The Jets give Mark Brunell first team snaps


Jets coach Rex Ryan has said that Mark Sanchez will be the starting quarterback in New York for as long as Ryan is the coach in New York.

That doesn’t mean Ryan is above holding Sanchez’s feet to the fire with motivational tactics.  The Jets gave Mark Brunell some first-team snaps in hopes of motivating Sanchez, just like they did around this time last year.

“You know me. If I think something’s working, we’ll go with it,” Ryan said via the New York Daily News. “I don’t think it really matters, but for some reason he got a little hot under the collar and gave that super competitive fighting spirit that we know he has. It seems to work.”

Sanchez admitted last summer that he “wanted to fight” Ryan the last time he pulled this stunt.  But it’s not that crazy an idea.  Just like it’s not that crazy an idea to actually bench Sanchez at some point if he continues down this path.

More important than motivational tactics: The Jets have an advantageous schedule in the coming weeks. If they can’t beat the Bills, Redskins, and Chiefs in a row, then perhaps Brunell really should play.

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  1. “That doesn’t mean Ryan is above holding Sanchez’s feet to the fire”


    I see what you did there….

  2. Hey Sanchez, stop trying to fight people and stop getting hot under the collar.

    You’re not a good QB. So just slap yourself in the face and change your shirt.

  3. Ah, the old “I’m gonna do something that would make you mad if I hadn’t fully explained it to you in advance, so now it’s just for show” tactic.

  4. Pulling this stunt will not improve Sanchez’s play. He is what we thought he was….a QB with limited skills. Sanchez has reached his ceiling, they will have to go back to the 2009 the defense back up and acquire a top RB so they can hide Sanchez’s shortcomings.

  5. The field is already condensed enough as it is with Sanchez. Brunell’s arm would hurt that even more.

    Anyway, do we really think Sanchez is sucking because he’s not trying hard enough? That’s basically the only way one would think this tactic will work.

    Or, like I’d be more inclined to believe, Rex Ryan has seen the Bills, Redskins and Chiefs on the schedule and his ego wants people to think that this move will be the reason for Sanchez’s improved play if/when the Jets go 3-0 in this stretch.

  6. I’m no where near the motivational speaker that Rexy is so maybe I just don’t understand…. But it seems to me that for a motivational tactic to be effective it has to produce a genuine emotional response in the subject.

    The problem for the Jets, which is the same problem the Patriots have, is that their schedule for the rest of the year is very easy. Both Pats and Jets have struggled at times this season and in my opinion both could run the table and that not prove a thing about their teams. We won’t know the true character of either the Pats or Jets until the play offs start.

  7. Put in a claim for Orton if you really want to light a fire under Sanchez. Threatening him with a 40 year old guy who would have retired 3-4 years ago if he didn’t have financial problems is only going to do so much.

  8. If Ryan is going to give Brunell reps in practice to fire Sanchez up, he just took away whatever good it would have done by telling the press Sanchez is still the starter.

    As long as there isn’t a quality backup QB in NY, Sanchez will continue to start. And that’s a shame. That team is stacked, and he’s holding them back from reaching their ultimate goal.

    Better luck next time, Rex…

  9. When the Jets came to Baltimore, I saw Brunell gimping across the field before the game. Looked like one of his knees doesn’t work anymore.

    Watching that, if Sanchez goes down, the Jets are toast.

  10. I opened the page to see this headline for an earlier posting underneath “The Jets give Mark Brunell first team snaps”:

    Mark Sanchez: Jets are excited, “We have a real shot at the playoffs”

    NOW the excitement makes sense.

  11. Ahhhhh…now I see why Sanchez is excited about the prospect of making the playoffs…he knew he was about to be benched thus exponentially increasing the odds of that happening.

  12. Brunell went bankrupt two years ago. That’s why he’s still ‘playing’ today.

    I question his motivation…

    If Sanchez throws an INT and Rex puts Brunell in… we’ll all see what a bad backup QB he is. O’Connell is not NFL ready.

    Jets don’t have a QB. How does that happen? Patriots have 3 QB’s that are better than Sanchez. Matt Moore is making him look good.

  13. buffalomyke,

    I beg to differ. The jets do have a quality back up QB. His name is Mark Sanchez. They just don’t have an NFL quality starting QB.

  14. On Mike and Mike this morning, Jon Gruden said “Rex Ryan should not play head games with the quarterback.”

    What? Jon Gruden said that?!

    The pot calling the kettle black!!

  15. Shouldn’t they be past this stage in Sanchez’s development? But then again, what successful quarterback in the past decade needed this type of motivation to push himself to improve?

  16. All the Jets problems can be traced to stupid personnel decisions on offense.

    You draft a back (Greene) who will never average more than 3 ypc, add a third down back “classy guy” (Tommlinson) whose best years are 4 years in the rear view mirror, along with issues on the OL, and you end up with a running game that scares nobody. So the focus switch to the QB.

    In the passing game they failed miserably with Mason, and let Cotchery and the idiot Edwards walk. You’re left with a convict and a dope smoker. Both of whom have out and out quit on pass routes numerous times this year.

    As I see it, Sanchez has decent skills. The problem is he doesn’t own the huddle. The tail is wagging the dog. He doesn’t seem to have the type of personality that inspires, and he doesn’t have the stones to get in the face of Holmes or Burress. Maybe that will change, maybe it won’t. Giving Brunell snaps isn’t going to help.

  17. How do you motivate an arm? I mean the guy had questionable passing skills coming into the league. The only saving grace was he had a very good running game to work with. Now that his top runners are hurt and the show is on his back, his true lack of abiities are showing.

    So I guess we blaim him and not the coaching staff, the poor offensive line play, the lack of running game for the Jets demise.

  18. Rex is shifting the blaim away for himself and the piss poor job he did trying to coach last week against Denver. Have zero respect for this guy now that I know he is one heck of a coach when: he offensive line loaded with first round picks are healthy; his defensive backs that he got from other teamsfor a ton of money are healthy; his running backs are getting it done and the passing game is fair.
    Take any of the above away and he is less than mediocre

  19. Brunell gets winded just breaking the huddle.
    No way he sees quality time unless Frito can’t go.

    The real problem with the Jets is their O-line!!
    Has anyone ever seen Hunter, Mulligan or Keller block? ME NEITHER!!! And their backs aren’t picking up blitzs well at all. Every team knows it that’s why whoever they put at QB will struggle as we’ve seen.

  20. I still get a kick out of fans ( all fans including myself ). I am a Denver fan so I am very subject to this. I wanted to point out though to you J.E.T.S Jets Jets Jets fans. That Ryan took you to 2 AFC Championships the last two yrs. As well turned around a very average franchise. So chill out.. Get healthy and please do not start Brunell!

  21. Those that think that Matt Barkley is a better pro prospect than Andrew Luck need to take a close look at this. With the exception of Carson Palmer, USC QBs haven’t lit the NFL on fire despite two of them being 1st round picks.

  22. I hate sanchez, dont get me wrong, i like the jets style, but sanchez doesnt fit, everytime he makes a clutch throw, whose catching it…plax who can catch anything thrown within 10 yards and holmes who can adjust to any ball you throw…dont get me wrong,, sanchez has potential, but he definately needs some competition to motivate him, i dont believe the jets can win with sanchez right now

  23. Gotta laugh at all of the whiny Pats fans piling on here, yet crying like babies when the Pats threads get similar comments.

    Like I’ve said time and time again, New England sports fans dish it but can’t take it. Biggest bunch of crybaby wusses on the planet.

  24. If Sanchez wasn’t already motivated, and Mark Brunell getting snaps at practice really does motivate him, that’s all I need to know about him.

  25. Really, is mark brunnel threatening to ANY NFL QB or opposing teams these days? I was done in DC and that was 4 years ago! He may as well bring Namath in as a back-up to motivate Sanchez.

  26. Sanchez has 7 game winning drives and has been to 2 conference championship games in 2 full seasons .has he been good this year no but hes still young let this play out remember when people said Eli couldn’t play ? Go look at his first 3 full seasons and now the lights go on he’s been Playing great . Let it play out everyone wants to be the first to say a guys a bust don’t get it

  27. A fine example of the difference in philosophy between the Jets and the Patriots;
    Jets have Sanchize as their starter and Brunell as their backup.
    Pats have Brady starting with Hoyer and Mallet as backups.
    Which team are you betting on this week?

  28. How can this work if everyone involved knows there is ZERO chance of Sanchez not starting? This worked last year because it could’ve happened, but everyone’s already shown their cards. This just seems silly now.

    If you want Sanchez to actually feel threatened sign Kyle Orton.

  29. bozosforall says:
    Gotta laugh at all of the whiny Pats fans piling on here, yet crying like babies when the Pats threads get similar comments.

    Like I’ve said time and time again, New England sports fans dish it but can’t take it. Biggest bunch of crybaby wusses on the planet.

    Sounds like someone is whining about whining.

    This from the biggest fool who’s ever posted on this site.

  30. I worked for Jets for 2 years. Last year, when Brunell started one of the last games, his dad came up to me in the Lexus Club. We started talking, said he was hoping his son wouldnt get injured etc. and He told me last year when Marc Brunell was getting snaps with the 1st team in practice, Sanchez through a temper tantrum in Rex’s and Schottys offices and all Brunnell did was laugh. Kid is whiney and has no heart.

  31. He shoulda put Brunell is previously. He can’t be any worse, and st one time, he was considered in of the best QB’s in the NFL. Of course, that was 20 years ago.

  32. The Jets having Brunell is a great decision. Nobody, and I mean nobody, is calling for the backup. The Jets will live or die with their former top 10 pick and give him every chance while other teams play QB games to appease the fans. They’ve won enough with Sanchez to give him more time to develop. Not every team can have Rodgers, Brady, or the former Manning.

  33. The Jets traded up to get a guy who was clearly just another overrated USC quarterback (not including Carson Palmer, and Matt Barkley). I have no idea what they saw in him. I give him props for getting them to the AFC Championship game, but everytime I watch him I am just awestruck as to how he was taken so high. Usually quarterbacks need about three years to develop, some may need a little more, or a little less, but I don’t see him making up the ground he needs to make up with the time he has.

  34. The problem with Sanchaz is that he was started to soon. Brady even sat for two years learning before he got the start. As a Jet fan it sucks that we got to the AFC Championship game 2 years in a row in spite of Sanchaz, because we’ll never have that team, at that time, again.

  35. antoniocromarties12kids says:
    Nov 23, 2011 9:27 AM
    You cant motivate him with the same tactics over and over, he knows brunnell wont chalk his spot this time

    here’s a bet. brunell doesn’t play and sanchez has a great game. any takers?

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