Peyton Hillis out at least another week


The cursed season of Browns running back Peyton Hillis continues.

Yes, we’ve been through this before.

Hillis, the Madden cover boy who has played in only four games this season, will miss Sunday’s game against the Bengals, Browns coach Pat Shurmur confirmed today.

The last time Hillis saw the field was October 16, when he carried six times for 14 yards. Since then, a strained hamstring has left him unable to play, although Shurmur continues to insist that Hillis will play again this season.

At this point, it’s hard to see why the Browns would want Hillis to play for them again this season. It’s been widely reported that he won’t be back in Cleveland next year, and the Browns are getting good production from Chris Ogbonnaya, who had 115 rushing yards in Sunday’s win over the Jaguars. The Browns are ready to move on from Hillis.

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  1. The anti-Hillis movement is non-sense. He’s a hammer and a reliable pass protector & pass catcher. The idea that he’s a diva is absurd. Things get so overblown here. We simply do not have enough talent to jettison impact players like him. Get healthy & reach a compromise. He owes us & his team that.

  2. Madden curse is at it again. And the tooth fairy is as real as the Easter Bunny. C’mon people, Madden Curse is bogus, they just tend to put injury-prone or soon-to-be retired players on the covers of the games.

    Bottom line is, Hillis’s ego got the best of him. A fault that we see with many players today.

  3. Hillis will be out of the league in 2 years. RB’s are a dime a dozen and even a team as inept as the Browns won’t wait around for him to get healthy and remember how to play football. He’s just another in the long list of players who blow up and have an incredible season one year, and then fade back into obscurity shortly thereafter.

  4. I’m not ready to fully give up on the guy yet. I think he saw $$ in his head and got greedy (who among us wouldnt? and be honest).

    Obviously I don’t know him personally but he seems like a good kid. I would sign him again to a short term, fair deal and let him earn that spot back. He has been humbled. let the kid play. how quickly we forget that he WAS the offense last year and all browns fans were swinging from his jock just 9 weeks ago.

  5. I’ve seen guys play through hamstrings plenty of time.

    That said, does Hillis really think milking a hamstring after running for 14 yards is really going to help land him that fat contract …… after everyone is watching another running back (CJ) tank after getting HIS fat contract?

    Peyton Hillis is this year’s 2010 Randy Moss.

  6. I like reading all these Peyton Hillis articles and the Madden Curse comments everytime. That’s been beat to death 100 times over what, like the past two months? Go regurgitate somewhere else. Like Dameshek says, the “Antonio Gates used to play basketball” comment is pointless.

    Everybody gets it. Really. It’s week 11.

  7. Yes, Browns fans have seen this “act” before.

    Hillis has hired the same agent that Shaun Rogers had when decided to play the “I’m injured” game when the Browns fired Romeo Crennel after the 2008 season.

    I watched the Browns practice and there was Shaun Rogers, goofing around, riding a stationary bike, pretending to be injured so he did not have to practice. It was disgusting when the rest of the players were working their butts off, to watch Shaun Rogers coast.

    Roger’s didn’t want to play for Eric Mangini and asked to be traded. When no trades could be worked out Rogers and his agent used the “I’m injured” tactic, so Rogers did not have to practice.

    Now Hillis has hired the same agent Shaun Rogers had and now here we go again, Hillis pretending to be injured, because the Browns will not agree to give Hillis and his greedy agent a contract that would pay Hillis, “Adrian Peterson” type of money.

    It was the Browns fans that voted Peyton Hillis to the Madden 12 cover. What thanks did Peyton Hillis give Cleveland…he skipped a charity event he had agreed to be at for the Cleveland Boys and Girls Club.

    That is how Peyton Hillis and his agent thanked the Cleveland fans, blowing off a charity event for Boys and Girls Club…nice guy, that Hillis.

    The NFL needs to be able to ban players and agents who use these phony tactics, while they attempt to extort money from the NFL teams.


  8. Hillis suffers from steroid/HGH syndrome….

    Seen it over and over again: muscles get huge / ligaments and tendons get brittle / totally injury-prone.

    David Boston, Shawne Merriman, Jim Miller, Lee Flowers, Tim Couch, Rodney Harrison, etc, etc…

  9. I joke about the Madden thing as much as anyone, but this curse is self-inflicted. It’s like Hillis decided to take an axe to his own career. Or maybe he just decided to challenge Elway, Modell, and LeBron for the title of Most Hated Man in Cleveland.

  10. Hillis had 2 really good games, 3 pretty good games, and the rest he was average or below average. The only reason everyone thought he was great it because hes white and ran people over. The fact is, the Broncos traded him for Brady Quinn after having him for two years. Even the dumbest teams can see potential in 2 seasons. Hillis GOT his contract and turned it down for more…and now he’ll get considerably less. Let this be a lesson to all white flashes in the pan.

  11. That’s alright if the Browns don’t want you

    Sign a short term deal elsewhere, prove your not so injury prone – and have a stellar year. Then enjoy a fat long term contract with a new team that does want you. Sounds simple enough to me

    Yeah this year has sucked for him…so thats one bad year. Let’s move on so everyone can get off the hate wagon

  12. He has cost himself tens of millions of dollars. He has become a locker room issue as reported several times on several sources. He needs to buckle his chin strap, get his a55 on the field, flatten some folks, shut his mouth, and HOPE that the Browns (or another team) are willing to give him HALF of what he was looking for earlier in the season.

    After last season, I was on the wagon firmly…the guy was everything that Cleveland wanted…he would just as soon run you over than go around you, he was as blue collar as you could get, and he left it all on the field. We need that guy back or we need to let him go somewhere else and poison their clubhouse. The fact that several players had to approach him to ask him to extract his inflated head from his rectum speaks volumes…I hadn’t heard of that happening in professional sports in a LONG time! If he wants to come back and be Peyton Hillis circa 2010…Browns fans will embrace him, if he wants to come back and collect a paycheck like 2011…don’t let the doorknob hit ya where the good lord split ya!

  13. @raiderswilldebacleyou…”Hillis suffers from steroid/HGH syndrome….

    Seen it over and over again: muscles get huge / ligaments and tendons get brittle / totally injury-prone.

    David Boston (2004), Shawne Merriman (2006), Jim Miller (1999), Lee Flowers (2003), Tim Couch (2007), Rodney Harrison (2007), etc, etc…”

    Tim Couch was linked to steroids in an effort to REVIVE his career…not while he was actually in the league. I don’t recall him being huge at any point in his career.

    Saying that you’ve seen it over and over again is hilarious when you named 6 players…some from as far back as 1999. Who do you have since 2007 that wasn’t an over the hill veteran trying to keep their career going or revive their career?

    Peyton Hillis was a big guy in college…and he’s still a big guy now. He is, by all accounts, a gym rat. He spends a lot of time lifting, which is how he got to be a big guy. Seeing a guy that is cut out of granite instantly means that they are on roids/HGH. He hasn’t been linked to anything yet because you THINK he is a juicer…it must be true! Get a life!

  14. Did he even give an excuse this time? Would seem like a classic case of a guy taking poor advice from an agent… but I dunno. Haven’t been following it too closely.

  15. Dang, this potentially ranks way up there on the one-year-wonder list in the history of the NFL. Reminds me a little of Steve Slaton: one awesome year, then derailed by injuries and what-not.

    Also: I wonder if Hillis could put on 10-15 pounds and play fullback. I don’t honestly know much about him. He may not be tall enough; I don’t know.

    Also v. 2.0: I would love to see Ogbonnaya catch on with the Browns. Great character guy and a hard worker. Just too many RB’s in Houston.

    Thanks again for beating the Jags, Cleveland!!!

  16. Hillis is his own curse. He was predestined by his psychology to screw the pooch. Scouting reports nailed it.

    Vick didn’t get the cover and he’s having a lousy season too.

    Magical thinking generally doesn’t pay off.

  17. “He needs to get on the field and flatten some guys”

    What? Hasn’t the problem been that they keep trying to rush him back onto the field when he’s not even close to 100%?

  18. “The fact that several players had to approach him to ask him to extract his inflated head from his rectum speaks volumes”

    Please! Come on! This is so stupid…the players even doing the whole intervention thing was stupid

    The guy got hurt which then put him in a funk, he missed a benefit for kids, but that doesn’t make him Charles Manson geez

    There were a lot of things out of his control that went bad for him and some of it is actually his fault. But people need to seriously lay off and wake up

  19. It is time for Browns fans to call Hillis out…

    HILLIS IS FAKING INJURY, attempting to extort a huge payday from the Browns or another NFL team that is willing to reward Hillis and his agent for the use of “this tactic”.

    Like I said earlier, Browns fans have seen this act before…with Shaun Rogers who just happened to have the very same agent that now represents Peyton Hillis.

    The NFL needs to do something “now” about the use of this tactic “this agent” and “some” of the players he is representing, are using. If the NFL allows this agent to get away with this tactic again, the tactic will become popular with other agents and become a much larger problem for the NFL.

    This is twice the Browns have been screwed over by this tactic, from the same agent.

    There may have been a time when NFL owners would handle a situation such as this by sticking together and deciding that all the teams in the league “had no use” for a player like Hillis and he would not be offered a contract by any NFL team…but I fear those days are now long gone in the NFL.

    If Peyton Hillis and his agent didn’t get any contract offers after the season, it would send a strong message to the agents and the players willing to stoop so low, to get their big payday.

    I realize this would be considered “collusion”, if it were proved. But the way I see it, it is not any different than the tactic Hillis and his agent have agreed to use to get their big payday…two can play the game and some players and this agent have already sent the signal they have no problem using it.

    Hillis’ agent also represents NFL coaches…if you believe agents do not talk to the coaches they represent, about the players they represent…you are being naive.

    I would not doubt that Hillis’ agent has already had preliminary talks with other teams, interested in Hillis, even though Hillis is still under contract with the Browns.

    This problem is going to only get bigger if the NFL does not step in and do something end the use of this tactic.

    Speaking for myself, I’m done with prima dona athletes screwing over the city of Cleveland and our fans. The fans voted Hillis to the cover of Madden 12 and this is how he thanks us.

    I would have to rank Hillis in the same catagory as LBJ. It is time for Browns fans to wake up and begin calling Hillis out.

    My hope for Hillis is that he plays next season for the “arena league” after all 32 NFL teams decide they don’t need “a Peyton Hillis” on their teams either.

    But I doubt that will ever happen in “this NFL” for fear of being charge with “collusion”l

    …but I ask you, if it is collusion for NFL teams to decide they don’t need a Peyton Hillis on their team, what do you call the tactic Hillis and his agent are now using?

    I could sure understand all NFL teams passing on a RB who is often injured or sick, missing nearly an entire NFL season.

    It will be interesting to see which NFL team signs Hillis to his huge payday and just when this NFL team began talking to Hillis and his agent about signing him.

    I wonder if it would be considered “collusion” if a NFL team has already agreed to give Hillis and his agent their huge payday?

    I have had enough of Hillis and his agent…


  20. Summer’s Eve joke was solid. These comments are usually awful, but I had to give kudos for one that actually made me laugh a little. Good work

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