Matt Moore is the new Kyle Orton


Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore is the new Kyle Orton.  I mean that as a compliment.

He’s the guy no franchise fully wants starting in Week One, but he’s proven that he belongs in the NFL. Moore probably has a higher ceiling than Orton, who has won 33 games as a starter and is earning $9 million this year.

Moore would be getting even more attention if he didn’t play for a 3-7 team. Consider Moore’s numbers the last three weeks:

He’s completed 51-of-73 passes (69.8%) for 613 yards (8.39 yards-per-attempt) with six touchdowns and one interception.  The Dolphins have won three straight games by a combined score of 86-20.

To put the yards-per-attempt average in perspective, that number would rank in the top five among quarterbacks this season.  Moore has completed a lot of nice touch passes into small windows.

“He is everything we need him to be. He is doing a great job. He’s a huge, huge, difference-maker,” running back Reggie Bush said via the Miami Herald.

Moore is already inspiring some talk in Miami about whether he should have a future with the team. At worst, he looks like a fine candidate to pair with a first round pick that is Miami’s true “quarterback of the future.”

The Dolphins signed Moore through 2012, so his play probably means the team won’t bother to re-sign Chad Henne. We’re not saying Moore is an elite player, but he’s made a name for himself the last month.

Moore can really get noticed on Thanksgiving if he beats Dallas, the team that first signed Moore as an undrafted free agent before cutting him in training camp.

52 responses to “Matt Moore is the new Kyle Orton

  1. Moore is opening eyes. Not only is he creating the possibility of a starting job in the NFL, but he may save Sparano’s job and even Ireland’s (hey, he was the one who signed Moore).

    If nothing else, it’s made a miserable season interesting, and that beats Suck For Luck any day of the and three weeks in a row on Sunday.

  2. I’m still worried the front office is going to do something stupid like take another lineman instead of a QB.


    Take a look at Matty Moore when at Carolina at the end of 2009 w/ ZERO pressure. Same thing.

    Then when 2010 started and his expectations were higher he was a disaster.

    Hero Kravon
    PFT Director of Keeping it Real

  4. He’s done a good job here lately, but lets not forget about the games he didn’t play well. Gotta keep it in perspective, but good job as of late.

  5. Moore sucks!! They beat the skins, chiefs and bills. Lets settle down b4 appointing Moore as the next Marino! Dallas will bring him back down to Earth!

  6. He’s a solid QB, that’s for sure. But I don’t think he is the difference maker that Miami needs to put them in the elite echelon of NFL teams. I’d keep Moore for a year, let him start next season, and let him tutor Matt Barkley for a year (because at this rate, they won’t be getting Andrew Luck).

  7. How Orton ever received a $9 mil dollar contract is absolutely amazing.

    Matt Moore has always been described as talented and athletic. He is at least as productive as Fitzpatrick, Orton, Jason Campbell, and some other middle of the road starters.

    He is your typical caretaker, bridge starter. It’s a thankless job but someone has to do it.

  8. Good guy, good QB. Just ask Steve Smith.

    Miles ahead of Chad Henne, but yet he gets no respect.

    Deserves to be a franchise QB if you ask me. The 3-7 record is no way on his shoulders.

    Good for him.

  9. He’s looking like the Matt Moore from the end of 2009. Then he seemed to lose confidence when the Panthers drafted Jimmy Clausen and he was bad in his first few games with the Dolphins. But he’s found his groove again.

  10. Let’s not go thinking that the success of Matt Moore in any way, shape, or form should save Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland. Those guys are already toast.

  11. I guess technically Dallas did cut him, but only bc they thought they could sneak him into the practice squad. Carolina decided that he was good enough to make their active roster.

  12. Who cares about next year. Right now all I care about is watching my brother cry as his Cowboys get spanked by my FINS on Thursday just like they did in 2003.

  13. He had a good finish to ’09 in Carolina but suffered a concussion in week one last year. Granted, he had a miserable pre-season in 2010 but I still felt the Panthers made an error by not keeping him around.

  14. The only thing you can say forure in the NFL is that you just never know what a player is until you give him a legit chance to compete. (Kurt Warner, Drew Breez, Tom Brady) I’m not making comparisons, just giving examples.

  15. “Matt Moore is the new Kyle Orton, I mean that as a compliment”…..

    A COMPLIMENT? Do you see where Kyle Orton has been hanging out lately?…..The bench.

    May be if you were to compare the two as a justification for the need of a REAL STARTING QB I could buy that.

    Matt Moore is doing awesome. He just isn’t the future of the Dolphins any more than Kyle Orton is for the Broncos.

    That’s where the real comparison between the two is.

  16. Congratulations to Matt Moore for 3 really great games! Congratulations to Miami’s defense for 12 quarters without giving up a touchdown!!!
    Keep up the good work you guys, most of the nation will be pulling for you on Thursday in Dallas despite being underdogs.
    The Cowgirls will not yet get over the Leon Lett incident from several years ago. The Dolphins can outplay them, outsmart them, and outpound them. Then we can watch the veins pop on Jerry Jones unsmiling face on Thanksgiving, and make it a truly joyous holiday.

  17. There’s 6 more games to judge him by. If the next 6 look like the last 3, he should have a future in Miami. He’s been accurate and needs to keep getting more reps. If Miami messes this up, shame on them.

  18. I remember when Carolina fans thought Matt Moore was their hero.

    The Dolphins are once again chasing other teams rejects at QBs and their fans are always wondering why their team has consistantly sucked since Marino retired over 10 years ago.

  19. Chad Henne looked good in his first year too. Question here is, once teams ‘figure him out’ will he still me Miami’s Matt Moore, or Carolina’s Matt Moore? I’d rather have the new and improved MM but then again… time can only tell.

  20. “We’re not saying Moore is an elite player, but he’s made a name for himself the last month.”

    This just in… EPSN’s John Clayton has declared Matt Moore is an elite NFL quarterback.

  21. That’s like comparing bottled water to tap water. Both used for washing, drinking, and bathing. Both washed up and pour it down a drain who cares. It’s just water!!!

  22. That would be hillarious, if Ross keeps Tony as the Head Coach.

    You think that stadium has been empty this season, try and serve up this same dish next season to the fans. There is nothing exciting about winnning 3 games after losing 7 straight.

    This team is horrible. They need a new voice in the leadership role. This is pro football and this team just ripped off the fans, once again.

  23. Congratulations to Matt Moore. I also congratulate Jeff Ireland for acquiring his services at a right price. I think we have to give Sporano credit for keeping spirits high and finally figuring out how to use his talent. Just learn how tomanage the clock, now.

    I tip my hat to Karlos Dansby and Jason Taylor!
    The secondary was hitting too! Good Job! I am calling out Koa Misi! Your special team play is good but you need to pick up your OLB work! That old man Taylor is doing your heavy work!

    I am feeling that momentum from winning! We can beat Dallas if

  24. He’s the new Kyle Orton in the sense that he is now the average NFL QB having the luxury of throwing to Brandon Marshall.

    Say what you want about him, and I’m not a huge fan, but when he’s mentally in the zone and getting fed the ball, that guy takes a game over.

  25. If Moore finishes the year with a winning starting record-he stays and you pair him with a first round young QB, but I still think we seek a better QB coach to improve them both for 2012.

    Fins Up

  26. I think there’s many middle of the road QB’s who can become good at this level, but simply need live game experience and don’t get it. Including Moore before Henne’s injury, John Beck who still hasn’t gotten the reps and never will, and others. Many others got a shot because their team had no choice due to injury or desperation like Orton, Dilfer, etc. Heck, only due to injuries did we ever even hear of Tom Brady or Kurt Warner

  27. The impatience with QBs these days is something. How many elite QBs had humble – or terrible – beginnings, but were allowed time to become great? Not saying everyone has equal greatness in them, but the amount of player-shuffling in the league these days strikes me as particularly high. Is there any QB who’s come along after, say, Ben R. that isn’t constantly looking over his shoulder?

  28. Henne never looked as good as Moore looks… ever

    On top of those numbers over the last 3 games… Marshall has dropped 5 in the endzone…. FIVE

    If he had some guys who could catch he would be 75%, 11TDs 1 INT 9.5 YPA and the comparisons would be against elite QBs …

    If he shakes the Carolina Curse… he’ll be fearsome, different team… it’s possible

  29. It’s nice to see you guys give Kyle Orton some love. The analysts and even posters here all seem to give the guy such a hard time, but you look at his numbers and he is a solid performer on a weak team.

    Even looking at this season, Orton was 1-3 in the games he finished.

    But in those 4 games, he beat the Bengals, and lost by 5 points or less to the the Titans and the Raiders. The only team that soundly beat them was Green Bay, who has done that pretty much to everyone.

    Is he one of the top 10 quarterbacks in the league? No. But the abuse he’s received by the fans in Denver and the “Tebow” wave is unwarranted. If he wasn’t making 9 million dollars to not play, I’d almost feel bad for him.

  30. The Dolphins have looked great the last three weeks I’m very happy for them, though they will not be beating the Cowboys on Thursday sorry!

    We’re tied for first in our division so I think we’re hungrier, I can’t wait for the game I’m a Cowboys fan hubby’s a Dolphins fan, the smack talkin has begun, watch for flying turkey at our house!

  31. I like 65/94 (69.1%), 841 yards (8.94 per attempt), 8 TDs and 0 INTs over the last three games a lot more but we’re not gonna see an article praising THAT guy, are we. In fact we are more likely to see an article on why he should be cut.

  32. Nobody’s saying Moore is moving into the elite class of QBs.

    It is just that he’s showing he belongs in the league. Much like Orton. Good for him. I hope his good play leads to a few more good seasons for him. He seems to be a good guy.

  33. Left out of the story was they played KC, Washington & Buffalo.
    If Stephen Ross thinks he can bring Sporano, Ireland & Moore (as a starter) back next season, he’s going to see a lot of empty seats.

  34. Responses to various comments here –

    Moore isn’t leaning on Marshall to do this. Brandon has been very up and down, struggles to get open at times, not very focused.

    Brandon is now up to 6 balls dropped in the end zone. But 5 of them were thrown by Chad Henne. Not exactly fair to add those to Moore’s potential production.

    They did play a backsliding Bills team yesterday. But they dismantled that team as thoroughly as anyone else would have. Sure, the Pats would have put up 50 points on them but they woud have had Brady throwing the ball all over the place well into the 4th quarter. Even if Buffalo isn’t as good as we once thought they were, it was still an impressive win. And at least part of the reason the Bills struggled was because the Fins were destroying wide receivers every time they touched the ball.

  35. The Broncos were 1-4 under Orton, and they are now 4-1 under Tebow. Sorry, but I don’t want to hear about Orton anymore. He may look great at practice, but when the bullets start flying the guy isn’t even half the gamer that Tim Tebow is. Yes Tebow does it ugly, but he wins. At the end of the day, winning is ALL that matters. Unorthodox winning is fine by me. I am not religious about style. Win and I’m happy. Tebow wins, Matt Moore wins, everything else is irrelevent. When they stop winning, we can talk style. Unitl then, I don’t care.

  36. “Yes Tebow does it ugly, but he wins. At the end of the day, winning is ALL that matters. Unorthodox winning is fine by me. I am not religious about style. Win and I’m happy. Tebow wins, Matt Moore wins, everything else is irrelevent. ”

    Same thing said when Miami ran the Wildcat and had some success (even beating the Patriots at home).

    Now where are they?

    Gadget offenses NEVER last. Tebow will have to play Quarterback eventually, and the mechanics will ruin him. But we’ll see…so far so good.

    several examples; Run and Shoot (Houston Oilers/Warren Moon) didnt last, Wildcat didnt last (although an RB , not QB ran it)

  37. Too funny, Jets and Cowboy fans posting comments about judging QB’s. Sanchez has shown his worth(lessness). Not even Rex Ryan can hide him behind his wide-body anymore. Romo is a joke unless he’s playing golf (will give him that).

  38. I remember his college coach saying if he got a chance in the NFL he ‘could’ be as good as Brady etc, thought really highly of him and that he’d surprise.

  39. and like Orton, he will likely always look better taking over a team mid-season when there are low-to-zer0 expectations…

  40. Tatum064,

    Tebow might be a fad as you suggest, but until he stops winning he’s got a place in the NFL. Oh, and you can call Warren Moon and the “Run-N-Shoot” whatever you want, but Moon won a lot of games and is in the Hall of Fame. The R-N-S evolved and it’s family lineage is still alive in the NFL.

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