Wes Welker won’t worry about falling behind record pace


We’ve mentioned a few times this season that Patriots receiver Wes Welker was on pace to break the all-time single-season records for catches and yards. But that’s no longer the case after Monday night’s win over the Chiefs, when Welker was barely even a part of New England’s offense and finished with just two catches for 22 yards.

Welker said after the game, however, that he’s not bothered by his lack of production.

They had a good game plan for us and did a good job,” Welker said, via ESPN.com. “We just had to roll with it and have some other people step up and we did. We were able to come away with the win.”

It’s not like Welker is having a bad season: He has 74 catches for 1,028 yards, leading the league in both categories. He’s on pace to catch 118 passes for 1,645 yards, which are great numbers — those totals would represent the eighth-highest numbers for a single season in NFL history in both categories.

And considering that the Patriots just whipped the Chiefs, and would have home-field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs if the postseason started today, they have nothing to worry about. Even if it is a little startling to look at a Patriots box score and see two catches for 22 yards next to Welker’s name.

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  1. First id like to say I love my wife. Id also like to thank my wife for letting me buy a tv. Id like to thank my wife for letting me watch football on sundays. Thank you to my wife for allowing me to have nfl red zone. If it wasnt for my wife i wouldnt be able to watch the patriots play on monday night. I love my wife and thats why wes welker is a patriot. I love my wife and he has stayed healthy. I love my wife and he will continue on this torrid pace. Id like to close today by saying..I love my wife.

  2. The media overhyped him too much. Before this year he has never been a big stats guy but has always been a playmaker. He didn’t dip but he’s not breasting it like earlier this year anymore. He will continue to be the same Wes Welker from before and make plays

  3. I just saved a bunch of money by switching go gieco. And the patriots will be one and done in the playoffs again. Too bad Pretty boy went soft once he got married. He used to be a hell of a competitor. Now he cries more then Peyton Manning.

  4. mojosmagic says:
    Nov 22, 2011 5:07 PM
    I just found out Wes is screwing Bad’s wife.

    Also in the news: Wes and the rest of the Pats team want to thank the guys of the Pats fan base for all of the “oral” support they have been giving the team since 2001.

  5. Ever since the Jets and Steelers tried covering Welker with an actual cornerback, and smart teams have followed suit, surprisingly he isn’t doing the same damage as he was against the nickelbacks and linebackers of the coverage world. I, for one, am shocked. He never seemed at all completely overrated.

  6. speakin as a patriots fan its all bout the post season. pats always dominate the season. got to make another run in jan and feb

  7. Welker hasn’t been “on pace” to break any records for a few weeks now. His first five games were great, but he’s only averaged 57.6 yards per game in his last five. That’s more who he really is than the ridiculous numbers he was putting up early in the season.

  8. He’s caught more passes than anyone over the past 5 years………but some people say he is over-rated…..Those people aren’t very bright.

  9. j0esixpack says:
    Nov 22, 2011 6:06 PM
    Brady may have been overly focused on helping Randy Moss break the TD record in 2007.

    He won’t make that mistake again.

    Brady was overly focused on getting his own TD record. Pretending that he wasn’t is ridiculous.

  10. tombradyallday says:
    Nov 22, 2011 5:39 PM
    speakin as a patriots fan its all bout the post season. pats always dominate the season. got to make another run in jan and feb

    The only run they are going to make is a run into the opposing team that will end up representing the AFC in the Super Bowl. Another playoff failure for the overrated Pats.

  11. laeaglefan says:
    If the Eagles can hold Welker to 2 catches and 22 yards, they might actually win the game on Sunday.

    Yeah, um, about that ……. you may want to check out this guy named Gronkowski.

    Could totally ruin your plan all by himself.

  12. Thanks to welkers 1 catch night, I lost by 2 points. Just another reason to hate this team. Jerry Rice would have found a way to get open other than a gimmie wr screen.

  13. Welker is hurt. He was a decoy against KC. Called ‘rope a dope’.

    Rice was the greatest WR of all time. However, his numbers were over 16 yrs. No WR will ever play that long again. They won’t need the money.

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