So much for that quarterback controversy in Arizona

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Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt didn’t want to blame John Skelton compleltely for the team’s decisive loss to the 49ers on Sunday.

But he did so anyway.

“We didn’t play well enough offensively, especially at the quarterback position, to give us a chance against a good football team,” Whisenhunt said via the Arizona Republic. “If we can get our offense to play at the level of our defense, we’ll be fine.”

That’s a big if. The Cardinals have had one of the worst offenses in the league the last two seasons. They’ve tried a number of quarterbacks.  Perhaps the team’s coaching and personnel choices are at fault too.

Skelton’s struggles against San Francisco should quiet any simmering quarterback controversy in Arizona. He went 6-for-19 for 99 yards with three picks. He missed many receivers by huge margins.  The Cardinals didn’t cross midfield until late in the third quarter.

“It was wrong reads, bad throws, bad decisions,” Whisenhunt said. “John played like a rookie today and that was tough.”

After the game, reporters asked Whiz if Richard Bartel could start over Skelton if Kolb wasn’t ready to play this week. Whisenhunt said Skelton would get the call.

27 responses to “So much for that quarterback controversy in Arizona

  1. Ouch. No need to air it out in the press. Evaluate your quarterback in the film room, not at the presser.

    People who watched the game know he didn’t play well. No need to kick him when he’s down, at least not in that format.

  2. How about building an offensive line that might actually allow for a QB to succeed and a consistent ground game to develop?

  3. Maybe Whiz just sucks at QBs. Andy Reid had Kolb looking good. Whiz had to have Kurt Warner run the offense, essentially without his intervention. Leinart was decent under Denny Green. Not great, but better than he looked with Whiz. Seems like they just need a good QB coach and a better offensive coordinator.

  4. There were too many AZ fans backing Skelton to retain the starting gig and for the Cards to dump Kolb. Coach was talking to them. His quotes are out of context, he said he looked like a rookie and is not ready to a starter.

    I mean it’s not like he is TEBOW, geesh…

  5. A guy who thought it was a good idea to trade an above average, young corner and a second round pick for a system quarterback who never even thrived in that system has no right to assign blame to anyone, much less a backup who is 1 year removed from a midlevel 1AA program.

    Whisenhunt should look in the mirror.

  6. The 49ers didn’t blitz once on Sunday. Not once. Scary when a D can be that dominant and not once rely on a 5+ man rush.

  7. Anyone who thought there could be a controversy either wasn’t watching the games or should never offer their opinion again, as they clearly don’t udnerstand what they see on the field.

  8. Maybe, just maybe, we should not jump to outrageous conclusions about players/teams based on a single week performance. How many people said the Giants were going to take out the Eagles last night?

  9. no it is not skelton’s fault is all Matt linehart’s fault! as soon as they get rid of him and get a decent qb they will be a super bowl contender! they should trade for kolb and everything will be fine!wait what? well it can’t be the coaching can it? no it is all linehart’s fault!

  10. Goes back to the root of the problem this year and that is the talent level of this team is not that good.

    The Bidwills and Graves seem to think you build a team thru free agency, where the niners believe in drafting their talent.

    Rod Graves has done a horrible job of building this team, just look at all of his draft picks (minus the ones Denny Green picked) and you can see that he hits 1-2 out of 11 every year at best.

  11. That Whisenhunt sure knows his QB’s. It is DEFINITELY the 1AA undrafted QB’s fault that teams offense is in the gutter.

    What they needed is a proven vet who had two whole wins on his previous team like Kevin Kolb…..


    I mean a guy who lead his previous team to 10 wins like 70 years ago like Derek Anderson…

    oops again.

    What they really need is to draft a QB high from a football factory like USC kind of like how that one team drafted Matt Leinert…

    wait..what? That was the Cardinals too? and Whisenhunt sent him packing? Ouch.

    You know what. It’s the coaching at that point but on a positive note, I hear Colts coach Jim Caldwell is taking notes and will have a blame the QB presser later today.

  12. Don’t look to Bartel to save the Cards.

    If the 49er safety would have caught the ball thrown into double coverage instead of letting it go through his hands, there’d have been no Fitzgerald TD and the 49ers would have had four INTs for the game. Add in there was at least one more interceptable ball that Bartel threw as he got baited by the corner… Only another lucky drop saved his bacon there.

  13. Whiz’s comments confirm my conspiracy theory. Watching last week’s game, I thought Skelton struggled to make quick, short throws where he was trying to gun the ball in. He excelled at making finesse, touch passes. The first 6 or 7 pass plays against the 49ers were short, quick throws. I suggest that this was entirely on purpose. Whiz and the Cards can’t afford a QB controversy. Skelton couldn’t be allowed to have another good game. Kolb’s getting paid too much, he has to be the starter, so Skelton had to fail. Now Whiz throws him under the bus publicly, completing the sabotage. Cards fans, get ready for 2 years of Kolb, whether you want it or not.

  14. The Niners blitzed (brought more then 4) exactly ZERO times yesterday. Imagine if they would have brought 5!!!! would have doubled the turnovers by half time!!!!

  15. It appears the QB controversy is Kolb was a bust free agent signing..and the biggest one of 2011.

    I also agree that he threw out a decent QB (undeveloped) and threw him under the bus afterwards. Whisenhunt has conceded this season, but his comments back Kolb. He would be wise to be more run heavy next season.

  16. The worst offensive showing in the beleaguered history of the Cardinals. With their two aweful offensive tackles the Cardinal quarterbacks are running for their lives. I can’t believe Levi Brown was chosen before Patrick Willis and Adrian Peterson in the 2007 draft. I sure miss Todd Haley and Q. Even Derek Anderson wasn’t this bad. I didn’t get Directv’s Sunday Ticket to watch this garbage. It looks like we’re drafting a QB in the first round and a OT in the second round. Oh yeah we don’t have a second round draft choice. That f#$&% Philly trade. Hey Whiz why don’t trade your Cardinal ballcap for a ten gallon hat so stuff doesn’t keep going over your head. Ray Horton should be the head coach!

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