Munchak on Johnson’s latest bad game: “We didn’t block well”


Titans running back Chris Johnson had another terrible game on Sunday, but head coach Mike Munchak doesn’t want Johnson getting all the blame.

Instead, Munchak said, the offensive line deserves some of the blame, and so does the coaching staff for not putting the ball in Johnson’s hands more often.

“As a group, for the limited time we had to run it, we didn’t block well. We were very average and inconsistent and that’s where you go when you do that for eight carries,” Munchak said, via Titans Insider. “I’m not going to give any excuses. We would have liked to have had more opportunities, and that’s my fault. So if you only get 10 carries, you’ve got to do a much better job than we did with 10 carries. So that starts with the offensive line, and anytime you have this conversation, it starts with them. They know that, and we need to do better than that.”

Sorry, but the conversation about why Johnson is averaging 3.2 yards a carry should start with Johnson. After all, it was Johnson — not any of the Titans’ offensive linemen — who got a huge new contract before the season. If Johnson got the financial rewards for his big numbers in his first three NFL seasons, why shouldn’t Johnson get the blame now that his numbers have gone south?

And Johnson’s numbers have gone way south. He had 12 carries for 13 yards in Sunday’s loss to the Falcons, the sixth time this year Johnson averaged less than three yards a carry in a game. Johnson has been held under 35 yards five times this season. His longest run all year is 25 yards.

So Munchak may be right that his offensive line isn’t blocking well. But the bigger problem is that Johnson isn’t running well.

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  1. Between Raheem Morris and Munchak, head coaches find everything else to blame but the person at fault.

    Sure Tennessee has an okay O-Line, but Johnson is just playing horribly. Munchak just doesn’t want to admit they spent all that money for nothing.

  2. Just stop, munchak. Johnson IS the reason why the titans have no running game and why they lost some of their games. Can’t make anymore excuses. CJ is the worst starting running back in the league.

  3. Munch was a great offensive lineman so of course he is going to hold the line to a higher standard. But I’m sure the real reason he said that is because he didn’t want to throw CJ under the bus. He knows if he does that he will get nothing out of the flake.

  4. Thanks a lot coach. Don’t do us any more favors.

    Now CJ will have an excuse, get an even bigger ego, and still won’t be a team guy but an even more “ME!” guy.

    Give the ball to CJ more? Great. Kiss the season goodbye then. 3 and out.

    Yeah, the O-line needs to step up. But CJ isn’t doing his part either…not even in the open field which has NOTHING to do with the O-line.

    Thanks, Munch.

  5. Seems like Munchak is just in denial about it. How much the running back produces isn’t an indication of offensive line play, it’s an indication of how well the running back is running. Paying CJ0K is looking like a horrible decision.

    Either that, or he’s taking his anger out on all those fantasy football fans who didn’t want him to hold out. #firstworldproblems

  6. I saw a bit of this game. Johnson looked slow to me. Slow hitting the hole, slow getting to the edge, etc. The explosiveness that defined him seems to not be there anymore.

  7. Chris Johnson is a straight PIG. They need to cut him after the season, period. I’m sure he’ll miraculously start playing better for a new team next year if he realizes he doesn’t have a huge contract.

  8. For Christ sake, STOP IT ALREADY!!!!!!
    Quit freakin making excuses for the thief and just admit that the front office screwed up by caving into the gold toothed, english language lacking thief.

    C.J. is STEALING a BIG paycheck each week. He got paid and now has ZERO intention of risking his health.

    The team look absolutely stupid for continueing to make excuses when the whole world sees what is going on.

  9. CJ got paid and lost his drive. Munchak realizes this. He isn’t stupid. He just doesn’t want to publically admit it… not yet at least.

  10. Chris outplayed his contract for 4 years and his has so far underplayed new contract thru 10 games. To me the Titans have gotten the better end of the deal still.

  11. So a NEW head coach, a NEW offensive coordinator, and NEW scheme has nothing to do with it at all? You must have taken all that into account when you came to the conclusion that it is all Johnson’s fault.

  12. Hmmm…prior to new contract – one of the best RB’s in the league. After the new contract – not so much.

  13. What he isn’t saying is that for CJ to have a big day he needs the O-line to open up huge holes and hold them open. The days are gone when they could seal the end or open a seam for one second and he’d be gone.
    CJ, like others, will cry, cry, cry, when they “out perform” their contract but I’ve never heard one player offer to give money back when they get the big deal with a third in bonus money and then puke it up like Johnson is doing.

  14. “Bad blocking is no longer an excuse. Adrian Peterson with one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL has managed to put together 11 TDs and almost 900 yards.”

    Please do not mention these 2 in the same sentence. CJ not even on the same planet as AD…

  15. If you’ve watched the Titans especially against the Falcons, the OL has been playing horribly. Cj is getting hit in the backfield half the time and then when he is able to make a guy miss and get a cpl yards, he gets gang tackled. It was surprisingly bad against Atl. Scott especially has been horrible.

  16. “After all, it was Johnson — not any of the Titans’ offensive linemen — who got a huge new contract before the season.”

    Your point loses validity when you don’t do a little research. Of the 5 starting lineman, 4 have gotten long term extensions (or signed deals as free agents – Jake Scott) with the Titans. Two of those lineman include Eugene Amano and Scott who are part of an interior offensive line that has been awful – this isn’t news – it started last year and was a big problem coming in. Johnson’s long runs were disguising an ineffective run game last year. Throw in the fact that it looks like Johnson has lost some of his high end burst and those 80 yard runs become 20 or 30 yard runs and you have what you see now. The lazy opinion is to just blame Johnson because he has a contract. Anyone with even limited knowledge of football could see the role of a very poor run blocking line that is also paid very well.

  17. Repeat after me: The back makes the line, not the other way around.

    Do the Titans have the O-line of the ’62 Packers? Nope. But I’d bet it’s doing just fine enough to allow supposedly the best back in the league to run for more than 3YPC.

    The guy got paid and has taken the rest of his career off. Happens to every team at some time or another. Cut bait.

  18. He’s terrible. Done. When Belichick comes calling with that 6th round 2014 draft pick, only an idiot would turn him down. You can unload CJ and his contract and focus on whatever else it is the Titans and their fantastic o-line are up to these days.

    Seriously, answer the phone.

  19. “I’ve never heard one player offer to give money back when they get the big deal with a third in bonus money and then puke it up like Johnson is doing.”

    Didn’t Alex Smith restructure his contract since he was playing so bad?

  20. TN needs cut Johnson loose. Could try to trade him, but I don’t think another team will give up much to take on his salary given his production this year.

  21. The Titans have the worst o-line this year in recorded NFL history. The stats are online and have been kept since 1995. I know it’s the easy thing to do to blame CJ since he just got his contract and was out of shape for the first month but he actually looked really good in recent weeks vs the bengals and panthers until this falcons game. The o-line performance bs te falcons was the worst I’ve ever seen and he was hit or a loss of 3 or more 5 times and hit right at the line another 3 times with nowhere to go. Please watch the games and you’ll see how awful the line is too. The o-line isn’t making scraps either. 4 players are making a combined 120 million so they aren’t living up to their contracts either.

  22. Maybe someone needs to sit the boy down and explain your supposed to share a piece of the money action with your offensive line. They are very grateful when you do that and try harder.

  23. CJ1/2K needs to be cut immediately. Bite the bullet and let the other teams ( hint Cleveland) learn from this fiasco. Running Backs have short shelf lives and are a dime a dozen. Never, REPEAT NEVER, overpay them.

  24. Question? Has anybody ever heard of CJ1/2K praising his Offensive Line teammates in the past, buying them dinner, buying them watches after his huge contract, publicly thanking them for their hard work? Anything like that?
    Cut him and get it over with.

  25. ^you’re so wrong so why even post? He bought the whole oline rings after his 2k season and has praised them many times in the past. You just don’t hear about it because it’s not negative.

  26. Explain this to me, how can a running back run when his line can get no push? In the ATL game alone he got hit 4 or 5 times in the backfield. On the first carry of the game he got hit as soon as Hasselbeck handed him the ball…the result 4 yard loss. Scott was penalized for a holding penalty…on a 2 yd gain. The problem is the interior lineman for the Titans suck and all need to be replaced. A running back can’t run if there is nowhere to run.

  27. I think other teams are now scared to give players a new contract after seeing what happened to CJ. Just go out and play like AP does, every game. Do you think he didn’t want to go back in there after hurting his ankle?

  28. Anyone think that owners and GMs will remember Johnson and Haynesworth when it comes time to overpay their own primma donnas?

    Didn’t think so.

  29. Blame the O Line but anyone that watches Football can see Javon Ringer is averaging more YPC than CJ and is more effective on a per carry basis. He is slower than CJ but Ringer tries. CJ is not hitting the cut back lanes when they are there. CJ is very much to blame. Anyone that misses that doesn’t know football. I will agree the O Line needs improvement but as this line is largely intact from last year and CJ averaged more than 4.0 ypc last year what is the difference? The line from last year which allowed CJ to get more than 1300 yards or is it CJ that has failed?

  30. “If Johnson got the financial rewards for his big numbers in his first three NFL seasons, why shouldn’t Johnson get the blame now that his numbers have gone south?”

    Clearly you’ve never played O-line MDS. Every lineman worth his salt knows that if a team has a great running game it’s down to the amazing RB, but if they have a terrible one it’s down to lack of blocking 🙂

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