Sam Bradford can’t believe how bad this season has been


If you’re wondering how it’s possible that Sam Bradford could look like a promising young quarterback ready to turn the Rams around last year, and then look like a lousy quarterback on a lousy team this year, you’re not alone.

Bradford himself is wondering what went wrong.

After going 20-for-40 for 181 yards with one touchdown and one interception in Sunday’s 24-7 loss to the Seahawks, Bradford said he’s stunned at how badly the 2011 season has gone.

“I’m beyond frustrated right now,” Bradford said, via the News-Democrat. “I’ve never been a part of a team that has been in this situation. I don’t like it. I hope it’s the only time in my career that I’m ever in a situation like this. I do know this: I know with six games left I am going to continue to work as hard as I can and do everything I can to help this team win. I’m not going to quit.”

Bradford’s numbers have declined across the board: His completion percentage and passer rating are down, and he’s on pace to throw for far fewer yards and far fewer touchdowns than he did last season. And if not for the midseason acquisition of receiver Brandon Lloyd, the Rams’ passing game would be in even worse shape. Lloyd led the way with five catches for 67 yards on Sunday, and he scored the Rams’ only touchdown.

Still, Bradford thinks the Rams have the pieces in place.

“We have enough talent to score,” Bradford said. “It’s just a matter of executing our stuff.”

Bradford and the Rams’ offense haven’t executed much stuff this year.

30 responses to “Sam Bradford can’t believe how bad this season has been

  1. I’m not wondering. It’s McDaniels’ rigid insistence on using the Tom Brady/Pats model no matter who the QB is or what skill set he or the team has. For McDaniels it’s all about McDaniels.

  2. They’ve been decimated by injuries, they should be able to compete with the 9ers next year. Compete, but not win the division.

  3. I second that. Injuries have been one of the biggest problems but this team just looks like it has no desire. Spags will probably take the fall on this and will be lucky to make it to the end of the season

  4. Don’t underestimate the loss of Danny Amendola. He was an easy, over-the-middle, target last year for Bradford. I think that, more than anything, attributes to his struggles.

  5. Has anyone considered Spags simply sucks as a HC? He devised a remarkable game plan against the Pats in the Super Bowl, but even with that, the Giants needed several things to go their way on the final drive. He then got a HC gig based on that. Does he get the job if Asante Samuel doesnt drop an interception? Does he get the gig if David Tyree doesnt make a miracle catch against his helmet? Does he get the gig if the officials blow the whistle and call Manning “in the grasp” on the Tyree play?

    I think Spags was vastly over rated because they won that Super Bowl, and only because they won that Super Bowl. If one of the above mentioned things happened, the Giants lose the game, and Spags isnt even considered for the St Louis job. I think that is the problem for the Rams, they have a sucky HC. All of the progress they seemingly made over the last 2 years has been undone, because the league has tape on the Rams, and the Rams cant adjust.

    Side note in response to snarkzilla, I agree with you, but that goes against all of the people that still say Brady is a system QB.

  6. He’s stuck with a close-minded offensive coordinator and, other than Lloyd, a God awful group of receivers. Bradford’s numbers would look much better if anyone could catch the ball the first six weeks. I don’t blame him for being frustrated, I would be too.

  7. The Seahawks got 30% of their season sack total in yesterday’s game.

    Even if you lined up Aaron Rodgers behind that line he wouldn’t be able to be successful. Two of those linemen shouldn’t even be PLAYING in the NFL, let alone starting and outside of Dahl the rest of the line is backup quality at best.

  8. The offensive line took a hit this year through injuries, and some regression of players who did well last year (Saffold).

    The big story to me is that the Ram defense has had major problems stopping the run, which has allowed other teams to dictate the pace of play and keep the Ram offense off the field.

    There are a number of former Patriot players over the past few years who have shown little production once they leave New England. The same seems to be true of at least some former Patriot assistant coaches as well.

  9. So far the only QB that has been able to run Josh’s “system” was Brady and Kyle Orton. Both to varying degrees of success.

    And THAT’S the Josh McDaniel’s difference.

  10. I just love how Steven Jackson disappears from the game plan.

    Shotgun with five WRs, and SJax in the slot is probably not the best way to use your 240lb back.

    Bradford is also locking onto receivers and not going through his progressions. Something that is pretty typical for young QBs that are getting beat up, and playing from behind a lot.

    One example of many, was his decision to heave a bomb down the left sideline to a well covered Lloyd, instead of a wide open Steven Jackson check down. SJax could have gotten the first down and probably another 5-10 yards minimum. Keep in mind, this was only a one score game with plenty of time left. Consistent poor decisions like this are causing the offense to flounder as much as the poor oline play.

  11. Pats are STILL recovering from that pass happy soft finesse McD stuff. I HATED that offense as a base offense. Poor Bradford, he’s gonna get killed.

  12. Bradford: “I know with six games left I am going to continue to work as hard as I can and do everything I can to help this team win. I’m not going to quit.”

    Two Thumbs Up

  13. Everyone over hyped Bradford coming into the season. He wasn’t THAT good last year! Of course tying that anchor named McDaneils to his leg was bound to make him really stink.

  14. quickest way to lose a young and promising QB is to switch systems on him. bringing mcdaniels in was a mistake.

  15. Rams fans dont fret, you will get another top 5 pick and will waste that also. Long and Jason Smith….need I say more.

  16. McDaniels is an easy scapegoat for idiots. The problems go beyond that. Amendola being lost, bad secondary, underutilizing Stephen Jackson. And even then, if those problems are fixed, is Spagnuolo going to lead them deep into a post-season?

  17. Its not just the coaching. “When was the last time you saw a jockey carry a horse across the finish line?” The Rams have less talent and depth than perhaps any other team. That said, they would be better had they not been decimated by injuries. Tell me another team that could go through 10 cornerback injuries, have all their starting wide receivers either injured or replaced, both o-tackles injured, and all three tight ends out. What team has that depth? No doubt the clock is ticking on Spags, but you cannot evaluate him based on this year. He gets another year, along with BD, to show something. If next year is not much, much better, he will be gone because of ineptitude or simply bad karma. A team can keep its fans if it is a winner, or exciting, or there is hope. None of this in STL. Go 9ers!

  18. Glad the Lions have Stafford over this kid. He stayed in college an extra year so Detroit wouldn’t draft him and it’s the best thing that could’ve happened for the Lions

  19. Isn’t it funny how every QB who was choosen by the media to succeed, never seem to get blamed when their team sucks. They are never scrutinized and told that they were the top ten pick for a reason….they are getting paid to help a team….and so on. It’s funny how it’s always everyone else’s fault before the media choosen QB…

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