Brandon Jacobs to Giants fans: Booing makes it harder for us


Giants running back Brandon Jacobs wants fans to know that he doesn’t appreciate it when they boo the home team.

Jacobs groused about the fans booing after Sunday night’s loss to the Eagles, and he reiterated in an interview on WFAN that he’s fed up with Giants fans.

I don’t take nothing back what I said about our fans,” Jacobs said, via the New York Daily News.

Jacobs said that hearing the home fans boo makes “it even harder to overcome adversity when they do things like that. . . . When we’re down and going through adversity we need them to lift us up not take us down, that’s all I’m trying to say.”

Jacobs added that negativity can wear players down.

“We don’t want to hear things like that when we’re playing at home in games we still got a chance to win,” Jacobs said. “It’s really hard. Giants fans are going to be Giants fans. They’re great when you’re up and — it’s like this everywhere else as well — but they kick you when you’re down. Right now I don’t think we’re down. I want them to cheer for us.”

Just win at New Orleans on Monday night, Brandon, and it’s guaranteed that Giants fans will be loudly cheering you at kickoff of the home game against the Packers the following week.

53 responses to “Brandon Jacobs to Giants fans: Booing makes it harder for us

  1. Jacobs you suck! The paying customers have the right to boo, you overpaid underachieving, 2 yd avg. what an idiot!

  2. This guy is terrible. I’m a Redskins fan myself, but I cringe every time he speaks. Guy, how about being productive and giving your team a chance to win? The Eagles have had your number pretty well lately and if I were a Giants fan, I’d be upset, too! You guys should have complete command of this division, but you lose to the Dream Team minus Vick and with ailing receivers. When you miss the playoffs because you let the Cowboys overtake you and can reflect on this game, maybe then you will understand why fans paying so much money get upset.

  3. I mean honestly, who boos their Super Bowl winning QB after 2 incompletions?

    Answer? New Yorkers.

  4. The reason were booing is because every single person in the stadium including the entire eagles staff knows the play being called. It gets old when I call the play the second the team lines up. So tired of gilbrides terrible play calling every year

  5. Shut your trap and do your job. When the players start paying the fans to come cheer them on instead of the other way around, then you can “give us advice” on how we should be handling our cheering/booing at a football game.

  6. blaz0037 says: Nov 23, 2011 3:00 PM

    I mean honestly, who boos their Super Bowl winning QB after 2 incompletions?

    Answer? New Yorkers.


    I was at the game and no one was booing Eli. They were booing a variety of things. Brandon Jacobs absolute lack of any ability, Kevin Killdrive’s horrendous play calling, the O-Lines complete lack of protection and the WR’s who decided to not know how to catch a ball all of a sudden. Please stop trying to make it seem like New Yorkers boo just for anything. We boo when people deserve to be booed. . We love our team and we won’t let them get off the hook when they suck. We expect the best especially when we pay the most.

  7. Maybe he should throw his helmet at them, or just keep doing what he has been doing. Complain about everything. It is sickening the amount of complaints that come from players about their job. No one is forcing them to play football and be ridiculed or cheered. Then they come out and bash fans, and claim that we don’t understand and go on and on about all sorts of garbage and nonsense.

    They are lucky to have an extremely high paying job that they love and have been practicing for since a child. Most people don’t have that, if some of these players woke up and acknowledged these things and took to heart that they have it better off than most of North America then maybe fans would respect them more. They are lucky that they can get away with interacting with the public and express their own opinions where as other companies would have it’s employees fired.

  8. When you play like crap, you’re going to get booed. End of story. As an Eagles fan, I can tell you that your performance on Sunday night DEFINITELY deserved to be booed. Perhaps you fail to realize that people actually paid to watch that.

    You’d think such a large man would have thicker skin. Worry about yourself BJ.

  9. That was actually a pretty good game. When are people going to realize the other team gets payed too? That was an old school football game and only happens once or so in a season. Are people really enjoying all these shoot outs where neither team has a defense?

  10. Heh…he should try playin’ for the Eagles. Games at the “Linc” have become Eagles vs. opponent vs. “Home-crowd” vs. Referees.

    And people wonder why they don’t win there?

    I said before this last game vs. the G-men that my Iggles were far better off playing in New Jersey.

    I wish the game was in Foxboro this weekend.

    Go Eagles.

  11. Brandon, as a Giants fan, I have to say this. What makes it difficult is that we have a 265 pound oaf in the backfield who can’t get one yard when we need it.

    Not to mention that your personality and history with the fans is garbage at best…a suggestion to you: when you see fans waiting at the players entrance for Training Camp, stop and sign for a few. Don’t pull out your phone, pretend to be talking, and then as soon as you think you’re out of sight start laughing about how you got out of signing again like the crap you are.

  12. Wow, as a Giant’s fan I knew Jacobs hasn’t been very good, but I never realized what a huge p*ssy he is. Fans boo and that makes it tough? Welcome to pro sports, you act like you just got here. Bottom line, Jacobs is lazy and selfish. He’ll do fine next year as a 2nd RB, probably on the Jets as they like our sloppy seconds…

  13. Good for you, Mr Jacobs. Say what you mean and mean what you say. It’s refreshing to hear an athlete stand by an unpopular comment. You owe these people nothing. The fans have already proven they don’t have the backbone to withhold their dollars from the NFL after the lockout. 99.9% of NFL fans are spineless lemmings.

  14. Some fans are just that way. If you are winning they don’t care if you beat baby seals for team motivation. But if you are losing, or lose period, they treat you like you punched their newborn. As a lions, Irish, wolverines, and redwings fan I have experience the whole spectrum. Those I have to say wings fans are the best in team support and passion even in tough times.

  15. Apparently you missed his other tweet. The one about how the losing team should get a trophy too. You know….for participating. Everybody wins!

  16. I don’t agree that he should express his feelings towards fans who do pay for a product, but he is right on the point that it doesn’t help.

    The players aren’t trying to play bad, miss tackles, drop balls, or throw picks. So how does it help to boo? Same with a coach who says “what are you doing?” after they make a mistake. It’s not like they are trying to screw up. Don’t you think they are pi$$ed as it is without being told they messed up or being booed by people who probably have never played a sport in their life or have any clue what’s going on.

    Just because they are professionals doesn’t mean they are perfect. Constructive criticsm is ok, but booing fans or coaches screaming their heads off doesn’t help. I promise you athletes will rebound quicker if handled in a professional manner rather than being yelled/booed at repeatedly.

  17. Funny how his initials are “B.J.”… Ironically giving those may be the way he has to make a living once he gets cut….

  18. the wheels on bus coming off again, off again, off again
    the wheels on the bus fell off again thats the mighty Giants.

  19. Hey Brandon, let me enlighten you…

    (and no, I’m not a Giants fan)

    You get paid millions of dollars to play a sport. While it is a sport, it is also your job.

    When you are not doing well at work, while your boss may not “boo” you, they will let you know that your performance is unacceptable. Considering fans cannot meet one-on-one with you, this is the only recourse available.

    If you can’t handle booing, you could always give up your millions of dollars and get out of the public light…

    The fans pay money for tickets to watch you play. They are your boss.

  20. well jacobs the sooner u get in ur fast ass car and leave the giants the sooner u wont hear boos anymore. but with the way u run ur next job when u go broke from buying all those cars will include the phrase would u like fries that

  21. Hey Brandon, it could be worse.
    You could have been part of the Patriots contingent that got booed at the Pro Bowl after Spygate.

    That’s right, the Patriots players got booed at the Pro Bowl! Who the heck gets booed in Hawaii?? I mean, c’mon man, the Japanese don’t even get booed there.

  22. You want us to cheer mediocrity? When you keep playing down to lesser opponents, as the Giants have been doing for years, you better expect to hear some negative feedback from the paying customers. We dont make millions of dollars, and for many of us, going to a game is a luxury. When the team plays like absolute garbage, the way it did againt Philly this past Sunday, you’re going to hear our displeasure, Brandon.

    Don’t like it? Find yourself another profession. You guys have been playing like crap, and until we see otherwise, it’s going to get worse from the stands. We don’t expect perfection, but for chrissakes, at least TRY to make it look like you care about winning. I guarantee that the “boos” will diminish.

  23. Considering fans cannot meet one-on-one with you, this is the only recourse available.


    Not that you’d ever have the stones to criticize him to his face. And let me guess……you never make mistakes at work huh? LOL.

  24. Jason Avant tried to use the same nonsense on Eagles fans earlier this year…pro athletes must be delusional or something. I think former ML pitcher Curt Schilling put it best when asked about the Philly fans; “If you don’t want to get booed, it’s very important that you not suck; if you suck, you’re going to get booed.”

  25. Brandon it makes it hard for us fans who pay thousands of dollars for season tickets to go to the game and watch you run for 21 yards on 12 carries. Absolutely pathetic. It also makes it hard for us when we watch you take yout 6’4″ 265 lb frame and instead of using it to run through defenders, you stop and just stand there until they hit you. You could have been great Brandon, but your time is up.

  26. It’s New York – there’s a reason they say “if you can make it here you can make it anywhere”, it’s tough, the people are tough, and if you’re not thick-skinned the town will swallow you whole – not many CAN make it here. Time to put on your big-girl undies and deal with it Brandon!

  27. Softest 6’4″ 250 lb. player in the league.Needs to be tougher mentally and physically.Fans are not booing you,they are booing your lack of effort.

  28. Brandon, cry me a freakin’ river. You would not be able to cut it in today’s army, my friend, if you get upset with a little booing. Wait until someone starts shooting at you.

  29. Hey Idiot, As a paying NFL customer when I come to the games I got the right to boo and cheer for who ever I want, just shut your mouth and play football already, dont like it? then give back your overpaid salary, its idiots like you that have converted so many Giants fans over to the Jets…

  30. this guy is a joke … everytime he opens his mouth … 2 weeks ago he told (pam oliver?) during the half that the niners were “scared” … then proceeded to try to juke a cornerback in the open field instead of running him over … & finished the game watching from the sidelines … hillarity

  31. Go BOO Yourself !
    BOO OFF !
    BOO YOU !
    Get the BOO out of here !
    You stupid BOO !
    Substitute another word for BOO Brandon !

  32. $95 ticket+
    $10-$20 parking+
    $5 beerX3+
    $4 hot dog+
    $4.50 pretzel (cheese sauce $1 extra)
    right to boo

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