Cowboys also made claim for Kyle Orton


The Chiefs and Bears weren’t the only two teams that tried to add Kyle Orton off of waivers from the Broncos.

Todd Archer of ESPN Dallas reports that the Cowboys also put in a bid on the quarterback. While the Cowboys obviously don’t need a starting quarterback, there are a couple of reasons why the team would have interest in Orton.

The first is practical. Jon Kitna missed last week’s game with the Redskins because of a back injury and he’ll be out again on Thursday. If he doesn’t get better soon, the team will likely have to place him on injured reserve, so Orton would be a safer insurance policy for Tony Romo than Stephen McGee.

Reason number two is to simply block the Bears. There’s a decent chance that Dallas and Chicago will find themselves fighting for a Wild Card spot near the end of the season and claiming Orton for themselves would be one way to improve their chances at making it to the postseason. Orton has $2.5 million left on his salary, but you get the feeling that Jerry Jones would be happy to pay that if it improved the team’s chances of making the playoffs by the smallest of margins.

The reason is moot now, although it’s clear that Orton’s availability provoked one of the more spirited waiver battles in some time.

30 responses to “Cowboys also made claim for Kyle Orton

  1. goawayeverybody says:Nov 23, 2011 6:03 PM

    The Cowboys will win their division easily they don’t need to worry about fighting for a wildcard spot.

    maybe, just maybe, the cowboys are interested getting to the playoffs more than once in 13 years.
    maybe they actually want to get there and win one… something they will never do with romo.

  2. @tinkletinkleonyourstar

    Never get there with Romo ? Since Romo has been the starter they’ve made the playoffs 3 out of 2 years ( Not counting this year ). In 08 they imploded and 2010 Romo got injured. They have 1 playoff win against the eagles. At the end of the day haters gonna hate.

  3. It’s not really a waiver wire “battle” since teams are basically just mentioning that they would take him if he fell to them.

    It’s no more of a “battle” than the draft is. Following that logic, looks like the Colts will win the battle for Andrew Luck. By the time the day comes around, it’s predetermined, it’s not a battle. It’s just where you fall on the totem pole.

  4. “maybe, just maybe, the cowboys are interested getting to the playoffs more than once in 13 years.
    maybe they actually want to get there and win one… something they will never do with romo.”

    They have been to the Playoffs and won one in the past 13 years…

    Do your homework next time

  5. neobacon says:
    Nov 23, 2011 6:50 PM

    Never get there with Romo ? Since Romo has been the starter they’ve made the playoffs 3 out of 2 years ( Not counting this year )
    That’s a neat trick

  6. @tinkletinkleonyourstar
    never get there with Romo…quite obvious you don’t know jack crap about football. Romo has had a qb rating of 100 + the last three games. his career rating is 96.1 giving ranking him #3 ALL TIME. He’s #4 ALL TIME in yards per pass, and he’s #1 ALL TIME in net yards per pass. he’s been to 3 probowls in 5 years (1 year he was hurt) I guess you think Dan Marino was an awful quarterback too huh? Moron..

  7. 1bigtex says:
    “@ Soulman45
    Regarding your post: What??? Obtuse doesn’t begin to describe it. English, please!”

    Soulman speaks stuponics.

  8. @ soulman 45

    Do you understand English? Obviously, you cannot type, spell or speak the language.

    My fault, you are from a small village in France, Moron de Ville!


  9. The Colts are trying really hard to get Andrew Luck that’s why they didn’t put in a claim for Orton.

  10. txtroutslayer says:Nov 23, 2011 7:21 PM

    never get there with Romo…Dan Marino was an awful quarterback too huh?
    ———————————————————-What’d Marino(hope you’re not comparing Romo to him) ever win? Statbooks are filled with guys that put up big numbers and couldn’t win the big game in the clutch. Romo’s a tease. He’s more likely to lose a game than win one for you. I agree they’ll never get there with him. Good golfer though, tagged some hot chicks.

    Also,love you guys that tell people they don’t know jack because they don’t agree with your opinion. Who the hell are you?

  11. tinkletinkleonyourstar says:

    Nothing important. And Eagles fans wonder why they are widely known as the least knowledgeable fans in the NFL.

  12. Kyle Orton deserves a team that’s 100 percent behind him unlike silly Broncos who won’t commit to a franchise QB. Bet Orton can turn Chiefs winning up…Jerry Jones let another great QB get away while trying to resurrect Romo as a QB…..C’mon Jerry Cowboy fans deserve a real QB. Bench Romo.

  13. 2006 Romo takes them to the playoffs lose to Seahawks in 1st Round
    2007 Romo takes them to the playoffs, sets a team record with 13 wins and loses to the Giants in the 2nd Round
    2008 Romo has his pinky finger broken which screws up his throwing motion, Brad Johnson comes in and isn’t even fit to tie his shoes, Romo returns and takes it to the wire even though on his 3rd game back is back is almost broken. By the end game of the season against Philly he can’t even stretch without screaming on the field yet plays the Cowboys are blown out by the Eagles 44 to 3
    2009 Romo wins 11 games, sweeps the Eagles and then defeats them again in the 1st round only to be blown out by the Vikings when both tackles are lost for the game early.
    2010 Romo is lost for the season after 5 games. The defense turns into butter and a dark year moves through the rest for a 6 and 10 finish sans Romo.
    2011 Romo has them atop the division with 6 wins after 10 weeks.

    And yet you mouth breathers think he is a bad Quarterback. Sigh.

  14. @ marilynpost

    Exactly who was the “great QB” that Jerry Jones let “get away”? Surely you don’t mean Kyle Orton? The Cowboys put a claim in on Orton because they are worried about Kitna being in his late 30’s and having a back injury. If Orton was great, wouldn’t several other teams besides one with a back-up question and two with big holes at the starting position put in waiver claims?

  15. Who’s this Soulman guy? I’ve seen that writing style before. It was in an email sent to me from a Nigerian prince who just needed my bank account, to share is grand wealth with me. Dude had never even met me…but he called me “friend”. Nice people.

  16. @jcg23:

    So your argument is all the wins are because of Romo and all the losses are not his fault? This guy has won one playoff game his entire career. ONE! In ’06 he choked and fumbled a snap to lose the game. In ’07 the game ended on a Romo INT in the endzone. Didn’t win a playoff game despite having the best record in FB. In ’09 playoff game he lost he had 3 fumbles and a pick. Which was the yr he went to Mex w?Simpson, instead of preparing for the next game?

    Good fantasy QB, but you’re dreaming if you think he’ll ever win anything. Makes too many bad plays at the wrong time.

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