Tebow to Plummer: I’ll take every opportunity to praise the Lord

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Former Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer recently offered a critique of current Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, not because of the way Tebow plays the game but because of the way Tebow expresses his religious beliefs before, during and after every game. Today Tebow responded.

In an interview on ESPN First Take, Tebow was asked about Plummer saying that he doesn’t need to say he loves Jesus Christ all the time. Tebow responded that, in fact, he does feel the need to say he loves Jesus Christ all the time, and he has no intention of stopping.

“If you’re married, and you have a wife, and you really love your wife, is it good enough to only say to your wife, I love her, the day you get married? Or should you tell her every single day when you wake up and have the opportunity? And that’s how I feel about my relationship with Jesus Christ,” Tebow said. “It is the most important thing in my life, so every opportunity I have to tell him I love him, or I’m given an opportunity to shout him out on national TV, I’m going to take that opportunity.”

There’s a distinction, however, between what Plummer criticized Tebow for and what Tebow responded to. Plummer wasn’t objecting to Tebow saying “I love you” to Jesus. Plummer was objecting to Tebow saying “I love Jesus” to the public, and saying it in just about every public appearance he makes. There’s nothing wrong with a man saying “I love you” to his wife every day, and there’s nothing wrong with a man saying “I love you” when he prays every day. What Plummer was saying is that he doesn’t think Tebow should inject his religious beliefs into a football discussion. Just as Plummer would, presumably, think it a little weird if an NFL player mentioned that he loves his wife in every interview.

But that leads to the next thing Tebow said in his interview — that his love for Jesus is greater than a man’s love for his wife, greater than Tebow’s own love for his family and greater than Tebow’s own love for football, and so it doesn’t matter to Tebow what Plummer thinks. Tebow said his relationship to Jesus is more important than anything else.

“I look at it as a relationship I have with him, I want to give him the honor and glory every time I get the opportunity,” Tebow said. “And then after I give him the honor and glory I always try to give my teammates the honor and glory, and that’s how it works. Because Christ comes first in my life, and then my family, and then my teammates. I respect Jake’s opinion, and I really appreciate his compliment of calling me a winner, but I feel like every time I get the opportunity to give the Lord some praise he is due for it because what he did for me, and what he did on the cross for all of us. I really appreciate his opinion and I respect him, but I still will give all the honor and glory to the Lord because he deserves it.”

Tebow added that he thinks being a Christian has helped him as a football player “because it gives me a peace beyond all understanding and it gives me a sense of comfort.”

But Tebow did say he has no hard feelings toward Plummer, who has said he thinks it’s great that the Broncos are winning games with Tebow at the helm.

“Thank you,” Tebow reiterated he would say to Plummer, “for the compliment of calling me a winner.”

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  1. I kind of have to agree with Plummer here. It’s fine for Tebow to have his beliefs but there is a time and place for worship and it’s not on an NFL Network live set.

  2. personally, i wish tebow would pull back a little on the proselytizing. i don’t really want to be preached to in a football game. still, all this jesus talk is part of what is so fascinating about the guy, considering tebow seems to be more heart than pure talent. and that he truly seems to be able to work miracles on the field. gotta love him.

  3. ajguzzaldo says:Nov 22, 2011 12:19 PM

    The broader issue, I think, is why anything that comes out of Jake Plummer’s mouth is considered to be newsworthy.

    Ask Merrill Hoge.

  4. this reminds me of the former redskin sideline reporter reiterating how he loved his wife in a creepy way (Mann?)

  5. Excellent response, Mike.

    I LOVE watching Tebow play, but reasoning like this is why I just can’t like the guy. The same thing goes for athletes who interject their political opinions when the spotlight is on.

    I watch football for entertainment, not some sort of existential enlightenment. Afterall, these people are in the position they’re in because they’re smart enough to maximize they’re athletic talent – NOT because they’re Rhodes Scholars (Myron Rolle notwithstanding).

  6. Nice post MDS. We’ll now see how many people actually read the post or will just spout off with their pre-determined agenda.

    I’ve got my money on the latter.

  7. I know that tebow is right and unless you are christian you will not understand. Everybody takes the oppotunity to be a critic and speak out. He is doing the same but he is doing it with love and respect. Carry on tebow and do what you do.

  8. I haven’t had a chance to watch him play for the Broncos and I don’t have an opinion on how good an NFL quarterback he might become …. however ……….. he gets a very high grade on being an evangelist for Jesus Christ.

    I also believe in Jesus as the one and only Son of God the Father. I don’t have a national platform to speak about my faith and my love for Jesus but I actively look for opportunities to talk about it whenever it fits into a conversation with a person I meet. That’s an obligation for Christians ( Matthew 28:19 ) and I rejoice that Tim takes that commission seriously.

  9. I respect Tim’s position, but it’s still annoying – repetitive and obvious but more importantly creating the opposite effect that’s intended. I wonder how he feels about the trade-off that when “given an opportunity to shout him out on national TV, I’m going to take that opportunity” he makes a lot of people uncomfortable about Christianity? Seems kind of selfish to “take that opportunity” while making people think loving Jesus means you’re going to force it on everyone. Not every Christian wants to wear their faith on their sleeve and feel awkward at the risk of alienating instead of inviting.

  10. >”I still will give all the honor and glory to the Lord because he deserves it.”

    I don’t recall seeing Tebow do that after he’s sacked.

  11. This may be a little odd, but go back and read the story. This time, however, take out all of the Jesus Christs, and replace them with “Elton Johns”.
    I don’t know why this is so funny to me.
    I do have a lot of time on my hands.

  12. As a devout atheist… I love Tebow and I love that he won’t cave in on his convictions for anybody, including Plummer. Maybe that’s part of what makes him a winner… and you want to change that?

    And as a former Plummer fan (AZ), stop talking you’re retired AKA you quit instead of being traded so who are you to criticize anyone else?

  13. What a loser.

    The sooner teams figure him out, like they did the wildcat, and he gets forced out of the spotlight the better.

    I’m so sick of hearing him spew his religion, I tune in to watch and hear about football, not Jesus.
    I have no problem with anyone having whatever religion they like but keep it to yourself and the other sheep in your flock.

  14. I don’t particularly care either way but I have more respect for this guy than Aqib Talib, Albert Haynesworth, Pacman Jones, the list goes on.

    It wouldn’t be a huge deal if the media let it go. I haven’t heard anyone talk about how much he talks about Jesus, but I’ve heard a lot about his throwing motion and winning games. After the game, his play is all that matters, who cares what he’s talking about? He’s not hurting anyone.

  15. People who draw attention to themselves all the time by pointing to their religious or sexual preferences are generally people with poor egos who believe either consciously or unconsciously that “It’s all about me.”

    Tebow obviously has this problem, as do so many self-proclaimed “Christians” who instead of worshipping in private feel compelled to flaunt their beliefs in public. I feel very sorry for all these pathetic people.

    I always wish they’d shut up and go away!

  16. As a Christian myself. I feel that Tebow is out of line here. Does he praise Jesus every time that he gets sacked? “Lord thank you for that sack” What about when he loses? Or is it that his belief in Jesus that led him to a touchdown? Is it because of God’s grace that he is in the NFL while millions are suffering around the world?

    I have no problem with his love and affection for his savior but when he pushes it out there, its too much and I think he needs to realize that he needs to keep his religion to himself.

  17. If he preached about any other god everyone would be up in arms, but it’s totally fine because he’s christian. I don’t hate him b/c i think he sucks but it’s literally insufferable and nauseating to hear his answer to football questions turn into love of religion. And I’m a christian. Lots of respect for the way he pulls games out, but even more a loss of respect for his constantly telling me about it as though he’s better than me for it.

  18. I’m a Christian but sometimes going overboard in public comes off as self-serving and self-promotional.

    Tebow has every right to say what he wants to, but he really comes off as a little fake because of how much he does it. At some point people start to tune him out and his ‘message’ has the opposite effect.

  19. Anyone who has followed Tebow longer than the past 5 weeks knows that is what he is about. It is what makes him such a different guy. His football career could end tomorrow, and I think he would be perfectly fine. How many other second year players can you say that about? His faith rules his life. His faith dictates that this is what you do when given the chance to publicly. I don’t believe he comes off preachy at all. Kudos to a guy who has the resolve to display his beliefs publicly. Much better than the myriad of guys shooting themselves up in clubs, fighting dogs, and getting busted with the happy lettuce

  20. Tebow is the Kirk Cameron of the NFL. Hey we know you’re religious, now tone it down and play the game, Jesus Christ doesn’t care about football, if he did you would be good.

  21. All Plummer said is, Love Christ all you want. Just dont throw it in other peoples faces.

    This is exactly why religion is such a polarizing issue. Because those who love religion and want to scream Jesus’ praise dont realize they are being a-holes. They think theyre doing something good.

    If I came to Broncos practice every day and screamed that my mom is the greatest, and I love her, and I thank her for giving me life, would Tebow love that? Of course not.

  22. Given the depths of his feelings, which I do believe are genuine, wouldn’t it make sense to pick a career that would allow him to better serve and act in accordance with the wishes of Christ? I would think he could serve Christ’s wishes for how we should ALL treat our fellow man a whole lot better if he was teaching poor kids to read and/or feeding the hungry. I am reasonably confident that making a first down is fairly low on God’s agenda and certainly was not the reason Christ sacrificed himself for us.

  23. I love my wife. The team played good today, we left it all out there on the field and we got the W. I love my wife. We’re just gonna take it one game at a time, take it all in stride and fight hard each and every game. I love my wife. I think this team can go all the way and my teammates believe it too.

    I love my wife.

  24. All strong Christians are very open in their Christianity. What Tebow does isn’t any different. People also thank God when winning awards. I think this just shows how enormous the presence of Tim Tebow is, and whenever he does ANYTHING, even if its no different from others, how much attention it commands and how it can piss off so many people to the core, and cause others to step in front of bullets for him. Weird this whole Tebow thing…

  25. “Just as Plummer would, presumably, think it a little weird if an NFL player mentioned that he loves his wife in every interview.”


    That’s a bit presumptuous. Many successful men thank their loving wives for supporting them every opportunity they get, as well as the support they get from their co-workers, mentors, coaches, etc.

    Tebow is actually talking about his relationship with Jesus in the same way – he sees Jesus as a living God, whom he has an active, ongoing relationship with – almost like having a living father or mentor you converse with every day about your mistakes and accomplishments and how to improve yourself.

    Most of your readers probably wouldn’t understand that, unless they managed to stay awake through the 45 minute sermons on Christmas day and Easter. The only reason I know about it is because somebody elbowed me awake at the exact right moment last time I was snoozing at church.

  26. You know, overall it doesn’t bother me too much really since I am a Christian(far from perfect) but I started wondering how I would feel if a Muslim player was praising Allah all the time and quite frankly, I don’t think I’d like it so zip it Tim, you might start a holy war!

  27. I can’t believe how many people are giving him grief for professing his love for Chirst, Thats what Christans are supposed to do take every chance thay get to praise his name and spread the word. I am not a religous person but if you don’t want to hear it turn the dam channel.

  28. It is amazing though the reaction the mention of Jesus Christ brings, strong emotions on both sides of the coin. Not sure any other name invokes such reactions.

  29. Can the NFL do something about this? Like seperating religion from schools/church from state? I love me some God and all that but SOME people get offended by these remarks of Tebow…like Jews who have to put up with the constant recognition of Christmas or Muslims who dont worship Jesus…these people are fans too and shouldnt have to hear this constant Jesus this and Jesus that. I understand Tebows testimony and respect his views and beliefs, but at some point he needs to step back and look at how he may be possibly offending others with different views and beliefs…WWJD?
    I can almost guarantee that if somebody was on the mic praising and worshiping Satan that something would be done about it.

  30. Your faith is “your” business Tim. Please keep it to yourself. That way no matter how often you “praise the lord” it will be your business and not rub people the wrong way. I too agree with Jake Plummer, he is right (this time). People do not want to hear you spread the gospel, it is completely inappropriate in a football setting, Mr. Perfect.

  31. The guy is selling Jesus and like any salesman we (the potential customers) don’t like being harassed.

    Stop calling us on the weekends and during dinner time Tebow!

    We’re not buying what you’re selling so please back off.

  32. rhodefan says:

    Seems kind of selfish to “take that opportunity” while making people think loving Jesus means you’re going to force it on everyone.


    How is he forcing it on anyone. If you don’t want to hear it, turn off the TV. If you don’t want to follow the story, don’t read the posts with his name on it.

  33. pixelito says: Nov 22, 2011 12:32 PM

    Tell Tebow Jesus is a NY Giants fan.
    Really? Then he must testing their faith…and it looks like they have none.

  34. zbigern says:

    these people are fans too and shouldnt have to hear this constant Jesus this and Jesus that.


    Once again, if you don’t want to hear it, turn… off… the… television.

  35. Why are we so critical of a man that is professing his love for Christ? This is really sad. If you are a Christian and believe in God, you understand that he is just doing what he feels is the right thing to do. And if you followed the word of God, you understand that is what God wants us to do as Christians, we should not ashamed of our beliefs.

    It is truly sad that when we have a successful athlete, a good guy by all accounts, professing his Christianity, we rake him over the coals for it. So what if he says it during every interview, it is his right to do so. We see all that other garbage on TV all the time, we could use the balance.

    When we have all of the violence, hate, and crime occurring all over the world and in our own back yards (i.e. Penn State, Syracuse) – we are wasting are time on being so negative of a young man setting a GOOD example for our children. So what if it comes across as preachy to some of you, give the guy a little credit for being a GOOD MAN!


  36. If Jesus gets all of the credit/glory for the good that Tebow does on the field, all 5 minutes of it, then Satan must be credited for the other 55 minutes…you know all of the wild in-completions, misreads, and passes that nearly get his wide-outs killed.

    I don’t have anything against the guy, I just wish that a player that actually deserved it was getting as much attention as he gets for his 5 minutes of greatness.

    The praying works though, because something stupefies defenses for the last 5 minutes of games and allows Tebow to part them untouched all the way to the endzone. No amazing play calling, no burst of inhuman speed…just Tebow chuggin’ through a field where an imposing defense once stood embarrassing him for the last 55 minutes.

  37. neemdaddy13 says:
    Nov 22, 2011 12:45 PM
    Your faith is “your” business Tim. Please keep it to yourself.
    Except for the fact that people keep asking him about it. The person doing the interview ASKED him about Plummer’s comment so Tebow responded to the question. What is he supposed to say? No comment? It’s not like they asked him to break down this weeks matchup and he started with the religious talk.

  38. neemdaddy13 says:

    People do not want to hear you spread the gospel, it is completely inappropriate in a football setting, Mr. Perfect.


    Hmm, perhaps then you should just turn… off… the… television.

  39. I fail to understand why people care about what a celeb has to say beyond their field of expertise. If you are among the rich/famous please keep your religous or political opinions to yourself and stick to the subject at hand. In this case, football. I suspect it isn’t anything more than “It’s all about MEbow”.

  40. AMEN TEBOW!! Glorify His name whenever you feel the need. That’s the problem with the world today, more people need JESUS in their lives.

  41. Kevin Smith of the Lions thanked the man, when he opened his post game news conference and did the same once, quietly, during the game on the bench and that was it. He didn’t kneel in the end zone or on the sideline for all the world to see.

    With all the crap that’s going on in the world today, I’m thinking Jesus could care less about friggin football: player or a game!! Ditto for Alla.

  42. I find it hilarious and at times, utterly pathetic that Tebow mentioning Jesus is so off-putting to people, when the guy never says a bad thing about anyone else, and is perpetually humble toward coaches, critics and fellow players.

    Funny to me that so many football fans are threatened by something so harmless.

    Meanwhile, keep feeling sorry for Johnny Jolly.

  43. So, what bother you guys more? A guy like Tebow passionate about his beliefs or somebody like Roethlissberger that in the midst of a PR nightmare suddenly began pointing to the sky after every touchdown pass?

    Good for you Tebow- good answer. And hey, Mike D Smith, Plummer doesn’t really need for you to explain what he meant. He’s a big boy.

  44. Whenever I see sports figures (including Pro Boxers who have just gotten done beating the face of their opponent to a bloody pulp) “thank Jesus” I can only think that Jesus is up there saying:

    “Guys – leave me out of it”

    But I suppose it is nice to think that despite numerous famine and wars and all kinds of human tragedy, Jesus was keeping up on the score of the Broncos game and was pulling for the Jets to lose.

  45. Matthew 6:5-6

    5 And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.

    6 But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.

  46. 1) Jake Plummer makes news headlines for giving the finger to his own fans & for criticizing Tebow
    2) Tebow makes headlines for winning games and professing his love for the savior or his & all Christians lives.

    I am a Christian so maybe I am partial but… I would much rather my kids have a role model of somebody who professes his love for Christian ways (treating others how you would want to be treated is the golden rule of Christianity) than a player who flips off his own fans or one of the other idiot athletes who take their fame for granted and get arrested all the time.

  47. Praising the lord is the one of the fundamentals of being a Christian. He isn’t flaunting that he loves Jesus, he’s praising him like he should be.

    The problem lies in that a lot of people despise religion, and like to shoot down religious people whenever given the chance.

    Just let Tebow live his life the way he wants, he’s not condemning others, or being self-righteous, he’s just being a good Christian.

  48. He’s being a missionary. Typical. The church turns a lot of people into robots. Just remember Timmy, you pay HUGE taxes. Your church pays none. And they have you working for them for free.

  49. He plays football. People interview him. He responds. If he wants to respond with something about Jesus, thats fine. That’s who he is and what he believes. When did he lose that right?

  50. There is no “Separation of church and state” mentioned in the constitution. Look it up.

    We are a country founded on God. His name is on our money. This issue has been hijakced by secularists and people feeling guilty about not going to church.

    I’m no bible thumper, just a truth thumper.

    this country needs an aenema

  51. ifodellwerehere says:
    Nov 22, 2011 12:44 PM
    I can’t believe how many people are giving him grief for professing his love for Chirst, Thats what Christans are supposed to do take every chance thay get to praise his name and spread the word. I am not a religous person but if you don’t want to hear it turn the dam channel.


    If it werent for people like Tebow, we could still have Christmas trees and things using the word Christmas, instead of “Holiday Celebration”

    Im not religious. I dont believe in an invisible magic person in the sky that controls my actions.

    But I fully support the right of Tim Tebow to give props to Jesus. Can he please respect my right to not want to hear it? Last I checked, my game is only televised on one channel. I dont exactly have an option to “turn the dam channel”

  52. Most teams would rather have an athiest Qb with deadly accuracy then a bible thumper who couldnt kit the broad side of a barn

  53. If there really was an all superior being wouldn’t he already know Tebow loves him. I think what Plummer was saying is, “Hey Timmy, praise your imaginary friend a little less often in public and more in private.”

  54. Although I completely agree with Jake Plummer on this issue, is what Tebow is saying on National TV any worse than DeSean Jackson complaining that he’s underpaid every opportunity that he gets? The average fan really doesn’t want to hear either one.

  55. I have no problem with athlete’s wanting to thank God, I just wish they were a little more consistent.

    In most cases athletes praise the Lord when they win or have a great game, but when they lose there is usually no mention of God’s will.

    I find this a bit hypocritical

  56. This has a lot more to do with the fact that tebow is a controversial “player” in the NFL and not about his character.

    After all, I dont remember there being as much discussion when it was Kurt Warner thanking Jesus all the time.

    Tebow certainly believes what he’s saying, and if his belief is that he should share that with everyone, that’s his right. If people dont like it, dont watch him… and if opposing players dont like it, shut him up on the field.

  57. Bottom line is that Tebow has in fact been BLESSED in his life – and he’s grateful. I tell you what, if I had the skills to be one out of millions of athletes that make it to the NFL, let alone complete a single pass, I’d be giving thanks to God too. Too many other athletes take for granted what’s life’s given them. Period.

  58. I can sort of see both sides here. I wasn’t raised with any kind of organized religion. I follow mostly what the Christians believe…

    But I don’t go to church on Sundays, and I don’t really talk openly about my beliefs… because they’re mine and I know that not everyone shares them. I think if you do your best to be good to people, and be a good person… it’ll all end up okay in the end.

    People that bother me are the ones that think, no you’re wrong… you need to think the same way I do, and worship the same way I do.

    I don’t have a problem with what Tebow worships, but I don’t really want to hear about it when I’m watching a football game either… But I don’t really follow the Broncos either, so I dunno.

    I know Troy Polamalu occasionally mentions his faith, but mostly keeps to himself and will pray on the bench when he’s alone. I think he goes about it the best way, which is believe what you believe but don’t do it just because you’re in front of a camera.

  59. For people of great faith, this all makes sense. You are not supposed to put ANYTHING in front of God or Jesus Christ, in this case political correctness of pronouncing your personal religious beliefs. If he didn’t say these things, he would be putting the media, political correctness, and risk of embarrassment in front of his love for Jesus Christ and God.

  60. To bad for tebow god didnt give him the ability to play a pro offense or better yet how to play qb in the pros .he should forget the nfl and go be a priest.go raiders.

  61. >So, what bother you guys more? A guy like Tebow passionate about his beliefs or somebody like Roethlissberger that in the midst of a PR nightmare suddenly began pointing to the sky after every touchdown pass?

    Both. Add in Brees, too. I don’t tune in to watch people advertise their religion whatever it may be. I don’t want to see it.

  62. Still have no idea how or why this bothers anyone. When did praising a higher power in the face of success go out of fashion? The current generation has become so egotistical that any response short of “Yeah — I’m pretty great” is unacceptable.

    He’s not trying to convert you. He has never said a single bad word about any faith other than Christianity. Let the kid be.

    If you don’t like him talking about religion, don’t watch his interviews. Football games last 3 hours, and players don’t get interviewed during them. If you continue to follow him and watch him speak after the football games end, then that’s on you. He’s not shoving it down your throat — you’re actively seeking it out.

  63. If it bothers you that he’s exercising his right to Freedom of Speech to voice his Freedom of Religion, then turn the channel when he speaks. It’s just that simple.

  64. Loving your wife is different and even than would be annoying to shout it out at every moment.

    Religion should be kept behind close doors. Jake’s wife never distributed hate and bigotry like Tebow’s God and his followers do on a daily basis.

    Oh and Jake’s wife actually exists. Grow up.

  65. “I have no problem with his love and affection for his savior but when he pushes it out there, its too much and I think he needs to realize that he needs to keep his religion to himself.”

    This is the exact opposite of what it means to follow Christ. It is NOT something meant to be done in private. Tebow doesn’t see being a Christian as just another character trait, like he’s a man and he’s a football player. But rather, it is the lens through which his entire life is viewed. So in that, he can’t help but talk about the very force that drives him. I have not yet seen him say to a reporter or to a viewer, “I won’t answer your questions until you become a Christian”. What he is doing is simply giving praise to who he believes has more than earned it.
    That may be very polarizing in our narcissistic society but I doubt it’s going to stop him.

  66. Someone needs to tell Tebow there are ways of telling Jesus you love him without making a spectacle out of yourself. He’s turned legitimate praying to his savior into a novelty and vain self promotion with the whole “Tebowing” phenomenon.

    Kurt Warner was an openingly religious QB, but he didn’t make a circus sideshow out of himself like Tebow does.

  67. It’s there always a “Snake” in the garden of Tebow?

    Finally, someone that has the guts to say what many of us feel.

    It’s entertainment for the average working person, not a political,religous platform…advice to Tebow, have a chat with Mr.Warner about beliefs and how to be respectful towards others ( and your family btw, who apperantly are a distant 2nd).

  68. Saying ‘I love you’ everyday to your wife de-values the word ‘love.’ Saying it only when it is merited– is what gives the word its power, not the dogged repitition of the act of saying it.

    I think Tebow leans on the Jesus crutch so often because, frankly, he’s DUMB and a poor public speaker. It’s his nervous reaction to having nothing worthwhile to comment on.

  69. east96st says:
    Nov 22, 2011 12:40 PM
    Given the depths of his feelings, which I do believe are genuine, wouldn’t it make sense to pick a career that would allow him to better serve and act in accordance with the wishes of Christ? I would think he could serve Christ’s wishes for how we should ALL treat our fellow man a whole lot better if he was teaching poor kids to read and/or feeding the hungry. I am reasonably confident that making a first down is fairly low on God’s agenda and certainly was not the reason Christ sacrificed himself for us.

    First, Tebow’s career allows him to reach more people than any other career for which he would be qualified. He has a unique platform to spread God’s message and to be an example of how God wants us to live our life.

    Second, Tebow does all kinds of missionary and charity work. Being a quarterback doesn’t prevent him from doing that other good work.

    Third, Christ didn’t sacrifice himself for us so we could teach kids to read or feed the hungry. His sacrifice was so our sins could be forgiven, which happens when we put our faith in Jesus and repent.

  70. bronfieldmann says:
    Nov 22, 2011 12:53 PM
    perhaps Mr. Tebow would care to read Matthew 6:6 “But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen.”

    Who said he doesn’t do that too? Try again.

    neemdaddy13 says:
    Nov 22, 2011 12:45 PM
    Your faith is “your” business Tim. Please keep it to yourself. That way no matter how often you “praise the lord” it will be your business and not rub people the wrong way. I too agree with Jake Plummer, he is right (this time). People do not want to hear you spread the gospel, it is completely inappropriate in a football setting, Mr. Perfect.

    Last time I checked he can say whatever he wants thanks to the 1st amendment. We let these morons protest on Wall Street, but a man can’t profess his love for his religion?

    That’s the problem with this country. Too many ignorant pricks like you two.

  71. Hey, he’s a nice kid. That makes it hard not to want to see him succeed.

    Regardless of what you think of Tim Tebow, how many other guys in the NFL would have responded that gracefully?

    The list is short.

  72. So let me get this straight… People hate Vick because he killed dogs, and people hate Tebow because he loves Jesus?

    People hate Haynesworth because he fondles waitresses, stomps on dudes heads and punches people in traffic, and people hate Tebow for leading a team prayer?

    There’s a severe imbalance there. Just sayin.

    C’mon man.

  73. I guess my surprise is that Plummer even knows who Tim Tebow is. Wasn’t Plummer living up in a shack in Idaho somewhere without TV or electricity or any of that? I think he was a handball coach or something.

  74. “Matthew 6:5-6

    5 And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.

    6 But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.”

    Context man
    This was a response to Pharisees who “prayed open;y” to bring attention to them selves….not what Tebow is doing.

    Also…drop a few dimes on a translation that may be easier to understand and read. KJV was translated for people who actually spoke like that all the time. Just a suggestion, not meant to be a criticism.

  75. I’m an atheist. Now, we don’t have a tenet that says we should praise the glory of rational thinking whenever we get the chance but Tebow can pray or preach as much as he wants. As long as he doesnt delay the game, why should i care. In the end (not the metaphysical end), he’ll be successful (or more likely not be successful in my opinion) based on the accuracy of his arm and his overall performance as a football player. If I did believe in some all powerful deity however, and if I was an NFL quarterback with Tebow’s skill set, I think I’d be praying all the time too.

  76. Let’s not forget the atrocities committed against mankind throughout history by people being ‘good Christians.’

    Some people pursue knowledge about the questions they have in life….

    Some people choose to quell their fear of the unknown with a convenient fairytale. They also need to people to think the same as them, or else it’s hellfire & damnation.

    ‘If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him’

  77. Say what you want but the Broncos have been winning. I’m not sure how long this run first offense can last, but I give credit to John Fox for tailoring this offense to Tebow. As far as the religion goes, who gives a flying fig ?

  78. Borderline insanity. Ok, I have absolutely no problem with Tebow believing what he does, but Plummer is right, keep it to yourself. Hey Tebow, if I believed there was a magical troll that lived in the center of the earth and gave me the power to do everything I would probably sound like a nut wouldn’t I? And if I publicly stated my love for this troll and tried to convince everybody that he was real and to worship him because he is in fact the ruler of everything, it might bother you a bit because it is a direct slap in the face of what you believe. You don’t believe in the earth troll, you believe in the sky zombie. I’m a supporter of free speech and Tebow has every right to do this if he wants, but it’s common etiquette man, come on. Don’t try to shove your religion down everybody’s throat. When you’re in the media focus on football, save religion for home. You might get more respect as a player.

  79. “This was a response to Pharisees who “prayed open;y” to bring attention to them selves….not what Tebow is doing.”

    That’s EXACTLY what he is doing.

  80. So what’s going to happen to Timmy Tebow when he grows up and realizes that his Jebus falls into the same category as Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, etc?

    Or better yet when his knee gets blown out? Will that be Jesus’ choice for him?

  81. I used to watch NASCAR so I’m used to the endorsements… If you replace “Jesus Christ” with “Frost Brewed Coors Light” than the whole thing will sound a lot more familiar and a lot less infuriating, trust me.

  82. There’s no reasoning with a fanatic.

    Doesn’t make Tebow a bad person, but he is most definitely a fanatic. He, and everyone who shares his beliefs, believes that they have the One Absolute Truth for all of reality, and that anyone who disagrees with them is going to burn in hell for all eternity. That any behavior outside of his rulebook is sinful and wrong.

    We can talk about freedom of speech and the like, but the simple truth is that we are surrounded by fanatics who think that anyone different from them is engaging in behavior that’s an affront to the entire universe.

    So no, I’m not going to be symapthetic to that point of view.

  83. Anyone who considers themselves Christian should have zero problem with Tebow’s professions of faith, regardless of the setting so long as he does not crtiticize other’s faith or judge.

    If you are not Christian, complain all you want, it is a free country.

    As for Tebow’s married analogy, it holds true. A full relationship with Christ and belief in The Word requires that you proclaim your faith and joy.

  84. I find it a bit annoying too, but Tebow isn’t hurting his team, he is reflecting the values of much of the viewership and he isn’t condemning any other persons religion or other beliefs.

    You also don’t have to listen.

    To me it’s fine to have a preference of whether you want to listen to that or not but to say he shouldn’t say those things is infringing on his rights.

  85. I think Tebow saying he loves Jesus is directed at non believers not for his own benefit…other wise he would keep it to him self. And as a general rule people do not like to be told (even by assumption) that they will go to hell if they don’t believe in what that person believes. Thus the the reaction from Jake. So it simply comes down to a battle of those that believe and feel strongly that it is their duty to save everyone and those that don’t want to be told what to do.

  86. Wow, Jesus hasnt gotten this much air play in this country since the 60’s. Thanks Tim, for shouting my saviors name from the roof tops, because he is worthy to be praised.

  87. I can appreciate people having issue with Tebow’s continued praise for the Lord. I would say that this is exactly what the game needs, more guys looking for the good and the positive.

    Its unfortunate that we have all of these arrests in the game of football and all pro sports but if Tebow can use his leadership and influence to help other individuals want to be better people then go for it.

    I think the message the we need to take from Tebow is be a part of the greater good and work toward unity and positiveness. Our country could use some of this type of reflection as well.

    Skol to your motha!

  88. Would everyone be defending this guy if he was a Muslim proclaiming his love of Allah and Mohammed during EVERY interview?

  89. Why does it matter?? If the man is in the spotlight he is earning that. As long as he answers the questions and implements his beliefs what does it matter. Some of you people are just haters and envy him because he truly is a good guy. If the NFL doesnt like it then dont interview him……because he doesnt have to do the interviews. Like some of the stuck up players in the league

  90. If you wanted to make sure that your belief that 2+2=5 lives on for future generations, you would try to convince as many people (especially children) of this as often as you can because letting people think for themselves would not likely have a successful outcome. Preach away.

    And you have every right to believe that!

  91. I like Tebow, I like the fact that loves his God so much, but I can’t help but feel bad for the guy whenever his day to die comes.. and then that’s it.. Heaven/Hell is a bit ridiculous for someone to believe in, but that’s neither here nor there, Go Tebow wish you the best with the exception being that Cam Newton will and should always be better!

  92. Merry Christmas. Just face it, people have a problem with people tallking about religion or anything god related. I don’t care either way, it’s funny why so many people do.

  93. Not to get all preachy, but I am sure God did not intend for Tebow to be divisive.
    I think he (Timmy) needs to realize that and figure out a better way to get his message across.
    At the moment, its just causing more acrimony than healing.

  94. I’m sure there are football players who absolutely love their dog, but wouldnt it be weird to hear that all the time?

  95. The problem is what it stirs outside of Tebow. He doesn’t understand that people treat him like a cult leader, and that is not safe for him, Denver players or critics of Tebow’s play.

    So while I respect his beliefs, I don’t respect that he seems clueless how it cascades down to many other facets of the game, this team, etc. He needs to use better judgment.

  96. Lind of left field for Jake. Still, he has a point. I don’t want any jesus in my football either. As a lifer Broncos fan, I see it and hear it since like all fans, I gobble up every article and interview. The religious stuff gets old if you are not religious.

    As far as Timmy, if he keeps winning and starts to get better as a passer, I am all for it. I don’t hate Tebow…like the guy, aside from his single-mindedness to the lordbabyjesus. I guess I can just mute his interviews and hopefully enjoy the team winning some games.

  97. I thought Plummer would be too into playing handball to care about Tebow or the Broncos. I was wrong.

  98. Tebow has the right to say what he wants (First Amendment). If you don’t like it, then don’t listen. Simple as that.

  99. I dislike Tebow even more now. It’s one thing to have a belief or to have faith in someone or something but to be so self righteous that you feel the need to put it in everyone’s face non-stop is rude and annoying. Having even less respect for those who disagree with you and care not to have it thrown in their face makes you a d-bag.

  100. Praise Jesus for my 40% completion percentage! But the whole religion talk by him is beyond annoying now. If he wants to devote his life to religion then fine so be it. But doing it in football isn’t the way to do so. There are plenty of TV channels and radio shows devoted to religion. That’s the place to do so. I don’t care if what religion you are or sexuality. But once you get all up in my face about it, that’s when it becomes a problem.

  101. First I would like to say that I love my wife. I want to thank my wife for allowing me to become the man that I am today. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the. Fluency my wife has on my wife. I think everyone should love my wife the way that I love m wife…

    Having said that I’d like, now, to post a comment about Tebow…

  102. Plummer is just a greasy, unkept moron anyway. Can’t get that imagne of him barefooted drinking beer from the can in S.I a few years back. Idtiot. He stopped being relevant half a decade ago.

  103. If it’s so painful for you to hear Tebow talk about religion just go grab a drink when he comes on or talk to your friends or mute the tv or change the channel!!!

  104. I think it would be kick ass if someone made the winning TD and said “I wanna thank my lord and savior L RON HUBBARD” or “My Savior Joe Pesci from New York”

    I swear if I were a superstar athlete, instead of in my mid thirties with an 8 month old son and anever ending expanding waistline, Id Thank my personal saviour “Jesus Pesci” every time the camera was on me: EVERY TIME!!!!

  105. I’m not a fan of Tim Tebows quarterback skills. But I agree with him, that he should every right to praise the lord every chance he gets. That is his reasonable service. If you don’t like it, deal with it.

  106. Its sad in todays society that wearing your faith on your sleeve is considered something that should be hidden. Its safe to say Tebow is one of the hardest working, cleanest living kids in sports today. Maybe if all the athletes had the courage to follow their faith and not their egos sites like this would not need an arrest meter. Funny how you never heard this type of backlash when Reggie White was leading prayers on the field with opposing players and what was his nickname..the Minister? But Tebow be damned for saying he is blessed! Rock on Tebow.

  107. enough already! would anyone dare complain if he were a muslim and praising alla all the time? if he bowed down to him 5 times a day would he be chastised like Tebow is? I was raised a christian and even though I do not go to church now I still respect his beliefs. and spare me all the tolerence b.s. as I have none for a religion that finds everything about western culture offensive but has no problem telling me how I should respect theirs.

  108. Someone care to tell me how one insignificant less-than-a-grain-of-sand person can possibly “honor” an omnipotent being by mouthing platitudes?

    I mean, THAT is the height of hubris.

  109. SERIOUSLY!!!! 3 seconds is all it takes him to say thanks to Jesus….then it is complete honesty about a great game…..Keep doing what you do Tim.

  110. What if Tim was an Atheist or a Jehovah’s Witness? Someone would protest, guaranteed. There is a time and a place for religion and NFL isn’t the place.

  111. I am completely irreligious personally, but I sure say ‘Jesus Christ’ every time I see Tebow attempt a pass.

  112. This is why the world is messed up, religion (or this fairy tale) causes people to fight over stupid things… This is the NFL not church… Play football and shut up!

  113. Most normal people (which, in this day in age, is about half…) don’t like to be force fed things. When I was a kid, I hated it when my parents tried to make me eat something I didn’t like. In school, I hated it when the teacher made me read a book I didn’t like. I also don’t like it when in a football press confrence or interview, some one talks about something that I don’t like, that has nothing to do with football. I’ll admit, I turn off Tebow when he starts spouting JC this and JC that, but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in a higher power. I don’t criticize his beliefs, I criticize the way he constantly lets everybody know what his beliefs are. Tebow, how many interviews have you done? I’m sure everyone in the world knows you are what you are, you can hit the mute button now.

  114. Finally a public figure that is willing to stand up.

    It’s easy, if you don’t like it don’t listen. That’s what I do when I don’t like something.

    Quit being a bunch of softies!

  115. Believe what you want, but shut up. Its football not religious school. If Tebow feels so strongly there are plenty of Sunday morning shows he can spout off about his religion on.

  116. “he sees Jesus as a living God, whom he has an active, ongoing relationship”

    an active, ongoing relationship with an imaginary friend. brain washing here, no charge and will get a free bible

  117. The “does he thank God everytime he’s sacked” argument is probably the dumbest thing ever.

    Have you ever seen any other position point to the sky or take a knee after a dropped pass, fumble, dropped pick? No, it’s always after successful plays – TD’s, first downs, big plays.

    The act that he praises his God of choosing vocally when given the opportunity, makes him no different than any other player who praises their God of choosing after positive plays.

    Sometimes people just hate to hate.

  118. If you could really understand what its like to have true faith in something, you would know that Tebow doesn’t even have a choice.

    I personally don’t believe in organized religion.

  119. saintskin33 says:
    Nov 22, 2011 2:00 PM
    Tebow has the right to say what he wants (First Amendment). If you don’t like it, then don’t listen. Simple as that.

    you know that protects you against the government, not sane thinking, non crutch needing, intelligent minds (not design)

  120. I personally despise the Broncos, as I am a Raiders fan, but I do not understand what is the big deal. Sure, I don’t like hearing too much of the religious praise, but Tebow does not do this to cause any harm. He seems to have a strong faith, and so far he is doing better than most players off the field. I do not hear about him getting arrested, caught with guns, drugs, or making it rain in your local skanks at some random strip club. He is not getting into any personal trouble.

    Similar to T.O., Ocho-Cinco, but very different at the same time, Tebow is a mouth in the league that we cannot stand, but stays out of trouble so far. I might hate the fact that he plays for the Broncos, but he is the kind of player that I would like my sons to look up to. As fans and spectators, we are disecting this issue a little too much. Just ignore his ridiculous Tebow Bow and move on.

  121. Plummer is right. The world would be a better place if everyone was like Desean Jackson. All WRs should flip the at the opposing team’s coach after a nice play. Or how about PacMan Jones? Or Vince Young spending his signing bonus in a strip club? Yes, Jake Plummer, we’d all be better off with less God-fearing, Yes, Sir and Thank You, Ma’am kind of people.

  122. First of all I’d like to thank the lord for allowing me the opportunity of making this post. (The lord apparently being the IT staff at PFT).

    I always get a bit of a kick and a dose of disgust every time some athlete throws in a bit of religious pandering before answering some question from the press (which has nothing to do with religion). They sound like political candidates.

    I doubt any team will give Tebow a chance to run their offense unless they have no other choice. The Broncos will get rid of him as soon as they can save perhaps for political reasons. This is because the conventional wisdom that this is not a long term winning strategy in the NFL is probably correct.

    That said I have to note that I really enjoyed Tebow in the press conference after the Jets game where he was, of all things, discussing football. I suspect for my viewing pleasure I was fortunate to miss the beginning.

    Praise the lord.

  123. I get tired of hearing Tebow talk about god too but if that’s his only fault (besides throwing a football) then I am percfectly ok with it. He doesn’t get into any off the field bs, helps the community, and gives kids a true role model to take after. God bless em…. btw I am not religious at all.

  124. Tebow’s number is 15. 1+5=6, a touchdown is worth 6 points, and Tebow usually attempts about 6 passes per game. 666 -> Tebow is Satan!

    And anyway, Jesus was a punter.

  125. Speaking about ones’ belief in God is not a threat. Trying to compel someone to stop is oppression. If this gentleman has an opportunity to express what he is thinking and feeling then he should do that instead of trying to express what other people are thinking and feeling.

  126. And why do so many people misunderstand what “freedom of speech” means? Plummer didn’t say he should go to jail for talking about Jesus, just that it’s annoying. There’s a BFD.

  127. I’d be thanking him too, if I threw like that, and still was seen as a starter in the NFL.

  128. No point in sharing your religious beliefs as many times as possible with people who didn’t ask for your view. Shut up and throw the ball… Oh

  129. Emmitt Smith used to take a knee after EVERY TD–and that was A LOT of touchdowns!

    Deion Sanders used to fall to his knees, arms wide, and head up praising God after every TD (and this was AFTER years of his stupid dance–talk about a phony).

    In baseball, a lot of the players point to the sky after a HR as they’re crossing home plate.

    As sports fans, we see this outward expression toward God ALL OF THE TIME. This is simply about Tebow and NOT about his religious beliefs. People can’t stand him because he wins with an unconventional skill set and the media hype he’s received neither of which anyone can understand. Period. No one cared when Kurt Warner praised Jesus in every interview because he played QB the way most people think the position should be played and because nobody knew anything about him when he was in college (ie no hype).

    If I were a Bronco fan, all I would care about is Ws. Tebow is rackin’ up the Ws. Say what you feel, brutha!

    Leave the guy alone. He’s not hurting anyone.

  130. Tebow goes on missions to 3rd world countries all the time in the off season to help the underprivileged. why can’t he play football & go on missions until his football career is over?

  131. People should stop complaining about it and turn it into some fun.

    Whenever Tebow says “Jesus Christ”, everyone drinks! We’ll all be lit before his interviews are over and won’t know what he said anyway!

    See? Problem solved.

  132. I have my own beliefs I don’t need a. “football player” telling me who and how to worship. Some ppl just think they r better the others ad can push their ways on everyone else!

  133. “If you’re married, and you have a wife, and you really love your wife, is it good enough to only say to your wife, I love her, the day you get married? Or should you tell her every single day when you wake up and have the opportunity?”

    I think only men that are feeling guilty about cheating, or about to cheat, on their wives do this. It might be cute or romantic for the first couple of days, weeks, or heck even the first year. But after a while it will lose all meaning, and just get really creepy.
    And that’s pretty much the point Tebow is at with his love of another Man (Jesus).

  134. I hope this guy loses every game he starts so he can just go away. He is beyond obnoxious.

    No one cares about how much you love your imaginary friend. Now shut up and when you feel the need to talk during a FOOTBALL interview, talk about FOOTBALL. If you want to talk about your imaginary friends, there are other outlets for that which aren’t FOOTBALL interviews.

    I’d love to see the pro-Tebow guys’ reactions if Tebow was a devout Muslim who praised Muhammed & Allah every time there was a microphone within 10 feet of him.

  135. I have never heard Tebow tell anyone that they need to believe in God. I’ve only heard him thank God for his talents, BIG difference. I wonder who all those running backs and wide recvrs are pointing to in the sky when they score TD’s or baseball players when they cross the plate after hitting a home run? You don’t hear those fans telling them to stop do you?

  136. First of all, most of the time Tebow will answer most football questions with a football answer. The only time I see him get Christian is when he’s asked a philosophical or “feelings” questions by a reporter like: “how does it feel to have so many doubters?” or ” how do you cope with the pressure?” or “do you worry whether you will make it in the NFL?”. Can we get a real story from this website? Pathetic.

  137. You really can’t make the comparison between Tebow (good) and Vick, Rothlisburger, etc etc (bad). The fact is that his constant self promotion is getting very old. The media feeds it, but he certainly doesn’t shy away from it. It’s not his beliefs that people don’t care for—-it’s that they are a vehicle to put himself in the public eye yet again…

  138. There’s nothing more obnoxious than a man who tells everybody how much he loves his wife and/or a man who tells everybody how much he loves the Lord.

    Upon awakening each morning and before going to bed at night are great times to tell your wife and your Lord that you love them.

    And remember, it’s easy to say you love, what’s harder is living the life. So Mr. Tebow, imho, the best way to show your love for of the Lord and your wife is through respect, trust, honesty, humility, kindness …

  139. Good for you Tebow. Keep giving praise to the Lord. Your a perfect example of one walking with the spirit. And to all those mocking Jesus, your going to be very sorry when your time is up at the white throne judgement.

  140. I suppose we now should be in an uproar over players taking a knee and praying over an injured player, pointing to the sky after a TD, hand motioning the cross across his chest before a punt/kickoff return, and etc. People are too sensitive. Your only pissed off because its Tebow. Get over yourself already!

  141. One word ” winner” until he stops winning you will have to tolerate his opinion. A hard guy not to like, he says and does all the right things. Instead of being critical of him, more players should be like him.

  142. nothing wrong with loving god and jesus, but it makes me vomit when people like this preach it all around like they have to. most of them are hypocrites. Tebow has accomplished about as much as Ryan Leaf so far, so none of this should be newsworthy… including that quitter Jake Plummer.

  143. Tim Tebow is honest about his faith, and is courageous doing the Lord’s work. It’s not about us.

    Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam

  144. I respect anything Tebow says, even if i strongly dissagree with nearly all of it. BUT, as with any major religious beliefs or political issues, dont shove it down my throat. All it comes off as is you being a jerk not respecting the fact that even other Jesus lovers dont give a flying F%$K how much you love the guy. Get a room already and be with him all night, just dont throw it in our faces. Sheesh.

  145. I have no problem with this guy believing that god is responsible for all his success. I have no problem with him praying all over the place.

    There are other considerations, however….

    If a Muslim scores a TD are we fine with him pulling out a prayer mat, facing Mecca and shouting “Allah Ackbar” (please don’t be offended if I’m way off here on wording/etc…)?

    What about if an atheist grabs a TD and decides to use it to tell the world that god doesn’t exist and that the TD is the proof (e.g. I never pray and say bad things about god every single day but I lead the NFL in TD grabs)

    Also, why is it okay for Tebow to pray whenever he wants but other players can’t flash gang signs, call their parents and give them the glory on a cell phone from the side lines, etc… without getting a fine.

    The *only* problem I have with Tebowing is that I watch the NFL for football and football related reasons. I don’t care about Tim Tebow’s relationship with a supernatural deity.

  146. If Tebow don’t bow to Jesus every time his team gets positive yardage, he ain’t praisin’ enough. Show some appreciation. Some would say praisin’ at every first down would be enough, others would say praisin’ every TD is righteous, while others would be satisfied if the praisin’ came in victory at the end of the game.

    Let’s just get the message out there as much as possible with positive yardage. Wouldn’t that be great, Mr. Tebow?

  147. Tim Tebow sets off my gaydar eveytimr with his little lisp. He’s probably in one of those “God can make you straight” religious programs. You all were thinking it.

  148. Goota love free speech. People calling Christians stupid, saying that God doesn’t exist, thanking the “flying spaghetti monster”, and such… And you wonder why he does what he does. It’s the people like those mentioned above who fuel his fire! I’m a Christian and I’ll admit that even I wish Tebow would dial it back a little, but not if it means that any jerk with a keyboard will suddenly feel important!

  149. I think that what Tebow doesn’t get is that talking about his faith nearly every single time a microphone or camera is placed in front of him is the same thing as anyone else repeatedly, constantly bringing up *any* topic. It doesn’t matter what your message is- if you beat people over the head with it, you beat people over the head with it.

    No one wants to hear some football player constantly give their political opinion, or constantly talk about their mother, or their philosophy, or constantly talk about *any* subject that makes them look like they’re obsessed or ultra-fixated on something. And those subjects include Jesus. So it’s not that people are anti-Christian, anti religion, etc. It’s that their sick of listening to someone who just says the same thing over and over. It’s not about the message. It’s about being that message being played on a broken record.

  150. Freedom from religious discrimination and oppression is one of the most important pillars of our society. But I’m just very greatful that not too many people take full advantage of it.

    It goes to show you how touchy of a subject it is though. Tebow just talks when a mic is in his face and says nothing bad about anyone, but yet he is one of the most hated, or at least polarizing, figures in the NFL just because it involves religion.

  151. I am pretty sure God doesnt need “shouts out” to him. I highly doubt he is a broncos fan to begin with. Second, you dont hear anyone telling their wife they love her after every play. That could be because wives get annoying. Have god live with you 24/7 and I bet you will stop that Tebow. NOW STOP THAT, TEBOW!!!!!

  152. I feel religion has become the elephant in the room. It seem the more we evolve and the more information we have access too the more religion seems to become propoganda created by man to control and profit from the weak. Its not something that is talked about because as children we were all brainwashed. It baffles me how if your taught something from a young age then you dont question it. We are told to have faith there is a higher power. There is not one drop of evidence a higher power exists but if we question it we are frowned upon. Why is it “normal” or “good” to teach our children something that we all know deep down is probobly not even real? Its confusing to me.

  153. I think it’d be really great for an atheist NFL player to stand up and start saying “god doesn’t exist!” at every opportunity as well (you know, especially after winning games, scoring touchdowns, and post-game interviews).

    It will sound very out of place, but it’s the same argument.

    Interviewer: How do you feel about that victory?
    Atheist NFL Player: Well, first, I’d like to take this opportunity to say that god doesn’t exist, and, you know, that was really a team victory out there.

  154. People make fun of Tebow and Christianity out of fear because of the way they’ve lived their lives. Denying it justifies the continuation of a questionable lifestyle. If Tebow’s right they’re all screwed and they know it. It’s the same fear that will make them all find Jesus in the foxhole or on their death beds.

    I don’t like him much as a QB and I’m not particularly religious but he’s doing *exactly* as the Bible says a good Christian should do. Giving all glory to God and spreading the Word as much as he can any way he can.

  155. The hatred towards Tebow has become a generalized hatred toward Christians and Christianity on this comment thread. Now that’s what’s sad.

    PS: Ray Lewis, Drew Brees, Deion Sanders, Colt McCoy, Mariana Rivera, Derek Fisher, Jake Peavy…all outspoken Christian athletes.

  156. Anyone that doesn’t like it just doesn’t get it. I hope that you eventually do before it’s too late.
    I love Jesus too and I appreciate him dying on the cross for my sins and raising on the third day to sit beside His father in heaven.
    I obviously have no problem with Tebow saying he loves Jesus. I hope that others will start taking a stand as well. It’s time for the PC (politically correct) police to sit back for a change.

  157. If Tebow was any other religion people would be saying they “respect” his choice to stand up and share his beliefs. The small amount of people who voice their opinion against him sharing his beliefs in Christ are mostly(not all) just against anyone sharing Christianity. Most fans don’t have a problem with it. In the midst of a lot of bad choices by athletes in professional sports, it’s good to see one(among others) that so far has shown great morals, strong beliefs, and is a team player. Now that’s a great story no matter who he is.

  158. I don’t see that Plummer has a real beef. I guess in Plummer’s mind “tolerance” doesn’t extend as far as the cross of Christ and the Christians who follow him. Let Tebow be Tebow!

  159. warrenmoon says:
    Nov 22, 2011 4:21 PM
    Maybe if Plummer believed in God he would’ve been a winner too.

    It’s your business what he believes? That’s Plummer’s point.

  160. I have no problem with Tebow’s religious belief or practice but are we going to have to attend church services everytime he plays football? I like to attend church at church. When I watch football I don’t want politics or religion.

    Also, if he loves Jesus so much why doesn’t he obey Jesus’ teachings. Jesus says: If you love me you will keep my commandments. Among those commandments are: When you pray, pray in secret to your father who hears you in secret. Also, we are not to broadcast that we are Christians. We are not let our left hand know what our right hand is doing. Jesus is very clear on his teachings.

    Tim Tebow is a good man and is going to be a great football player. God bless him.

  161. if tebow was smart, he would have taken some coaching and worked on improving his footwork and throwing mechanics (is it a surprise the ball goes everywhere?). he must have known he had nfl talent for at least 6-7 years…

    had he used all those seasons and off seasons learning how to be a pocket qb as well as an athlete playing qb, he would probably have a 10-15 year platform to spout the nonsense coming out of his mouth….

    thankfully, his lack of diligence in learning the position will mean that “tebowing” will be a short term phenomenon.

    luckily for jesus, i’m pretty sure he doesn’t need this kid to “shout him out” in order for everyone in the television audience to have a good outline of christian principles. after all, christianity has been this country’s predominant religion since its founding in the 18th century.

    and i’m also guessing if jesus is watching tv, he’s probably watching one of the 24 channels on my set that runs religion 24/7 rather than an afc game…. so perhaps tim would be better served to “shout him out” on those channels. i know i would…..

  162. First, you don’t need to defend him. Jesus said that you must be persecuted in his name for you to enter the kingdom of heaven. We’re all doing him a favor.

    Second, any one who believes it was a sacrifice for a god to “die” then rise up and go back to heaven needs a good dose of reality. Maybe a course or two in logic might help.

    Third, I’m sure someone asked Plummer about these things. It’s not like he called up a reporter and said, “I want to complain about Tebow’s prosletizing (sp?)” Being a former Bronco QB someone asked him about the current Bronco QB. Obviously a lot of people share his opinion.

    Fourth, this country was NOT founded on Christianity. It is NOT the default religion of this country. I suggest a little Consititutional research for those who are confused about religious freedom and freedom from religion. The founding fathers advocated BOTH.

  163. …these comments are a stark reminder of how much religious superstition continues to influence most of america…jerry seinfeld had i right when he proclaimed “95% of the population are undatable!”

  164. After reading most of the 250+ comments, I am now convinced of what I suspected: Tebow is now the biggest star in the NFL. No doubt in my mind. And remember, being a star does not necessarily equate with popularity or likeability. Really, who since Favre gets a visceral reaction? No one until now. Rodgers may be the top dog talent in the NFL right now, but all he has to show for it is an idiotic State Farm commercial.

  165. Hey Timmy, here’s an idea. You love Jesus so much and want to spread the word? Fine, I can respect that. If you’re serious about it, however, then go all the way and pull a Tilman. Leave the NFL (and all that fb money) and go off and do missionary work in a country in which Christianity is not the primary religion. While not as dangerous as what Tillman did when he joined the military, it would at least show some real dedication to your faith. Making a show of your faith in a country that is predominantly Christian (while making a ton of money, with the prospect of even more advertising money based on your image) just strikes me more as using your faith as a marketing tool. I’m not saying that’s his real motivation, but given the history of televangelists and others supposedly like him in the past, that’s how it strikes me.

  166. I want someone to ask him what he thinks of the bibles attitude toward being rich. His odds of getting into heaven are pretty low, if you believe I’m that sort of thing.

  167. I’m with you, Tim. BTW, discosucs….you don’t have the faintest notion of what the bible sais about being rich. Most people have no comprehesion of what CHRIST actually meant. It was an admonishment to those who put money above GOD, not those who have earned much. Also, I think I’d take his odds over yours. Luckily, you still have a chance. I suggest you take it before its too late.

  168. Im not religious…but,for those of you who say Tebow’s faith interfers with you watching a game:

    1) Denver’s games must be the highest rates games of all time because all of you are claiming to be watching them, or…a bunc of you are lying to try and make your point,
    2) I’ve seen every single Denver game Tenow’s religion has never interfered with the game. Sure, I’ve seen him drop to a new a few times and praise his God in post game interviews, but the game has never screeched to a halt so Tebow could pray. So, please explain how Tebow interferes with the game? Please be specific! Oh, wait…you must be so interest in what Tebow has to say so you stay tuned for his list-game interview. Of course, this is just so you can complain about it later. Personally, I don’t like to watch reality shows, so I turn the channel. But, then I don’t feel the need to watch them just so I can complain about them later. Or….many of you aren’t watching and are lying just so you can complain about religion. You are the same people that rubberneck on the freeway, then complain about the rubberneckers later.

    And please quit preaching atheism while complaint about Tebow preaching Christianity. It makes you look more than a little hypocritical.

    In summary, take a class on tolerance & diversity, and learn to change the channel!!

  169. discosucs… you don’t go to heaven until you die so I’d say his chances of getting into heaven right now are nil.

  170. briang123 says: Nov 22, 2011 8:42 PM

    Rodgers may be the top dog talent in the NFL right now, but all he has to show for it is an idiotic State Farm commercial.

    That, a Super Bowl ring, and the best record in the NFL.

  171. The whole “Christians feeling persecuted” thing is ruefully amusing to me. They don’t seem to realize that freedom of religion is not freedom from being thought of, and called, an idiot. You don’t have that freedom.

  172. @discosucs2005

    I guess you havent heard about Tebow donating money & building a hospital in the Philippines? He’s sharing the wealth if that makes you feel any better. Im reading on here a out people believing in. “freedom of speech”? Does that not apply to Tebow? It shouldn’t bother anyone what he chooses to talk about, because you as an individual have a right not to listen if you dont like it! So rather than Tim stop talking about it, just choose not to listen, then everyone’s rights are protected!!

  173. I’m not too interested in this topic, either way. What I am interested is that a writer should know that when you refer to Jesus Christ in the pronoun form, the h in Him should be capitalized. Basic.

  174. I don’t get the “don’t throw your religion in my face” argument. Some of you are really overly sensitive. I find it amazing that Tebow could get interviewed for, what, 30 seconds and be talking about his faith and then he’s “throwing religion” at you. Or what is it some people say? He’s “shoving it down your throat.” Whaaaahhh!! Bunch of crybabies….you know what I do when there’s something on TV I don’t like? I either change the channel or I turn the thing off and get up off my a**

    Now if Tebow came to your house and knocked on your door and started telling you about his love for Jesus, okay then you’d have a point because then he’d actually be in your face.

  175. I wish some player would pledge his allegiance The Dark Lord™, Satan, in every interview; THAT would be funny and a nice response to all this Christian goofiness…Tebow = Tedious.

  176. We live in the USA. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion….There’s nothing wrong with expressing his love for Jesus. Would you censor a military person for speaking about love for his country? When so many guys speak about negative things, we should be thankful for this little display. So thank Jesus, thank the military, police, fire, teachers….and Tebow, do your thing. Great QB…? but he took the high road…..think about that….good for him. I and many others put our lives on the line everyday so good bad and indifferent can live free and speak their mind. Do your thing TT….and Jake too….god bless you, your followers and the haters. Happy T-giving all.

  177. Why does Plummer care about what Tebow says during his interviews? If Tebow wants to celebrate his love for Jesus Christ, let him do it. If he wants to talk about his love for his mom every chance he gets, let him do it.

    I mean, think about it: If Tim Tebow went out there and said “First of all, I want to thank my mom because without her, none of this would be happening!”, would that be a problem?

    Or if he says “The reason why I want to make the money I’m making is because he wants to buy his mom a house and car in California”, would that concern Plummer?

    Here’s the deal: Tim Tebow dedicates his football career to his God. That’s his choice!

  178. hey tebow not all of us are christians you zealotist dope, shut your mouth and consider for a second the feelings of all those people that watch the game

  179. Um, Mr. Tebow, If you are such a christian man, why don’t you salute your lord at all times, not just after touchdowns? Well, Stevie Johnson pounds his chest and points to the sky before EVRY snap, so he must be more christian than you! I now know who I will follow on the day of the apocalypse…

  180. Actually, no Tim, you don’t want to tell your wife and kids how much you love them every opportunity you get. It kinda waters down the message when you say it all day every day. It also gets a bit annoying and disgusting. People like some reminders every now and then and it’s nice to hear it, but showering people with “I love you’s” at every opportunity is nauseating and actually turns people off…just like his religious grandstanding. Feeling the need to say something all the time is really just speaking volumes about one’s insecurity and anxiety about themselves.

  181. “”When you pray, don’t be like the hypocrites who love to pray publicly on street corners and in the synagogues where everyone can see them.”

    Quoted from the Word of God

  182. This guy is in love with “something” no more real than humpty dumpty! Hey Tebow, at least your wife actually has been proven to exist, you can actually SEE your wife! Let’s leave the fairy tales for fiction day!

  183. Amazing how no one is uncomfortable around somone who professes to be an Atheist.

    Me, I’d rather have a faith in a higher power and a belief that there is an everafter and be proven wrong when I pass; if that is the case then I have lost nothing for having such faith. But; to have no faith and pass, and again be proven wrong and discover there is indeed an everafter, well then I’ve lost everything. For the non-believers out there, that is your freedom and right to not believe; doesn’t bother me a bit. I don’t worry about that which I cannot control.

    Looking back, I can count the # of times both in college and pro, that Tebow has stopped a game in the middle of the 3rd quarter just so that he can preach to the masses about his faith; I believe the count is ZERO!

    Those who say they’ don’t want it in their face’, I’d be interested to know when and where Tebow hunted you down and knocked on your door and began ‘preaching’ specifically to you! Wow! You must be really special for Tim to single you out.
    That being said, I would tell you that when the game is over, turn the channel or turn the TV off if you don’t want to hear what Tebow has to say. You already know what’s coming, yet you still complain! That’s akin to constantly putting your screwdriver in the nearest electrical outlet. What I want to know is who has the pistol to your head forcing you to watch and listen… if you are like most folk, then you should have more than one channel on the telly available.

    If you want to criticize Tim because he throws 9 passes out of 10 like a fireplace brick, then I agree with you. But I was also at the Broncos – Chiefs game 2 weeks ago and saw a perfect 40 yarder from him that turned into a 56 yard score. That and the fact that he pretty much runs over or tries to , anyone in his way. That is how he plays the game. People have been telling this kid all his life in sports that he can’t do this or he can’t do that, or he can’t play QB. Yet, he he is in the NFL, which is probably further than a lot of you were able to go, and was part of 2 Natl Champ teams as well as a Heisman winner.

    Go figure.

    Tim McGraw sings a song about how the farther you go up the ladder, there are always people looking to try to drag you back down.

  184. One other thing… all you cats out there saying he does this for self-promotion, etc., I’d like to know what you have based that conclusion on.

    Oh; that’s right; because that’s what you’d do if you where in his shoes.


    you actually know the guy and the last time ya’ll went to lunch he took you aside and told you in confidence that this is all a ‘sham’ and he wants to see how far he can keep take it to the people.


  185. @profootballwalk

    Jesus is saying in Matthew 6:5 that those who pray only to be seen by others are being hypocritical.

    Tebow’s not running out to the 50 yard line and grabbing the ref’s microphone when he prays, only to be seen by others.

    Tebow kneels in silent prayer on the sideline – that’s not what Matthew 6 is referring to.

  186. @smitastic

    Not a single point in anything you posted.

    If you’re sure there is no God, why would you care so much? Why would you get so worked up? It seems to really bother you.

  187. The anti-religious comments here are a little bit funny. Why is anyone this upset with Tebow thanking Jesus?

    I’ve seen a few “Tebow, don’t shove your religion down my throat” comments. Really? How is Tebow thanking Jesus at the beginning of a postgame interview “shoving religion down your throat”? Such a statement is ridiculous.

    I’ve seen a couple statements indicating that Christians cannot work on Sunday. Sure they can. There’s nothing in the Bible stating they can’t.

    This animosity toward Tebow and people getting upset with him for thanking Jesus is pretty irrational.

  188. @lunchbox92

    It doesn’t bother me other than I don’t want to hear his religious viewpoint every time he gets in front of a mic. I also want to know why he doesn’t point down when he fumbles or throws an interception. If “god” made you throw a touchdown, he also made you throw that interception! By the way I never said there wasn’t a “god”. I just think it is not possible to know what exists after death.

  189. @flgators1984

    That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard, though I have heard it before. Believe in god and if god exists I’m OK, and if he doesn’t I don’t lose anything. What is this gambling, I’ll put money on black and money on red so I don’t lose. Your own theory makes my point for me. You’re saying you aren’t sure god exists at all! I say know one knows what exists after death and trying to make up something “religion” to explain the unexplainable is a waste of time.

  190. Again, I’ll respect Tebow for crediting Jesus at every opportunity when he also points to the Heavens when he throws a pick 6 or fumbles the ball away, for if he truly believes God is responsible for all things, then consistency demands as much.

    And isn’t his wife going to feel special, knowing that her man is actually married to Jesus, whom he loves above all things, an entity he has no proof actually exists.

    Enduring endless proselytizing from a homegrown fundamentalist is no more rewarding than listening to a Muslim talk about Allah 24/7. Which one you believe in is more a result of geography than reality.

  191. Its stunning to see how many people use their “freedom of speech” to supress someone else’s “freedom of speech”, not because it’s malicious or derogatory, but just because they decided they personally don’t care for it.

    So, because you (and at least one other person-so now its official and stuff) don’t like it, Tebow need to stop saying that period (someone’s comment), or you can say it, but just on on national TV (another’s comment), or just not all the time (Plummer’s words-is there a quota then?), or maybe just once per game (Someone else’s comment), or maybe…or maybe…

    Impressive use of the gray matter, folks. Pat yourself on your back, for adding more crud into this world that you are always complaining about others are adding.

    Still don’t get it?

  192. @smitastic

    You never said there wasn’t a God? Really?? I’d check again. You sure did. You said Tebow was in love with ““something” no more real than humpty dumpty”, and further called his beliefs “fairy tales” and “fiction”. It seems pretty clear you said there wasn’t a God, three times.

    And, yeah, it does bother you that Tebow thanks Jesus. That’s pretty clear from your comments here. I don’t know why that would bother you. If you don’t want to hear him thank Jesus when he’s in front of a mic, you don’t have to listen to his interviews.

  193. @filmex2000

    You refer to Jesus as an “entity he has no proof actually exists”.

    First, Jesus did walk the earth as a man. He is referenced in secular, non-Christian writings as well.

    Second, if you’re saying there is no proof God exists, I would say you’re wrong. It’s all around you. God made all things. You can’t actually believe, and expect everyone to share the belief, that everything came into existence by accident.

    You also refer to what Tebow does as “endless proselytizing”. Tebow thanks Jesus at the beginning of a postgame interview. That’s hardly the equivalent of “endless proselytizing”.

    I have no idea why it would bother you so much that he would thank Jesus at the beginning of an interview. But you don’t even have to hear it. It’s your choice to listen to the interview or not.

  194. If Tim Tebow’s actions or statements compel you to go so far as to express your “disgust” in writing then what does that say about you?

    Tebow- “I’d like to thank My Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who Died on the Cross for Our Sins, and for the opportunity to help my teammates gain a win”

    You- “That guy makes me sick! Why’s he always throwing around that gawd awful poo? He needs to shut up.”

    Given a choice between the two, do you REALLY want to be the second guy, filled with fear, hate, and shame?

    If you have this reaction to a few certain words it might be YOU who’s all screwed up. Seriously.

  195. I am agnostic and Tebow doesn’t borrow me one bit because he’s one of the few athletes who I actually believes what he feels and wants to spread the message. If he bothers you, maybe you should examine yourself as to why you care.

  196. “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.” Matthew 5:11

    The great thing about this article and most of the comments in regards to, is that it points to Biblical truth. People will have negative reactions to those who are believers simply because we believe Christ saves all those who believe in Him. Tim Tebow and any other believer has the right to speak about what they believe in, anytime and any place. Because Tim decides to speak of his love for Christ does not mean he is trying to “push” his religion on others. If an athlete turns to a camera and gives a shout out to his mom does that mean he is trying to push his mom on the world? No, it does not! If you chose not to believe and voice your opinion, good for you, but your lack of believe does not mean I have to shut up about mine or Tim about his!

    Believers understand, however, that we will be faced with opposition to our faith. If Jesus was crucified for being Him, why would I think I would be free to speak of Him without a negative response.

    “Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.” Matthew 5:12

    Therefore, thank you for your criticism, you bless believers more than we can say!

  197. Tebow and his defenders don’t seem to understand that it simply has no place in a football broadcast. If he wants to thank Jesus after a game, that’s fine, but it’s incredibly rude and selfish of him to talk about it every single time someone asks him a completely unrelated question… exactly the same, as MDS pointed out, as someone talking about their wife.

    It’s also pretty depressing to be constantly reminded that there are people who are THAT delusional out there (and he’s not even the worst, just read some of the comments here).

  198. Sadly, if Tebow were Muslim, we’d only be hearing stories about “How understanding the NFL is” having him on the Broncos.

    During the off season last year, there were numerous stories about how great it was that there were muslim players and that teams actually CHANGED their practices to accommodate these players!

    Tebow is a Christian. So what? He loves his God? So what? He actively practices his faith? So what!

    If you don’t like him being in love with his God, go find something else to watch.

    As for Tebow being an untalented QB, well, there are plenty of untalented QB’s out there. Michael Vick, for one, is not a very good quarterback – he’s a running back who thinks he can throw the ball. Plus, Mike Vick is a convicted felon, dog killer, who personally profited from his crimes.

    I say just let Tebow play. If he is on a roll and his teammates like him and play for him, he’s already doing a better job than half of the QBs in the NFL. If Tebow is a short term wonder, then this will all take care of itself.

    In the mean time, you Christian haters can just shove your indignation. Or, become a muslim and have the NFL kiss your little fanny.

  199. Why should Tebow feel any different from the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ who only talked about the Lord 24/7 like Tebow is? Is that kind of faith only reserved for the 12 disciples of Jesus?

    If we are ashamed of Jesus Christ, at his appearing he will be ashamed of us before his heavenly Father. What I see Tebow doing, he professes Christ without shame. Even if we speak much of Jesus our hearts should be close to him, too. Tebow is not polarizing to you, he is extremely polarizing to the fallen angel Lucifer for proclaiming the salvation in Jesus Christ.

  200. What is interesting is the amount of Christians replying asking him to tone it down. Perhaps you should turn it up a bit. God tells us to go to go spread the gospel, or is that not preached at your service?

    I think as a society we came to used to the players who talk in the 3rd person or where everthing is I – I – I. A man named Tebow, who will stumble one day, is putting Jesus first in his life and the problem with that is?

    Now he is not a very accurate QB but he is winning games and his priorities are in tact.

  201. @east96st says: Nov 22, 2011 12:40 PM

    Given the depths of his feelings, which I do believe are genuine, wouldn’t it make sense to pick a career that would allow him to better serve and act in accordance with the wishes of Christ? I would think he could serve Christ’s wishes for how we should ALL treat our fellow man a whole lot better if he was teaching poor kids to read and/or feeding the hungry. I am reasonably confident that making a first down is fairly low on God’s agenda and certainly was not the reason Christ sacrificed himself for us.

    You certainly don’t see the big picture here do you. Mr. Tebow is using his God given talents as a foundation for serving God.


    Playing football maximizes Tebow’s ability to share the love of Christ with others, both in his personal messages and through his foundation.

  202. @rarson

    You said, “If he wants to thank Jesus after a game, that’s fine…”

    That’s what he does. It’s after the game that he thanks Jesus. I’m not sure what you’re issue is with what he does.

    Tebow thanking Jesus is not “rude and selfish” just because it bothers you. It’s pretty sad that that would bother you so much.

    And, yes, Tebow does still have freedom of speech when he’s in an NFL uniform. He’s not suddenly exempt from that. Sorry about that.

  203. If he wants to believe there is a man up in the sky watching over him so what. God’s like Santa: he sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, he knows when you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake. To “testify” like this makes him a.shill. Shutup and play football.

  204. I totally expect the comments I see from non- Christians, or those who just believe in their own personal idea of God.

    But it’s STRANGE to see so-called “Christians” criticizing what Tebow said. If you believe that Christ died on that cross for your sins & you accept the bible as His inspired word, then you should also KNOWt that nothing you accomplish in this life without HIM matters. Go back & read the book of Acts if you think Tebow should ‘tone it down’.

    I don’t know about his NFL career, but he is doing what ALL Christians are called to do in Matthew. We’re actually supposed to be the outsiders, who aren’t as concerned with being liked as we are with being faithful & totally sold out to the Lord. This is going to cost Tebow fans, heck this may be the end of the Tebow love affair, but if he’s not worshipping football or fame, then he will be okay with that.

  205. If your belief helps you gain balance in your life , I am very happy for you. However IMHO the books you look to were written by tribal men not by an onniscient white guy in the sky to help steer their flock and draw other members. The golden rule is all we really need. Just because Tebow has a large fan base doesn’t give him the right to influence millions with his beliefs. How would you feel if he were a bhuddist and did the same thing? Men trying to start a new religion wrote the new testament, not God.

  206. @laserw

    “If you don’t like him being in love with his God, go find something else to watch.”

    I had no idea football was all about people expressing love for God. Why bother scoring points then?


    “That’s what he does. It’s after the game that he thanks Jesus. I’m not sure what you’re issue is with what he does.”

    Right. And then he does it again. And again. And again. And people ask him questions about football and he ignores them and talks about Jeebus some more.

    I don’t care if he’s talking about naked women, it’s annoying. If you’re not going to do press correctly then you shouldn’t be on camera. Of course, it’s not like Tebow is forcing them to shove a camera in his face.

    “Tebow thanking Jesus is not ‘rude and selfish’ just because it bothers you.”

    Of course not, it’s rude and selfish because people are trying to watch SPORTS COVERAGE and he’s hijacking it to push his religious beliefs on other people. Again, back to the wife analogy, even IF he was talking about his wife SOLELY because he loves her (which, by the way, he’s not, he’s proselytizing), it’s STILL SELFISH AND RUDE of him to hijack an interview and ignore the people talking to him that are trying to give fans the content they tune in to see, just so he can spread the word about how much he loves his wife. If this were anyone other than Jesus that he was talking about, they wouldn’t wouldn’t put up with it.

    I like watching him play (since he thankfully isn’t on my team). It’s entertaining. But I don’t like watching him talk because he always says the same thing, over and over again. Okay dude, we get it. You love Jesus. Get a room.

    “And, yes, Tebow does still have freedom of speech when he’s in an NFL uniform. He’s not suddenly exempt from that. Sorry about that.”

    You’re not getting it. I wasn’t saying that Tebow isn’t allowed to talk about Jesus, I was saying that Tebow doesn’t necessarily have the freedom to say whatever he wants as a representative of the NFL. Again, like I said, see Rex Ryan. Thus far, they haven’t decided to do anything, so I’m assuming they don’t have any problem with it. But my comment was in response to the people claiming that Tebow is free to say whatever he wants due to freedom of speech. That doesn’t apply here when you’re representing an organization like the NFL.

  207. “There’s nothing in the Bible stating they can’t.”

    HA HA HA, yeah… the Bible doesn’t condone slavery, either.

    I got news for you, the Bible even contradicts ITSELF. Start at the beginning, Genesis 1:1. Read the creation story. Then continue reading and read an entirely different creation story.

    Go ahead, pick and choose whatever you want to believe from the Bible. Just don’t expect anyone else to care about what you’re picking and choosing, because there are a lot of people out there who see it for what it is: a really old and really crappy book of fairy tales.

  208. @thedeafwriterjc

    “Why should Tebow feel any different from the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ who only talked about the Lord 24/7 like Tebow is? Is that kind of faith only reserved for the 12 disciples of Jesus?”

    Welcome to the 21st century. A lot has happened over the last 2000 years. You might want to try to catch up.

    We also don’t stone people anymore, FYI.

  209. @mella21

    “I don’t know about his NFL career, but he is doing what ALL Christians are called to do in Matthew.”

    I understand that, but please try to understand that not everyone believes in your religion. In fact, the majority of the world doesn’t. Therefore, we don’t care what your book says about what you should do, because we think your book is wrong (whether you’re talking about atheists, Buddhists, Muslims, etc).

    “We’re actually supposed to be the outsiders, who aren’t as concerned with being liked as we are with being faithful & totally sold out to the Lord. This is going to cost Tebow fans, heck this may be the end of the Tebow love affair, but if he’s not worshipping football or fame, then he will be okay with that.”

    So Tebow doesn’t care that he’s rubbing people the wrong way. I mean, I guess I can understand that, although I’d think that if you really wanted to spread a message, you wouldn’t do it in such a polarizing way. Regardless, if we accept that Tebow doesn’t mind annoying some people, then he also shouldn’t care that people ARE getting annoyed. Although, I don’t think it’s Tebow that has a problem with the reaction he’s getting, it’s clearly some of the people posting on here. Maybe those people could learn a lesson or two from Tebow.

  210. @rarson

    Look, I’m sorry, man, but these are some of the worst arguments I’ve ever seen or heard. Are you thinking these through and reading what you post?

    You say Tebow is hijacking interviews and proselytizing? Give me a break. This makes me wonder if you’ve ever seen or heard an interview with him. Thanking Jesus as part of a response to a question at the beginning of an interview is hardly hijacking the interview. He does answer what he’s asked. For you to say he doesn’t shows you pay no attention to such interviews.

    On the one hand, you say you don’t mind if he thanks Jesus after the game. On the other, when he does this, all of a sudden you say he’s hijacking the interview and proselytizing and he’s rude and selfish. Make up your mind. You’ve contradicted yourself.

    The simple fact is that, yes, you are calling him rude and selfish simply because you don’t agree with his beliefs. And it is strange that you’re so bothered by him thanking Jesus.

    Your points about his freedom of speech are nonsensical. Simply because he plays for an NFL team and represents the NFL when interviewed does not mean he cannot mention Jesus. Show me an NFL policy that says he can’t mention Jesus.

    For you to equate Tebow mentioning Jesus with Rex Ryan using profanity towards a fan is ridiculous.

    Simply because you don’t share Tim Tebow’s belief does not mean he cannot state them. I get the point you’re trying to make about how he shouldn’t have freedom of speech – it’s just poorly made and you have no support for it. Tebow has every right to thank Jesus following a game.

    And you’re wrong about Genesis 1. There’s no contradiction there. Genesis 1:1 says God created the heavens and the earth and the rest of the chapter tells us how. I don’t know where you see a contradiction in that.

    Complain all you want to that you’re annoyed by Tebow mentioning Jesus. He has every right to, and to be annoyed by that to the degree that you are says a lot about you. I don’t know why you’re so bothered by it.

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  211. @lunchbox92

    Denying reality doesn’t make it untrue. Did you watch the interview after the Jets game? Yeah, he DID talk a little football, but he also talked equal amounts of Jesus while failing to actually answer several questions. Jesus is a more important topic to him. Many football fans would disagree with that sentiment.

    “You’ve contradicted yourself.”

    No I haven’t. I’ve repeatedly said that I’m annoyed by his tendency to put Jesus first IN FOOTBALL INTERVIEWS. Nobody watches FOOTBALL INTERVIEWS to hear about Jesus. I said I don’t care if he thanks Jesus after a game. That doesn’t involve repeatedly mentioning Jesus EVERY TIME HE’S ASKED A QUESTION INVOLVING FOOTBALL. Again, I’m forced to explain every little thing to a moron that feels compelled to reply to me.

    “Show me an NFL policy that says he can’t mention Jesus.”

    Sigh. Obviously my point went right over your head. I already explained this THOROUGHLY so I can only suggest you read my comment again, because I don’t know how to explain it any simpler.

    “Simply because you don’t share Tim Tebow’s belief does not mean he cannot state them.”

    I never said that. Care to respond to something I actually said? No? I didn’t think so.

    “There’s no contradiction there.”

    Genesis 1:1-2:3 says that man was created AFTER animals and that man and woman were created simultaneously. Genesis 2:4-2:25 says that man was created FIRST, and THEN animals, and THEN woman. Two entirely different stories. According to Jesus (Mark 10:6: “From the beginning of the creation God made them male and female.”), the second Genesis account is wrong. You must not have read your Bible. But that’s common among Christians (if they actually read it, they probably wouldn’t believe it). Hey look, another atheist who knows the Bible better than a Christian.

    This is, of course, ignoring the fact that scientific knowledge pretty much disputes BOTH stories. And let’s not forget that this is ONE contradiction at the very beginning of the book. It would take me at least an hour to list ALL the contradictions in the Bible.

    “I don’t know why you’re so bothered by it.”

    I don’t understand why you’re bothered by me being annoyed by Tebow’s proselytizing. As I pointed out above, from the post of another Christian, you shouldn’t care, nor should Tebow, nor does he (obviously), so maybe you should just learn from him and just shut up. Because you obviously don’t have the intellectual argument going for you.

  212. You have no intellect at all! The United States Constitution (something most have forgotten or choose to ignore) gives Tim Tebow and every one else the freedom of speech and the freedom of religion. So it really doesn’t matter what anyone thinks…Keep doing what you do Mr Tebow I like your line of reasoning! As for Jake Plummer; maybe you should have taken a chapter out of Tim’s book and you wouldn’t be sitting in the bleachers spouting your propaganda…

  213. you nitwits seem to forget that tebow isnt the only athlete to praise god after a performance. but it’s fashionable to criticize him since the so called experts at espn seem to do just that. but as someone that makes a living on football, not running my mouth and offering a personal opinion but putting my money where my mouth is nobody covers the spread like tebow does so god bless him and whatever it takes for him to cover each week he starts except against detroit but if they played again the broncos would win the game outright. how can you possibly hate the guy and cheer for some of the other criminals that put on uniforms each sunday. its ok for T.O. or chad ochocinco to praise themselves but tebow cant give thanks to the lord. i’ve never read such nonsense in my life and it just shows the intelect of the average football fan.

  214. @rarson

    1. I did watch the interview after the Jets game. He thanked Jesus towards the beginning of the interview – which you’ve said you’re okay with. After that, he answered their questions. You really have nothing to complain about.

    2. You did contradict yourself. You said you don’t care if he thanks Jesus after a game. He did after the Jets game. But you complan about that. You say he mentions Jesus in response to every football question, which isn’t true. You’re either way overstating it or you really haven’t seen his interviews.

    3. You’re point about “freedom of speech” isn’t going over anyone’s head. It’s just a poorly made point and doesn’t make sense. He’s allowed to say what he’s saying. You might not agree with it, but he has every right to say it.

    4. Genesis 1 does not say man and woman were created simultaneously, as you claimed. Therefore, there is no contradiction. You also quote Mark 10:6 but this doesn’t contradict the Genesis account at all

    Don’t tell me science has disproven this. You can’t honestly believe and expect others to believe everything came into existence by some lucky accident.

    And you claim there are other contradictions in the Bible, but since you struck out on this Genesis contradiction, I’m sure you would on others as well.

    5. Clearly you have no actual valid argument make in anything you say. You’ve contradicted your own statements, argued poorly against someone’s freedom of speech, argued for a Biblical contradiction that’s not there, and proven that you haven’t even watched his postgame interviews.

    Have a great day and enjoy the games today.

  215. Once again I’ll ask: would it be alright with you if he praised Satan? Praised white supremacy? praised which ever political persuasion is opposite of yours? I think it’s Jesus you support and yet you use the constitution to bolster your argument. And moreheadslim, no he isn’t the only athelete to do so, Mike Edwards a pro-stock drag racer comes to mind, and in each of them I find “testifying” out of place. The basic idea of “testifying” is suggested, almost demanded by a church to supposedy raise the testifyers’ religious conciousness but I believe is actually to attract converts. 85 and T.O. were at least talking football not religion.

  216. Praise Satan(or whatever you prefer) if you like, just don’t slam a Christian for praising Jesus!… Remember the 1st amendment????

  217. At least there is a belief in something! What do you got?????? Our Fairy tales will tell the truth in the end! May God pity you…I will pray for your soul.

  218. Every one of these comments not only crack me up but also saddens me. You are all fools. This entire board of blogs is a clear example of todays society. Absolutely no tolerance for others and every bit as selfish. I don’t want to see this, I don’t want to watch that, I don’t want to hear this; boo hoo! Tebow has every right to say what he feels, whenever he feels. Freedom of speach people. I for one hope he continues on his path of thanking the Lord and being a positive inspiration. He will prove you all wrong in the end. Shame on all of you!

  219. @unclebsills

    “Absolutely no tolerance for others and every bit as selfish.”

    You’re confusing tolerance with respect.

  220. Hey, it’s his business and he is free to speak as he wishes. If someone doesn’t want to hear him say he loves Jesus then hit your mute button.

    By the way…I love Jesus too.

  221. Saying ‘I love you’ everyday to your wife de-values the word ‘love.’ Saying it only when it is merited– is what gives the word its power, not the dogged repitition of the act of saying it.


    So, may I ask what exactly your wife has to do for you to say “I love you”? Does her making you a sandwich merit your love? Or maybe cleaning the house? Or is it her physical acts of affection? Do you only love her conditionally? Seems like a selfish relationship to me….but let’s go with your theory for a moment…

    Let’s say that the only reason we should say “I love you,” or “I love so-n-so” is if that person has done something that “merits” our love. Then let me ask you this: If you were standing in the street and suddenly there was a drive-by shooting and a bullet was hurling straight for your head, but your best friend took that bullet instead, would you tell your friend “I love you?”

    It wasn’t enough that they were your friend for you to say “I love you,” but would dying on your behalf be enough?

    It kind of brings value back to that “de-valued” word doesn’t it?

    See the thing is that when someone willingly dies for you, you have a very different perspective on when it is appropriate to say “I love so-and-so.”

    So I just want to say, I had someone die for me even though I was a huge jerk to him, even though I hurt him. He still died for me and I didn’t deserve that kind of love in return. That’s why I have no problem saying, “I love Jesus.” And I have no problem with Tebow saying it either so long as it is with the right heart.

    I’m sure that this will inevitably offend some people. I’m only trying to let you know why people say they love Jesus and why they would want to praise Him any chance they get.

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