Nnamdi Asomugha carted off field at practice

The Eagles’ nightmare season just took another turn for the worse.

The team announced that cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha was carted off the field at practice Thursday with an apparent knee injury.

NFL.com reports Asomugha is currently being evaluated by the Eagles doctors to determine the severity of the injury.

Philadelphia is already expected to be without Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, who suffered a high ankle sprain two weeks ago.

UPDATE: Early signs are positive. Joselio Hanson told Philly reporters that Asomugha’s injury “looked bad but he’ll be alright.”

38 responses to “Nnamdi Asomugha carted off field at practice

  1. Dam. Hope its not too serious of an injury. Not trying to be a dick, but this is an example that gobbling up every free agent with talent doesnt ensure a championship

  2. And Asomugha is an East Coast sellout for the cash, dont get it twisted Revis is better, and Asomugha will go down the month of October along with Vick, and the “dream team”




  3. In all regards to Nnamdi hopefully not being hurt seriously, think about this….

    Think he wishes he would have signed with the Cowboys now, especially with Rob Ryan at DC, vs. a Offensive line coach taking over the Philly defense? Seeing how much better the Cowboys Defense is in hindsight….

    Speaking of hindsight, glad the Cowboys didn’t sign him to that crazy deal the Eagles did….he’s not all that.

    I still say Jonathan Joseph was the steal of free agency defensive backs….

  4. Poor Nnamdi.. Not only is he having to adjust to the cold state, green uniforms and no Man-to-Man play.. He’s having to see first hand the Dream team struggle and be a complete disappointment.. While his former team has finally risen back from the dead and taken the AFC West over. 10-6 Raiders…
    7-9 Eagles..

    He wanted to play for a winner?

    Atleast he didn’t join Hollywood by signing with the paper jets.

  5. Dam. Hope its not too serious of an injury. Not trying to be a dick, but this is an example that gobbling up every free agent with talent doesnt ensure a championship

    When you need to upgrade, you upgrade. Its a media lie that they wanted to buy a championship this year. All the people they signed (minus smith and young, who were signed as stopgap backups) are on multiple year contracts. Reid has already proven he doesn’t know what to do with draft picks, so building through free agency is the only sensible thing to do.

    Honestly, look what they’ll be able to do next year. When they can, you know, practice, before the season starts.

  6. The “Dream Team” becomes the “Nightmare Team”.


    You’re about 6 weeks too late with that joke, leno.

  7. Joselio Hanson told Philly reporters that Asomugha’s injury “looked bad but he’ll be alright.”


    Phenomenal insight, Joselio.

  8. Ok uninformed Raiders fans for the last time, ASOMUGHA WAS NOT OFFERED A CONTRACT BY THE RAIDERS. What did you want him to play for free?

    Signed a Raider fan

  9. Hope this isnt serious at all. Still i wouldnt even risk him this sunday if he is okay to play but not 100%. Its nearly a lost season anyways, i’d rather just have everyone healthy heading into the offseason. And have a high draft pick in the process.

  10. Oh the Irony….Nnamdi a Raider for 8 years, no playoffs.

    Not to mention he could have been an important part of their D, especially with the emergence of the front-line.

    But I wonder….does he even make football a priority anymore?

  11. Mj i feel ya. Aso is a classy guy but he didnt realize how much Al took care of him…

    ..funny how everyone forgets how ppl were calling Aso a bust 3yrs in and Al stuck with him. If you come into the league with the Raiders as a CB you’re going to develop your man coverage skills.

  12. Look at all the hate above… Makes me sick.

    Why fault the Eagles for signing Nnamdi? They had a glaring hole at CB last season. Their starter then, Dmitri Patterson, isn’t even in the league this year…

    So much for wanting teams to be at full strength for the quality of the game. Piling on teams and players who suffer an injury is just stupid, and done by stupid people.

  13. Nnamdi 8 yrs with the Raiders and No Playoffs. Months after he leaves Oakland they win the AFC WEST and get to the Divisional playoffs.

    Al didn’t offer Nnamdi a contract because he knew Nnamdi’s Agent wanted $16-18 million a season. Al didn’t even bother offering such a thing..

    Now Nnamdi needs to talk his way out of this Philly mess ASAP.

    Mark Davis/ Hue Jackson will give him the $$$ and a welcome back home hug.

    He shines in a MAN-to-MAN defense.. A.K.A. RAIDERS DEFENSE

  14. It amazes , me that Nnamdi`s lifestyle secret is still hidden in the closet,..trust me, he will be the first big name player to come out,..and real soon. I just set you all strait. no pun intended.

  15. IR is better for him as the Eagles ruined this guys abilities…..

    how do you take a dude because he is supposedly a Revis level CB and dont use him for that?
    ah the coach is an idiot

  16. Shuda signed with cowboys, better team, most glamour team in league. Outside Philly who likes the eagles? Nobody , they’re like the 18th most popular team. Had he signed with Dallas he probably woulda made way more from endorsements, and more importantly Dallas woulda won it all for sure.

  17. seatownballers says: Nov 24, 2011 12:49 PM

    Dam. Hope its not too serious of an injury. Not trying to be a dick, but this is an example that gobbling up every free agent with talent doesnt ensure a championship

    Um, an injury is not an example of anything. Unless, of course, you’ve discovered a link between changing teams and getting hurt that has eluded everyone else in the football world until now.

    Good job “not trying”.

  18. I love all the comments saying he should have went to Dallas. The same Dallas team that lost 34-7 three weeks ago. They killed a imploding Buffalo team who was also killed by Miami a week later and squeaked out an overtime win against a struggling Redskins. Just remember, once November the real Romo comes out to play.

  19. I’m tired of these stupid cowboy fans saying he should’ve went to Dallas. Sounds like these cowboy fans think they already have the last laugh. As a person,(Not an eagles fan) Eagles should be the one laughing we did whoop that ass 3 weeks ago 34-7. But I ain’t even thinking about that the season isn’t over and there’s still week 16 coming up. Point is Cowboy fans get BIG HEADED whenever they win a couple of games. I’m sure Nnamdi picked the team his heart told him to. But for me I’ve rather see him go anywhere but the cowboys! Nnamdi doesn’t need extra attention he wants to win a ring. HAHAHA

  20. Never want anyone to get hurt, especially if it’s serious. However, this the guy that has been burned by undrafted Victor Cruz for three TDs in two games and Nnamdi looked horrible on all three. Think Philly overpaid. It’s starting to look like this guy’s rep was made by playing on such a bad team for so long, that no one challenged him because there were so many other ways to beat Oakland. As for him wanting a ring, then why go to the only team in the NFC East that hasn’t managed to win even one Super Bowl with a head coach that is well known for making costly mistakes in the postseason?

  21. @Mjbulls45

    How exactly does signing for another team when your contract expires equal double crossing? Oh that’s right, it doesn’t. Philadelphia offered more for his services and he accepted, plain and simple. And to call him a sellout…. I don’t know anyone who would accept less money to perform the same job somewhere else when a better offer is on the table. By your definition, every player that signs a better contract with a different team is a sellout.

  22. @ Bizmaukee

    Yeah I’m sure playing for the most popular and “glamorous” team was high on Asamugha’s list of priorities. Give me a break.

  23. I feel sorry for Nnamdi. Al just didnt want him anymore. 1) He could have gotten2- 3 good players for the price Nnamdis greedy agent wanted for him, 2) Al gave him a performance ultimatum in his last year that he didnt live up too. A big deciding factor on not bringing him back. His production has declined considerably. Yes he still made pro bowls but that was easy for him being no one threw his way. When anyone did throw his way he never held on to the ball for interceptions, and always had tight coverage on his man and made a play. Al and co. could have used him better by moving him around to cover the whole feild to increase his production instead of keeping him on one side. In his heart he wanted nothing more than to keep playing for the Raiders and stay in his hometown. He wouldve even stayed at a cheaper rate but plain and simple Al Davis just didnt want him anymore and felt he had guys ready to step up in his place ala Stanford Routt.

    It sucks to see him playing in Philly where the dont even use him correctly and utilize the best of his abilities in strictly man to man coverage. He looks lost and disgruntled in their zone scheme and it doesnt help that you have an offensive mind coordinating that defense.

    He in my mind is one of the greatest players in this game both on and off the field. Hope he gets well and gets comfortable out there. Im sure he misses the sunshine. The East Bay misses ya Nnamdi.

  24. With all due respect raider13, I don’t agree and don’t feel sorry for Nnamdi- he went where he wanted to go and was paid handsomely to sign with the Eagles. As for playing zone, he won’t have to worry about that next year because Castillo won’t be the Eagles’ d.c. and they’ll probably tailor the secondary schemes to Nnamdi’s strengths. Besides, over the past few weeks, with the exception of that td he allowed to Cruz last week, he’s played exceptionally well and has proved why he’s such a tremendous corner. You may miss him, but as an Eagles’ fan, I’m thrilled to have him on the team, for more reasons than just his sheer talent.

  25. @keeponhatin

    I respect Aso, but c’mon. Just because he wasn’t offered a contract YET, doesn’t mean Al wouldn’t have took care of him.

    This is the same player people were calling a bust and Al stuck with.

    I think Al was waiting to see if he’d be faithful. Despite his community involvement, Aso forgot his true roots: Al Davis.

    Karma, baby.

  26. Raider13. Interesting perspective. I believed an entirely different take, but I’ll respect yours- a lot of formidable points.

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