Mark Clayton is headed to injured reserve

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The Rams hoped that wide receiver Mark Clayton could give boost to the team’s offense when he came off the PUP list.

Instead, Clayton couldn’t get healthy.

St. Louis announced Thursday that Clayton is headed to injured reserve because of pain in both knees. He caught three passes after returning to the team.

The Rams have fruitlessly tried to find consistent weapons for Sam Bradford all year. Clayton will be a free agent (again) after the year.

The team is “hopeful” that Danario Alexander and Austin Pettis will be ready for Sunday’s game after Seattle.

6 responses to “Mark Clayton is headed to injured reserve

  1. I said it for 3 years and now we see:Derrick Mason was holding back the Raven’s offense. Clayton was supposed to take over for Mason,but Derrick was just so darn good at running that 9 yard hitch and 12 yard out that they never got Clayton involved like they planned when they drafted him. Clayton was never a deep threat burner,and was never tall enough to be a Moss/Burress type jump-ball guy,but he WAS a quick route runner just like Mason. Also didn’t help that he got hurt often and would fall away from the ball on deep routes. Hope he gets healthy and turns it around. Also glad we finally canned Mason and got some speed on the outside.

  2. You guys need to do another post and just list the Rams players on IR. It has to be absolutely mind boggling. I wonder who has the 2nd most players out with injury?

  3. The Rams season has been a complete disaster. Started with a head scratching draft- and then continued with horrible coaching, players that are apparently not very smart, and a ton of injuries. Time to clean house and start again.

  4. Note to Billy D. “It’s the offensive line stupid.” It does not matter if you have Rice, Moss, Harrison and Carter (my favorites of all time), your QB cannot throw while on his back. If the Rams cannot give SB time to throw and they cannot give SJ lanes to run, they have nothing. Blow up the line and draft O-line first, second and third. After all, you have 10 or so cornerbacks coming back from IR. Toxic franchise. Comically inept. If Kroneke ran all his businesses like this, he would have burned through his 3 billion as well as his wife’s 3+billion.

  5. “The Rams have fruitlessly tried to consistent weapons for Sam Bradford all year. ” bes

    …until they traded for Brandon Lloyd who is already the best WR Bradford has played with.

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