Bills place Donald Jones on injured reserve

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The Bills have lost yet another starting player for the season.

The team placed Donald Jones on injured reserve on Tuesday with an ankle injury. Jones caught 23 passes for 231 yards in eight starts this year.

In theory, he was the best deep threat the Bills have. Buffalo has struggled to throw the ball down the field to anyone the last three weeks.

This Sunday feels like the last stand for this Bills team. They would still be in fine shape if they could get to 6-5 with a win on the road against the Jets.

There’s very little reason to think that will happen, but there was very little reason to think the Bills would start 3-0 too and they pulled that off.

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  1. This just in, the FBI have begun a major manhunt to find Ryan Fitzpatrick, Stevie Johnson, and Fred Jackson. They were last seen 3 weeks ago. Details have been shotty but it is believed they are alive and well. Evidence points to a possible shootout as there are holes all over the Bills defense. There is an absence of a deep threat for the long term. It is possible they will resurface this week but most NFL analyst believe that is pure speculation…

  2. When a team plays its superbowl in week 3 (vs. Patriots) it usually doesn’t bode well for the remainder of the 13 weeks in the season, regardless of the result.

  3. “A teams best deep threat averaging 10.0 a catch…?”

    He was the Bills best deep threat. The Bills offense is generally catered around the short passing game. Slants, WR screens, things of that nature. Don’t throw deep much but Jones is usually the guy who gets targeted.

    Hagan is a player

    Was Sam Aiken not available? lol.

  4. @dcfan4life aside from your terribly cheesy comment, i think what you said would apply to them more the first few weeks than now. this is who they are and always have been. i do think they are capable of a little better play, but not much

  5. You’re right Jacksonjamse, except for all those darn facts that get in the way. So fitz and Jackson weren’t really putting up terrific numbers. And the timing of the offensive line injuries weren’t in direct correlation with the current skid they are on…
    Ya this is who they were all along, they have always had 11 starters on IR.

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