Lovie Smith confirms Cutler’s injury, won’t give timeline

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Bears coach Lovie Smith famously doesn’t give a lot of information up to the press.

So when he confirmed to WBBM-AM 780 Monday morning that Jay Cutler has a broken thumb, it’s safe to say Smith doesn’t expect Cutler to play again for a while.

For now, Smith wouldn’t give a timeline for Cutler’s recovery. Smith said Cutler is visiting specialists Monday morning, and the team may provide more information at Smith’s press conference later Monday.

Here’s what Smith said he expected out of Caleb Hanie in the coming weeks: “Same play from our quarterback position.”

That’s where the Bears are in deep trouble. This wasn’t a “system” team relying on great pass blocking and open receivers.  This is hardly the situation Matt Leinart steps into for the Texans.

The Bears relied heavily on Cutler’s right arm making throws that other quarterbacks can’t make.  Sunday’s game against the Chargers was a great example.

Chicago will have a tough road getting to the playoffs with Hanie running the show.