49ers’ Goldson says he “lost it” when he punched Cardinals’ Doucet

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San Francisco safety Dashon Goldson was ejected from Sunday’s game for punching Arizona receiver Early Doucet, and he has acknowledged — after having some time to cool down — that throwing a punch on the football field was not a wise move.

It wasn’t a smart thing,” Goldson said, via the San Francisco Chronicle. “It wasn’t a smart decision on my behalf. I kind of lost it. That’s just something I can’t do as a vet and as a leader on this football team. I expressed that to my football team yesterday and to my coaches and let them how I’m willing to accept my punishment whatever the case may be and it won’t happen again.”

The video of the incident appears to show Doucet actually throwing the first punch, which the officials didn’t see, and then Goldson exploding with several punches on Doucet, which the officials did see. Doucet, however, insists that it was Goldson who started it.

The FOX announcers working the game suggested that Goldson would be suspended for his actions, although NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told the Chronicle that a fine was more likely than a suspension.

“He was ejected from Sunday’s game. In effect, he was suspended for the rest of that game. Suspensions after an ejection are rare,” Aiello said.

But fines for both Goldson and Doucet are surely coming. And they’ll likely be expensive.

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  1. I hate to make it a pansy league, but referees have thrown players out of games for a push before. (Jeremiah Trotter and Kevin Mathis in 2005, in a pre-game shove match)

    How many times this season have we seen punches thrown? The league wants to make a big deal out of it. Suspend them both for a game. That is way more effective than a fine that is less than 0.5% of a players salary.

    Personally, I think it should be a 15 yard penalty, and nothing more. But I think they should also be reviewable, so that both players throwing punches can be caught. Goldson was singled out, and unfairly.

  2. Doucet is a poor loser that took a swing at Goldson while his back was turned and he was sitting on the ground.

    Don’t think for a minute Goldson is going to be head hunting for this parakeet the next time they play in a few weeks.

  3. Seeing as how Goldson was “suspended” for the remainder of the game, Doucet should also be suspended.

    However, upon further review, being forced to play for the god-awful Cardinals with the stellar QB carousel has been deemed punishment enough.

  4. I was watching the game when it happened, and the camera was going from Dashon on the floor to Fitzgerald across the middle of the screen and Doucet came up and just punched Dashon in the back of the head (while Dashon was on the ground) for no reason. You can’t expect a football player to not react to getting punched in the back of the head. Hell, I dont think you could expect ANYONE to not retaliate. Its a human nature self defense, you punch me, I’m going to swing back. Plain and simple.

  5. Hell…Not a Niners homer, but it’s obvious the guy from the Cardinals, started it, what is he supposed to do?……Be a Tom Brady or Eli Manning and wait for the refs to throw a flag and protect him?…He hit him in the head, or attempted to,and he fought back. They should have given him a game ball.

  6. Goldson has already been punished by being ejected, and I hope it’s a minor fine. Doucette will hopefully get a hefty fine for starting it.

  7. @bennyblnoo99,

    I completely agree with your statement… except for the “parakeet” part. I too have tried to come up with an insulting nickname for the cardinals but honestly, I couldn’t think of anything that sounded more demoralizing than simply “cardinals”

    I love watching this video clip. Watch Doucet’s limp wristed swing on goldson then take a look at the way he reacts as Goldson shows him how to throw a real punch. It’s hilarious. I just wish Goldson would have connected more… without the helmet. In a real fight my money is on Dashon all day. And seriously, who hits a man when he’s down with his back turned anyway?? What a chump.

  8. I feel like eagleswoot is right. just give it as a on the field penalty, it probably has more effect than a fine. The league needs to stop suspending players for minor offences such as this, give both of them a small fine, and give the aggressors team a 15yard penalty.

  9. No “he’s dirty” comments from ninety fans? No “he’s a reflection of his punk coach” comments from niner fans?

  10. I understand Goldson’s reaction, but he simply can’t do it. Now every team is going to try to get him worked up. Against those lowly birds is one thing, but this can’t happen against the Ravens or in the playoffs. It won’t happen again.

    Funny that people are associating Goldson’s reaction with Harbaugh’s handshake deal…they are completely different. Both won’t happen again. It’s not like the Niners are a bunch of posers that are consistently being called dirty by every team they play.

  11. @stanmark: yes, a team usually takes on the personality of its HC. thats why the giants let the eagles slam eli after the whistle blew on an int & DeSean Jackson flipped the ball right at their DC & then dusted himself off directly in front of him and no retaliation from any of the giants. those incidents occurred in the 2nd qtr. the eagles went on to push the giants around the rest of the game. i would gladly see my team get penalized rather than get disrespected & pushed around like that. Goldson got sucker punched & got up swinging. Go 9ers!

  12. RMC1995 explain why Harbaugh is a punk and use examples other then the handshake where Shawrtz ran after him and he just kept pace to the locker room. Goldson got a in an on field fight ok. The 49ers do not have players in trouble with the law or players suspended for banned substances. Harbaugh does not make Ryan predictions.

  13. i see everyone saying: why did he punch him with a helmet on. It still can rattle you a little getting hit while wearing a helmet. its not like you dont feel anything. Goldson Didnt see himself getting hit but he knew it was a punch. Obviously it hurts more when there is no helmet. But you can still get rattled with it on.

  14. As someone else mentioned, amazing, no comments about the Niners being a Dirty team. One that needs to remember they weren’t that good a year ago.

    If this was a Lions’ player, the board would be full of comments of how this team needs to be taught a lesson.

    Point is that it’s all Big Boy football. Big men playing a highly charged game…tempers will flare.

  15. Nothing smarter than 2 morons throwing puches at someone wearing a helmet and facemask! Classic! Wish he would have broke his hand, idiot. At leat do the Richard Seymor, the Big Ben open hand shiver!

  16. @lks311…the difference is that the Lions embrace the “dirty team” persona. So that’s on them.

    Niners aren’t a dirty team and don’t profess to be one…they just whoop teams and when the whooped team can’t take it (Ducett), they get frustrated and try to take out their frustration in unproductive and unfractious ways.

  17. That’s that Jim Harbaugh leadership for ya. Cheap shots. ‘Course…you need’m when Alex Smith is your QB

  18. stanmark says:
    Nov 22, 2011 10:43 AM
    Does Goldson understand what a helmet actually does???

    stanmark have you ever even taken the field on a football tea
    cause if you had spent anytime with a helmat on ur head you’d know that getting wacked in it is very uncomfortable. yes helmats protect the head but remember even the military teaches to swing and hit the head of the enemy with or without a kevlar helmat. its psycho logical someone comes after the money maker no matter what u have on it it will cause distress

  19. @lks311

    Yes because you hear Patrick Willis and Navarro Bowman saying they get the dirty player rep because of their strength or speed….because they can play at a high level without making it look like they are dirty players. They also don’t get in situations where they may or may not have been making jokes about the other team’s injured QB.

    You also don’t see Jim Harbaugh running after the other team’s coach after a hard handshake doing the “somebody hold me back!” routine. And while Harbaugh gets close to Schwartz levels in terms of excitement you wouldn’t see Jim pulling that routine because the people who are truely tough don’t need to show it live on tv.

  20. Your team is totally dominating the other team, with a huge lead in the fourth quarter, and you go throw a punch, pick up an ejection and a fine.

    What’s your deal?

  21. If Andre Johnson didn’t get suspended for the beatdown he put on Finnegan then I don’t think a player will ever be suspended for throwing a punch.

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