Jeff Garcia among quarterbacks working out for Texans

It looks like the Texans will sign a veteran quarterback this week to play behind Matt Leinart and T.J. Yates.

They worked out five veterans Monday, including one name we haven’t heard in a while.

Nick Scurfield of reports that Jeff Garcia was among the players trying out for Houston on Monday. Also at the session: Trent Edwards, Chase Clement, Brody Croyle, and Kellen Clemens.

It’s nice to see Croyle and Clemens back together. The two famously dueled in the most depressing game I’ve ever watched: Herm Edwards’ return to New York in the 2007 regular season finale.

(Okay, maybe it’s not that famous. But it was depressing.)

53 responses to “Jeff Garcia among quarterbacks working out for Texans

  1. Jeff Garcia? Hey, maybe that Brett Favre idea isnt so far fetched or crazy after all. Surely Jake Plummer is available, no?

  2. Jeff Garcia knows how to win, I mean look what he did for the Eagles when McNabb went down. he may be old and out of the league since 2009, but I think he has the best chance to help the team

  3. thats whack

    ur gonna tell me any of the players on that list are better then brett favre?

    regardless of favre age, drama, etc…

    u wanna win or what?

    bc ur not going to win the SB with any of those guys, ur better off going with a vet whos PROVEN he can play with a short prep time

    we all hate on favre bc of what? the retirement stuff- ok any of us would wanna play till were 50 too,

    and the sterger stuff?

    shes hott haha, do u blame him, once again we all woulda tried to hook up with her too…

    lets be real here, favre or u got nothin houston

  4. Why is David Garrard never mentioned when it comes to the Texans?

    He’s played in the division before, this is exactly the situation he (allegedly) was looking for, with a great O-Line, running game, and defense, and the inside track to a division championship…

    Does he just not want to play?

  5. why not make a play for mcnab if they are that desperate… He might be close to done now but he would still be an upgrade on this bunch…

  6. Jeff Garcia??? Why not Jeff George or Browning Nagle. Is the QB talent pool that thin that stumblebums are given tryouts? Croyle and Clemens?? Good Lord!?…….

  7. I would give him a week then start him. He is a winner with a decent team around him (Philadelphia 2007). While Clemens-Croyle is pretty bad Mike, I have to give the title of Worst Game Ever to Browns-Bills in 2009, where there were as many combined points (9) as there were dropped Cleveland passes (9) and Buffalo false starts (also 9). God, that game was SO BAD.

  8. If these are my choices for a quarterback, I would just sign Terrell Owens and hope Matt Leinart and TJ Yates do not get hurt. Atleast with Andre Johnson and Terrell Owens on the field at the same time, I know opposing defenses will not have eight guys in the box to slow down the Arian Foster/Ben Tate running game. I think this would help the team more than signing a quarterback off the couch. Those guys mentioned have done nothing to deserve an oppurtunity to sit the bench and hold a clipboard much less get into the game. Also with Terrell Owens opposite Andre Johnson prevents defenses from double teaming Andre Johnson. That would be the move I would make to get the Texans to the playoffs.

  9. Can you guys not comprehend it? Is it too complicated? While Favre is better than all of these guys, they are only trying out as the #3 QB, backup at best. Think Favre would be okay with that? If he was paid $20M last season, how much would he demand in this roll? You are aware the Texans have little to no cap room right? Do you really think Gary Kubiak, as mild mannered as they come, wants the distraction as they try to secure their first ever playoff berth? Wow.

  10. The Vikings should ask if the Texans are interested in McNabb as a starter. If the Texans (quietly) agree to sign McNabb off of waivers, then the Vikings should save themselves some money and cut him. McNabb gets to jump boat to a playoff contender, and the Texans get a QB with great playoff experience, and a knack for throwing the ball at his receiver’s feet!

  11. I bet Garcia can still play! Everyone is talkin crap, but he wasn’t that bad. I wonder if Drew Bledsoe would come to Houston… Lol

  12. Yates is going to be pretty good. Time to see once and for all what Matt Leinert’s got.

    And way to have Leinart’s back by working these guys out, btw. I think Garcia is familiar with how Kubiak runs the offense and as has been said, adjusts quickly.

  13. Totally agree that Culpepper should be in the discussion somewhere… unless the Texans are truly happy with Leinhart, and only want a true backup. If Garrard can play then he needs to be careful with his demands to become the current and future QB for a team. This is what prevented Culpepper from ever cementing himself as a starting contender. Favre would still be great, but its the wrong system, and I truly believe he’s done (until next season). Bulger would be good, but he doesn’t want to start, and possibly is happy in retirement. It is a shame that Rosenfels is out for the year (with Miami) as he would have been their best option…

  14. Garcia wouldn’t be a good fit. He only does well in West Coast offenses. I could be off, but I don’t think Kubiak runs a WCO.

    Then again, I’ve said just about anyone can hand off and check down to Foster and Tate.

  15. I’m not sure why some people on here are mocking Jeff Garcia. I know he is old, but he will manage a game for you. That is what the Texans are looking for right…somebody who won’t lose the game for them.

  16. What they are really looking for is a back-up to Leinart, and due to their playoff aspirations they need a proven serviceable veteran. Much harder to find than it might seem. Actually, assuming Garcia has stayed healthy and in good shape, you could do much worse.

  17. For the love of God, people…David Garrard had surgery on his back! That’s why no one is beating down his door. So, please stop flinging his name out every time a team’s QB gets hurt.
    Second, these try-out’s are for someone to be our new back up. We need another QB on the roster in case Matt Leinart gets hurt.

  18. Wow some of the people on this board are stupid. How many times do you have to be told that Garrard is out after having back surgery. Geez, read before you post….

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