James Starks might play Thursday

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The Packers updated the status of running back James Starks on Monday and his chances of playing on Thanksgiving sound a little better than they did on Sunday.

Coach Mike McCarthy said that Starks has both a sprained knee and ankle and that he’s sore, but the running back plans to be on the practice field Tuesday. McCarthy said he’s looking better than anyone thought after Starks went down awkwardly during the game against the Buccaneers, so no one is ruling anything out just yet.

“We’ll see what he can do tomorrow at practice,” McCarthy said. “It feels like a normal day after a game. He tested out well and he has a chance to possibly do something on the field. That’s our plan with him.”

The short turnaround to a Thursday game still makes it hard to believe Starks will be in the lineup. The risk of aggravating the injury and losing Starks for a longer period of time would seem to be great enough to make giving him the game off and an extended period to get ready for Week 13 the most prudent course of action.

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  1. I hope they wait til he is 100%. He is really fun to watch run, I love the way he finishes his runs.

    I know the Packers are obvious a pass 1st team, that will help Grant and Starks be a lot more fresh when they need to run late this season. They don’t need to let this injury come back and bite them later on.

  2. Yeah, I’m sure that’s going to happen.

    Playing a guy with a sprained knee, on the road, in a game that means very little to your team, but everything to the team you are playing.

  3. i think GB is realizing that they are gonna need all they have to beat the Lions on Turkey Day. It will happen though, GB is too focused and the Lions are too distracted…

  4. Won’t matter either way. It’s not a storyline for this game in my opinion.

    #1 story line is does Rodgers have time to pass? If so, Lions will be in trouble.

    #2 storyline is will Stafford take care of the ball? If Lions don’t turn it over they can score quite a few vs. Green Bay’s defense.

  5. Detroit is a dirty team — so if Starks plays I’d expect Suh to make an extra effort to roll into Starks’ leg.

    Better this time to sit him out.


  6. “The Packers is going down hill they need all the help in the world.”

    The Packers…going downhill? If I recall the Lions were the ones who were slashed by the Bears last week and nearly had that same result this week against the Panthers. And oh let’s not forget the 6 interceptions Matthew Stafford has thrown in the last two games. That’s more than Aaron Rodgers has thrown all season.

    And oh yeah the Packers own a three game lead over the Lions.

  7. It will be interesting to see if the Packers play their “A Game” on defense, like they did against Minnesota. The intense dislike of Minnesota raised the bar, as opposed to many of the other opponents that perhpas were not taken very seriously (particularly if the Packer D felt overly confident because of the leads Rodgers has been providing.) It will be feast or famine, and a good day for it. Go Pack!

  8. “Detroit is a dirty team — so if Starks plays I’d expect Suh to make an extra effort to roll into Starks’ leg.

    Better this time to sit him out.”

    Really, dirty? Its football, a physical game and players are going to call each other’s names. This is so old, all defensive players are dirty, physical and want to rip the arms off the QBs and RBs and beat them with it. Thursday’s game is going to be a good one, can’t wait.

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