Will Beatty has detached retina, needs surgery

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Another week, another key member of the Giants sidelined by injury.

Starting left tackle Will Beatty suffered a detached retina in Sunday night’s loss to the Eagles and will undergo surgery on Thursday in New York. According to the Giants, there won’t be a timetable for his return until after the surgery is performed. Jorge Castillo of the Newark Star-Ledger reports that Beatty isn’t sure when he got hurt because he doesn’t recall getting poked in the eye during the game although he did suffer from blurred vision.

The Giants have two possible routes to go to replace Beatty. They could elevate Stacy Andrews to the starting lineup or they could move longtime tackle David Diehl back outside from left guard. Kevin Boothe would likely replace Diehl in that scenario. Neither option is all that great for a team that saw their line get totally overrun by the Eagles. Andrews hasn’t played much and Diehl hasn’t been very good this season after years of declining play protecting Eli Manning’s blind side.

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  1. Retinal detachments can happen spontaneously without trauma.

    Hopefully he doesn’t suffer any permanent vision loss or significant visual field defect.

    He’ll miss the remainder of the season though…

  2. eagles fan here, but that’s brutal…hate to see that.

    like probably most of the people here I would have loved to play pro football…but now i’m wondering if it’s really worth it. maybe the luckiest guys are the ones on the practice squad, get called up for a game or two, don’t make the team the next year and move on. at least they have the experience without the permanent damage.

  3. There is an easy fix to the eye problem. It’s been performed around the country successfully. Simple procedure, look into Tim Tebow’s eyes.

  4. I actually think this might not be all bad as Diehl has struggled going back to guard after 4 seasons at LT. Boothe generally plays decent inside and frankly we had the best run game if the season with Boothe in the lineup. Diehl us serviceable at tackle.

  5. Wonder if the Giants are leading the league in player losses due to injury this year? Wonder if the amount of injuries will prevent management from firing TC? I wonder…

  6. Can occur with or without trama as someone above says. I am not a football player and in lat July the same happened to me. They have 2 ways to re-attach the retina. If it is not complete, they can do it by laser surgery. If it is in the worser case completely detached they insert a gas bubble into the eye and fuse the retina to the wall. It then takes months for the gas bubble to finally dissolve. I had my operation of about 3 hours done on July 31, 2011. Friday in 2 days is my final checkup/

  7. I too had the surgery…called a sclerel buckle (look it up on youtube). Mine was in June and only lasted an hour. My bubble only lasted a month. But he will be out for a while…you cant be taking hits while its healing. I would guess he would be back for late playoff game and or superbowl if they make it that far.

  8. Odds are, he will need a scleral buckle. I had that surgery in 1988. Doctors said you can’t elevate your blood pressure for about 3-4 weeks, which means no working out. After that, no blows to the head due to the high risk of going blind.

    Beatty’s probably done for the season.

  9. Read this and immediately thought of the guy in Any Given Sunday whose eys popped out at the end.

    Sounds dangerously painful.

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