Rex says he doesn’t envision ever benching Sanchez


The decision to give backup quarterback Mark Brunell some snaps with the first-team offense appears to be yet another “I’ll turn this car around right now” threat from coach Rex Ryan to quarterback Mark Sanchez.  We know this because Rex reportedly has said at his Wednesday press availability that he can’t envision taking Sanchez out of a game.

Per Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, however, Rex also said it’s not inconceivable that he’d replace Sanchez for a series.

And perhaps that would be the next step in Rex’s second annual effort to get Sanchez’s attention.  As Rex explains at pages 258-59 of his book, Play Like You Mean It, he gave Brunell practice time with the starting offense in 2010 because “our quarterback was struggling . . . .  I mean, he was shitty” and because “some defensive guys [were] complaining about the offense.”

So that’s what’s happening now, and in order to get Sanchez’s attention, Rex needs to take it up a notch.

If that means giving Brunell a series, the next question becomes what happens if Brunell does well?

The Jets are playing high-stakes poker on this one.  But they need to do something to create the kind of urgency that seems to get the most out of Sanchez in the postseason.

For the past two games, the only urgency has related to the speed with which Jets fans find a receptacle for the contents of their stomachs.

39 responses to “Rex says he doesn’t envision ever benching Sanchez

  1. I doubt at this point that Brunell can hobble on to the field before the play clock expires.

  2. We’re going to attack from the north!!! Send in a postrider and have him let the opposition know!!

  3. This whole thing is so stupid. Rex should just tell Sanchez to show him his feet and get rid of this tension. It’s tearing this team apart.

    If you are going to threaten Sanchez, shouldn’t you use a quarterback that has a chance of not dying the next time he sees the field?

  4. A head coach is always his quarterbacks number 1 fan….until the day he isn’t. That day also happens to be the day the QB get benched.

  5. Wouldn’t have a ton of faith in Brunell….either running the offense or balancing his check book.

  6. Holy smokes Mark Brunell is still in the NFL?

    Only because he conned a team into helping him pay off all his bankruptcy debt.

  7. I love how 6 of the top 10 commented topics are about Tebow.

    Haters must just be curling over at all this coverage of him…..

    Awesome! Keep up all the commenting on him!

  8. Mark Sanchez is not the answer in New York. If the defense is complaining, he needs replaced. The defense carries that team. The Jets are just like Denver, a great defense looking for a quarterback to run their offense!

  9. Mark Sanchez is terrible.

    But Mark Brunnell?! are we serious? I think LT has thrown more TD passes than him in the last 5 years.

    I might actually google that.

  10. Okay, so Sanchez stinks it up. Brunell gets reps. Sanchez wants everyone to know how really, really excited he is about making the playoffs despite the reports that he launched on Rex. Rex swears allegiance and constant loyalty.

    What’s next, Gangreen clown shoes and seltzer bottles?

  11. Sanchez’s biggest problem is that he only looks at one WR. The defense can jump the route when he does this. Rex doesn’t need to make him angry in order to get wins, he needs to simply explain that the defense is trained to watch the QB’s eyes!

  12. And has a Jets fan this is the last thing i wanted to hear, Sanchez has been so bad I was actually really convincing myself that Brunell could be more productive, I bet like hell the Jets front office is happy that KC took orton before the Jets would of had to make a call!!!

  13. r8erswilldebacleyou says,

    Lets calm down folks. Sanchez is a top 3 QB.

    Very true on the jets.

    1) Tomlinson
    2) Holmes
    3) Sanchez
    4) O’Connell
    5) Brunnell

  14. >Sanchez is a top 3 QB. The stats show

    Pct: 57.1 Yds: 6.9 TD: 14 INT: 10 Fumbles lost: 5
    Passer rating: 79.9

  15. As a jet fan im sofa king Embarrassed by this Squad
    sancheese is “Captain checkdown” he only looks down field To give LT enough time To get open In the flat!!!
    Thx to Schottenheimer this kid now sucks
    J.E.T.S Just end the season!!!!!!!

  16. Said it before, Sanchaz was started to soon. Granted Burnell is not as fast as he once was, but we don’t need someone to play fast. We need a QB who is not going to make stupid rookie mistake’s and put our back’s to the wall.

    Last year there was all this talk about how Sanchaz won games in the 4th quarter with time running out. Ummmm, hello, he’s the one who put us there, losing in the 4th quarter, in the first place.

  17. Not a jets fan, but I watched that broncos game. The Jets offensive line is terrible, Sanchez was getting hit on 3 step drops.. He has no time to throw deep. He is still a young QB has no running game and that falls on the GM. If any QB is getting beaten up every game he is going to miss throws and develop happy feet or Start looking for a pass rush that’s not there. What i saw was one of the worst offensive lines in football, the past two years they had a running game. This year CB can sit on the quick slants because the ball has to come out quick… Feel sorry for any QB behind that line.

  18. I’m hoping Jets management and fans don’t wake up one day and realize that Wrecks is a mediocre coach.

    2009 he led the Jets to what effectively was an 8-8 season if the Colts hadn’t given a Suck for Luck preview and pulled their starters in Game 16, lacking the balls to make an attempt at 19-0.

    2010 he blustered and guaranteed a Super Bowl victory. Enough of his players believed him to overachieve.

    2011 – the second consecutive Super Bowl guarantee might not have convinced as many Jets players and they’re back to a mediocre 5-5 record.

  19. it’s not surprising to see some foot jokes floating around since clearly some people will never let that go. no matter how old and stale it gets. but i look at you people giving them a thumbs up and i wanna yarf

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