Orton will be awarded on waivers at 4:00 p.m. ET


Several of you have asked for an explanation of the procedure for securing the rights to a player on waivers.  Since it doesn’t take much time, thought, or effort, I decided to do it.

First, priority is determined based on record.  Per a league source, here’s the current list:  (1) Colts; (2) Panthers; (3) Rams; (4) Vikings; (5) Cardinals; (6) Redskins; (7) Jaguars; (8) Dolphins; (9) Chiefs; (10) Browns; (11) Eagles; (12) Chargers; (13) Seahawks; (14) Buccaneers; (15) Titans; (16) Bills; (17) Jets; (18) Broncos; (19) Giants; (20) Raiders; (21) Bengals; (22) Cowboys; (23) Falcons; (24) Saints; (25) Texans; (26) Ravens; (27) Steelers; (28) Patriots; (29) Lions; (30) Bears; (31) 49ers; and (32) Packers.

Second, claims are made without knowing who else has made a claim.  Thus, every team that wants Orton must make a claim, and his contract will be awarded based on application of the priority list.

Third, the window closes at 4:00 p.m. ET.  Thereafter, word as to where Orton is heading surely will surface, along with a list of all other teams that put in a claim.

Fourth, several of you have asked for an explanation of the respective rights of the team and the player if the player doesn’t want to play for the team that picks him.  I’ll post an explanation of the process after PFT Live.  I’ll possibly touch on the procedure during the show, which hopefully will give you another reason to tune in at 12:00 p.m. ET.

While I’m pushing PFT Live, I’ll also address the latest developments in the Tebowmania phenomenon, and I’ll explain what the Jets are doing by giving Mark Brunell reps with the first-team offense, based on some of the non-profane words from the mouth of Rex Ryan.

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  1. If the Colts were truly trying to win games there is no way they wouldn’t make a claim. They are the only team through the first nine that desperately need QB help, second would be the Chiefs. If the Colts don’t take him there is NO doubt they are in suck for luck mode.

  2. Does this waiver system also work in the 1st week of the regular season, i..e when (typically) 16 teams are 1-0 and the other are 0-1?
    What are the tie breakers in that scenario?

  3. The Broncos cut Orton so he could play for the Bears. They signed a secret new contract that pays him a hefty sum should one of the Bears defenders knock Tebow out of commission for the 2012 year because they “just happened” to know the play. The Broncos will then set their sights on Matt Flynn as their QB of the future.

  4. Seems odd that if the playoffs started today, the Bears would be the 6th seed in the NFC behind the Lions, but Lions get waiver wire priority ahead of them? And all of the 7-3 NFC teams are after all the 7-3 AFC teams.

    How do they break ties for teams with the same record?

  5. Can’t wait for more Tebow news!! Surely some team will block the Bears from getting Orton? In fact, surely some team would spend $2.5M to block any team in the play-old hunt and needing a QB from getting him, wouldn’t they?

  6. I had hoped Orton would go to the Bears. That doesn’t seem likely (Dolphins, Chiefs, Eagles, Texans). If the Colts pass on Orton, then it’s face bludgeoningly obvious that they have no desire to win one game.

  7. Not that I am a betting man, but are there oddsmakers putting out numbers on where he goes? Are the Colts the favorite?

  8. We’re tracking this story like it’s some sort of big event.

    However there’s one small factoid everyone must be forgetting about why we should barely care…..

    Orton sucks

  9. “If the Colts don’t take him there is NO doubt they are in suck for luck mode.”

    Says who? At this point of a season, the team is better off with its current QBs who know the system. Orton isn’t going to suddenly turn around a franchise with so many holes that one ( average at best) player won’t make any difference.

  10. Bears will be in playoffs regardless with Chiefs, Seahawks, Vikings, and Broncos on their schedule and sitting at 7-3. Just put Devin at QB and run the option.

  11. Reckon its actually a ‘clever’ move by Denver. Theyre obviously going with Tebow, Orton moves on next year as a FA anyway.

    Theyre one game behind the Raiders, Cutler is out for Chicago and ‘surprise surprise’ they cut Orton. Obviously want to see him go to Chicago.

  12. It is unlikely, but it would not surprise me if Dallas put in a claim. Good potential backup QB since Kitna is hurt. A chance to weaken a potential wild card competitor or first round matchup. A chance to get an extra compensatory pick next year when Orton leaves. And Jerry Jones has no problem spending $3M to try to weaken a potential threat.

  13. Good chance a running QB like Tebow will get hurt, or defensive coordinators will figure out a way to stop him because he’s so one-dimensional. That leaves Quinn. I’m not sure who in the Denver front-office decided to waive Orton, but this looks like a dumb move.

  14. Bears fan here, hoping for Orton but also interested to see what Hanie can do. I’d be shocked if no one else claimed Orton ahead of the Bears.

    My guess is either the Texans (in case Leinart doesn’t play well, since they are legitimate Super Bowl contenders with a capable QB), or the Redskins, since they just cut Tashard Choice in what looks like a move to clear out a roster spot.

    I don’t see any of the really bad teams doing it, since Orton will be a free agent after this year. However, I read somewhere that if he goes to a different team as a free agent, whoever picked him up would get a compensatory draft pick, which is a pretty big incentive to claim him off waivers right now even if Orton wouldn’t be in your team’s long-term plans.

  15. There is not doubt Polian will pass on Orton, a local kid from Purdue, to make sure he does everything in his power to make sure the Colts lose so he’s in the position to draft Luck. How ironic for the luckiest man in the NFL. He stepped into a situation in Buffalo where they had already drafted Jim Kelly and when the USFL folded Kelly fell into his lap. He got to start at zero in Carolina and spent them almost into bankruptcy to win for one year. He falls into Indianapolis when Peyton comes out, (and he almost picked Ryan Leaf over him, despite what he proclaims), and now when Luck comes out Peyton can’t play and Polian sabotages the rest of the season to get the top QB that has come out in years.

  16. Anyone who thinks the Texans are going to claim Orton is an idiot (yes, all the so called NFL “analysts”). While Leinart may not be a great option, he’s been in the Kubiak system for 2 years now and I’m sure Kubiak and the team has way more confidence in him than they would bringing in a cold Orty. That basically tells Leinart and the rest of the team they have no confidence at all in him before he even takes a snap. Not gonna happen.

  17. Chiefs take him, then trade him to Chicago for a 1st and 2nd rounder next year… Or another 1st rounder if the Bears make it to the SB.

    Sound about right Hugh Jackson? Idiot!

  18. the dolphins were very close to trading for Orton at the start of the season. wouldnt it be a no brainer to take him in now? i know Matt Moore is playing well but the guy you wanted all along is now available to get… isn’t this a no brainer for the Phins?

  19. I wonder what the Bears promised the Broncos for making Orton available. To much of a coincidence if you ask me.

  20. This is a wise move by Denver if Chicago does pick Orton up.
    Orton at QB (for Chicago) gives us our best chance of winning.
    John Fox

  21. Ok folks this is “Kyle Orton” we are talking about here and not Aaron Rodgers. I mean no offense to the man but heck he couldn’t even beat out the “Tim Tebow”……come on now. Are NFL teams that hard up for QB’s? If that’s the case I say they are better off begging Brett Favre to come out of retirement again.

  22. Why would a team with no shot of making the playoffs (like the Colts) waste their time and money with Orton at this point in the season….unless they were considering him for a place on the team in 2012?
    Wouldn’t a team like that be better off giving playing time to their backups, to develop them and see if they can contribute in the future?

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