Tom Coughlin: Offensive line was outplayed, run game was pathetic


Tom Coughlin was red in the face over the Giants’ 17-10 loss to the Eagles on Sunday night, and he heaped particular scorn on his offensive line and running backs.

We had 29 yards rushing, which is about as pathetic as you can get,” Coughlin said, via the New York Daily News. “Our offensive line was completely outplayed by the front eight of Philadelphia.”

The 29 yards included 12 carries for 21 yards from Brandon Jacobs, two carries for 11 yards from Da’Rel Scott and three carries for negative-three yards from D.J. Ware. The Giants clearly miss Ahmad Bradshaw, who’s been sidelined by a foot injury, but Coughlin seemed more upset with the line than with the running backs, saying the line had been “physically manhandled.”

Jacobs also used “pathetic” to describe the running game, but he took some blame on himself

“Ultimately, it’s my fault, because I’m the one carrying the ball,” Jacobs said.

Whoever carries the ball, the Giants are going to need a better running game down the stretch if they’re going to make the playoffs.

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  1. The Giants have a knack for making the Eagles feel better about themselves. Over the years, they have been the catalyst for all three other teams turning their seasons around at some point or other…..

  2. I agree with Tom, but he forgot to add one really important observation – the play calling was pathetic. My 11 year old called every NY run before it happened. If an 11 year old can figure out when your O coordinator is going to run, Tom, so can an NFL player. For that, you have only yourself to blame. You have kept Gilbride around year after year when it’s clear he doesn’t deserve to keep his job. That’s on you, Tom. I hope you’re as hard on yourself today as you should be on your players.

  3. I love my Giants but I have to admit there are massive holes in our depth chart. Last second wins against Buffalo, Miami, Arizona, and New England have masked that fact that we are really struggling right now.

  4. They probably would have tied up the game but for the late fumble. But the point is that they are digging themselves into holes that they can get out of sometimes and can’t at others.

  5. As an eagles fan I’ve seen this show before giants start out winning and screw it up. It’s the Eli and coughlin combo. And before one of the giants fans uses the excuse we are injured on defense I’d like to say no Vick no Maclin. I thought the eagles defense would screw it up but I was pleasantly surprised. Go birds.

  6. Let the eagles fans celebrate a lil and think they might make the playoffs until they realize who they play next.

  7. Let’s see, the guy averaging 2.4 yards per carry gets 13 carries. The guy averaging -1 yards per carry gets 3. The guy averaging 5.5 yards per cary gets 2.

    Maybe the coaching staff should look in the mirror and give Scott a few more chances. The guy has done positive things with every touch he’s been given this season.

  8. A writer on this website that we know is a Giant fan had me deleted for predicting that in 2 weeks the Giants and Eagles will be tied for 2nd place in the East at 6-6 let’s see if it survives this time.

  9. well Giant fans maybe you didn’t lose to the “dream team” but how do you feel about losing to the “scout team”.

  10. “well Giant fans maybe you didn’t lose to the “dream team” but how do you feel about losing to the “scout team”.

    I’m okay with it. If not fro a great play by Babin and some terrible ones by the Giants, NY probably would have won. How does it feel to root for a team that never won a Super Bowl? BTW – funny that last game you disappeared for a week and now you’re making multiple posts. Quite the “tough guy” when they win and nowhere to be found after a loss. Typical Philly fan.

  11. I know the eagles had bad passes and drops but it just seemed the drops by Ballard (2), Nicks, Manningham and Cruz (although he made up for it) were just brutal. Especially since they couldn’t run the ball.

  12. I saw more than a few Giant fans predicting this could be a trap game. Well, it turned out to be true. But one thing we all know about VY is that he can’t handle success. He’ll find a way, similar to Vick, to get very bad over the long term.

  13. props to the eagle d line. manhandled is the correct word for it. if eli wasn’t getting sacked or hit, he was getting hurried. that was the worst the o line has played all season.

    btw- colinsworth is a major tool, god i hate that guy. is it my imagination or could he not have been more biased against the g-men?

  14. The Eagles won their annual Super Bowl. They played like a team with their season on the line. As familiar as we all are with the annual Coughlin collapse, so too are we familiar with the November Super Bowl champion Eagles. They blew their nut last night. Season still over without a trophy.

  15. Run game? Run game? Gee the game I saw, there was no one who could catch the ball. Where are the receivers on this team are they all hurt. The tight end looked more light a wrestler in a football uniform.
    This team has no offense. IT totally sucks but how have they been winning? Must have been playing a lot of patsies who were just as bad?

  16. Let scott run da ball he gaind +yards everytime then got tuk out wtf eli shuld have called his own gm we win when he does

  17. east96th street I’M GOING TO TELL YOU 1 more time i was the first person on this site to congratulate the Giants after the first game. and since i have had to tell you this 15 times, that makes you a typical Giant fan, not to bright.

  18. jakek2 you really gonna go with the super bowl thing,REALLY! look at the good news you doubled the kids college fund.

  19. Please bring back Spags next year and somebody who knows how to use some variety in the offensive play calling. Gilbride is a terrible offensive coordinator and Fewell has been making his own fair share of questionable calls. No reason to line JPP at NT, that’s just ridiculous.

  20. The giants have never beaten a backup ever since kitner replaced vick for the falcons years ago the meadowlands.

    Fewell and gilbride called the worst game of the year.

    Jackson should have been doubled on evey snap. This punk flips the ball at a giant coach and noone reacts.

    Gilbride should have went to a hurry up after the third 3 and out. He allowed philly to dictate matchups all night.

    Remenber giant fans it was a punt return by jackson that set up the first touchdown for the birds.

    Time for that staff to exit the building

  21. I’m a frustrated giants fan to say the least!! I can’t figure this team out they clearly lack the mental toughness that it takes to win in nov-dec because I’ve seen this team time after time start out hot only to stumble late in the year and if anyone knows why please say cause it just doesn’t make sense……

  22. As a Giants fan that sat thru that nightmare
    While I like TC its time for him to go
    He keeps that idiot Gilbride so get rid of them both my dog could have called a better game
    We were going to run no matter what even when it did not work

    Draft an O Line
    The only good news at the end of the day is I do not live in Philly as the team and the fans are what I scrap off the bottom of my shoe

    Gilbride MUST GO
    And BTW that was some of the worst officals I have ever seen in a pro game

  23. I’m not a Eagles or Giants fan, and don’t get to see many of their games. Going into last night, I figured the Giants would win. I just didn’t see the Eagles having much of a shot with Vince Young @ QB, Jeremy Maclin being out, and their defense playing so poory.
    I couldn’t believe the Giants’ offense played THAT POORLY against a defense that couldn’t even stop John Skelton last week.
    I really couldn’t believe it. Does anybody in the NFC-East really WANT this thing? Because it’s there for the taking (except for the Redskins, of course)

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