Elway’s comments enrage Tebowmaniacs

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John Elway’s lukewarm embrace of Tim Tebow as Denver’s “quarterback of the future” is not sitting well with Broncos fans.

Nate Kreckman of 102.3 in Denver documented some of the responses to Elway’s Twitter account after Elway said on the radio Monday that the Broncos were no closer to finding their quarterback.

These are are actual messages from Broncos fans to Elway:

1. @johnelway you need acting lessons, that you can do a better job at pretending to be happy your team won.

2. @johnelway i hope pat fires you and you can go back to arena football were you belong you piece of trash.

3. How does it feel @johnelway from being our hero to be almost as hated as Philip Rivers?

4. Hey @johnelway you lost 3 superbowls and your team won 2 for you when u were washed up so shut your f#$% mouth

5. mr elway pls don’t make the biggest mistake of your young front office career by letting Tim go.

6. @johnelway is pretty much an a$$…

7. JOHN ELWAY IS A MILE HIGH JACK ASS !! Tebow is awesome

8. F#$% @johnelway dude went scounting the baylor/OU game for a QB????

9. @johnelway I understand your position but your lack of support for my QB is really getting annoying.

The total insanity is hilarious and terrifying at the same time. They help point out Elway’s tricky position as Tebow becomes the most popular quarterback in town.

With each win, the Broncos get further away from the top of the draft where the best quarterback prospects will be taken.

With each win, the Tebowmaniacs will only grow angrier if Elway ever pulls the rug out from under their hero.

182 responses to “Elway’s comments enrage Tebowmaniacs

  1. I brought you your only two rings (yeah Terrell Davis rode shotgun)

    if it wasn’t for me, you’d still be haunted by Al Davis.


    Elway (The Drive? You may remember that.)

  2. As a Bronco fan and a Tebow fan I’m happy that Elway made those comments.. it shows he’s not completely smoke screened by a win and see’s that Tim has a LONG way to go to be a championship QB. This only makes the team better.

  3. Don’t confuse these idiots with being Bronco fans. It’s funny how there can be Tebow fans that still hate the Broncos. But as I have always maintained, it’s good to be hated. It means you crushed someone’s dreams at some point.

  4. There is nothing better than watching stupid people be stupid.

    Hopefully at least some of the Broncos fans are embarrassed by this foolishness.

  5. “It also points out Elway’s tricky position as Tebow becomes the most popular quarterback in town.”

    yes it is a tricky situation so why in the hell pour grease on the tightrope your walking on? Not very smart.

  6. “The total insanity is hilarious and terrifying at the same time.”

    How is this “terrifying” Rosenthal? Your pandering hyperbole is idiotic.

  7. Elway doesnt need to worry. He knows exactly how to ignore all the critics. He did it for years in Denver before they won the Super Bowl. Tebow is the most popular BAD player in NFL history. But Elway, his staff, the coaches, they all know it cannot last and he needs look to the future. Green Bay forced out Brett Favre, San Fransisco did the same with Joe Montana. And the coaches and GMs there were blasted. It happens. But if the team wins, no one second guesses those decisions. And unlike Favre and Montana, Tebow flat out cant play quarterback. And nothing he can do will fix that.

  8. Tebow can’t pass. The Broncos are catching teams off balance like the Dolphins did with the Wildcat. John Fox can add all the “wrinkles” to the spread option he wants, in the end Tebow can’t just run the ball all the time. Teams will figure out a way to defend it and stop him. And possibly get him hurt in the process. Elway is right, the Broncos need a better quarterback.

  9. What bothers me most about the Tebow fans is how many there are pretending to be Broncos fans. Broncos fans would not throw John friggin’ Elway under the bus over a long shot development project.

  10. Knucklehead Bronco fans. Tebow is NOT THAT GOOD. Sure he has won a few games, but the Broncos are building a franchise. Remmeber how envogue the wilde cat was 3 years ago and then everyone figured it out? A good D coordinator will figure out Tebow. He is not a good QB.

  11. As a Raider fan, I used to like the mess the Bronco’s have become, but now, it’s just sad.

    Oh, who am I trying to kid, I love it. 🙂

  12. The remaing AFC West fans hope that Denver keeps Tebow long term. The guy has set Bronco football back 75 years. It is only a matter of time before the read option goes the way of the wildcat in pro football. The longer Tebow is allowed to play to his strengths with bush league offensive schemes, the longer it will take Denver to return to relevancy. Tebow is a nice side story on a team that has no decent quarterback, that is all though. John Elway is smarter than this. Blind fans of Tim Tebow seem unable to observe the horrible passing skills that at some point will need to be used more than 10 times a game to win consistently.

  13. Tebow fans need to calm down. Regardless if Broncos draft a qb. They should only be mad if he is traded. Tebow could play tight end, fullback, running back, and still be considered a back up qb. Dont hate elway for something he hasnt done yet. Ultimately it would be the owners decision anyways

  14. Wow… What a way to embrace your QB…! I hope Tebow is released and finds a team that wants to win..! Sad, really sad…!

  15. This is a prime example of today’s football fan. They have no respect or understanding of history. As a Cowboys fan I may not always agree with everything Troy Aikman says but I am not about to disrespect him in that manner.

    Hey “Tebowmaniacs”, if it wasn’t for Elway your team’s history would be a lot less relevant. Wake up.

  16. Dont give into what the fans think. Fan is short for fanatic/fanatical. Not the most objective of people. Let’s be thankful the fans don’t run the actual teams. Most of them think they know more than they really do

  17. It’s his own fault. Why talk about that topic in the media? If you are still skeptical, and any reasonable football minded person would be, you simply say something political such as, ” Hey, what can you say. We really like the way our guy is playing and winning football games, and our coach and coordinators are doing an outstanding job focusing on our team’s strengths.”

    “But Mr. Elway, is Tebow your franchise QB etc…”

    ” That’s for you guys in the media to talk about. Right now we are focused on the Baltimore Ravens. We are in the hunt for a playoff spot and that run starts with a win over Baltimore. Talking about anything else takes the focus off of Thursday night.”

    The less he says publicly, the better.

  18. idiots everyone of them

    the best is number 4…elway’s team won the superbowls for him but tebow is winning games without the major assistance from his team?

    you are pissed with your hall of fame qb because he wants to ensure he has the best players possible on your team?

    perspective; get some.

  19. Thats what makes this TEBOW stuff so great to watch… his GM and coach are rooting against him so they can move on and the guy just won’t lose. You could see when Tebow scored the game winner…. Elway was fake smile and fake clap and saying oh f##k on the inside. But Tebow has all 53 guys playing their best!

  20. Tim Tebow is well liked, until he starts losing he should be left alone.
    Donavan Mcnabb had a long career with horrible aim, why cant this guy?

  21. Thank you Elway for understanding that Tebow is not an NFL QB. Soon all this hype will be done with.

  22. Bronco’s fans keep pointing the finger at the front office/head coach the last few years but I just got one question…when is Bowen going to get the blame? Who hired Elway who’m many of you are now bashing? Who hired a guy who never head coached experience? Who gave that 1st time head coach the power to make ALL personal decisions including drafting a 2-3 round projected player in the 1st just to be canned the next year? Who let that same inexperienced head coach come in right away and piss off the franchise QB to the point that he damanded to be traded? What single person allowed ALL of this to happen?

  23. TEBOW fans turned on John Elway. Broncos fans should agree with Elway. Elway also said that Tebow was a hard worker and he was improving but as soon as anyone says anything that isn’t 100% positive about Tim Tebow, the Tebow freaks lose their minds. The Broncos have said from the beginning that the QB situation would be evaluated in the off season, which is what is happening. Tebows cult like followers need to give it a rest, they’re making real Broncos fans look like crazy people

  24. Unless they decide that Quinn’s the man, they’ll be drafting a QB anyway. On most teams the guy who plays best gets the start.

    Tebow along with every other rookie QB last year got screwed out of a productive off-season, and the effects are pretty obvious. None of the second year QBs are doing all that well. If Tebow’s passing becomes better and more consistent before the 2012 season begins, Elway will be happy and Tebow will be their starter.

    Otherwise, there’s nothing quite as horrifying as watching a fundamentalist mob stone someone to death for being an infidel.

  25. Tebow is a flat out winner… Kid has more heart than any1 in the league. He’s raw and needs work, but the kid had no off season this year due to the lockout and probably suffered from that more than any player in the NFL. He brought the Broncos back to respectability, has sold more jerseys than anyone in the league and has gone 4-1 as a starter. The least Elway could do is support the kid and hope he keeps on winning games. At this point it looks like Elway has completely seperated himself from Tebow and if Tebow keeps winning, it could be Elway that loses his job.

  26. Tebow is NOT an NFL quarterback. He’s running a college style option offense that WILL NOT work long term in the NFL. Haven’t you noticed the lack of the “wildcat” offense being run recently? It’s because teams catch on to that crap.

    I think Tebow is GREAT for the game because he’s a good human being…but he is far from a good qb. Orton is more of a qb than Tebow, but Orton isn’t very good either…

  27. Tebow is will be a icon before his career is over. He will set records that will never be broken. They will name awards and honor himmwhen he retires as a 6 time SuperBowl winner and MVP. Elway or Tebow as your quarterback. Elway only went to 5 Superbowls, Tebow will win 6. He is going to be a Saint 100 years from now. Go Tebow!

    Thumbs up for Tebow!
    Thumbs down Elway.


  28. Why is it that EVERYONE (including PFT) seems so invested in Tebow failing as a QB? You guys are suffering from Tebow Derangement Syndrome.

    Look, there’s no question that the Denver defense has played better football since Tebow began starting. However, there’s also no question that Tebow, with all his inaccurate passes and unconvential quarterbacking, has pumped some life back into this team. That drive against the Jets was clutch, which was something the Broncos were missing with Kyle Orton behind center.

    Will it last? How do we know? But what I don’t get is why so many NFL prognosticators are waiting around for Tebow to implode, and betting their reputations on his failure. I don’t even think Fran Tarkenton got hammered this bad for his unconventional scrambling 50 years ago.

    So TDS is the newest disease out there. The remedy, unfortunately, will only come if Tebow fails as a QB. That says more about the media than it will ever say about the fans or Tebow.

  29. There are a lot of bad elements in this frothing stew. Religious zealotry, football fandom and the intense emotion that’s tied to that, perceived victimization, probably some alcohol… Not good. Look how quickly a guy like Elway, who WAS as close to a demigod there as anyone has ever been, becomes public enemy number one when he gives an honest assessment of Super Timmy. This one could get ugly.

  30. have to admit if I were a Broncos fan, I wouldn’t be thrilled with the talk from Elway & even Fox at times that borders on smack. They don’t have to think Tebow is the be all end all. They can certainly replace him whenever. For pete’s sake, the guy is your starter right now, & your team is winning. Why not just publicly say yes something like, “We’re happy we’re winning, but no one’s job is promised and they have to continue to earn it and grow as a player and that’s for everybody.” Why b*tchslap Tebow that way? It seems more personal agenda driven than, “What’s best for the team?” driven.

  31. News Flash: if you want to tank the season do not start a fierce competitor like Tebow at QB. Do like Indy did and sign a losing QB like Kerry Collins and have a QB like Painter backing him up.

    It’s not too late..go on and bench Tebow and start Orton.You can still finish 5-11 or 6-10…You have Raider Nation’s support.

  32. It’s the fact Tebow’s numbers are better than his in his early career thats eating at John. We was blindsided by the onscreen graphics during the pregame and was speechless. Unreal.

  33. First 8 starts of career:

    Elway Tebow
    record 3-5 5-3
    pass yds 1041 1281
    td-int 3-10 10-4
    rush yds 92 550
    rush Td’s 1 5

    Sure seems to me like Tebow is way ahead of the curve, especially compared to Elway. Elway should thank his lucky stars no one gave up on him this early. I’m not saying Tebow will be a better Qb than Elway, just that he deserves a chance to prove otherwise.

  34. “With each win, the Tebowmaniacs will only grow angrier if Elway ever pulls the rug out from under their hero.”
    Wow, Greg – sounds like you have a problem with Tim Tebow.
    Is it a problem with his religion – as it is with most critics of Tebow?
    We all realize he isn’t a passing QB – not even close.
    But the only thing worse than a Tebow apologist are those in ‘the press’ – that includes you – that go out of the way to slam him and his supporters.
    He can’t throw – we get it.
    He wins games – you need to get THAT and get over it.

  35. It’s time to stop pretending that Tebow’s personal fanbase and “Broncos fans” are necessarily the same thing.

    Because believe you me, there’s no comparison in this region between their personal popularity. Timmy’s Bible Group makes it sound like there’s a Mile High Mutiny, but most of these people became Denver fans right around April, 2010.

    Actual Broncos fans know what’s up.

  36. Elway needs to listen to the fans. Don’t give me this “if you listen to the fans you end up sitting with them” bull crap. He should have listened to them in the first place when they were screaming for Tebow to start the season as QB. They have been proven right beyond a shadow of a doubt there. I don’t hear anyone here still arguing that Ordinary Orton gives them the best chance to win. Right? Where you at Orton supporters? Show yourselves.

  37. Like Tebow, I’m sure the folks making those comments to Elway will be the first to tell you what good, Christian people they are.

  38. Why is it that legacy-type former QB’s insist on publicly acting like morons? Do they REALLY think that their former team’s fan-base will continue supporting them? Lastly, isn’t it Elway’s job to put talent onto the team, instead of just talking about it? Until he succeeds (he hasn’t, yet) at finding his “right pieces” on offense he shouldn’t trash those that are already there and attempting to keep the fan-base content.

  39. Wow, just…wow. 2 Superbowl rings trumped by Religious belief and a few wins over crummy teams.

    Let me put it this way. These tweeters are the dumbest people watching football. I wonder how many will admit how dumb they were after god boy is exposed as a fraud of a QB…Ill say it again, wait untilled he faces a real QB, its not going to be pretty.

  40. As a Buc fan, I can’t imagine saying this about Brad Johnson. He won us a Superbowl and is not nearly the QB that Elway was. Bronco fans need to get a grip on reality.

    Elway got you guys 2 rings and you think he doesn’t know what he is doing…CRAZY!!!

  41. Tebow seems like a better candidate to lead an inquisition than quarterback an NFL team.

    Tulloch Tebowing in his face was one of the highlights of the season so far.

  42. Tebow fans need to get over it. His success is going to last about as long as the wildcat offense.

  43. Buddhist monks used self immolation as a form of protest against the South Vietnamese government in the 1960s. When will we see that level of devotion from the Tebow disciples? Anybody can talk crap (about their franchise’s greatest player) on Twitter.

  44. I am a life long Denver Broncos fan and season ticket holder. I think it’s embarrassing and disgusting that any fan would talk to a franchise icon like that, or ANYONE for that matter.

    I like seeing the team win, and I support our current QB but this is just amazingly disrespectful behavior to a man that is helping to turn the team around.

    Anyone notice that we not only have a possible DROY but probable pro-bowl linebacker that’s pretty good? How about a defense that looks tremendous given the fact that it’s pieced together from young guys and free agent cast offs?

    The fact that we have 5 wins right now with the abomination that McDaniels left us is amazing enough for me, add in that the team installed a freaking college offense ON THE FLY for the kid to at least help the team win is incredible. It may not work, but they are doing what they can with what they have. Oh, and never mind that Elway also stated to the NFLN after the game that he is looking forward to working with Tebow in the off season to improve his game.

    McDaniels may be on the Mount Rushmore of people in our team’s history that I would like to see die in a dumpster fire but Elway is on the Mount Rushmore of Denver Bronco icons folks, and this is a disgrace.

  45. The top 3 saddest groups of people in the world:

    3) Tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists
    2) Guys like me who comment on blogs
    1) Tebowmaniacs

    People in Denver are actually choosing a QB who can’t throw and has won some games against teams with inept rush defenses (Oakland) or inept offenses that can’t score enough points to pull away (Jets, the Dolphins of a couple weeks ago) while running a system from the 1940’s over a Hall of Famer, 2 time Super Bowl champion and one of the 10 best QBs to ever step onto an NFL field.

    Wow. I knew being a Bronco fan involved some level of mental illness, but geez.

    Denver has played 1 complete team since Tebow became a starter and that resulted in a 45-10 shellacking.

    Prediction time:

    Denver is going to feast on an easy schedule from here on out: imploding clubs in San Diego, Buffalo and Kansas City and the 2-8 Vikings. They’ll finish with a solid record, miss out on elite QB prospects, roll with Tebow next year and then faceplant in an epic and thoroughly satisfying manner.

  46. I’m sure elway sees these tweets and thinks, “This guy makes my job easier, I think I’ll keep him around.” The Tebowmaniacs are doing their part to send thier guy packing.

  47. My bet (well, my HOPE) is that most of the people posting things like that are simply too young to remember Elway as a player, and only know him as an executive. Whatever Tebow has done so far this season, it pales in comparison to what Elway did in Denver all those years. A little respect, guys?

    Some days I’m embarrassed to be a Broncos fan. Seems to be less and less now that McD is gone, but a day like today… ugh.

  48. These fans are insane. It’s obvious that Tebow cant play QB long term. Vince Young is a good example of what Tebow can be in the pros. He won in college and has a winning record in the pros, but teams still dont want him leading their franchise. Tebow is just a better guy.

    These maniac fans are not Bronco pr football fans. They are Jesus fans.

  49. This is great.

    My vikings tickets will go for a high price when Denver comes to town. i got face value for the raiders game (yes, seriously), and $1000 for the packer game (packer fans are obsessed). this one should be somewhere in between. thanks, Tebow!

    jokes on you denver buyers. that will be one of the most atrocious nfl games of the decade.

  50. Wow…these “Tebowmaniacs” just took the place of Eagles fans as the largest number of morons per capita of any team in the NFL. You openly berate the ONLY QB to ever win a Super Bowl for your franchise and lift up the left handed Jason Campbell for winning you 4 games against 4 mediocre teams? Really??? If only there were a salary cap for stupid…

  51. Elway should call Ted Thompson for some free advice on how to deal with crazy people.

    Look, Elway has a job to do – build a super bowl winning team. To do that he’s going to rely on his football sense and the judgments of his scouting and personnel departments. Whether their judgments turn out to be right or wrong, he still needs to do whatever he needs to do in order to build the best team he can. That clearly doesn’t include Tebow.

  52. This reminds me of the Broncos a couple of years ago when Kyle Orton led this team to 6-0 and all of a sudden Orton was a good QB. That’s why you don’t judge QB’s on wins and losses, people. You have to actually watch the games to figure out if a QB is worth hanging on to.

  53. Heh. I grew up in Colorado during the Elway years and Broncos fans are psychos. In fact, they were so nuts that I stayed away from the NFL for ten years once I got out of that hellhole.

  54. If you’re a fan of Tebow, ask yourself this one question: “If Tebow were released today, would any other NFL team sign him to be their starter?”

    This isn’t a trick question and I’ll give you a hint. The only correct answer is ZERO! Denver is stuck with trying to make this work because of his contract. That’s the only reason Tim still has a job in the NFL. Are Elway and myself the only people who understand this?

  55. Denver fans are classless. How can you have so much faith in a quaterback who really hasn’t proven much and rip into a quarterback who brought your town so much and is trying to make it better again. There is something wrong with the people in Denver.

  56. As a broncos fan, this is embarrassing. Yes, Tebow is fun to watch (in the last 5 minutes) and the wins are awesome but let’s be realistic..until and if Tebow can fix his accuracy he isn’t the long term answer.

  57. I see his problem if he really wants to get away from Tebow and into a more conventional offense. But, the Broncos are 4-1 since Tebow took over. He should wait it out and see what happens before trying to shove Tebow out of town.

  58. Tebow is not a good QB stat wise but he does have 4 wins which really matters. But you guys are right he should have 5 with all the talent he has around him…….oh nevermind.

  59. A more fitting name for the Tebowmaniacs would be The First Church of Tebow, given their fanatical devotion to him.

  60. Tebowmaniacs are easily the stupidest fans in sports. All the rest of us can do is laugh at them.

  61. Let them have their fun. The schedule is actually favorable for Tebow. Denver is playing chumps and/or bad defenses the rest of the way.

    Sooner or later, however, this house of cards is coming down.

  62. Ha! The best thing about this article is learning how to read tweets sent to another person.

    Using tweets is the new talk radio. Just because a few yahoos tweet Elway do not necessarily mean the rest do not respect him anymore.

  63. Just trade him. Problem solved… Of course then you have to figure out how you are going to deal with the unrelenting attempts on your life and the utter destruction of your legacy in the town you made your name in, but who cares!

    In all seriousness, Elway should seriously consider resigning as this is a no win situation other than closing his eyes and letting Tim take over the Bronco’s ship, SS Destiny.

  64. it’s funny people are so quick to stand up for tebow just because he’s winning (barely). once the TEAM starts to play poorly which is almost inevitable , people won’t be so quick to defend him. how can you call yourself broncos fans if your gonna treat a bronco legend like elway like he’s as bad as Kyle Orton? just because he’s concerned with the well being of the team as he should be. don’t count on tebow to win a championship any time soon, hell probably volunteer to be crucified since he acts like he’s the second coming of Christ.

  65. It’s pretty safe to assume Elway knows what it takes to be a successful QB in this league. At least he’s not lying to the fans about his true feelings

  66. I have no problem with Elway’s evaluation of Tebow as a QB. But, he needs to do a better job pretending he’s happy the Broncos are winning. Right after Tebow ran it in for the go-ahead score, cameras caught Elway’s face looking like he’d been sucking on a pickle as he practiced an enthusiastic golf clap.

  67. When are these idiot Denver fans going to realize that this streak has 95% to do with the defense finally playing ball!!

    The defense is giving up, what, 8-9 points a game less in the games that Tebow has started versus the games Orton started. In addition, the stretch of games he has started in has been against a mediocre group of teams, with the exception of Detroit.

    Wake up people, and realize that you are winning because your defense is finally stopping the other team!!!! Not because of Tebow!!

  68. Are Denver fans that delusional to think Tebow is going to be the quarterback of the future in Denver….his bubble bursts this week against San Diego that actually has an offense to work with unlike the stiffs Denver has been beating lately…

    Tebow is a good story this year but that’s it,it’s not a long term answer for Denver at QB, he’ll have to change positions to stay in the NFL..

  69. Keep up the good job, Mr. Elway. I love how you piss off the Tebow followers and fangirls. It’s a cult of personality. Many Tebow deciples aren’t even Bronco fans.

    The Detroit Lions sure seem to match up well against the Broncos and Tebow. They gave Timmy some humble pie.

  70. Dont be mad at elway he is just telling the truth. All you bronco fans are real classy to take a qb side that can’t run a pro offense .over a hall of fame qb named elway. You are all idiots.

  71. Cris Carter’s comments on Mike and Mike why John Elway will handle this situation correctly, “he was a great quarterback and great athlete, he’ll make the right decision” Actually Cris, business decisions have nothing to do with being a good athlete.

  72. all these tebow lovers have his head to far uptheir asses to realize its a team game and the TEAM has kept it close enough for timmy to say a lil pray and win. he is not the worst qb ever, but look at his stats these wins wont keep coming for years. plus every team puts extra men in the box every snap and in 5 games both his RBs have taken a beating from extra hits and increased blocking responsible. there are plenty of players from my college that i love but i understand that they r not the best and im not gonna protest buy billboards or insult a legend for them… grow up tebow lovers grow up

  73. if you root for tebow to be your starting quarterback, it shows your complete lack of knowledge of football. that guy is better throwing calls from the sideline than throwing the ball. he sucks and is a solid 3rd string at best. u tebow fans are annoying and know nothing so your better off just staying silent. cant u see the media is making a mockery of the way u people like this guy. everyone,except you knows he just cant do it.

  74. John was so pissed at the stat comparison between him and Tebow on Thursday Night Football. I could see his blood boiling as everyone laughed.

  75. “The top 3 saddest groups of people in the world:”

    –Funny, you left out “Raiders fans unironically bashing other organizations for perceived mistakes.”


  76. Tebow IS NOT an NFL QB:
    -too innacurate
    -doesn’t read d’s well
    -doesn’t anticipate his throws.

    He does have heart and he’s good a bringing a team back. The problem is everyone is forgetting his 3-1/2 quarters of piss poor play that got the team behind in the first place.

    Oh yeah, he’s not going to move to TE. Honestly you really think he could line up across from a DE and run block? This isn’t pee-wee football people.

  77. nathanbetz91 says:
    Nov 22, 2011 10:23 AM
    it’s funny people are so quick to stand up for tebow just because he’s winning (barely). once the TEAM starts to play poorly which is almost inevitable , people won’t be so quick to defend him.
    Ok, fair point. But why is there still so many people bashing the guy even when he is winning?? It’s only natural to praise a guy when he is winning and bash him when he is losing. We as a society do that all the time. Look at guys like Tony Romo, Mark Sanchez, Philip Rivers, etc.

    But to hate on a guy even when he is WINNING… that only happens to Tebow.

  78. Stop confusing Tebow fans with Denver fans. They are not the same thing.

    I took a Tebow fan to the Jets game. Ends-up; he’s delusional. He truly believed that Tebow won the game. That it had nothing to do with defense, with a punter continually flipping the field, and everything to do with Tebow. They can’t see how horrible Tebow plays the position.

  79. tuckyous says: Nov 22, 2011 9:40 AM

    Tebow seems like a better candidate to lead an inquisition than quarterback an NFL team.

    Tulloch Tebowing in his face was one of the highlights of the season so far.

    As I wrote earlier, before my post disappeared: who’s really leading the inquisition here — Tebow or the folks who seem to be threatened by his faith?

  80. Robert Griffin III is a solid, solid player. Will he become something special in the NFL? It’s possible. Landry out of OU is also a solid QB who has a lot of potential in the NFL. With that said, I think Tebow is a winner, plain and simple. There’s no way you can keep a winner off the field and expect your team not to revolt. Also though, there’s no way Elway is doing his job if he isnt scouting everyone possible. What if you dont scout RG3 or Landry and somehow they fall into the 5th or 6th round and end up being the next Tom Brady? You have to do your due diligence and scout every player available.

  81. Win as long as you can Tim. I think ALL Bronco fans want that!

    Anyone comparing him to Elway must be talking about how they hail a taxi or something to think he is even in the same conversation as Elway.

    Elway has not made a ton of friends in Denver since he retired, but what he says is true. To think you can win every week going 3/13 on third down is blind.

    We all also know that had it not been for the ONE decent play Andre Goodman has made all season we lose that game!

  82. The Broncos could probably consistently go 7-9 with Tebow at QB if they keep building a strong defense. But good teams like they faced in Detroit with a solid front 7 will destroy them. I only see two more wins on their schedule – Minnesota & KC. As bad as SD is playing, they still put up points and even without Cutler the Bears defense will man-handle Tebow. They won’t beat the Patriots or go into Buffalo in late December and win. 7-9 would be a great year for a team that was looked at as going 3-13 with Orton and then winless once Tebow took over.

  83. I agree with what Elway said, but I do think he needs to tread a little more lightly given the situation. I just don’t know if you say those things when your qb is winning right now.

    “Are you closer to finding your qb of the future?”

    “We are closer. The more Tim is on the field the better the more we’ll have a chance to evaluate that position. He has pulled out some wins for us and it is great to win some games and continue to evaluate every position on our team.”

  84. No dog in this fight, but it sure looks like a man whose ego overrules his eyes when making a decision.

  85. Elway and Fox are despicable. This kid (Tebow) is throwing his body around winning games for you and you trash him at every turn. I hope Tebow leads Denver to the division title and a playoff win and then tells Elway and Fox to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

  86. Those comments resemble the same level of rational discourse offered by the Tea Party, which is to, say none at all. Whatever Tebow may offer the Broncos – even outside of starting QB- it would behoove the team to trade or waive the “Pious Passer*.” (*Credit to C. Gasper, Boston Globe for that phrase.)

  87. John the Baptist Elway knows who the Messiah of Denver is and when he gets here, he’ll embrace him. Sorry Bronco fans, he’s saying it’s not Tim Jesus Tebow.

  88. If I was Elway, I’d say the same thing. Tebow has done some nice work and the Broncos are actually winning games for a change. There is reason to be excited for Sundays in Denver again.

    But the fact of the matter is that Tebow is a mediocre at best passer. Sustained competitiveness for the Broncos is going to be predicated on the ability of their quarterback to convert third downs, put points on the board via the pass and the ground game, and stop opposing teams from doing the same thing. To this point, they have only managed to play really solid team defense and employ a potent running attack.

    They are going to need an effective passing offense to continue to progress. I’m not willing to say that Tebow can’t eventually do that, but he hasn’t yet. So the Broncos need to keep their options open moving forward.

  89. Tebow obviously has some passing issues and skepticism may be quite appropriate but it’s just wrong to rush to judgement either way. If you look at his stats so far his Q1 and Q4 passing is pretty good (PRs of 99 and 107 respectively). Q2: horrid. Q3: below average. Consistency is his issue and that depends somewhat on mechanics which clearly need improvement.

    He keeps turnovers down. A definite plus. Great locker room guy who plays with heart, another big plus. It’ll be sad if he can’t get passing consistency together. If he does, he’ll be formidable.

  90. True or not, he shouldn’t throw his QB under the bus, just like you don’t tell your wife she is butt ugly.

  91. What’s lost in this is how overshadowed the Denver D has been. I find it ridiculous that Tim Tebow is even given credit for these wins considering the D has made it possible for them to win with only 17 points on multiple occasions now. It’s similiar to the way Mark Sanchez is given so much credit for beating Peyton Manning and Tom Brady where in fact Sanchez is always mediocre, doesn’t put points on the board but the defenses allow for low scoring wins…

  92. Elway realizes that in the long term, Tebow is like a cancer, or parasite to the Broncos. Timmy needs a host to pursue his agenda- pushing his religion.

  93. yahmule says:Nov 22, 2011 9:41 AM

    Buddhist monks used self immolation as a form of protest against the South Vietnamese government in the 1960s. When will we see that level of devotion from the Tebow disciples? Anybody can talk crap (about their franchise’s greatest player) on Twitter.


    I have my Colibri torch ready for use if any of them need a light…

  94. Remember when Orton’s Army was all excited and slobbering over themselves when he started 6-0 for the Broncos? I do

  95. If Tebow fans honestly believe that 10 offensive points per game (the other 7 were a pick TD) is going to win more games than it loses in the long term, they are fools.

    Tebow is an NFL player. Did you see how frightened Revis and Cromartie were of tackling him in the open field? Cromartie pretended to be blocked (a block he could easily have shed) on the final TD play.

    Could you imagine how great the Broncos could be with a real QB and Tebow at H-back, catching screens and short passes and just flat out running over people in the open field?

    It seems strange to say, but his talents, IMO, are being wasted forcing him to spend so much time doing the one thing he is the absolute worst at, throwing the football.

    And an 8 pass a game college offense will for however long it takes for NFL defenses to figure it out- and that won’t be much longer.

  96. Christianity is a MAJOR part of the equation. You bring that up (not disparagingly) and you get deleted … twice? I can see that if you are rude, etc., but c’mon. It is THE issue here.

  97. The reality is that unless Tebow improves as a passer he will not last in the NFL due to the simple fact that he can not play the way he does and stay healthy. He takes to many hits and his release is waaaayyyy tooooo slooooow. He is more of a running back than a quarterback and the average career lifespan of a running back is only 3 years. You cant build a team around a QB who has to play Tebow’s style in order to be successful. You cant find complementary players for that system and you certainly find a backup QB who would also be able to play that same way. Elway has it 100% right.

  98. None of this matters. The Tebow experiment won’t last. Tebow has contributed very little to his team winning. It’s been overwhelmingly due to the great defensive work the team has done lately. A good QB would be winning these recent games by 20 points.

    What Tebow seems to do is create a good psychological atmosphere for winning. That’s a very important quality in a teammate, but it’s not sufficient to make it as a franchise QB in the NFL. He and the team are going to hit the wall on his limited ability and the limited offensive schemes they’re stuck in.

    The Broncos aren’t even doing anything tricky. Rob Ryan may sound like a jerk saying it when Tebow’s on a 4-1 streak, but he’s right: this kind of stuff is a non-starter in the NFL.

    Mike Vick can run better and throw better than Tebow, and his spell quickly broke after some initial success. Unless you really think the big pink pixie in the sky is giving him magic powers, there’s no way this is going to continue.

    Sadly, the Broncos have a pretty soft schedule from here out, so the hype will last a while. But reality will set in. It always does.

  99. What is completely lost in this discussion is that, during the same interview, Elway said “I look forward to working with Tim in the off-season”.

  100. It’s an arms race.

    Tebow fans see a 2-completion win as another example of his intangibles.

    Tebow critics lay out a laundry list of objective reasons to explain why Tebow is not likely to be a long-term success at QB.

    Fans point the scoreboard and yell “hater.”

    Critics call the fans sheep and idiots.

    And THEN it gets silly from there.

  101. joetoronto: As a Raiders fan living in Denver, here’s how I see it:

    We have Broncos fans, loyal until the end. Then we have Tebow fans, you know, those creatures that live under rocks and come out every Sunday.

    Here in Denver, Elway is considered Gawd, and nothing less by Broncos fans. Tebow has barely made acolyte status in the NFL, yet the zealots consider him the 2nd coming of Joe Montana. Which we football fans KNOW is not the case.

    So – even as I hate to – I agree with Ol’ Horseface’s position and comments.

  102. The simple fact of the matter is that, while it is understandable for Elway to feel this way, it would be smart not to express these feelings to the media. Plenty of coaches tell “white lies” and hide their true feelings to bring confidence to their players, but it seems like the Broncos front office and coaching staff are constantly going out of their way to belittle and demean Tebow. The fact is, the guy is a winner. If it doesn’t continue, get a new quarterback, but there is no reason to keep showing a lack of faith in him to the media. Look at what Jim Harbaugh did with Alex Smith in the offseason, he showed complete faith in the guy, even before ever coaching him, and look what that support has done for Smith’s confidence on the field. He’s a new quarterback, and if Elway/Fox would get behind Tebow the way Harbaugh did with Smith, they could probably develop Tim into a talented passer.

  103. perhaps Elway was scouting RGIII because you’ll need 2 qb’s to fully install the spread offense for Tebow. right now,if Tebow gets injured Orton can’t step in and run the spread but with 2 qbs that can run the spread, Tebow & RGIII….the Broncos could try & pull off running the spread offense in the pros.

  104. Tebowmaniacs are idiots….they remind me of all the fans that were crying for Troy Smith in Baltimore…..they all said he was a winner, that he should be starting over Flacco………see how that turned out……and T Smith has more skills than Tebow!!!!!!

  105. It’s downright weird how much credit Tebow gets for these wins against garbage teams. Meanwhile, if not for pick-6 the donkey’s defense scored in the last game, the Broncos would have lost. Take away a lucky INT return and Tebow “loses” that game.

  106. Everyone remember when the narrative was “Vince Young just wins games” or “Mark Sanchez just wins games”?

    Now, keep in mind that both of those guys are better NFL QBs than Tebow…

  107. I hope you Bronco fans really like Tebow because you pretty much gave up Andrew Luck for him. What are you going to be left with? A mediocre season that is going to net you nothing in the end.

  108. Wow. I didn’t think I’d ever hear a Bronco fan point out how Elway lost 3 super bowls and his team won 2. I thought only non-Bronco fans realzied that!

  109. Prophet: Nah. The real Broncos fans have a solid grip on reality – just because some foolio has to mention he only won 2 of those is being a bit harsh at best. Probably a bandwagoner fan who just scored a Jesus jersey just to fit in……

  110. Elway si not pulling the rug from him. He’s just putting him in there and either he’ll keep winning and getting better. Or it will become apaprent he isn’t good enough.
    Although, people don’t seem to be able to realize that about guys like Vick and Young. So who knows if they’ll catch on to that either.

  111. All of this crap is a dream come true scenario for Von Miller. #2 overall pick – tons of pressure GONE once Tebow becomes the starting QB. No wonder he’s been splitting wigs all season. I’d be friendly with Tebow too if I was him.

  112. 1983
    Elway, 10 games started, 4-6 record, 123/259 completions/passes, 47.5%, 1663 yards, 7 TD, 14 INT, 54.9 rating. 28 rushes, 146 yards rushing, 1 TD.

    Tebow, 8 games started, 5-3 record, 97/207 completions/passes, 46.9%, 1363 yards, 12 TD, 4 INT, 79.8 rating. 99 rushes, 615 yards rushing, 9 TD.

  113. Broncos fans are idiots….gee, let’s bash our biggest legend over a worthless football player who wont even be remembered in 5 years…..LOL…..what morons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. As I lifetime Bills fan I can tell you exactly what this feel like. DOUG FLUTIE!. All the guy did was win and he was the QB the last time the Bills went to the playoffs. What happened that year. The last game of the season the powers at be decided that Rob Johnson (who looked like a NFL QB) was the better choice to carry the Bills into the playoffs. We lost that game and have not seen the playoff since. In Buffalo most fans freaked out because we didn’t care how big he was, or insert adjective in here, He won! and we have been losing ever since. So guys like Elway better watch out, they may very well make the same mistake, exchange winning for playing a QB who they think has better skills and losing. Besides, who ever sez Elway can do that job he is in. Just because you got a cannon arm that don’t mean you have rocks for brains

  115. …elway must be a very brave man…by not fully embracing the “chosen one” of the christian imaginary friend in the sky he is risking his eternal afterlife in the fantasyland in the sky…how can he sleep at night?

  116. Everyone has always praised John Elway for all of his comebacks. If he was so good, why was he always losing late in games???

  117. What is Elway doing? Did he really need to open his mouth and insert his big foot?

    Hey John: How many SB’s did you lose before you won 2? Hint – it’s more than 2. 🙂

  118. Elway said they are not any closer to finding their quarterback but Tebow is improving every day.

    If he’s truly improving, by definition they should be getting closer to finding their QB.

  119. 2ndaryinsanity says:Nov 22, 2011 10:25 AM
    “I have no problem with Elway’s evaluation of Tebow as a QB. But, he needs to do a better job pretending he’s happy the Broncos are winning. ”
    Does that win lead to this year’s superbowl?
    it is as Ron Wolf would say, “A Fart in the wind.”

    Elway (as a GM) is looking long term.
    Tebow winning prevents Elway from drafting an actual franchise QB in the upcoming draft.

  120. This is just crazy. This is like reading MetsBlog.com & seeing all those idiots, my fellow Mets fans, clamor for the crap minor leaguers the Mets have fielded the past few seasons, calling them “prospects.” Sorry for the baseball reference, but there is nothing else even remotely close to this lunacy.

  121. You’re stupid if you think Tebow can keep winning using the offense that they’re currently using.

    And these fans are stupid for turning on John Elway over TIM FREAKING TEBOW, A QUARTERBACK THAT CAN’T THROW. If it was anyone else, he’d be called a RUNNING BACK, but since it’s Tim Tebow, the Broncos actually bothered to tailor the offense to suit him so that he didn’t get killed out there.

    But that’s not good enough for the idiots in Denver.

  122. Why does the author seem so amazed by those comments? It’s TWITTER, where people like to vent in their degree of anonymity & say things they would never say to someone’s face….you could pick 10 comments to any celebrity and have much, much harsher words than that.

    Are you kidding?

  123. Even if Tebow some how manages to lead his team to the division crown due to a soft schedule, the Broncos fate in the playoffs will be the same as the Chiefs a year ago. They’ll probably end up being the 4 seed in the AFC playoffs and getting the runner-up in the AFC North (either Baltimore or Pittsburh) and get drilled like Chiefs did against the Ravens.

    The kind of play Tebow is exhibiting now might allow you to scrape together enough wins to win a bad division and make the playoffs, but it will not lead to any sort of playoff success. Denver would be one and done even if they’re fortunate enough to win that division.

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