It’s the Week 12 hot seat

Every week, a segment of PFT Live is devoted to the coaches who are in the most danger of being fired.

This week, a coach or two has graduated from the list, and a couple of unfamiliar names made an appearance.

If you’re curious, click it and watch.  Or choose to continue to be curious.

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6 responses to “It’s the Week 12 hot seat

  1. hot seats aren’t the end of the world…

    coaches can get multiple pro or college gigs and can re-surface

    the experience is what counts

    belicheck also coached the browns…

    how’d that career turn out?

  2. Del Rio’s gone.

    Too bad, because he’s a good coach. Always got a bad Jags team to overachieve and compete.

    His fate was sealed when he benched McCown.

    McCown is a Rex Grossman type, good game here, awful game there, another good game following. Sadly for McCown he had his awful game before he had ever given himself rope with the starting job.

  3. Spags gets another year because the toxic mix of horrible talent, most of which is still due to the prior regime, and injuries makes this team comically inept. And the owner is smart enough to try to avoid changing offensive coordinators three times in three years. Bradford is the face of the franchise. In 2012-2013, if the Rams do not have 8 or more wins and looking competitive, Spags is gone and the owner is looking for the coach of the LA Rams. The only way the Rams stay is if they are winners (no), exciting (no), or giving the fans hope (no). Go 9ers.

  4. trbowman obviously isn’t watching many Jaguars games… Del Rio is a crappy coach, who couldn’t manage the clock if it was strapped to his wrist…

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