Haynesworth: “You know me, I love to hit Schaub”


Albert Haynesworth has a habit of injuring Matt Schaub. It happened at least two times when Haynesworth was a Titan, and it happened again two weeks ago in Haynesworth’s first game for the Bucs.

Haynesworth didn’t sound too broken up about the development Wednesday.

“You know me, I love to hit Schaub,” Haynesworth told Tennessee reporters via Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.

This injury reminded Haynesworth of previous hits on the Texans quarterback.

“It was on the goal-line. He actually screamed like normal in the pile,” Haynesworth said.

You can take Haynesworth out of a Titans uniform, but he’s all class no matter what team he’s playing for.

62 responses to “Haynesworth: “You know me, I love to hit Schaub”

  1. Fat Albert is starting to slip into Favre-land for me. That is to say I’d rather not hear anything about him at all.

  2. Yeah, Haynesworth. And Schaub has more respect from fans than you’ll ever dream of having. Matter of fact, you have zero. You’re a man-child who would be in prison if it wasn’t for a game.

  3. Haynesworthless,,,, when you hit Matt was it by accidently falling on him when you could not wait to lay down on the play ?

  4. Fat Albert’s biggest hits have all come after the play is over and players are lying on the field. He has found that it is much easier to hurt real NFL players when they are off their feet. It is hard to believe that this dirtbag even talks about hitting people this year with his total of two tackles in New England.

  5. It’s a shame that this slob takes out a great football player. Someone who is a team leader, winner. He had to hurt him when they were in the pile, we all know he can’t stay off the ground.

  6. If he’d hit the gym, he might actually be able to play like his old self. Oh, but again, he was dirty then too.

  7. by class do you mean whinny little bitch who puts no effort into the NFL for the past 2+ seasons since he became an overpaid player?

    Then yes, he is all class.

  8. Gee Fat Albert, I’m surprised you didn’t say hitting Schaub was a foot stomping good time. D. Bag.

  9. Who cares? I want defensive players to be nasty, it’s a side of football that’s quickly disappearing. Haynesworth didn’t try to hurt Schaub, he just doesn’t regret what happened, nothing wrong with that.

    I’m not saying they should be dirty, but if they honestly thought about the consequences of their hits, the game would be a lot less entertaining.

  10. Well, if today wasn’t Thanksgiving I’d call him a buttmuncher or a d00shnozzle but since it’s a holiday I won’t.

  11. “You know me, I love to hit Schaub,” Haynesworth said
    The only thing I know about you, Albert, is that you laid down on the Redskins, and you laid down on the man who gave you another chance ….. Bill Belichick.

    Shame on you for how little you did for that man, who never once threw you under the bus despite it being so badly needed.

    I hope you fail miserably in Tampa, and the chances of that are spot-on.

  12. What a loser this guy is. I generally don’t hope for someone to get injured but this pos needs to get out of the league. I hope tenn gives him a welcome home chop block this weekend.

  13. “You know me, I love to hit Schaub”


    There have been some mixed reports, some have the quote as:

    “You know me, I love to lay down on the job”

  14. Haynesworth is a fat POS. A complete moron and these desperate teams that sign him will get burned in the end. He will end up on the steet as a homeless guy later on.

  15. Haynesworth may be one of the least liked and least respected players in the league today – by fans and players alike.

  16. what a douche bag.

    how far this guy has fallen. in 2008 he was arguably the most dominant defensive player in the game.

    fast forward to 2011- he is irrelevant.

    stay classy haynesworth

  17. kravenm3 says:Nov 24, 2011 9:48 AM

    Can’t say I would blame Schaub for screaming. I would scream like a little girl if Haynesworth sat on me too!

    I am pretty sure I would pop like a teenager’s zit.

  18. the injury happened when fat albert stepped on Shaub, it was NOT from a hit. he broke his foot. albert is a fat ass

  19. zoxitic says: Nov 24, 2011 9:13 AM

    I have no problem with what he said. I hope Cushing is next.

    Zoxitic, you are the most caustic of fans!!
    You watch your team win a game they were not supposed to win(Ravens) and post about the how the look on the faces of the Ravens fans gave you pleasure.
    You cheer when Schaub gets hurt.
    Now you are wishing injury on Cushing and think it is ok to to make light of hurting someone.
    Dude have you ever really been injured or do you just sit in front of a computer all day spilling vile garbage all over the internet about how you enjoy peoples misery? I hope the next time you hurt yourself there is someone there to tell you how you deserve it and they give you an applause!

  20. “Cannot wait to hear in 10 years that this guy is broke, and paying 7K a month.”

    I give it two years. Three max. Would love to see Vegas odds on who ends up broke fastest after their career, Haynesworth, Dez, or DeSean. I think it’s even money that all three will be on food stamps within five years out of the League.

  21. That was a pretty hilarious line though. I respect Haynesworth for tricking idiot Snyder into paying him enough money to never have to work again.

  22. Great pick-up for the Bucs. Those wishing for his demise and failure in Tampa are going to be sadly disappointed. Bucs have some much needed nastiness on the D Line.

  23. Pretty disappointed in Tampa Bay for claiming this guy. It’ll backfire anyway, but that’s not the point.

    Time and time again organizations show they don’t even remotely care about character.

  24. Tampa doesn’t get the national stage too much, but he has played his a** off for us and he been able to stay fresh with the rotation we have.

    Going back to Tennessee… Hassleback beware

  25. I get the sense that many of the “fans” on this site don’t know a goddamned thing about football. Respect from fans? That means nothing. Matt Schaub is a “great” player? He is not. He could be, but he isn’t now.

    Anyone who expects “class” from a 400 lb guy, who runs into other large men for a living, deserves to be disappointed.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

    Go Lions! Go Badgers!

  26. Your a DumbA_ _ !! Haynesworth you fell on top of him hell it’s not like you laid him out by hitting him. I would scream too if a big A_ _ like you fell on top of me.

  27. Hey hatesycophants…Happy Thanksgiving to you to boss. Another quality showing by your Lions on Thanksgiving. Hopefully one of these days the NFL will mercifully end this “tradition”.

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