Urlacher suggests Bears use “Tebow offense” but Lovie says no


Jay Cutler is out with a fractured right thumb, and Caleb Hanie is now the Bears’ starting quarterback. So how does that change the offense?

Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher noted that Hanie is a good runner and suggested that Chicago might want to follow the lead of the Denver Broncos with Tim Tebow.

“He’s going to be able to move around in the pocket a little bit, maybe a little Tebow offense,” Urlacher told Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune.

Bears coach Lovie Smith, however, said he’s expecting Hanie to run the same Mike Martz offense that Cutler has been running.

“It’s not like we’re going to start running a different offense with Caleb,” Smith said at his press conference today. “We’re going to run our offense with Caleb at the helm and we’re going to win football games that way.”

Smith said he anticipates signing a veteran quarterback as a backup, but that he’s confident in Hanie and in the rest of the team stepping up in Cutler’s absence.

“We’re going to rely on our running game a little bit more — and we’ve been relying on it quite a bit,” Smith said. “We have a great defense and special teams. You know how we win football games around here.”

Although the early reports indicated that Cutler would miss 6-8 weeks, Smith sounded more optimistic than that, saying that Cutler should return during the regular season. Until then, Smith said Cutler’s contribution will be helping Hanie.

“It’ll be coach Cutler for a while,” Smith said. “Whenever there’s an injured player, a veteran, I expect him to move into that coaching role for a while.”

And coach Cutler will be showing Hanie how to play like Cutler, not how to play like Tebow.

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  1. Are there any decent veteran QBs out there? You have to wonder when teams are suiting up guys like Tyler Palko and Curtis Paynter and Caleb Hanie and Vince Young.

    And Timmy Trinity.

  2. Why would Urlacher suggest this publicly? Why not surprise next week’s opponent with the Tebow offense?

    While you’re at it, why not just post your game plan on the net?

  3. Seriously, I’m not a fan of the whole option gimmick.

    But I really want the bears to do this. Just so the TV broadcast can keep showing Martz and the look on his face every time he calls a play.

  4. “We’re going to run our offense with Caleb at the helm and we’re going to win football games that way. …


    … starting in two weeks, of course. There’s no way we were going to beat the mighty, uber-talented, downright scary Oakland Raiders this week, with or without our Justin Bieber-hairstyled QB. Let’s be serious.”


  5. Raider nation is ready to shake up Caleb. Lets get loud and beat him up.. Thier o-line is not fixed SD showed that and SD d-line is subpar

  6. Give Hanie a chance. Remember the NFC Championship game?

    He did more with the time he had on the field than Cutler had done in the previous 3 Qtrs. If he can play like that and also cut back on the silly INT’s he threw that game, they might do OK.

    But if you really want a veteran, I suppose Brett Favre is available. He’s already played for 2 NFC North teams….

  7. i hope he doesn’t plan on cutler “coaching” hanie like he “coached” him during the nfc championship game….you know, from 50 feet away, on the bench, without talking to him.

  8. Hey, Stafford played with a broken finger on his throwing hand, and Cutler has to miss several weeks???

    Okay. Trust trying to start some ****

  9. Tried that with Kordell Stewart and Henry Burris. Didn’t work then, won’t work now. Give Hanie a chance. He did a good job in short work in the NFC title game. A good week of practice and the Raiders heals all wounds.

  10. First of all you all can put the Favre thing to bed… there is no way Brett could run Mike Martz offense. If it was a west coast offense …maybe, but Martz offense takes years to perfect. Brett still prob could run the offense successfully, BUT once Jay comes back in 4 weeks. Do you really think Favre will just come in for 4 games to put the Bears in the playoffs to just sit on the bench? No snow balls chance in H@ll.

  11. The Minnesota Vikings could probably be convinced to part with Donovan McNabb, so he could make his triumphant return home to Chicago.

    “And McNabb one-hops a pass to Forte in the flat…”

  12. I think, if anything, the Tebow experiment should teach NFL coaches that it’s sometimes better to fit your scheme to the player rather than trying to fit the player to your scheme. Especially when you are in a bind like the Bears are. Do whatever Caleb Hanie does best.

  13. Not saying that Hanie can necessarily pick up where Cutler left off, but keep in mind Hanie was thrown into that NFC Championship game last year, and some mistakes aside looked relatively sharp and led the Bears to scores against the Packers. So, hey.

  14. “We’re going to run our offense with Caleb at the helm and we’re going to win football games that way.”


    Pick one.

  15. I don’t get what the big deal is. The Bears offense is 1. Matt Forte, 2. Devin Hester 3. Turnovers. … Cutler or no Cutler that won’t change. Forte might see a lot more people in the box, but that hasn’t bothered him in the past. The biggest wild card now is Forte’s desire to get smashed and banged up without having a contract extension in place – that is the greatest threat to the Bears season.

  16. Urlacher might be on to something. I don’t know if Hanie is a good runner or not, but at the very least you know that if he’s not throwing the ball, he’s not throwing interceptions, right? (See: Grossman, Rex).

    I don’t know if it’s a recipe for success, but it’s at least worth looking at. It seems to be working wonders for Denver, anyway.

  17. I don’t recall Hanie being terrible in the NFC Championship game last fall. Put it this way, he was probably the best Bears QB in the game. Interpret that as you like…

    Would I put stock in him as a full-time, season-long starter? No way. Could you hope to limp through a few games with him? Maybe.

    Remember, the Bears made it to the Super Bowl with Wrecks Grossman.

  18. Just punt on first downs, force three and outs and have Hester run back touchdowns lol that guy is amazing I don’t know why the Chargers kept punting to him. Big mistake

  19. This is poor reporting. I’m not a Bears fan but I watched this press conference and Urlacher was CLEARLY joking. He laughed and so did everyone in the room. Stop running this like he was serious.

  20. It’s a lot easier to change your gameplan to fit your personnel, rather than the other way around. I would sign a veteran.

  21. Bears will be fine with their schedule… 10 or 11 wins and Cutler will be back for the playoffs.

    Funny how all the detractors are the first to jump on Jay but when he’s gone, they’re the first to say the Bears have no chance.

  22. Did anyone actually watch the press conference on NFL Network? He was being completely sarcastic, with a big grin while uttering those words. It’s pretty irresponsible to start quoting guys as saying whatever when anybody could see he was far from serious.

  23. the best solution would be Bulger, but I doubt Martz could get him to come back. 4 games for $1 Million though? maybe he’d do it.

  24. I’d like to see Jeff Garcia, still like the way he can make plays. Also let’s check on Charlie Batch, he was winning when the Steelers were waiting on Ben. Red-rover, red-rover, let Charlie come over. Until then let’s go Caleb!

  25. I want to know why people are throwing McNabb Orton and other quarterbacks names out there, who are currently on other teams.

    Do you not realize that the trading deadline has passed?!? Teams can’t trade anymore!!!

  26. “A good week of practice and the Raiders heals all wounds.”

    Hilarious! Heal your wounds my rear end. By looking at the Bears offensive line, your boys wounds are about to be bleeding even more. Win or lose, the Raiders leave bodies behind and your Bears will be no exception.

  27. People, mentioning “Favre” everytime a quarterback isn’t funny anymore. I don’t want Favre ANYWHERE NEAR MY TEAM!!

  28. Cutler makes a legitimate passing team which opens up our dominate running game. I’d put this team up against the Packers any day. Defense is playing great! Hopefully he can rest up next 4 weeks come back and be ready to take it to the playoffs. Matt will hold down the Forte until you get back! Lol

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