Josh Scobee calls DeSean Jackson “punk,” starts Twitter feud

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Jaguars kicker Josh Scobee and Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson have engaged in a war of words on Twitter.

It apparently started because Scobee was watching Sunday night’s Eagles-Giants game and was turned off by Jackson’s taunting penalty. That led Scobee to go on Twitter and write, “Desean Jackson is a punk. #growuputinybastard.”

Scobee heard from some fans who thought it wasn’t particularly respectful to call Jackson a “tiny bastard,” and so he followed up by writing, “Relax people. He’s just a punk, which to me means he doesn’t respect anyone or anything around him. Therefore, I don’t respect him.”

A day later, Scobee apparently felt remorseful, so he offered a third tweet: “Shouldn’t have called Desean Jackson that, I used the wrong words to try and make my point.”

But that quasi-apology didn’t appear to mollify Jackson, who went on Twitter today to rip Scobee for ripping him.

“This man @joshscobee is Waaaaaaay outta LIne!! Stick to ya Own business.. Mind ya own!! I don’t respect what u sayin.. Lil Boi status,” Jackson wrote. “Plus I don’t even know who this guy is!!”

“I don’t even know who this guy is” always makes for a good comeback. One wonders, however: If Jackson doesn’t know who Scobee is, why does he care enough to make an issue of Scobee’s tweet?

119 responses to “Josh Scobee calls DeSean Jackson “punk,” starts Twitter feud

  1. One would think that with as many issues that Jackson has right now that he would keep his head low for awhile.

    I guess that is what you get for thinking that maroon would have common sense.

  2. Mr. Jackson, you are turning out to be a punk. Its the reason the Eagles “haven’t gotten around” to reaching a long term deal with you. You just seem to be the most likely person in the NFL to end up with a bullet in your leg

  3. Jackson is a punk.
    I have more money than you, PUNK!
    Stupid, broke, classless, punk.

    Of course, I don’t know who Josh Scobee is either, but that is beside the point.

  4. Josh Scobee calls DeSean Jackson “punk,” starts Twitter feud

    Twitter feud? Am I the only person in my mid 20’s that think twitter is the worst thing our weak society has ever come up with.. i swear people are become soft used sponges

  5. “Mind ya own!! I don’t respect what u sayin…Lil Boid status. Plus I don’t even know who this guy is…duz he has sum money? Maybe he can borow me sum!”

  6. And to make it even better, Scobee’s twitter pic is of him getting a piggy-back ride. You can’t make this stuff up!

  7. Scobee should introduce himself to DeSean as a kicker who is making 4 times DeSean’s salary in 2011. That should shut him up.

  8. I love how people’s reaction is “he’s a kicker, he shouldn’t talk.” What does his position have to do with anything? If he has an observation, he’s allowed to make it. And in this case, Scobee is right. Desean Jackson has a history of me-first attitude, from his ridiculous celebrations before he gets into the end zone, to hijacking his teammates’ interviews, to taunting, to contract disputes. I’m with Scobee on this one, and him not being allowed to speak his mind because he’s a kicker makes no sense to me.

  9. scobee is correct in everything he said….and in additionto being a claseless punk, desean is also a ghetto clown. i love football with a passion….but the hiphop aspect of todays current game is really freaking annoying.

    remeber how barry sanders used to play the game? the guy was better than anyone in the universe at what he did….and yet he’d always calmly hand the ball to the ref after scoring….no angry tearing off of the helmet, no crazy gesturing to the crowd, no idiotic dance moves, nothing but pure class. i miss that type of game.

  10. the only kicker/punter that ever deserves to say anything is chris kluwe because that dude is hilarious..bring out the white board for this fued

  11. Scobee just better pray he never has to punt to in a game against the Eagles. DJax will rip him a new one… Ask Matt Dodge how it feels..

    continue to Walk the Walk Djax… all scobbee is doing is talking the talk.. who’s the real punk?

  12. Desean Jackson = Poor Man’s Steve Smith

    This is an insult to Steve Smith

    Jackson is a punk and its just a matter of time until he gets whacked

  13. Hmmm, I can think of some more “colorful” terms Scobee should’ve regretted using towards DeSean.

  14. Scobee’s retort to “I don’t know who he even is” should have been, “I’m a dude that gets paid more than you for playing”.

  15. Scobee’s right. But, kickers should be seen and not heard.

    I have Desean on my fantasy team, and regret it every day. Makes me feel ‘dirty’ — that i want him to succeed [THIS year.]

  16. Desean is a punk. And I have an authentic jersey in my closet. If you cant admit it, youre a homer.

    Unfortunately, he is a good receiver. Not a $10 mill a year receiver like he apparently thinks he is, but he is one of the fastest players I have ever seen in my life. I have to admit, it is hilarious watching DBs get absolutely smoked by a guy that weighs 169lbs.

    But seriously…Josh Scobee? Im a football guy, so I know who he is. But didnt your mom or wife teach you anything? If you dont have anything nice to say, keep your trap shut. And that goes for you too Desean…

  17. Did you notice hoq incoherent Jackson’s tweet was? Maybe he’s a punk AND a moron.

    And of course he knows who Scobee is or he would never have responded. If I tweeted that he’s a punk I guarantee he wouldn’t reply back. Hold on, I’m going to go test this….

  18. Scobee is just stating what every sane person was thinking at that moment.

    Broke Smurf is a 1st class A hole. His interview with Michael Irving further demonstrates this point. It used to be an honor to play this sport! Now it is show me the money, so I can be an absolute joke of a person.

    If you can’t live on 600k a year, you are as sharp as a marble.

  19. So in the last 6 months, 2 of Philadelphia’s biggest stars have shown their true colors by getting into Twitter fights?

    Wow – the tough streets of Philadelphia.

    So fitting that they play for the City of Bromance.

  20. The beauty of this is that DeSean DeReplied to the wrong DeJosh.

    It’s @JoshScobee10 not @JoshScobee.

    He’s an punk. Excuse me, I mean “he a punk.” Go Josh Go.

  21. Jackson’s a great example of why I won’t follow most athletes on Twitter. I’d need a translator to understand the tweets. Being limited to 140 characters doesn’t mean that you can’t use English.

    On the other hand Chris Kluwe from the Vikings is hysterical on Twitter.

  22. Scobee, don’t apologize!

    Damn team PR people meddling.

    This twitter war is more interesting than anything the Jags have done this season.

  23. This example of twitter stupidity made the headlines, but J Gaffney telling a Cowboy’s fan to go kill himself didn’t?

  24. What is with all the kicker hate? If I could get a job where all I had to do was kick a ball for $500k+ I sure as hell would take it!

    As a Bears fan I love having Gould as our kicker! An accurate kicker puts more points on the board than about anyone else on the team.

  25. funny how this dude Scobee is talking smack to jackson, lol Hilarious. dude is running his mouth for the simple fact that hes a kicker and not a CB that has to cover Jackson comical BS…

  26. I don’t understand why a kicker can’t talk smack. They play a pretty vital role on a team versus a WR like Jackson who disappears for the majority of EVERY game anyways.

  27. I wish someone came off the Giants sideline and clotheslined Jackson when we was taunting them. I hope the Pats (and their highly questionable secondary) get a shot to lay him out this coming weekend.

  28. Who the hell is Josh Scobee? Must be a punk trying to make a name for himself by way of DJac. Lol

  29. I for one am a huge Eagles fan.. and.. I agree with Scobee. Jackson is a punk. I support him on the field as I do all Eagles but I would love to see him go.. he’s not worth the headache.. If he stays he can return punts and use him in special packages.. he isn’t the every down threat he would like you to believe.. at least not in our system.

  30. More or less agree with Scobee-doo, but that’s absolutely a no-no, calling a player out personally on Twitter. Scobee subjected himself to the “takes-one-to-know-one” rationale.

  31. nohopeleft: the twitter fight with McCoy and Osi had to be a war of words Osi didn’t have the balls for a real fight.

  32. gesuk: after watching your Giants play pattycake sunday night you should have plenty of respect to pass around and none for your boys.

  33. DeSean is tiny and he is a punk. A punk by NFL standards is someone who makes a nice play then eliminates it by carelessly and stupidly performing a taunt. No one can dispute that he is extremely diminutive. Just deal DeSean. You are who you are.

  34. DeSean, you may not know who he is, but that kicker is making more money than you…

    DeSean’s 2011 salary = $769K
    Scobee’s 2011 salary = $2 million

  35. Before everyone jumps on Scobee I would like to point out that A. He’s the nicest man in the world (I know cuz I’ve met him multiple times) and B. Desean Jackson was outta line idk in what world it is okay to do what he does. Something is not right in his head…he wants to get paid but he acts like a least behave during ur contract year you idiot! Go Scobee! and btw if you actually tweet scobee their is a good chance he’ll respond how many nfl players do that…..#TeamScobeeforLife

  36. The funny thing is, this kicker Scobee makes a bit more that DeSean Jackson. The way Jackson is going, this will continue next year as well. Jackson is a punk.

  37. DeSean Jackson:
    156 total points scored for the Eagles lifetime.

    Josh Scobee:
    721 total points scored for the Jags lifetime.

    Scobee can talk all the trash he wants.. After all, he dominates DeSean in total points scored, bank account totals, and grammar!

  38. greymares says: Nov 22, 2011 4:37 PM

    gesuk: after watching your Giants play pattycake sunday night you should have plenty of respect to pass around and none for your boys.
    All the Eagles “tough guy” fans are now acting like they have been supporting their team all along. Where were you to be found when they were losing, like when they lost to the Giants in Week 3? None of you “fans” had the stones to show your faces. But now you’re all a bunch of badasses.

    Eagles, last time I checked, are still in 3rd Place, looking up at the Giants and the Cowboys.

  39. As the esteemed Peyton Manning once said, “our idiot kicker who got liquored up and ran his mouth off.”

  40. What is with all the kicker hate. I understand that they are usually not the toughest guys on the team but they have one of the hardest jobs. I want to see any of you make a 40 yard field goal, with the game on the line, playoffs on the line, with your entire team counting on you, with your entire fan base counting on you, with the other team coming at you, and with the other teams fans making noise. Does that sound easy? These guys have a skill that 99% of the population does not have. Cut them some slack.

  41. Scobee: 6’1 210lbs. DeCrybaby: 5’10 175lbs (probably smaller than that as skill players measurements are always lies) Scobee’s contract: $2mill DeCrybaby’s contract: $600k. Scobee is bigger and can afford a bigger entourage to take DeCrybaby out. He better watch out.

  42. DeSean is going to have a lot less Andrew Jackson’s in his pocket next year after his selfish/cowardly 2011 performance.

    Even Charlie Sheen would say…..
    The dudes not winning !

  43. Why would someone compare their career points and salaries? Apples and oranges on both accounts.

    D. Jackson might be smaller than Scobee, but if they entered the octagon, my money is on the tiny punk. And it wouldn’t reach round 2.

  44. I wanna see Scobee whip his ***. I cant stand that broke, Napoleon complex having, next WR to shot himself, mouth righting checks his *** or bank account cant cash, no respect having punk.

  45. For all of you mentioning Scobees salary in comparison, should we revisit this topic in 6 months?

    You know…when Jackson makes more next year than Scobee will make in his entire career?

    The kid is a punk. But if youre that stupid that you want to bring up salary comparison, you should be sterilized, so as not to contaminate the gene pool. Salary in the NFL means nothing.

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