Report: Norv Turner needs “drastic turnaround” to save job

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It may not be a big deal that Jerry Rice is hammering Norv Turner in the media.

It’s a much bigger deal that Chargers owner Dean Spanos is growing restless with his head coach.  Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune writes that only a “drastic turnaround” will save Turner’s job.

Spanos has wondered about repeated game management decisions, according to Acee. Turner’s Chargers teams have grown slightly worse every year, and it looks like Spanos has run out of patience.

A full housecleaning sounds possible as well.  There is reportedly “escalating concern” from Spanos about the direction of the franchise under Turner and G.M. A.J. Smith because of San Diego’s five-game losing streak.

Chargers fans may not like what happens next. The team’s director of college scouting John Spanos — Dean’s son — is expected to take over for Smith at some point.

That was expected to happen in 2014 after Smith’s contract ended, but the timeline could be moved up.

Turner’s time in San Diego is running short. It seems clear the Chargers need to rally for a playoff berth and possibly more for Turner to keep his job.

54 responses to “Report: Norv Turner needs “drastic turnaround” to save job

  1. Chargers fans better hope Norv Turner goes whether the team makes the playoffs not not.

    How many chances does this guy need to show he is not an NFL head coach? Like Wade Phillips, he is a terrific coordinator, but a mediocre head coach.

  2. Norv is on his third run as a head coach. Sadly he has never been a goo dhead coach, but he is a fantastic offensive coord.

  3. Norv’s playcalling is all too predictable. Pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass run pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass run pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass run pass pass pass.

  4. But isn’t it a yearly tradition that the Chargers play mediocre ball until December, where Norv saves his job?

  5. Norv never should’ve had the job in the first place, let alone as long as he’s had it. He has had a much longer leash than Marty had, presumably because he does as he’s told, no questions asked. If you want that kind of coach, you have to accept their limitations which is why Norv has had the job this long. The fans are getting restless and Spanos is feeling the heat.

    Norv is who we thought he was.

  6. As a Raider fan I hope for a scenario in which Oak wins the division and SD somehow gets in the playoffs on a wildcats. That way Oak’s in the playoffs, can save his job, and the Bolts can be stuck with him for at least one more season.

  7. After messing around with multiple players’ careers as if they were his personal plaything, I wonder how A.J. will respond to his own career being at risk? It’s been my experience that most people who try to make a spectacle out of showing how tough they are when they are at an advantage tend to turn into cowards rather quickly when they’re at a disadvantage. If it looks like A.J.’s job is at risk, I’d expect him to try and find someone else to take the fall for what is at least partially his fault.

  8. Actually, the reason Norv has held the job as long as he has is he did something that Marty couldn’t do… win a playoff game… that said, getting rid of Marty Ball after a 14-2 season with the most talented roster in the NFL was one of the stupidest decisions any front office ever made…. this coming from a Raider fan who watched Al make a lot of stupid decisions the past 10 years… Norv is what he was in Oakland, and in Washington… Someone who should have never been given the keys to the car, but a great buddy to ride shotgun….

  9. Chargers main problems fall on the offense. The loss of Darren Sproiles hurt them immensely. And the inconsistent injury plagued Ryan Matthews. Id consider him to be a bust, he was plagued with injuries in college and he wasnt even the best running back in the draft. Also there receiving corps has gotten worse over the last two years, VJ and Floyd are still there but Floyd is fragile, VJ is still beasting but whos worried about Patrick Crayton? Hes average at best and hes not scaring any defenses, They have alot of problems and I think it starts with Aj Smith

  10. Can’t take this same sorry coach into LA when the Chargers move.

    How long is Rivers leash? I’m not sold on him being a better pick than Eli or Brees because those 2 guys have more than just a Super Bowl appearance.

  11. Norv Turner is an awful head coach. He’s failed everywhere he’s been. The only reason he still has a job is because AJ Smith doesn’t want to admit he made a mistake when they fired Marty.

  12. Chargers have one of the WORST GM’s in football. He has been the problem. Drew Brees for example and firing Marty after going 14-2. What GM does that? Handling of Vincent Jackson is another. About to put Smith in the same category as Vinny Cerrato.

  13. Marty Shottenheimer somehow got fired after reaching the playoffs every year (including a 15-1 season) for what felt like forever in Kansas City, going 8-8 in Washington after starting 0-5, and going 14-2 in San Diego. The most punished winning coach in NFL history. And somehow he still hasnt gotten another job in the NFL since. Does everyone hate him? Someone explain this to me.

  14. AJ Smith is the real enabler here. He hired Norv, has drafted badly and let the team rot under the current coaching staff. I always read Charger fan lamenting the awesome talent laden roster’s penchant for mediocre football. Take a good look at that team, and other than Rivers and Vincent Jackson, ask yourself who really knocks your socks off. Ryan Mathews, Eric Weddle, Larry English? No great shakes. I can’t even think of anyone else, and those three are the marquee types on that team. The have three problems, bad management, inept coaching and a roster that needs an upgrade after years of dubious drafts.

  15. Had they re-signed Darren Sproles, and gotten a pass rusher to help Shaun Phillips, Norv probably wouldn’t be in trouble.

    And yes, he won a playoff game, and Marty was a fluke FG away from doing so against the Jets back when Brees was there.

    oh well. A.J. and Norv may be out. One guy that could come back to the West Coast could be Jack Del Rio.

  16. I feel bad for the Charger fans. Back in the 70’s the Pats had a solid roster and a great coach and GM in Chuck Fairbanks. The should’ve won at least two Super Bowls. But what happened, is what is happening in Sandy Eggo, the buffoon of an owner screws things up. It’s no coincidence, that since Kraft bought the team, they have had the best record in the NFL, and before he bought them, they had the worst, or among the worst. You can talk about Smith, or Turner, but the real problem is the owner. If he gets rid of the two of them, and replaces them with his son, things will go from bad to worse. Do you think he will fire his son?

  17. I just hope they keep him, he’s the best thing that’s happened to the Raiders in a long time.

    Raiders own the Chargers.

  18. I think the Chargers should announce they’re keeping Turner.

    Then, well after the Super Bowl, once all the other good coaches have been selected, they should fire him.

    Then they should hire whoever is available.

  19. That Marty firing looks real good now, doesn’t it? This loser has done nothing to warrent anything. Where have they gone since Norv took over? No where, but down. AJ Smith is a tool. You gotta love it.

  20. I always had a soft spot for Marty so even when he had jerk players on his team like LdT, I wouldn’t mind rooting for them when my team was out of it.
    Marty has too much class to take public satisfaction in the team’s misery but I will… AJ Smith is deadly obnoxious and I LOL at this backfiring on him.

  21. Why didn’t this dude use his timeouts at the end of the first half on Sunday when the Bears were at the goaline?? It’s not like the Bears were in danger of having time run out on them. They had timeouts too. He could have easily gotten the ball back to his offense with well over a minute left.

    He must have gone to the Jim Caldwell School of Mismanaging Timeouts.

  22. Marty was 14-2, the most top to bottom talented roster in the league, and Mr. Spanos allowed the systematic dismantling of the organization bit by bit ever since. Great businessman, and a good red blooded American, but there’s a reason Eli wouldn’t sign on with him….

  23. Who are the Chargers?

    Norv, Mike Nolan, Mike Singletary, Rex Ryan, Sporrano, etc all coordinators not HCs.

  24. UH
    Maybe they shuold have Re-Signed Darren Sproles….

    Discount football isn’t always winning football

  25. And who signed off on letting Marty go? Yeah, Spanos.

    He’s just reaping what he helped sow.

    Thank you from the rest of the AFC West!

  26. Aj has already turned on norv. Acre also reported yesterday that aj wanted to take a linebacker in the first round of the 2007 draft but norv wanted buster Douglas badly and lobbied hard for it. Spin doctoring has started. Every man for himself.

  27. The Chargers are their own worst enemy. The reason they got stuck with Norv is because they did everything they could to screw Marty.

    They waited to the last possible minute to fire him. Of course, by waiting so long, all the decent head coaches had found jobs. All that was left were the dregs like Norv.

  28. i am afraid to say it, but ;looks like we are back in our usual spot in the cellar, withour our tropy case still empty. At least we had a few good years in our history of sucking.

  29. I registered just to comment on this even though I’m late to the party…

    The Chargers remind me of the Eagles when Westbrook first came into the league. Every fan saw how dynamic and fast he was, and how he could change the outcome of any given game with a huge play, punt return or dump off pass. Yet the Eagles under utilized him his first 3 years in the league. Why? No one can answer that but Reid. Maybe it was his draft #, maybe they thought he wouldn’t make it very long. Either way he reminds me of how Mathews is used. Here is a game breaking runner, being taken out of the game on 3rd and long for fat and slow Tolbert(poor mans Bus). Another thing I notice is how often V Jax is taken out of the game on 2nd &/or 3rd and long. Your taking 2 of your most dynamic players out of the game on long distance downs consistantly and the team can’t figure out why they dont convert. I know if I was a defencive coord I would love that! Why can’t this team figure that out? This team under its current leadership or mentality will not win. Jackson is a everydown WR and should never come out. Ryan should be on the field 70% of snaps.

  30. Norv has been a career .500 head coach so he’s no better than a coin flip. He has wasted parts of too many careers.

  31. I have been a Charger fan for 40 years now and I am so sick of being norvinated that he really needs to go

    norv has got to go and I hope we lose all of the rest of the games this season to ensure that norv and maybe even aj get canned

  32. Is Norv to blame, sure… for part of it. But he can only manage what is available to him on the field. The blame should start with A.J. Smith.

    SMITH should go first….. here is why…
    1-Drafting, not only do you take people with talent, you take people with good hearts. You have failed in this.

    Merriman was good, but a horrible person in the community, a cancer to the team and you let him go. A 1st round pick…. gone

    Cromartie… we all wish every game was like the game he played against the Colts… but it wasn’t. This man was a horrible teammate and again, horrible in the real world. How many babies is he Not taking care of….

    Mathews, has talent, but if he can not hold on to the football what good is he. Seems like a good kid so I hope he does well.

    Then you had guys like Cooper, who though it was okay to get drunk and get into bar fights.

    Vincent Jackson… a couple of DUI’s, got stopped and had his vehicle towed on the way to a game because he was driving without a license. Got pepper sprayed by police for beating up a transient…. most people never heard of that incident.

    Bottom line A.J. is this, we are in SAN DIEGO, not New York where they sacrifice character for talent. We want a team of players that we can cheer for, not be afraid of as they walk through our own streets.

    Do this:
    Get RIver’s a healthy line,
    Invest in stick-um and spray Mathews entire uniform with it
    Get some healthy linebackers to put pressure on the QB so you stop blaming our corners for everything.

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