Lions-Saints on NBC Week 13


In another sign of the turnaround in Detroit, the NFL has moved the Lions into the NBC prime time slot for Week 13.

The Lions have announced that their December 4 game at New Orleans has been moved into prime time, making it the first time ever that the Lions have been on NBC’s Sunday Night Football.

The NFL had previously announced, to the surprise of no one, that the winless Colts’ game with the Patriots would not remain in the Week 13 prime time slot. Who would have thought when the schedule came out that Lions-Saints would be a marquee game, and Colts-Patriots would be a stinker?

Between the Lions’ Thanksgiving game against the Packers and the Saints game the following week, this will be the first time the Lions have played consecutive nationally televised games since 2000, when they beat the Patriots on Thanksgiving and then lost to the Vikings on ESPN the following week.

With both teams at 7-3 right now, Lions-Saints will have major NFC playoff implications. The Saints are in first place in the NFC South, while the Lions are the leaders in the NFC wild card race.

The Lions are the 31st NFL franchise to appear on NBC’s Sunday Night Football. The Texans are the only team that has never been in an NBC Sunday night game.

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  1. lionfan419, spoken like a battered fan (and with justification). The flip side is, how many points the Lions will put up on those two defenses. FYI, Pack, Saints and Lions are 1-2-3 in points scored through 10 weeks in the entire NFL.

  2. Remember the Lions turned the ball over on their first three drives and gave up a kick return TD early in the game. A layover from the Chicago game maybe.

    Once they got their heads out of their asses, they stomped Carolina. 35-8 in the second half.

    When Detroit is on, they can play with anyone. They only lack consistency.

  3. So, the Lions D-Line has to wait another seven more hours before getting to feast on the flesh of a quarterback?

    Those guys are going to be HUNGRY. Good luck, Brees.

  4. Pack are ripe for the picking, they let cam throw for 400yds. I think if stafford throws for 400 we will be winning because unlike cam, stafford can score the points cam couldn’t. We have more weapons than the panthers and better d than them as well.

  5. The Lions must learn to play consistent football if they want to make the playoffs. They are coming to a very tough part of their schedule. They need to stay focused. One thing to be optimistic about, is this team hasn’t played a full game up to their standards except maybe the Denver game. I hope they atleast give the Packers a run for their money on Thursday!

  6. The defensive effort against the Panthers was their worst showing of the season. Fortunately their offense finally got in sync.

    We need to see some consistency before we can proclaim anything, but they could be about to peak at the right time. The last 3 quarters of football are the best offense we have seen from this Lions squad. Stafford finally looked calm and confident in the pocket. Only time will tell though.

  7. I hope the Lions beat the Packers on Thanksgiving because then they will be overconfident heading into the Superdome where they will get crushed.

    Regardless, you know the Giants are going to get slaughtered next Monday against the Saints.

  8. If the Lions can play 4 quarters of consistent football they can beat the Packers. However, the Lions have not shown all year they can play 4 quarters. I think after these next two games everyone will know a lot more about the Lions and if they can compete against the top teams for 4 quarters.

  9. Good call. The Colts are awful and if the game with the Patriots is close it means New England is playing some unwatchable football.

  10. I do miss the Peyton vs Brady games.. Always fun to watch, but Lions vs Saints should be good

  11. Dam I was hoping for the Facons @ Texans for this Sunday night game. Oh well I just hope the Lions are not 7-5 after this game, I’m hoping they can keep it going but they have a couple tough ones in front of them.

  12. ” When Detroit is on, they can play with anyone. They only lack consistency. ” ……

    This can be said for all but only a handful of NFL teams …… That lack of consistency is why the Lions will be watching the playoffs again come January …… That lack of consistency is why they are still a 2nd-tier team in 2011……

    Look for the Lions to be 7-5 after GB & NO ….. They simply aren’t ready for the big leagues …….

  13. The Panthers didn’t hang 35 points on us…it was more like the Lions put up 21 on themselves. They only had like 2 real drives.

  14. They should do flex scheduling all year. As soon as Manning went down they should’ve “flexed out” all prime time Colts games. They also should “flex out” any remaining Chiefs night games in my opinion as well (sorry Colts and Chiefs fans).

  15. Only if they didn’t bring (I love every player and they can do no wrong) Gruden.

    He ruined Monday nite for me. Not been this bad since Miller.

    Maybe we’ll get lucky and some stupid team will hire him as a coach.
    He did win the big one though, but then he went to sleep for 7 years.

  16. The Falcons/Texans would have been a great choice. Detroit always has the Thanksgiving game in addition to hosting a Monday night game earlier. The probably AFC South Champs will sadly make one primetime appearance, a Thursday against the Colts in a game no one wants to see. Not even Texan fans.

  17. uh probably because the texans have lost all their stars to injuries. foster, shaubb,williams, johnson. i dont even know if foster is back but u know he missed a few games.

  18. What a joke.

    I’m guessing because the Bengals went 0-2 against Steelers/Ravens? Even though both games were competitive, awesome games?

    What a joke. I’ve seen enough of the Saints in primetime.

    I won’t be watching. Thanks NFL. Not.

  19. @ray0414

    Admitting you don’t even know if Foster’s back illustrates your ignorance on the entire subject.

  20. It’s pretty exciting that we’ll get the Sunday Night game. If it wasn’t us, I would have voted Steelers/Bengals.

    Thanksgiving will be exciting. It’s kind of a trap game for Green Bay, who have more to lose than the Lions.

    I don’t think there will be a problem getting the Lions motivated to take on the undefeated Packers on national tv, on Thanksgiving Day. Ford Field (the Glass House), will be the loudest it’s been all year.

    The Packers coaches on the other hand, may have some issues with getting their guys pumped up during the very short week.

    Schwartz probably has his hands full keep the young defensive players settled down and focused this week. In that respect, Carolina scoring 35 points last Sunday will provide plenty of material to get those guys to forget the hype.

  21. This would be great had I not purchased $400 plane tickets and $500 tickets to the game and now my plane leaves New Orleans 15 minutes before the game even starts. FML.

  22. Tough couple of games coming up for my Lions. But at some point if they want to step up and become a playoff team, and a team that can win on the road in a wild card game, you have to take on the best teams and prove your worth. The good news is that except for the slaughter at Chicago, the Lions have been in every game and had their chances to win. The short week this week is ok, thay will have the crowd behind them, and it will give them extra prep time for the saints game. If the Lions can at least split the next 2 games, they are playoff bound!

    I hope to hear…..

    Forward down the field,
    A charging team that will not yield.
    And when the Blue and Silver wave,
    Stand and cheer the brave.
    Rah, Rah, Rah.
    Go hard, win the game.
    With honor you will keep your fame.
    Down the field and gain,
    A Lion victory!

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