Orton has no say in his next destination

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Rosenthal pointed out earlier today that John Clayton of ESPN has said that quarterback Kyle Orton is trying to make it known that he wouldn’t report to the Chiefs, if the Chiefs claim him on waivers.

But Orton really has no say in the matter.  He signed a contract, and under league rules his contract must pass through the waivers process.

There would be consequences if he refuses to play for the Chiefs or any other team.  For starters, he’d forfeit the balance of his $4.5 million salary in 2011.  Also, he’d be subject to an attack on any remaining signing bonus allocation for 2011.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Orton could jeopardize his shot at free agency in 2012.

As best we currently understand the rules, the Chiefs would be able to send Orton a five-day letter, if he doesn’t show.  And if within five days after getting the letter he still doesn’t arrive, the Chiefs can put him on the reserve/left squad list, which would shut Orton down for the rest of the year.

The biggest question is whether his contract would toll.  Though players must show up by Week 10 to get credit for a contract year, the rules are a little fuzzier when it comes to guys who walk out in lieu of holding out.

These are all questions Orton needs to answer before deciding to breach his contract, since he needs to understand all aspects of the worst-case scenario.  And any team that is tempted to claim Orton simply to keep him from landing in Chicago should be considering these questions as well, given the chance that the Bears could be blocked from getting Orton without the new team incurring a single cent, if Orton is serious about not showing up.

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  1. If you’re a team like the Chiefs, why do you even want a guy in your locker room that wants no part of the team?

    If Orton doesn’t want to be there, forget him.

  2. Dallas should claim him since the are fonna be fighting for a play-off spot with the Bears. Kitna is hurt anyway and McGee is the backup. Dump Kitna if necessary to keep him from the Bears. I’d rather another team do it, but if he gets to Dallas he just might slip to the Bears.

  3. Crack sports reporter: Coach, are you going to claim Orton even though he doesn’t want to play for you?

    Coach, holding back laughter: Hell no!

  4. Before the ice was in his grill
    Before he got his major deal
    Those Bears didn’t give a damn if he was here

  5. When Jake Plummer refused to play for the Bucs, I believe they were able to recoup a portion of the signing bonus Denver had paid him.

    So claiming him could actually earn the Chiefs some scratch.

  6. Since when did Kyle Orton become John Elway, dictating who he will or will not play for. This guy should be lucky he even has a job. He was lousy this year and lost his job to Tebow.

  7. The Chiefs (or anyone else Orton does not want to play for) have nothing to lose by claiming him. If he doesn’t show up they can stash him on the did-not-report list, not owe him a penny, retain his rights for next year, and trade him once the new league year begins.

    Personally though, I would question the mental state of anyone who wants to move to Chicago just in time for the winter.

  8. KC aren’t out of the playoffs quite yet in that terrible division, but bringing in an unwilling Orton wont help anything. They’ll pass on him if he says he’ll hold out.

  9. Why are they making a big deal out of this guy. What has he done in his career that makes everyone want him. Lets remember he was benched because he started the year 1-4 for a team that is now 5-5. I’m not a Tebow hater but lets be honest, statistically he’s not putting up great numbers and he’s still winning. What does that say about Orton? He played for the exact same team and didn’t do anything. He just isn’t the type of QB with that leadership and moxy to win the big games. Turn the page on that chapter please

  10. Could a team like the Lions claim him and stick him on IR just to keep him out of rotation? Or can you not just arbitrarily throw someone on IR.

  11. Let me get this straight. He wants to play for the team that traded him away, really saying, “We can’t win anything of significance with you at QB.” That’s odd, even desperate. Even old #4 had more pride than that. If the Packers needed a quarterback (heaven forbid), can you see Favre begging the old team that traded him away to take him back, knowing he’d be dumped again when the #1/#2 quarterbacks are healthy?

  12. Of course he’ll report if he is claimed by KC so he doesn’t forfeit any money. But if he can get them to think he won’t, KC may not want to waste their time and claim him. Sour the pot so to speak.

  13. Besides the deterrent effect of the financial and/or other penalties associated with breaching the contract, one would think Orton would accept going anywhere where he has a chance to play, e.g. Kansas City, because he’s in a free agent-to-be contract year.

    With a fairly QB heavy class next season with Luck, Barclay, Griffin, and others coming out next season, Orton may find that the free agent market is far more limited for a QB who refused to play for any other team but the Bears.

    Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

  14. LOL at the amount of people believing John Clayton.

    Clayton never even says how he came by this information . If the Chiefs called Orton and said we want you to be our starter the rest of the year and we want to try and make the playoffs you dont think he would go for it considering they ran a offense similar to Josh Mcdaniels offense ?

    Orton is known to be a unassuming team guy and weve yet to see him do anything that would lead us to believe that he would say dont pick me up ESPECIALLY IF YOU WANT ME TO START THE REST OF THE SEASON .

    If it was the Lions trying to block the bears I would agree but a team who is trying to make the playoffs . Orton would report in a heartbeat I dont buy it for one second .

    Of course Bears would be first choice but the Chiefs would go as far as he could help them go

  15. 4sacroc says:
    Nov 23, 2011 2:49 PM
    Seriously. We’re spending an entire day discussing KYLE ORTON? KYLE ORTON?

    At least it’s not Tebow.

  16. No player should ever be forced to play in Kansas City. They need to change that rule for the good of humanity.

  17. Seriously. We’re spending an entire day discussing KYLE ORTON? KYLE ORTON?

    It’s only one day. It’s only a 100th as bad as the “Summer of Kolb” we had to deal with.

  18. Gee, do we really not know who leaked to John Clayton that Orton doesn’t want to report to the Chiefs? I’ll give you three guesses, and any that aren’t Orton’s agent don’t count.

  19. Thank for you explaining to me how the waiver wire works and that a player has no say in his destination. It’s not like I’ve been watching this game since I was 8.

  20. Well now that we know that Orton has no say in which team selects him. He did send a message to the Dolphins that aborted Denver’s trade with the Miami Dolphins. Orton should just shut up and play, which is something that current NFL players rarely do.

  21. Colts won’t take him. Polian, by forcing the coach to bench starters when they were heading towards 16-0, has already shown he cares not a bit what anyone thinks, or how he is perceived. Doesn’t care about his image in the media, the locker room, or the coach’s office. If he wants the number 1 pick he is happy to lose all year for it, with no shame….

  22. If Kyle isn’t happy with his new team he will just go back to his home town of Yacantgettherefromhere, Iowa, and wait things out.

  23. He’s been in the league for like 6-7 years. He can’t play. He proved it in two different cities, one of which( Chicago) is somehow rumored to be his next destination. I’m always amazed at how a guy like Tebow gets toasted in the media for every weakness that they perceive him to have, but there are guys that have been around forever who can’t play a lick, and the media treats them like superstars. If he gets claimed by the Chiefs and doesn’t show, it’ll be the best thing that happened to the Chiefs all year.

  24. Apparently Promickey you dont know orton never said he wouldnt play for the Dolphins he failed to agree to terms ion a new contract . Are you equating that with a team a team actually holding his rights ?

    As far as I know when Broncos owned Ortons rights he showed up to work and was the consummate pro even after being benched .

    You have nothing to substantiate saying he should shut up when you dont even have a quote with him saying anything ?

    This is the part where fans make asses out of themselves

  25. I think people are missing the point. No sane person thinks Orton is a savior. But three teams with playoff hopes (two legitimate – one kind of iffy) all lost QBs in the past two weeks. Then all of the sudden a semi-competent QB comes on the market (look what else was out there). And if anyone thinks these three teams are in trouble now… look at the new backups these teams have – Nathan Enderle anyone? All people are hoping for is that Orton could come in and maybe win a game or two… That could be the difference between playing late in January and sitting at hom

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