Orton may try to discourage Chiefs from claiming him

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A number of teams could place a claim on Kyle Orton by 4 p.m. ET Wednesday, but most of the focus remains on the Bears and Chiefs.

Multiple Chicago reports say the Bears will claim Orton.  But will he get there?

ESPN’s John Clayton said on SportsCenter Wednesday that Orton is “trying to get word out” that he may not report to the Chiefs if Kansas City claims him.

(Presumably, part of getting the word out is telling Clayton to go on ESPN to talk about it.)

A report by NFL.com said earlier Thursday that the Chiefs are “considering” placing a claim on Orton, which is no surprise. It’s clear Orton wants to play for the Bears.  That’s why he pushed for his release.

We’d like to thank the Broncos and Orton for spicing up an otherwise quiet Wednesday.

67 responses to “Orton may try to discourage Chiefs from claiming him

  1. It seems to me that the “winner” in the Orton sweepstakes will actually be the loser.

    All that money for a backup QB who can’t win and pads his stats in garbage time.

  2. I hate K.C being as I am a Raider for life, but if Orton does block a team from getting him, he should be force to play the rest of the year for free in chicago!!!

  3. So, he thinks he can control his destiny, eh? I don’t see that happening… There are a lot of teams, especially the Lions that would have every good reason to pick Orton up… This is a competitive business & If I’m in the mix for the playoffs, there is no way I let the Texans or Chicago pick him up.

  4. “We’d like to thank the Broncos and Orton for spicing up an otherwise quiet Wednesday.”

    Where’s the spice?

    The cheap Chiefs aren’t paying Orton $2.5 million for the last 6 games of the season when they aren’t in contention for anything other than a top 10 pick.

    On the plus side for you, though, I didn’t notice any huge grammatical/spelling errors in your post. Nice work!

  5. he wouldn’t report! Out of contract after the season! Hmmm! Sounds like a plan to me! More drama. Hey who got the better deal on this trade three years ago? DA BEARS!!

  6. Hell, if he refuses to play, I’d be even MORE likely to claim the guy. Essentially you don’t have to pay him anything, and you end up with a free compensatory pick in the draft after he signs with a new team next year.

  7. Id claim him and let him sit (call his bluff) – No one in the league owes anything to Chicago – They are the competition.

  8. Claim him anyway. If he doesn’t report, you still own his rights. Then trade him during the offseason to a team looking for a back-up. Or he’ll come to his senses, show up and collect his 2.5 million bones instead of whining about returning to the team that traded him away to get a starter at his position.

  9. It is interesting because the 2 teams play soon. Chiefs can decide if they have a better chance with Orton on their team or on the Bears

  10. Would you want to go to Kansas City in the Winter? Can’t blame the guy.

    Classy move by the Broncos to give this guy a chance to play somewhere this year.

  11. I understand why he wants to play for Chicago now that they are 7-3. What doesnt make sense to me is that he has a better opportunity to take over quarterback for the chiefs long term if they let cassel go. He could be a starter for a 2-3 seasons while they groom a qb of the future.

  12. Can’t trade him in the off season – his contract expires at the end of this year. He is a free agent at that point.

  13. Texans need to claim him.Even though they picked up some no name from the Jets doesent mean that he will cut it.What if Matt Leiner doesent turn out to be a good QB for us.Then what will happen to the playoff hopes ?I think Orton could take them more deeper into the playoffs then Leiner.

  14. Let the Ravens pick him up to screw Chicago.
    Anyone remember how Chicago screwed the Ravens in this years draft!!??

  15. This just in beggars can be choosers. This perpetual loser now thinks he should dictate where he goes in the NFL? What a joke. I hope whatever team gets him really enjoys his stay since they won’t be seeing wins.

  16. This whole thing is BS. They shouldn’t just be able to shuttle Orton to the Bears to salvage their season because Cutler went down. That’s not what waivers were designed for and it’s why the NFL trade deadline is so early in the season. If I were the Lions, Cowboys or Falcons I would claim him just for spite, if he gets that far.

  17. I would hope the Lions would grab him and set him up as QB3 behind Hill. He wouldn’t report, Lions would be off the hook for the $2.5 mil, get the compensatory pick and it would add to the Lions’ growing list of haters.

  18. KC plays at Chicago on December 4. If they claim him and he refuses to report, they will at least keep him away from the Bears.

    The Chiefs should just claim him, pay him for a week, then release him a few days before the Chicago game when it’s too late for him to start that game for the Bears.

  19. The fact that the Colts aren’t interested shows that the Suck for Luck strategy is fully operational.


    Why does everyone keep saying that? What would be the point? Even if Luck wasn’t going to be the #1 pick, why would Indy pay Orton at this point to come in and maybe win them 1-2 games?

  20. Suddenly I find myself hoping he gets his wish, so we can all watch him flame out and flush the Bears’ playoff hopes down the drain.

    If he’s going to act like this, he deserves his deer-in-the-headlights moment of abject failure.

  21. I love the idea that KYLE ORTON would think he has accomplished enough in this league to throw out a “I won’t report” threat.

    Do neck beards cut off circulation over time?

  22. As a Chiefs fan, I don’t want him. But now… I hope KC claims him so he can sit and cry for the rest of the season.

  23. You’re not going to be able to work a new starting quarterback into a season that’s already circling the drain in KC, much less one that is lost beyond all hope in Indy, and Orton is an overpriced backup for 6 weeks. Presumably Chicago still has an offense he could run, anybody else would be wasting money to claim him.

  24. hey Kyle you are one little fishie in a BIG pond. You don’t make the rules.
    If a team claims him he should be forced to report. I don’t like that players think they have all this power when the teams are the ones who write the checks.

  25. It is ridiculous the way people believe everything spouted by these talking heads. Everything is media speculation at this point. How about just not buying into it? That is an option, you know…

    If Orton and his agent actually sought his release while banking that he would slide all the way to the Bears on the waiver wire, they are idiots. They have to reasonably expect 1 of the 29 teams above the Bears to make a claim.

    He’s not a free agent so he can’t pick and choose where he goes. Sitting out the rest of the season and foregoing the salary would be an incredibly bad career move.

    Orton wants to play and prove he deserves to play so he’s going to report to whoever claims him.

  26. I’m all for the Leos claiming him to spite the Bears, but for one I don’t think they have cap room this season even for 2.5M, and they’d have to cut a depth player at another position to fit him in. No thanks, let some team that actually needs a QB (except Chicago) get him. And I say that truthfully less out of spite for the Bears and more out of wanting to see Orton suffer for trying to force his way past the rules to get to a certain team. Principles, man…get those, they will get you through life successfully.

  27. As a Seahawks fan, I recall Orton’s name being kicked around as someone we might trade for this past offseason.

    Tavaris Jackson keeps looking better and better.

  28. Ok, so if he doesn’t report then the Chiefs don’t pay him and he sits out until he decides to report. Do the Chiefs have to leave a roster spot open while they wait?

  29. This would be interesting if a team claims him just to stab another team from making the deal. Good teams that lost their starting QB that were playoff bound example: Houston, Chicago. If teams like Titans, or Detriot could claim him to shore up the chance Either of those teams make more wins using Orton to shore up a wildcard slot. It would be beneficial – I’d do the deal in a heartbeat just to screw other teams. There are plenty of teams on that list… not just Detriot and Titans. I’m only using those examples of WC possibilities. Other teams could use him that are on the fence like Jets/Bills – KC is only 2 wins off of .500 – this can get hairy… I’d laugh if someone in the NFC blocks him from going to Chicago.

  30. What’s he trying to do undermine his career the same way he blew up the potential trade to Miami in August? The only way he makes it to the Bears is if no one else claims him. I can see at least four teams claiming him–or at least thinking seriously about it. Bears won’t get him; Chiefs might. Shoot, could be the Redskins where he can renew his acquaintance with Rex Grossman.

  31. Orton’s threat is not an empty one. He will be behind as far as the offense goes, and it could take a couple weeks for him to learn enough to play. If he doesn’t want to cooperate he would be worthless. He could also stall and report at a later date forcing them to pay him and drop a player but then not being ready to play.

    Also . . . roster spots are valuable in the NFL. If Detroit signs Orton they need to cut somebody. I don’t think they’re going to cut Shaun Hill or Drew Stanton, and I don’t think they’re going to carry 4 QBs.

    As a Bears fan I’m concerned KC is going to claim him, and I’m concerned the Texans may try, but aside from those two teams it doesn’t make sense for anyone else to. If you already suck and aren’t making the playoffs, and he doesn’t want to play for you, why bother, just potentially sign him in the off season.

  32. Presumably Chicago still has an offense he could run, anybody else would be wasting money to claim him.Eh no. Chicago’s offense is completely different than when he was there.

  33. Is it just me? Or does anybody else find it funny to read derogatory comments from people sitting at computers about a guy who can opt into $2.5 million for playing a game?

  34. @Trollhammer…r u kidding? I’d take Orton, as bad as he is, over Jacked Up Jackson any day. Heck, I’d take pretty much any sQB in the league before Jackson. Until Carroll and the GM are gone we Seattle fans are screwed!!!

  35. Orton is a mere mediocre QB when he’s at his best. He needs to be holding a clipboard with some bottom feeder team. That’s all he’s worth.

  36. Bears offense is completely different since he was traded, he could not come in and start. He’ll be a backup, where ever he ends up then a FA. Why is Denver interested in helping any other team? Hey Elway “c’mon man”

  37. cowhawkfan:

    I’m dead serious. To get Orton before the season, we’d have had to offer a trade package and pay his enormous salary. Basically, we would have had to commit the long-term fortunes of our franchise to a guy who couldn’t beat out Tim Tebow.

    We got Jackson at a net cost of zero draft picks, and four million a year, which is a lot compared to what I make, but pretty cheap for a QB who’s getting a two-year look.

    Guess you’re a Carroll hater, but take a look at the defense he and Schneider are putting together and tell me he doesn’t have an eye for talent, or truly want to win.

  38. So please tell me how any teams GM would explain this to the owner. We are going to claim a QB so he doesn’t make it to a competeing team, even though we have a starting QB, and then we have to pay him $2.5 Mil. Yea, that should go over real well…

  39. I dont buy it Claytons claims make no sense . Wouldnt the Chiefs be able to at least talk to his agent and gauge his interest anyway ?

    Why would he have to put the word out and why would he call Clayton to do it ?

  40. The decision to pass on Orton has nothing to do with “Suck for Luck”, primarily because nobody (including the Colts) is stupid enough to purposefully suck for a chance to use a first-round pick on a guy that might not even enter the draft next year and could choose to play for a different team even IF he did.

    The Colts are passing on Orton because HE sucks. Or at least he has with Denver thus far this year. If he can’t win with Denver (and Tebow can), what makes anyone think that it’s a sane idea for Indianapolis to make a move for him?

    Also, I agree with stoney18, it’s gotta suck playing for a nutjob like Haley.

  41. Okay, all you wiseguys bagging on Orton, a question:

    If you had any say in the matter, how many of you would choose to play for the Chiefs over the Bears?

    Yeah, I think that just about takes care of that.

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