in Jesus Christ, would it make a difference if he was an outspoken Buddhist, Muslim, Wiccan, Satanist, atheist, or whatever, or is it only Christians that you have a problem with.
    S0 I guess it’s ok if the Christian just shuts up about his/her faith as long as you’re comfortable or don’t feel offended because that’s the most important thing, right?

  90. Don’t ask, Don’t tell. If it’s after a football game, talk football. If he is coming out of church and they put a mic in his face, talk Jesus. He is a little over the top.

  91. What I hear and see in Tebow is a lack of humility dressed in a guise of humility. How blatant and demonstrative he is is not the mark of someone who understands true humility, gratitude, or perspective.

    It’s enthusiasm, youthfulness, and some degree of pride – fanaticism, even – but it’s not humility.

    Doesn’t make him a bad person, at all. Also doesn’t make him a good person, at all.

  92. The problem with Tebow is that playing football comes secondary to proselytizing. He says this every time they interview him (“It just goes to show that football can be a platform for something bigger blah blah blah…”). The only reason he even gives a crap about being a professional sports player is so that he can get on TV and talk about Jesus. That’s probably why he sucks at throwing the ball.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care if Tebow wants to be religious, but his motives aren’t about football, they’re about religion, and if he’s going to do that every time he talks, then I don’t want to hear him talk. I don’t watch football to hear about Jeebus, I watch football to see people play football.

    Somehow, I think the reactions to Tebow’s talk would be much more negative if he kept saying “Praise Allah!”

  93. I’d much rather my politicians not bring up God in their interviews. Particularly given that they are all slimeballs who will use anything to get votes. Tebow’s Jesus chatter is benign by comparison.

  94. Gotta love how hypocritical believers can be. If an atheist athlete were interviewed after every game and said “God had noting to do with my abilities.”, they would be pilloried. Yet I am supposed to admire someone like Tebow who espouses his moral and religious views anytime someone shoves a microphone in front of his face? You are being interviewed for your abilities as an athlete, not your religious views. Talk football or shut up.

  95. Funny how the suppossed Christians say that faith is personal. As a Christian, the most important thing we can do is to share our faith. Eternity is more important that someone feeling put out that that are inconvenienced while watching football

  96. How can someone get offended by Tebow being such an outspoken Christian? How can people say keep Christ seperate from football? If they can wear pink all of October for breast cancer awareness(good cause by the way) then they can talk about Christ all year round (even better than breast cancer awareness) Christ is LOVE. Why do u have a problem with love? The league needs more Tebows. The world needs more Christ. Christ loves all of us

  97. THANK YOU Jake Plummer! FINALLY, a sports person has the juevos to say it. I wish ALL athletes would shut the hell up about ‘their savior’. Maybe the fact that they need ‘a savior’ should be questioned. They act like only them and ‘their savior’ won the freakin game.
    And to you ‘thedreadedconserativechristian’, QUIT feeling sorry for yourself for being a Christian. If you have to feel sorry for yourself about it maybe you should ask yourself why… NO ONE should be up there proseletizing after a game, NOT ANY RELIGION.

  98. who gives a crap what jake plummer the quitter thinks?!!! except maybe jay cutler the quitter…

  99. If Rex Ryan is representing the NFL when he offhandedly cusses at a member of the crowd while walking back into the tunnel, then Tebow is representing the NFL when he’s pimping Jesus out on air during interviews. Maybe they should keep that in mind and decide whether they want to indirectly advocate religious beliefs or distance themselves from the issue by fining him.

    I have a feeling the religious nuts would get very upset though if Tebow was fined for proselytizing. They’d surely say something like “Tebow has the right to freedom of speech and religion”, clearly not understanding that such rights don’t necessarily apply to employees who are representing an organization (just like Ryan doesn’t have the right to cuss at a fan).

  100. Tebow better watch out — unless Jesus is the official God of the NFL — he could get fined for that.

  101. @thedreadedconservativechristian

    Of course it wouldn’t matter! It’s the same problem: people pushing their religious beliefs on an audience that doesn’t want to hear it. It doesn’t matter which religion it is. It just so happens that Christians do it the most, so they get the most complaints. Duh.

    If you don’t want people to complain about your religious beliefs, then stop bringing them up in conversations that have nothing to do with religion.

  102. nightwalker43 says:
    Nov 21, 2011 3:49 PM
    I just wish Jake Plummer would shut up and retire. Because the cry baby didn’t want to play for the Bucs he took his ball and went home. I’d rather listen to an overachieving QB with a will to win who “proselytizes” his faith then a QUITTER! It’s very simple Jake, if it bothers you that much cover your ears or change the channel.
    He DID retire. A lot of former players voice their opinions every day on TV and radio, in case you didn’t notice. And why would he be a crybaby if he didn’t want to play for a certain team? Is John Elway a crybaby because he was going to play a different sport instead of playing for the Colts way back when? Perhaps Jake “The Snake” just didn’t want to play anymore. So he retired, not quit.

    And no, just because his name is nightwalker and my name is icewalker, we are not related 🙂

  103. I have nothing against any religion or anybody who is devout about their religion. however what I do have a problem with are the people who love their religion so much that they make every chance to speak an opportunity to “spread the word”. god has absolutely nothing to do with football and the players need to keep it out of sports. another thing what were to happen if someone thanked Allah after a game. how would they be seen in the public eye.

  104. I had a good post but the religious right on this site didn’t let it go through.

    Get to read all the pro jesus stuff though.

  105. It is still America. If you don’t like it – don’t listen. Christians have as much rights as atheists.

  106. By the way, I’m not offended at all by Tebow’s Jesus talk, I’m just annoyed. If anyone should feel offended, it’s religious people, because to everyone else, Tebow is making you guys look stupid.

  107. I agree with Mr. Plummer, but he could have chosen his words differently. Maybe he was just thrown off that any radio station would still be interested in interviewing him?

  108. rarson: Good statement. Professional football is private business supported by millions of weekly dollars paid by private customers. The axiom “politics, religion and business do not mix” applies here because this private business is blasted over public airwaves and thrust into our lives as sports fans. Sure, we have the right and responsibility to change the station. Just like we have the absolute right to quit paying the insane ticket prices and $10 beers to pay the salaries of the players. Tebow and the Broncos take the risk that Tebow’s off-field behavior will alter the ability of the Broncos to make the millions. On the other hand, look at his jersey sales. Tebow’s a hot button, like any other media darling. The harder he sticks to his guns, the more the mics are shoved at him for every little reason, and the river of money is just the hotter for it. Plummer has his right to disagree and say so – and take his brickbats for it.

    Hey Jake, the old Lee Trevino lightening storm joke applies here for you: Next time you play in a celeb golf tourney, hoist a 1-iron while you play. The punch line is “Not even God can hit a 1-iron”.

  109. I have not seen one of tebows post game pressers but I cannot really talk about it that much. But I do think it is wrong to talk about god to an extent. I am a christian and teach Sunday school to jr high age kids. I am not an in your face type christian as that is just not my style. I feel you offend more people than you help when yoou act that way. People at my work know where I stand and know they can come talk to me about anything anytime. I also feel that if you continue to play it off like ” god did this for me” over and over then your almost making a statement that god only helps you and to me that is not being a witness its gloating.

  110. We still live in a free country….Tebow can talk about God, and other’s can talk about how much they hate Tebow talking about God. And, if it really bothers you…feel free to hit the “mute” button or change the channel. Personally, I think Tebow goes a little overboard sometimes.
    HOWEVER, I do think it’s refreshing to have an NFL star that isn’t out @ the strip club makin’ it rain; assaulting someone; doing drugs; having 10 kids with 8 different women; torturing dogs; etc.
    I wish him the best on and off the field.

  111. Everytime Tebow speaks I feel like I’m watching the NASCAR post race interview. Valvoline should slap a sticker on his jersey.

  112. “If you don’t like it, don’t listen.”

    That’s fine, but I’m watching the NFL, not the 700 Club. Why is the NFL allowing a single person to push religion to the point where it’s permeating their entire product? People that tune in to watch football shouldn’t have to sit through stupid religious rants.

  113. @rarson

    Obviously, the NFL has decided one is more acceptable behavior than the other. Not to mention, such professions of religious beliefs have already been scrutinized by our court systems quite a bit. If we get a Muslim player than turns toward the sun, kneels, and prays, trying fining him and see what happens.

    So let me understand this. Cursing at another person is in the same level as professing one’s religious convictions? You really think any reasonable corporation views these the same?

    Hey, you are entitled to your opinion, but so is Tebow! And I don’t even like the guy!

    Nice try, but that was a stretch.

    Nice vocabulary though. Good one!

  114. Black athletes have been praising God for years, and getting mocked for it. But Tebow does it, now we should all listen and fall to our knees to worship with him.

  115. I wonder what all these guys do when NASCAR starts their praying before the races? Grab another beer and “pray” for a commercial break in a few minutes for nature break.

  116. @bunkmcnulty

    By allowing Tebow to proselytize, they’re advocating his religious beliefs. I’m not saying that they CAN’T do that, I’m saying that they SHOULDN’T, because most people watch sports to watch sports. If I wanted to watch someone talk about Jeebus, I’d turn on CBN.

    You’re absolutely right though, they’re not nearly the same thing. One was a brief comment that someone just happened to catch on video and post to the internet, the other is several minutes of diatribes that inevitably occur every time someone with a camera decides to put Tebow on TV. One is an innocuous comment and another is a person with ulterior motives pushing an agenda. If I were running the NFL, the second would be much more important to me than the first, but that’s just me. I think Tebow should be fined.

    Tebow isn’t praying or gesturing (well, he is, but that’s not what we’re talking about), he’s proselytizing. There’s a huge difference there. Most employers don’t take too fondly to employees proselytizing on the clock. The NFL is free to let him continue to talk, but I’m going to be changing the channel whenever he starts proselytizing.

  117. Eventually every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, whether you like it or not. Tebow only cares what God thinks about him and it drives a lot of people crazy.

  118. So when you so “fine” to “if you don’t like don’t listen”, you are not being honest. That’s fine, Just admit it. Don’t be so conflicted.

    Perhaps Tebow could suggest a passage that could guide you to clarity on this issue.

    “…permeating their entire product.” Really? The only place it comes out is in interviews. Those interviews have nowhere near the ratings the games have. Sorry, I don’t see him calling out prayers instead of cadence and plays.
    But you may also need an economics lesson. How much is the NFL making off his jersey sales? Not to mention the attention he is drawing. You don’t think the NFL is loving every minute of the debate over Tebow? Somehow, if what he was doing was driving people away in droves, I think the economics would speak loudest. The NFL is loving every single minute of Mr. Tebow. I wish I did, because I have heard more than I ever wanted.

  119. What’s it to Plummer what Tebow says in his post-game interviews. If you don’t like it, turn it off. If the networks don’t like, don’t interview him. So what?

    Good grief, you’d think he was cussing and swearing, and all he’s doing is professing his faith. Big deal.

    The only thing I remember about Plummer’s career is Chris Berman saying “Plummer is flushed out of the pocket” over and over and over. Maybe he’s just jealous.

  120. By the way, I think it’s funny that you’d consider Rex’s comment to be so much worse than Tebow’s religious nonsense. Rex simply made an offhanded comment that essentially meant “I don’t care what you think.” His exact choice of words was different, but at the end of the day, words are simply sequences of sounds used to convey meaning and that’s what that sequence meant.

    Tebow, on the other hand, does a whole song and dance and even went to the trouble of becoming a professional football player just so he could push his religious agenda to the biggest crowd possible. That’s incredibly manipulative and disrepectful to the sport. To me as a fan, it matters much less than it would if I were part of the NFL organization.

    I’d take a profanity-laden rant from Rex over a Jeebus lovefest from Tebow any day of the week.

  121. Give Tebow a break. He is the son of two missionaries, people who go around the world trying to shove their religion down people’s throat. Tebow is dedicated and sincere, and he’s doing what he was bred to do all his life. Obviously I’m not religious, but I like the guy. Not that many sincere people around.

  122. When I listen to Tebow, I hear humility, see character, and a sense of genuineness that’s lacking in professional sports by and large.

    For many people who seem to be offended by Tebow, they are actively looking for ways to be offended by what he says and in our society all it takes is ONE mention of anything and people are up in arms.

    Perhaps the offense is that people are so easily offended rather than anything Tebow has to say. Tebow is a frequent target of animosity and hatred yet his character and demeanor remain the same. The guy is a competitor and is helping will his team to victory.

    In closing, at least Tebow is a man of his word – something Plummer can’t say about himself.

  123. My wishlist is short, I just wish the guy could play QB at the NFL level…that’s it. The throws he makes are a complete joke.

    I could care less about the stuff that comes out of his trap, I always fast-forward through most commercials, interviews, etc anyway. I don’t care about his religious inclinations, I just want to see good, compelling football. If the defense keeps them close, Tebow can deliver that type of football for about 4 minutes every game.

    Who he praises afterwards is his business in my book. He sucks, but I do wish him well though because if he can turn the 4 minutes of TebowTime into 60 minutes of TebowTime…now we are talking about good, compelling football that I couldn’t miss.

  124. Giving thanks does not = proselytizing. You’re misusing the word but we all know what you mean. And we all know what JP means.

  125. Would love to see this vote if he had to pray to the east every day on time! No disrespect to any religions, but football should have a separation of action and religion!

  126. What does he say different than 90% of athletes? He says first off I would like to thank my savior Jesus Christ. So because Tebow does it he should shut up lol. I’m not religious at all but i have come some used to most athletes saying this that it doesn’t even matter.

  127. >Christians are football fans too…

    But all football fans are not Christians and most of the fans who aren’t don’t mix it all up and make other people suffer through it.

  128. “The only place it comes out is in interviews.”

    And here. And on radio interviews with people that aren’t Tebow. And every other sports show. I didn’t think I’d have to spell everything out for you, but apparently I do.

    “if what he was doing was driving people away in droves…”

    Well, apparently you have a reading comprehension problem because I never said that. You need to learn how to read what is written.

  129. This is a difficult topic. While I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ privately each morning, Tebow is walking the fine line between getting his message across and becoming white noise. His interviews are starting to sound like the NASCAR drivers. The drives thank anyone who will put a name on their car or racing suit. It has gotten to the point that the first 30 seconds of their interviews I don’t even hear any longer. Eventually, Tebow’s first 10 seconds will be white noise, as well.

  130. @cobrala2

    I guess you haven’t watched any of his post-game interviews. He’s proselytizing. Why else does anyone talk about religion that much? He’s using it as a platform to tell other people about Jesus. He even specifically stated as much in the very same interview.

  131. @rarson

    Relax. I was just having some fun with this. Don’t be so serious.

    And, I ready purty well!

    Actually, you suggested the NFL fine him in your original post. That my friend invokes the economic lesson I suggested with my last post. The NFL is not about to fine Tebow for espousing his beliefs, as you suggested. Nor is there a comparsion to Rex’s free speech. He is a cash cow for the league. Which brought about my comment that he is not driving away people in droves. I never said you said that, it was part of the economics lesson. I guess poorly presented.

    While I have not read fully all 190+ comments here, I don’t think I read one that said they were going to stop watching games or buying tickets. Again, more of the economics of why the NFL “ain’t doin’ nuttin”…my words!

  132. Well all I have to say is… “thank God that someone has brought this to the fore-front”. I’m not sure this subject has even been mentioned before about Tim Tebow and his faith!?

    Amen brother preach it!

    God Bless, God Speed, and if you don’t like hearing about it all the time then stop listening! What do you care if he mentions God/the lord/ everything he does an interview? Get over yourself accept Tebow for who he is, and expect it every-time, move on with your life and stop trying to find something to complain about! And then the one time he does an interview and does not mention God… bonus for all you haters out there.

    Give the guy a friggin break cause have you seen that throwing motion? Shesh guy has enough issues to work on.

  133. @rarson

    “I’d take a profanity-laden rant from Rex over a Jeebus lovefest from Tebow any day of the week.”

    As I said, the Jesus speak I could care less about. If Tebow does it, it doesn’t bother me. And the NFL isn’t bothered either.

    But I know I am in the minority of people that still believes there are better ways of communicating than Rex’s every other word rhyming with Luck. There’s a time and place. I have certainly had the occassion to let go a colorful word here are there. But what about the family sitting there within earshot of Rex? And this is not “coach speak” here. If it was in the locker room or sideline, that’s one thing. But where this happened Rex just needs to shut up for once!

    I grew up my entire life and never heard my Dad use that word. As such I don’t speak that way around my children. People have lost any sense of restraint or filter anymore. Rex’s comment was uncalled for because it classless. The NFL knows what they are doing here and where to place emphasis and where not.

  134. Reggie White preached just as much. He was a preacher. But discriminating against him wouldn’t have been politically correct. Let’s bash the young white guy.

  135. I’m not sure what all the fuss is about.
    Yeah, I wish he’d lay low on his religious ideals, but holy (no pun intended) s–t, would you rather he was doing one of those silly shuffles, or flapping his arms like a chicken on steriods?

  136. Robert Griffen III has been all over radio today, saying that Baylor’s success is God’s will. I don’t understand why anyone’s God would care about the score of a football game.

  137. jwn78 says:Nov 21, 2011 4:13 PM

    … We get it, you like god, move on & pipe down bout it. If I wanted a sermon, I’d go to Friggin church!!

    You sound like you need to go a little more often…

  138. “Give Tebow a break. He is the son of two missionaries, people who go around the world trying to shove their religion down people’s throat.”

    LOL! You forgot the part about his mom going against the advice of her doctors that giving birth would likely risk her death, and proceeding with her pregnancy anyway. And so that’s Tim’s shtick, his metaphysical sales pitch- be against abortion because a future flash-in-the-pan QB with a non-sustainable playing style might not come into being.

  139. Everytime I hear Tebow talk I am reminded of a part from a book by Charles Barkley – in the book he tells a story of something he said to A.C. Green who was a devout Christian – Barkley said to him “if God’s so good how come he didn’t give you a jump shot?”…..it is the same thing with Tebow…if God’s so good, how come he didn’t make you a more polished NFL QB?” – simple truth is I doubt God cares about who wins and loses or who plays well and doesn’t play well in an NFL game. It does get annoying for him to constantly – and I mean constantly – run his mouth about it – just shut up and play already.

  140. I’m sure Tim appreciates the advice, even if it’s coming from a snivelling quitter like Jake.

  141. “But all football fans are not Christians and most of the fans who aren’t don’t mix it all up and make other people suffer through it.”

    Perhaps, but why is it that every OTHER group commands respect for “tolerance” but Christians don’t deserve that same courtesy? Talk about hypocrisy.

  142. I could care less about Tebow the football player,. However, I do care about Tebow, my brother in Christ. As a christian it is his duty to spread the word of God, check the bible. It’s in there. As for all of you haters, you must be the type to say Happy Holidays rather than Merry Christmas. Something that really drives us christians nuts! So, from me to all of you Merry Christmas!

  143. These comments on this page only confirm that what the bible says will come to pass, is indeed correct to the letter. Before the end, Christians will be persecuted, laughed at, and even killed. You people writing these comments are part of prophesy and don’t even know it. This is a sign of the times. We live in a world now where evil and impurity is celebrated or over looked, and persecute anything wholesome and good. The teachings of Christ are of love and kindness, and yet a man who spreads his message is hated. But so was Christ by the corrupt, immoral people of his day. So keep on Tebow, use this platform god has given you. God does work in mysterious ways!!

  144. @bunkmcnulty

    Tebow makes the NFL money because of the way he plays, not because of what he says. People (myself included) tune in to watch him play because he’s a fairly hyped player who can’t seem to throw the ball well and yet can win thanks to a coaching staff that is willing to tailor the game to him. It has nothing to do with the Jesus stuff. That’s why I don’t think your economics argument holds any weight.

    Again, my point was that the NFL should fine him to remain religiously neutral, since religion shouldn’t have any part of the sport in the first place. By not fining him, they are endorsing his message.

    As far as obscenities are concerned, I’m not offended by specific words, and I think it’s silly for anyone to be. If you look through the history of language, the words we deem to be profane change over time (for instance, the word “humbug” used to be the profanity equivalent of “bulls***”), so the idea of a particular sound making someone feel uncomfortable is silly. It’s the message that counts; if someone throws a random interjection into an otherwise meaningless statement, I don’t care what that particular interjection sounds like.

    One could make an argument for Rex presenting himself as more of a professional, but this is a casual atmosphere, and with that fan instigating the response in the way he did (I’m not sure if you watched the video, but it was pretty funny), I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t just laugh at it. If you’ve taught your kids anything, you probably told them not to use that language anyway. So your kid will get a laugh out of seeing someone like Rex say something that they know only adults can say. Do you not remember what it’s like being a kid?

    Or maybe you’re just too uptight. Again, I think it’s silly to get upset over particular sequences of sounds.

  145. @cowboyfan091971

    Prophecies, funny stuff. Christians have been persecuted for centuries (even by other Christians), and the fact that you would compare that to people talking on the internet is pathetic. It also demonstrates to me that I know more about your religion than you do.

  146. Give the kid some credit… He is bold enough to openly express his beliefs and be proud if them. If he were a Muslim and were being constantly made fun of for his religion it would be WWIII… You know I’m right. And BTW plummer is still just butt hurt that shanny gave cutler a chance to shine after Jake ortons time had passed. Did I say orton..? I meant orton… Sorry! Plummer…

  147. rarson,

    You think it’s silly to get upset over particular sequences of sounds – but your upset when Tim Tebow thanks Jesus at the beginning of a postgame interview. By your own logic, you can’t be upset about what Tebow says.

    You want the NFL to be “religiously neutral” (I’m assuming you mean neutral on religion, not just very, very neutral) – but you want them to fine Tebow for mentioning Jesus. How is that neutral?

    Why should the NFL be in business of telling players what they can say publicly concerning religion? If you don’t think religion should have any place in the sport, why would you advocate the league policing players’ statements and religious beliefs?

    I guess I’m not aware of the NFL policies against religion – perhaps you could cite it for us. But I doubt it.

  148. There is a God gene in everyone. You can try to ignore it, but you then become very defensive to any talk about it. Tebow will tweak that contradiction, but don’t blame the messenger. And if you don’t believe me, then why not just use the mute button? You can’t, you are drawn to it.

  149. @rarson

    If you are not offended by specific words, why do the words of Tebow bother you so much? Why fine Tebow and not the 1,000’s of othe players who thank God on TV? You think the NFL should put a stop to any religious speech to remain neutral, but isn’t stopping religious speech endorsing atheism?

    I’m not a religious man, but I am tolerant. As long as you are not preaching hate, murder, and mayhem…have at it. Just don’t be offended when I tune you out. Tebows speeches do not interfere with the game at all. If you don’t want to hear what he has to say, turn it off.

    I could make millions just teaching some of you how to use a remote control!!!

  150. “Bottomline: If Tebow was any religion other than a Christian this wouldn’t be an issue.”

    What a bunch of baloney- like there’s a huge anti-Christian sentiment in America responsible for the repulsion to Tebow’s sermonizing.

    Could it be that most people just don’t like being talked to like they need religious enlightenment in general?

  151. Lots and lots of distractions and just plain silliness on this thread. Holy Wars!

    Perhaps the greatest silliness is questioning Tebow’s PROVEN abilities.

    Heisman trophy. Two national championships. Highest rated passer in NCAA history. More rushing touchdowns than Herschel Walker. More passing TDs than Roethlesberger, Eli Manning, Rex Grossman, Andrew Luck, Carson Palmer, Kyle Orton, Jay Cutler, Matt Ryan, Matthew Stafford…

    His 8 starts in the NFL exceed the w-l and stats of Elway and P. Manning. 4-1 with a team that was 1-4. Quit listening to the pretty boys on ESPN – think, people, THINK.

  152. He feels obligated to thank God for the fact that D coordinators still actually respect them when they go into the spread offense, and coordinators cooperate buy into it,. Eventually, eventually…

    9sor far

  153. Who cares whatJake “the snake” Plummer sais anyway? In the bible, the snake was always underfoot, being crushed by the feet of men. I guess Plummer took it personally. Keep it up Tebow. We’re with you!

  154. @rarson
    Tebow making the NFL money for how he plays? Until recently, he was not playing. His persona was making the NFL money until recently seeing playing time. I think we all know part of that persona is the “religious thing.” Hard to argue this one…but you will.

    And the bad language thing is totally on me. I said I knew I was in a small minority that actually believe it is more civil to filter or restrain my language. My problem is I obviously have too high of expectations on every one else. There is very little Rex could do that I will find amusing. Good thing he knows football (some), because he would just be some low life scumbag otherwise.

  155. Funny…or not so much,how most folks don’t mind lewd behavior and speech,or
    depictions of murder and mayhem but get outraged over a declaration of faith. As it is your right to object or reject or agree, it does not supersede his right to openly profess it in what ever forum or opportunity is available to him. So if it’s possible for you to do more than blog about it, well, I guess we’ll hear the sound bite along side Jake Plummer’s. And just to school those that don’t want to read the Bible and those who say they are Christians and should know this: Jesus has given us the commission to let others know that because he took the punishment for sin, God does not require that we die for our own sins, if you accept the gift. That being said, God will not intrude on the limited free will He has given you to chose to accept or reject the offer. But Tim and the rest of those he has saved are required to give any who will hear the Good News the opportunity for salvation. You see we owe
    God in Christ our very lives and we give nothing less. Football for Tim is just a tool in the hands of God. And God cares about the smallest detail of every believers life. The Bible says one sparrow doesn’t fall to the ground that God doesn’t know about; and He loves us much more. GOD loves all those who don’t know Him or want anything to do with Him. JESUS SAVES!!!! Love it or hate it there is no neutral position on it.

  156. “The only thing I remember about Plummer’s career is Chris Berman saying “Plummer is flushed out of the pocket” over and over and over. Maybe he’s just jealous.”


    Doesn’t Tebow make most of his yardage out of the pocket and on runs??

    what the heck does Plummer have to be jealous about? Tebow hasnt gone to an AFC Championship…..YET.

  157. So what? There are athletes in the news for negative stuff all the time. You get Tebow talking about Jesus and you hate him for it? Pleeeease guys. There are so many other things to hate about a person

    On another note…who is Jake the Plummer?

  158. Well, this thread is old, so no one will see this comment, but I want to leave it anyway.

    First of all, I’m a devout atheist. I generally don’t feel the need to preach my philosophy to people, preferring instead to allow people to choose their own path, but in this case, I had to mention it to set up my point.

    Usually, I’m as big an opponent of public displays of piety as Plummer seems to be. It really does irritate me most of the time, and I expected to be irritated when I saw Tebow do it, but guess what? I just wasn’t. It didn’t bother me at all. I think it’s because, unlike a lot of self-professed Christians, Tebow has taken the time and effort to really study his faith, really question it, and has come to a deep understanding of how faith fits in his life. Most of the time, people say “I want to thank Jesus” out of habit or obligation, and it rings phony and really upsets me. But with Tebow, you can tell he means it in every way that someone of his young years can. So I say, more power to him. I am glad he’s found the path that brings him happiness.

  159. Tim Tebow is leading by example, men who share Tim’s faith in Jesus shouldn’t be afraid to share their faith. Men who don’t understand will be frightened and lash out like children. Remember the apostles fates, this is a cruel world and Christians have a target on their back. We always have. So men of faith don’t be afraid.

  160. So the Bible says it is Tebow’s duty to “spread the word”.

    Doesn’t it also say something about not working on Sundays…?

  161. Jesus Christ gives Tim Tebow everything that he has. Unlike a bunch of you Satan worshipers, he recognizes who his real lord is and has the guts to acknowledge it. I am a Raider fan and applaud his stance. Keep it up Tim.

  162. txraiderfan says: Nov 22, 2011 1:10 AM

    Once they figure out they don’t have to respect the pass, Tebow’s run is over!

    The Raiders couldn’t stop Tebow from throwing 2 TDs against them a few weeks ago could they?

  163. Man, the poor kid has done nothing but play football with complete heart. It’s strange to me that he gets scrutinized more than anyone else. He doesnt talk about Jesus because he wants to stuff him down everyone’s throat, he talks about Jesus because he is worthy to be praised. he’s given him everything he has, and he knows it. It’s a shame, to me, that more people don’t give credit where credit is due.

  164. Yeah, Tebow, I think, IS a good player; I enjoy watching him. But I admit that I am amused by his constant references to some invisible man.

    When an 80 year old scores a TD in an NFL game, then I’ll ascribe it to divine intervention. Otherwise, it is merely one good, highly trained athlete performing at a high level.

  165. Plummer’s comments prove how vain, ignorant and arrogant most people are; and why so many kids are going after the wrong stuff in the world. “Things” trump more important attributes like a value system full of integrity, self esteem and self confidence. Look around, “things” are what kids want (That DUB Lambo, Rolex, stripper looking women, dope and show off stuff). Without “Things” what are you really as a person? All you have left is what’s in your spirit as a human, and if you’re a good person or bad person. Tim Tebow proves he is above the superficiality and is an excellent roll model. He’s a great guy and his girlfriend Lucy Pinder is one of the hottest women on the planet. That’s what lovin’ Jesus will get you! Plummer is jealous.

  166. In my opinion, Tim is very humble and not at all in-your-face Christian in his interviews. In fact, when reporters try to bait him, he isn’t baited but answers quite secular ie after Thursday’s game, one of the guys asked him if he thought it was his faith or his throwing motion that sparked his critics. Instead of using this as a platform to promote his faith and LORD, Tim answered that he learned in college not to worry about the things he can’t control — what others say — and concentrate on what he can — attitude, work ethic. The reason people like Jake take issue with Tim’s pronouncement of his faith is because he actually practices more than he preaches.

  167. How you Christer can possibly believe the things you believe… I guess you’re just naturally stupid, especially since so many of you don’t even know the difference between “roll” and “role,” as in role model. What a batch of dummies you clowns are.

    Tebow’s a lousy QB and an even worse Christian because he’s always drawing attention to himself. Jesus was a humble dude, unlike Tim.

  168. I love everything about Tim Tebow. I don’t care what an ex-qb who flipped off his own fans thinks about it either. Go play some more handball Plummer.

  169. So Jake the “snake” has a problem with Tim who has Christ in his life and isn’t afraid to proclaim his faith? Crawl back in your hole and leave a good man alone!

  170. The NFL should have a rule against rubbing your religion all over the place. After all, if you have any intelligence about you…. such ignorance is quite offensive.

  171. Other players are getting DUI’s, doing drugs, etc. So I have no problem with Tebow acknowledging his faith. It’s a shame people look down on something positive!

  172. Everybody has something to say on this kid who has barely played half a season. Even someone like Plummer who pleaded no contest to sexual abuse.
    (see book “Pros and Cons”)
    Even Big Dummy trent Dilfer who threw 5 tds and 25 ints in his first 2 seasons has bad things to say. You have to be psychotic to be such a bad qb and unload on someone whose played so few games and not given time to develop.
    Its rational to believe Tebow’s throwing style will prevent a long future in the nfl. Its rational to be weirded out by his overt devotion to Jesus. But being hysterical about these things makes you nonobjective psycho. (yeah you Colin Cowherd)
    From an objective prochoice atheistic LSU fan. Geaux Tigers.

  173. Jake ” the snake’ as well as all you others who are here only because JESUS paid a price for us need to crawl into a dark hole and be off the face off GODS earth. How can you condemn a man for professing his love for his, and all of ours SAVIOR? Exspecially a sex offender. This fool violated one of GODS creations and he has a problem with someone claiming their faith in GOD in public……….Remember…..if you deny HIM, HE will also deny you……….Tell that fool of fools to crawl back into his hole and shut-up the big cry-baby that he is who retired because he can’t accept what is a part of all sports…………the chance of being traded………….man up BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  174. I have no problem with Tebow crediting Jesus, although wouldn’t consistency demand he also thrust a finger skyward when throwing a pick 6 ?

    After all, if you believe Christ is responsible for all things, then he should get the credit for the good and the bad.

    Or at least, if throwing a pick 6, angrily shake your fist at the ground in anger at Satan.
    But I realize rational thought has no place in religion.

  175. How sad is this really? A guy who is obviously an atheist is going to lead a bunch of people right to the gates of hell! So what if he talks about Jesus someone needs to. Athletes are doing drugs, selling drugs, knocking up women and leaving kids all over the country without fathers. And the best thing some people on here can find to complain about is this man’s belief in Jesus Christ. The one being who loves us all more than any human being any of us know. Maybe Jake Plummer would be more interested in the boy talking about loose women or drugs and alcohol. Or maybe how to flip off the fans when you are a horrible QB. Jake do the sports world a favor….. You retired!!! Now go somewhere, sit down and SHUT UP!!! IDIOT!!!

  176. “I don’t like the way Tebow expresses himself,” said Jake Plummer, the retired quarterback who flipped off his own team’s fans.

    Yeah, that’s the guy to take advice from.

  177. Are you kidding me. Would you rather see players celebrate ridiculously after making a play that has been done an infinite number of times in the past or see a moment of a man whom thanks the lord for his good fortune and ability to make a play in the game he respects enough to know he is very fortunate to be in the position he is in. Nuff Said!

  178. The guy is refreshingly authentic. And, he does little more than give God a thanks and a shout out. The media baits him with more faith-based questions and when he respectfully answers them, haters dog him for going on and on about God.

    Christians are often called hypocrites… for saying they believe one thing and doing another. Yet here we see a man who is living out what he believes – that God should be glorified in everything he does – and he is being told to shut up about it. Which way do you want it non-believers?

  179. Dear Jake Plummer,
    Don’t take any of the comments posted here seriously. The Ravens Defense is willing to help Tebow with his health and his game ..or some other defense will and then all can sit back and enjoy football on Sunday Monday sometimes thursday. You’re ok Jake.

  180. I too am glad that someone from that side of life said something about this. If he did it only once for one interview, it could be taken as genuine but Timmy does it for every single interview he does after every game. This is not genuine this is advertising. It is true what others say that if another QB that was of another religion did this or a very flamboyantly gay player professed his love for his gayness of his other God, The Christians would be screaming. This country was founded on not only freedom of religion but freedom from religion as well. Timmy can believe what ever he wants to about it but he needs to keep it to himself or at a proper time not football time. A few of you say to hit the mute button but if I showed up on the TV with a nude picture of some woman and showed it on the air and you didn’t want to see it then you could turn off the TV right? I think not, you Christians would look and then pitch a fit and you know it. If it is not fit for everyone to see or hear then it doesn’t belong, period. There is a place for everything and everything has its place. Keep it that way Timmy and don’t be so silly to think that God has time to fix your football game when there are truly important things for him to take care of.

  181. I lived in the south for 11 years and tired quickly of the phoney Christians complaining how they were discrimminated against when they ran everything. I agree with Plummer in that it gets tiring watching a 700 club commercial in every presser. give it a rest. I would love to see a gay player just talking it up every week just to see how the poor discriminated christians woudl react. Most likely they would say he needs to be banned “for the sake of the children”

  182. I don’t begrudge Tebow for being fanatical about his religious beliefs, but I’m sure I’m not the only one that gets annoyed every time a player thanks…(insert deity) every time he does something good, but not a peep when he does something bad that hurts his team. It’s not like the lord is rooting for one team over another.

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