Texans end Schaub’s season, sign Kellen Clemens

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The Texans have officially given up hope that quarterback Matt Schaub could return this season.

The team will place Schaub on injured reserve on Wednesday, according to Jason La Canfora of NFL.com. That indicates that Schaub will be undergoing surgery on his foot.

Schaub visited a specialist on Tuesday, and must have received the same answer he got originally. His foot has to be repaired, and there’s no chance he could return in time for a playoff run.

John McLain of the Houston Chronicle reports the team will sign Kellen Clemens.

So the Texans just lost Schaub, will start Matt Leinart, and now have Clemens in reserve. It’s a depressing day for Texans fans.

We think they are still set up to make the playoffs, but it’s hard to see them as a legitimate Super Bowl contender with Leinart in command.

36 responses to “Texans end Schaub’s season, sign Kellen Clemens

  1. I mean, at the end of the day, it’ s not like Schaub is amazing.
    So, hopefully, either Clemens or Leinart can just play, decenctly, and there shouldn’t be too big a drop off. Although, maybe thats asking too much.

  2. “Matt Light”? Isn’t he a Patriots OLineman? (@galvestontexans)

    Not much of a Texans fan if you don’t know the names of your own players. For the record, it’s Matt LEINART not Matt Light.

  3. Clemmens will be the QB3, running scout team, and will likely be inactive more times than not. His signing is irrelevant.

    If Leinart fails, the Texans will turn to 5th round rookie TJ Yates. If it gets to that point, we’re screwed anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.

    They didn’t have the cap room for Orton, so that really wasn’t an option. Orton’s due $2.6MM, they have ~$1.9MM. Too many restructures for a QB3.

  4. Leinart is going to surprise a whole bunch of people. He is not as good as Schaub, but he will be fine in the Texans offense.

  5. Chill out. Leinart will be handing the ball off seventy percent of the time. The o line and running backs are consistent. I cant see the coaching staff allowing leinart to throw any deep balls. Just eight yard routes to andre johnson. Texans will win division, then will likely be crushed by a wild card team.

  6. I’m not a texans or leinhart fan, but you guys haven’t seen him take a regular season snap in how long?

    Maybe give him a chance before beating him up like you have for the last week.

  7. Tt blows me away that people keep asking about Garrard. Pay attention. The guy had back surgery weeks ago and has said he can’t/won’t play this year.

    Leinart will be fine. Never really got a good shake in Arizona. He would’ve been leaps and bounds better than the bums they had their last year. He’s going to surprise a lot of people.

    I put Clemens in that same category as people like the Huard brothers, Gus Ferotte, Todd Collins. Are they good? No. But they kept getting jobs. Kind of feel the same way about Clemens.

  8. People belive in Tim Tebow, I believe in Matt Leinart. I’ve seen this guy play since his days in high school. This guy is a winner. He stumbled in AZ yes no doubt about it but it was really because he was partying way too much. I would see him almost every weekend at Sandbar lol. He’s a different person in TX now. I’m calling it here on PFT. He will go at least 4-2 the rest of the way and put up good numbers. I wouldn’t doubt if he wins a playoff game as well

  9. @marcus158 I think by “Matt Light” (@galvestontexans) was referring to the fact that Matt Leinart was the back up QB to someone with the same first name I.E Matt Schaub. Which “light” is used to say that he is not as good.

    It is easy to understand if you think about it

  10. Matt Leinart just might surprise some people.

    And I laughed out loud for real on the Shane Falco comment!

  11. Call me crazy but signing Kellen Clemens is waste of a roster spot. I think the Texans would have been better served by signing Terrell Owens to help out the offense and here is my reasons why…………..#1. Two quarterbacks are enough. The Texans only throw about 15 to 20 passes a game and they have an above average offensive line who do not give up alot of sacks. It is extremely unlikely both Matt Leinart and TJ Yates will get hurt and placed on IR before the Texans season ends. Those are about the same odds of you hitting the lottery today for millions of dollars. #2. With the running games of Arian Foster and Ben Tate, teams will now have eight or even nine guys in the box to stop the run while double teaming Andre Johnson similiar to New Orleans in Week 3. Terrell Owens keeps defenses honest, allowing the Texans to run against defenses front sevens and allowing Andre Johnson more one on one coverage. #3. While Andre Johson was injured, do you know who was the Texans top three pass catchers……………Arian Foster, Owen Daniels, and Joel Dressen and yes you guessed it, none of those guys are wide recievers. #4. Ask yourself, is 81 to 90% of Terrell Owens better than 100% of Jacoby Jones, Kevin Walter, Derrick Mason, or Bryant Johnson. You guessed correct if you said yes. Men lie, women lie but numbers don’t. #5. Signing Terrell Owens now means his contract is non guaranteed meaning if he does not perform on the field or has some kind of “conduct determinal to the team”, then you just cut him and the Texans do not have to pay anymore money meaning he would be playing for approximately $100,000 per week as long as Terrell Owens is on the roster. The best part though is Terrell Owens wants to play next season and change his image so I am sure he is now humbled waiting on a contract and be on his best behavior.

  12. “Can’t believe Brunell is better than Clemens.”

    Nine years from now Brunell will turn 50. And he’ll still be better than Kellen Clemens is now.

  13. dalucks, might as well give up on that – T.O isn’t going to Houston anytime soon, and as you can see not any other NFL team is interested in him either.

  14. This season isn’t going to end in the superbowl but it’s not a total loss either. If the Texans can get their feet wet in the playoffs with a backup qb-
    then they will go into the offseason with huge optimism. And too start the season with a healthy Schaub, Mario n Dre…look out for the Texans in 2012

  15. This is just a horrible turn of events for the Texans.. I feel bad for the fans.. Oh wait.. they play in the AFC SOUTH? they’ll be just fine with Kellen or Donavan McNabb even.

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