Torrey Smith, Von Miller, Julian Edelman win AFC awards

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It’s been a big year for rookies in the NFL, especially in Week 11.

Ravens wideout Torrey Smith won the AFC’s Offensive Player of the Week award, while Denver’s Von Miller won the AFC’s Defensive Player of the Week Award for the week.

Smith has quickly emerged as Baltimore’s best big play threat.  The Ravens’ last two huge division wins were largely because of Smith.  Miller has quickly grown into one of the league’s best pass rushers of any age.

Patriots return man Julian Edelman won the Special Teams Player of the Week award after returning a punt for a touchdown and making a special teams tackle.  (Edelman was not considered for the defensive award, although he did play some slot cornerback.)

11 responses to “Torrey Smith, Von Miller, Julian Edelman win AFC awards

  1. One of the trainers came into the locker room in Denver, and let Von Miller know that he had been chosen as the AFC’s Defensive Player of the Week, and John Fox wanted to see him to congratulate him. Von then took off his glasses, leaned forward, placing his hand over his face, cried for 22 minutes, and then headed in to see Coach Fox…

  2. torrey smith is bmore’s mvp right now. Cam Cameron was basically like “look Torrey, if you can just run past everyone, I wont have to actually think of a clever offensive strategy, hope the weight of the team doesn’t break your back!”

    All of this on a second round pick out of UMD, a team that should have lost to Towson University this year. Incredible.

  3. What amazes me is the number of so called fans who were ready to declare Torrey Smith a bust after a preseason and two games. Most receivers take a couple of years to develop. Torrey has shown big play ability in just one. He still needs a lot of work. Mostly he needs to learn to catch with his hands and stop using his body so much. But he has one thing that can not be coached, and that is blinding speed. Watch his big plays. He looks like the road runner when he hits that overdrive gear. The CB or safety look like they are running in cement and Torrey blows past them. Best of all, he is an honest to goodness good young man. He was the father for his family that they never had. We hear these stories a lot and after some time we tend to get immune to it or think that it is a bunch of crap, but in this case it is not. This kid deserves all the good things that will be coming to him. I’m proud that he went to UM and happier still that he was drafted by the Ravens.

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