Dalton impresses, even in defeat

Greg Cosell of NFL Films joined me Tuesday on PFT Live to break down what he’s seen on film this week.

We usually cut up segments from the show, but all of Cosell’s takes are worth a listen.  (Just ignore the little kid asking Cosell the questions.)

We started talking about Andy Dalton’s ceiling and whether the Ravens defense has declined in recent weeks.  Dalton has thrown interceptions in the last few weeks, but has shown the willingness (and ability) to make difficult throws.

Mark Sanchez’s inability to throw deep and the Saints defense also get the Cosell treatment.

Check out the entire show on the PFT Live homepage or download the show on iTunes.

15 responses to “Dalton impresses, even in defeat

  1. I have a feeling Dalton Does enough the rest of the season to win rookie of the year… Just a feeling he keeps getting better and better…
    Steelers and Ravens will see even more second time around

  2. I think Dalton has done well. Ultimatley I have to pull for Cam, I’m a Panthers fan, I don’t think it will be long before we see a Duel in Super Bowl between these two. Definately the future as well as Ponder and Locker.

  3. Before he came into the NFL I questioned his arm strength, and his ability to read defenses. He has obviously proven me wrong, and now I root for him every week. If the season ended today he would be my choice for rookie of the year, because he has been a big factor in the Bengals wins besides their defense. Cam Newton has put up some great #’s, but he turns the ball over too much, and am not sold on him yet. Dalton is a rookie and will only get better. Nice pick Bengals

  4. And once again i would like to thank carson palmer…how any bengal fan can still be mad at him is beyond me?Yes he quit but look how it has all worked out….Roses,we were pegged to win 4 or 5 games at most,hell im even finding myself rooting for the raiders. Cincy is not winnin anything this year but from ’12 on out all bets are off pitt and balt. fans!

  5. henrykissingerisgod says:
    Nov 22, 2011 10:53 PM
    Owned you,

    Sorry bud but the steelers have better young talent

    Dennis Dixon is better than Dalton?

    Mike Wallace is better than A.J. Green?

  6. Wallace is better than Green-at least right now; and here’s what I think about 2012 and the future Ownedyou: You would think moron bengals fans would have learned by now…I have ALOT more confidence that your front office will screw things up or your good young talent will pile up more charges than wins. I can only look at the evidence. At one point Chad Ochowhatever and the Douche looked like sure thing champs for years to come. It seems like yesterday Carson was coming back from a 24-7 hole and sending us into rage and frustration. But it didn’t quite work out. We’ll see about 2012, but some of us are playing for 2011. You should be much more concerned about Flacco, who will be around for a long time too, finally having the weapons to blow the top of that bloody cover two. He will own you from here on out. It may take him awhile, but once he gets it, he gets it.

  7. I KNEW the Redskins shoulda nabbed this kid…instead we had Rex and Beck, who we’d “Stake our reputation on”…..

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