Despite report of elbow injury, Tom Brady says he feels great

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For years, Tom Brady’s name appeared on every Patriots injury report as having a right shoulder injury.  He was always listed as probable, and he never missed a game.

Now, he reportedly has a bone bruise near his elbow, something that never has been disclosed by the team.

Brady, despite wearing a contraption on his arm typically used by folks who have tennis elbow, claims he’s fine.

I feel great,” Brady said Wednesday, via Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald.  “I feel great.  I’m excited about this week.  I’ll be out there on Sunday as I am always, unless they tell me I can’t be.  I’ll be out there.  I feel great and I’m ready to go try to play my best football.”

Brady’s passing guru, Tom Martinez, recently told Karen Guregian of the Herald that Brady appears to be playing in pain and that it is “affecting some of his throws.”  Martinez said that, as the game progresses, Brady seems to improve, possibly because he decides that he has to simply fight through the pain.

It could just be that Brady is dealing with the increasing strains and pains that seem to emerge as the body ages, and that he’s in denial about the fact that, when the 2012 season starts, he’ll be 35.

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  1. I was saying to my son the other day that I think we’re just starting to see the decline of Tom Brady.

    Just starting. With his skill set though, he’s gonna be real good for a while yet.

  2. This seems like the second or third time Tom Martinez has been referenced recently….

    Kind of curious because the last time he was being mentioned he was close to his death bed.

    Any further info on his recovery?

  3. Every NFL player is in denial about their own mortality and health. Last time I checked the football field wasn’t the safest place to be.

    But like much of the NFL – the draft, free agency – good health is often a crap shoot. Belichick seems to recognize this and has two decent backups on the squad – one or both of whom could likely be starting for another team given the dearth of QB talent out there.

  4. Tom Martinez is a QB guru, as they say, but he also apparently likes to talk to the media and isn’t shy about offering his opinion.

    Tom Brady could very well be in denial of the “increasing strains and pains that seem to emerge as the body ages,” or at least he is to the media anyway (what else is new?) And besides, what’s the alternative – for him to complain publicly about how badly his body feels? Yeesh! We all know how that would play out in this column.

  5. .

    Who would have thought that after only 10 weeks of 300 lb D-Lineman pursuing Brady with intent to maim, that he would have a bruise?


  6. Or (now this is just facts) you can stop trying to make brady look tough,,,i mean it must be hard running a spread offense throwing 5-7yds everythrow his poor elbow

  7. love how every year after the patriots lose a couple games (steelers, giants this year) an injury comes out to explain why brady isnt playing his best.

    then after he has a big game we all have to hear how he overcame a huge injury to play the game of his career.

    same crap, different year…

  8. This explains why every QB in the league aside from Aaron Rogers keeps asking Tom how he got the bruise and where they can get one.

  9. “Put a little heat on tommy boy and he folds brady has no heart”

    Dumbest thing i’ve ever heard.

    Obviously never seen him prepare for a game before, or seen him on the side lines the second a drive goes bad. He has more heart than any QB. He doesnt win by luck, ever, and is the most winningest active QB in the league…

  10. OH yeah, TB has no heart. 🙄 That’s why he was fighting for a fumble under a pile with the Jets DT Wilkerson. #sarcasm

    @ clavette that’s pathetic and describes a host of other players but not TB. He’s never complained about or even mentioned anything health related unlike guys like Roethlisberger. I do wish this hadn’t come out though.

    To the guy asking about Martinez’ health, he’s been approved for a kidney transplant. Happy for him!

    What I really love about TB is his competitiveness and striving for perfection. I could tell after the KC game listening to him, he was ticked at how the offense played and at how he played…he called himself out.

  11. apatfanforever: not true. I’ll take Arod because he’s almost a decade younger and (wait for it…) a better QB right now. Brady is past his prime, and turns into a girl when pressured in the pocket.

    Brady pees sitting down; just look at the clip of him dancing in Rio with that fabio haircut.

  12. “All the Brady hatters on this board and others would give their left nut to have a chance to have #12 on their team .”

    Not really. My team has a bad offensive line, and the fact he gets 4-7 seconds to throw on every play oddly gets overlooked.

  13. binkystevens: O.K. I like Rogers to , but how many teams have a quarterback like that and having a sensational year so far . My point was how many teams would want TB ? As far as him turning into a girl with pressure , I assume you have first hand knowledge of what it is like to have men who weigh 50 to 100 lbs more than you trying to inflict what ever legal or illegal damage they can on your body . Please note the number of injuries that NFL quarterbacks have just this year . It is not unreasonable for any quarterback to try and avoid a hit . As you know TB does his best work while he is on the field . And peeing while sitting down , you must have first hand knowledge , like sitting next to him . And BINKY , please change that handle , it causes very weird images . I do thank you for your courteous reply.

  14. How is it whenever a QB has a good year, everyone jumps on the band wagon as they are the best in the LG automatically. Aaron Rodgers is very good, but he hasn’t matched brady yet. I remember the same being said about Bree’s the year he had.

    I dont see how age is a factor in how good QB’s are, its why age isn’t much of a factor is his position. He just had one of the best seasons ever last year and first unanimous MVP. Brett Favre had his best year in 2009, we all know how old he is.

    2012 Superbowl
    Patriots – 42
    Packers – 35

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