Kam Chancellor slapped with $40,000 fine

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It’s been an expensive two weeks for Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor.

A week after he was fined $20,000 for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Ravens receiver Anquan Boldin, a league source tells PFT that Chancellor — a member of Peter King’s midseason All-Pro team — has been fined $40,000 for an illegal shoulder-to-helmet hit on Rams tight end Lance Kendricks.

Earlier Wednesday, Chancellor declined to tell reporters that he’d received a new fine, but he said he won’t change the way he plays.

“They ask me to compete and they tell me stay in the middle of the field and protect the middle so I’m going to compete like I know how to, hit as correct as they want me to and play the game like I know how to,” Chancellor said, per the Associated Press.

For a guy who’s making a base salary of only $450,000 in his second NFL season, he’s eventually going to be playing for free.  More than 13 percent of his entire pre-tax compensation already has been targeted for collection by the league office, subject to appeal.

34 responses to “Kam Chancellor slapped with $40,000 fine

  1. The NFL needs to start fining these guys as a % of their game check instead of a flat fee. It’s not fair for this guy to pay more than 10% of his yearly salary for one split second play decision when a much bigger star, this would barely make a dent.

  2. Shoulder to helmet? So now you can’t even lead with your shoulder…….great. Next is gonna be a leading with your hands fine.

  3. Out of approximately 2000 players attached to NFL rosters at any given time, there are a handful under the delusion that the great game of football is about using head protection to intentionall cause head injuries to fellow players. Applaud the league for tapping them on the hip pocket to remind they are wrong.

  4. BREAKING NEWS: League issuing receivers two long, slender flags and advising them to affix said flags, one to each hip via a Velcro belt.

    When is the NFL going to start fining receivers for running routes across KAM’S MIDDLE?!?!

  5. Kam just let him catch the ball dont bother even tryin to jar the ball loose & keep your job, just let him catch it for the 1st down & clean his gloves for him for he wont have any dirt in his Nike gloves, because we all know how wideouts get with dirt in there gloves.. Hell we should make it a 10,000 fine eveytime a WR gets dirty & the DBs dont help him with the stain remover. Bring back my NFL, i mean have you noticed that they dont show big hits as highlights anymore? Just TDS & punt returns LAME..

  6. At this point, all offensive players need to do is run with their head down. I’m sure there will be all types of flags for shoulder to helmet/arm to helmet/pinky to helmet thrown.

  7. Kam, stop leading with your head! Use forearms or your shoulder. You play tough. We know. You protect the middle. We get it. You knock guys da f#&k out. We see. All you are doing is costing your team penalty after penalty. Your hurting the team. Seriously, you could be broke by end of season. 6 games left. Change your ways

  8. Keep up the good work Roger.NOT ! This is pathetic to give someone a fine for hitting the shoulder on the helmet ? Come on now what is he suppose to do ? Let him catch the ball.Soon football will have less contact then basketball if these fines keep going like this.That was a clean hit and I seen it.

  9. war27
    Pretty soon it’s gonna be $50,000 fine for a defensive player touching a player with two hands.

    Oh, aren’t they already playing “two hand touch?”
    Then, that’s not going to work. That’s not going to work at all….

  10. Dudes a beast. I’ll be the first to say Payrick Willis has made clean yet more questionable hits like these and not been flagged or fined. Hell i thought they would need a body bag for some hits i’ve seen this year that you wonder how possibly they didnt get flagged compared to some others. GODell might just be a little bit biased there. You hit a player from east of the mississippi hard and just expect that fedex envelope. Unless you are that face of the franchise standup type guy ol Roger loves. Just like Justin Smith shoulder checking McCoy and suddenly it was a forearm to the face. The lesser known blue collar guys are getting docked. Justin is a solid player and many know him, but not a household name. Amazing how these replays keep conveniently disappearing when Roger’s almighty hand comes down. Keep doing your thing Kam at least until they outlaw tackling

  11. Clearly, the thing for him to do is to give up defending the middle of the field. I mean, he’s 6’4″, 230, how can he expect to totally change his momentum as he’s sprinting full speed towards where he needs to be to make a play? Better to have him back off and let the offenses rule the day…the league can sell more of those cute pink jerseys to girl fans.

  12. Goodell’s gotta go. It’s like he’s trying to take the football out of football. What’s he supposed to do? Back off, wait for the receiver to catch it, make sure he has plenty of room to run before even approaching him, then arm tackle him? But, don’t arm tackle him too hard because the commissioner might take your money.

    Chancellor is a beast and hits like a train, the commissioner is doing everything he can to stop Kam from doing what he does best. As long as he’s breaking up these plays by blowing guys up, Paul Allen should step up and take care of these pathetic fines.

  13. @seatownballers:

    I would say that about Roy Lewis wayyy before I would about Kam!

    And Brandon Browner!

    Keep ballin, Kam!

  14. When you watch the play on NFL Rewind, the issue is that even to the uninformed, like the announcer’s who called the game, they knew it would be a big fine at the time, and to be honest, he led with his helmut and the received ducked… just in time to meet Kam’s head dead-on.

    I love it!!! Not since Kenny Easley have we had a DBack that anyone talked about. And a 4th round pick… go figure! Great PC/JS draft pick. Go Hawks…
    now, just get the damn QB in the draft next year and we will be competing again for the ‘prize’.

    js –

  15. biz518 says:
    Nov 23, 2011 9:03 PM
    im sick of the ladies and children version of football, what happened to the game i love
    Don’t look at us…most of the women fans I know hate this overly sensitive crap too, starting with that “emphasis” crap in 04. And the excessive PI. If we didn’t like the physicality of the game we wouldn’t have started watching it and loving it. We’d love basebore or poker or something else non physical. Football is (WAS?) the perfect combination of strategy and physicality.

    I’m 100 behind taking helmet to helmet hits where the offensive player DOES NOT lower his head into the hit making it helmet to helmet out of the game. The rest is baloney.

  16. If Roger Goodell would grow a pair and do the right thing, he could solve the entire concussion issue and eliminate the need to fine anyone for helmet to helmet hits…


    I have written about this several times and it’s like no one has the gray mater necessary to grasp the concept of using a shock absorbing exterior on today’s helmets…instead of the ROCK HARD plastic exterior that has been used on helmets for the last 50 years.

    The “pro cap” has been used by NFL players who suffered from recurring concussions…AND IT WORKED…Mark Kelso, Steve Wallace used the “pro cap”.

    Willie Lanier used a shock absorbing material on the outside of his helmet starting in 1967 to 1977, after he suffered a near career ending concussion his rookie year and it worked.

    All Roger Goodell has to do is mandate a shock absorbing material on the outside of helmets and it would FIX THE HELMETS…and stop trying to ruin the game Americans love.


  17. Can we just go back to the days of leather helmets that served only to keep your hair in place?

    Won’t have to worry about leading with the helmet anymore.

  18. I’ve got the answer for all of you questioning what he’s supposed to do. After watching some of his hits, I’ve come to the conclusion that Goodell just doesn’t like him…because he hits too hard. I remember watching him in the preseason and wondering why the Lions passed on him. He’d be a perfect fit on our “dirty” defense. In fact…dare I say he is the missing link…that piece to the puzzle that would make us the dirtiest defense ever?

  19. If I was an owner and one of my players was getting fined for defending like he should, I would pay his fines and give him the wink nod.

  20. How effective would it be to organize a boycott of NFL games for one weekend? It seems far-fetched, but there are a LOT of pissed off fans on these forums…

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