Fred Jackson will not face the Jets, could miss season


Sunday feels like the last stand for this Bills’ season, which was such a great story in September.

Buffalo needs a win against the Jets, and they will have to do it without their best player. The Bills announced Wednesday that running back Fred Jackson will miss the Jets game because of his “lower right leg” injury.

It’s another depressing blow to a team that already lost cornerback Terrence McGee and wideout Donald Jones for the season this week.

This Bills squad didn’t have a great margin for error because of their struggling defense and overall lack of talent. It seems like injuries (and opposing defenses) have simply caught up to them.

UPDATE: The Buffalo News writes that Jackson could miss the rest of the season.   Yikes.

Asked about it, Bills coach Chan Gailey said, “I don’t know about that. We’ll have to wait and see.”

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  1. I will lose the last shred of respect I have for the Yets if they can’t beat the spiraling Bills on Sunday.

    Wonder if Sanchez will still be “excited” to be 5-6?

  2. And after this garbage win the Jets will be bumping their gums about the playoffs again. Couldn’t get any luckier with the team their facing this week. But that is par for the course in that garbage AFC east division.

  3. Sooooo, who was signed to play RB? To be honest, I could easily see the Bills winning this game. Think about it, almost all of what the Bills do on offense centralizes on Freddie, so with him out, changes need to be made. I have a feeling this will be a totally “New Look” offense this week, something the Jets haven’t seen before, or will be prepared for. Maybe this game will quiet the CJ haters to, he has made progress since last year and has done EVERYTHING the coaches have asked him to do with some success. C’mon Chan, give us something to cheer about.

  4. If the Bills hadn’t completely choked to both the Bengals and the Giants, they would be at least 7-3 and not only leading their division but squarely in the playoff picture.

    Too bad.

  5. @ RabidBilslfan
    “Think about it, almost all of what the Bills do on offense centralizes on Freddie, so with him out, changes need to be made. I have a feeling this will be a totally “New Look” offense this week”

    I 100% agree with this thought. Except the Bills still have zero defense and no offensive lineman, well they’re offensive but that’s why they’ll stink it up.

    Having watched every game this year I knew they never had a strong win. Even against the skins people thought it was legit but a legit win against that team is 38-7 or 44-7. Whatever Dallas and the fins did against the Bills. This team was not built for the long haul and is washed up. I love the Bills but a spade is a spade.

    I am hating on my Bills right now because I’ve just had enough of looking for the silver lining.

  6. This is Spiller’s time. He finally gets to carry the workload. Feels like forever that I’ve been waiting for him to breakout.

  7. @wwwmattcom
    Too funny…I had to give a down for one comment and an up for another! Kinda like the Bills season!!

    This isn’t a Bill’s meltdown like earlier in the decade this is lack of depth at positions. I like the new Bills!!

  8. The IR list grows…
    Corto, Jon (IR) DB
    Easley, Marcus (IR) WR
    Hall, Bruce (IR) RB
    Huggins, Felton (IR) WR
    Kirlew, Jammie (IR) DE
    Merriman, Shawne (IR) OLB
    Parrish, Roscoe (IR) WR
    Torbor, Reggie (IR) DE
    White, Chris (IR) LB
    Williams, Kyle (IR) NT
    Wood, Eric (IR) C

    Now add Donald Jones going down for year (WR) and Fred Jackson out Indefinitely (RB) and Starting Corner Terrance McGee gone for the year. I’m not sure any team can plan and have the “depth” needed for this.

  9. So many injuries and tough to overcome. The Bills just need some quality depth. Gailey and Nix have made progress with this team.

  10. With all the injuries depleting this team, they should consider sitting Fitzpatrick. No point in putting him out there to risk him getting injured, too; especially after the contract they just gave him. At the rate they’re going, the playoffs are CLEARLY not on the table anymore. Just a thought…

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