Vick will try to throw today


Lost in the Eagles’ unexpected win over the Giants on Sunday night is that quarterback Mike Vick didn’t play, due to a pair of broken ribs.

With the Patriots coming to town on Sunday, the Eagles need all their best players back.  It’s unknown whether Vick will indeed be able to play, but a league source tells PFT that Vick will try to throw on Tuesday.

The first official practice of the week will occur on Wednesday.  Vick participated in no practices last week in advance of the game at New York.

15 responses to “Vick will try to throw today

  1. I think Vick will play.The Pats pass rush is weak and I think the O-line will keep Vick’s jersey clean the way they played vs the Giants.If the Eagles D played like they played vs the Giants then dont be suprised if the Pats get beat.

  2. As a Pats fan I think I prefer an injured Vick over a healthy Vince Young.

    But part of this is just posturing to keep the Patriots game planners guessing – which is smart.

    Either way the Eagles D will likely do a decent job keeping Brady’s stats down – and the Patriots injured OL isn’t going to help

    (Unlike other teams the Patriots won’t make excuses, but they’re down to their 3rd string Center, may not have their starting Left Tackle, and they’ve got a WR playing CB – and that’s just the tip of the injury iceberg.)

  3. I would be shocked if he starts. Me thinks his days in Philly are limited. They’ve already seen the best from him and they know it.

    Vince is the man now. You had to know he would step up to the plate politely calling himself a changed man knowing this may be his last chance and he of course, as I predicted did well. He won. Vick ain’t winning. Its win baby win and the team played harder than ever under Young.

    Look for Vick to be traded before next season for a 1 pick. Other under achievers canned or traded for more draft picks. Its this year or never for the eagles.

  4. OK you idiots claiming that Vick can’t throw are just hating to the point where it’s only making you look stupid. Vick can def throw. He has the strongest arm in the league and the quickest release. Throwing and running is not his problems. Its between his ears was the problem and to be honest. Even though it hasn’t shown in the stats department, I actually think he is even a better QB from last year to this year…

  5. That’s real, if you doubt Vick can throw you’re jus 1 of them people who’s so misserable you, hate on other people’s success. Vick, has proven he can throw the ball and be a pocket-passer even if it takes getting punishment.

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