Suh tries to defend his stomp

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In the past, when Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh has supplied his version of an on-field incident that resulted in a penalty or a fine, he seemed persuasive.

After Thursday’s Haynesworthy performance against the Packers, Suh’s effort to talk his way out of trouble comes off as pathetic.

“What I did was remove myself from the situation the best way that I felt in me being held down in the situation that I was in,” Suh said, via  “My intentions were not to kick anybody, as I did not.  [I was] removing myself, as you see, I’m walking away from the situation.  And with that I apologize to my teammates, and my fans and my coaches for putting myself to be in position to be misinterpreted and taken out of the game.”

It gets better.  Or, for Suh, worse.

“I was on top of a guy being pulled down and trying to get up off the ground, which is why you see me pushing his helmet down,” Suh said.  “As I’m getting up, I’m getting pushed so I’m getting myself unbalanced. . . .  With that a lot of people are going to interpret it as or create their own storylines, . . . but I know what I did, and the man upstairs knows what I did.”

What Suh did requires no interpretation.  He aggressively pushed the head of Evan Dietrich-Smith into the ground, and Suh stomped on Dietrich-Smith’s arm as Suh started to walk away.

“I understand in this world because of the type of player and type of person I am, all eyes are on me,” Suh said.  “So why would I do something to jeopardize myself, jeopardize my team, first and foremost?  I don’t do bad things.  I have no intentions to hurt someone.  If I want to hurt him, I’m going to hit his quarterback as I did throughout that game.”

He needs to quit while he’s not ahead.

“If I see a guy stepping on somebody I feel like they’re going to lean into it and forcefully step on that person or stand over that person,” Suh said.  “I’m going in the opposite direction to where he’s at.”

It’s an amazingly flimsy, and perhaps delusional, effort to explain what was obvious to anyone with eyes.  Apart from the ultimate penalty that will be imposed on Suh by the league office — and plenty of people believe a suspension is coming — Suh needs to be concerned about the impact of his behavior and his lame explanation of it on his marketability.  From Subway to Chrysler to any other company that has chosen to give Suh a lot of money to endorse its products, that money could be drying up, quickly.

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  1. The Packers should Suh him. Seriously though, Suh is a pathetic excuse for a professional football player. He’s not a fraud because he’s always been a dirty football player. He needs to be suspended for 3 games at least.

  2. Delusional is the key word here. This guy needs to be locked up for his own and the good of humanity if he thinks his behavior was anything short of mean-spirited and damaging, if not assault.

  3. What up PFT. This is my first post ever, so I will try to make it count. Its great to be here.

    Now on to business. I have no dog in this fight whatsoever (life long Oakland fan), but Suh doesnt have a leg to stand on right now (no pun intended). Your team isnt the 77 Raiders bud, and in THIS NFL, conduct like that isnt going to fly.

    The polls were correct. You sir, are a dirty player. I love him to death, but theres a clear difference between a hard nosed, blue collar player, and one thats more corrupt then the U.S. government. Suspend him a game, and maybe that will finally get dudes attention.

  4. He gets more and more hateable by the day. Wow. I thought he’d hit an ultimate low with the despicable penalty, but I was wrong: this sinks him even further. Pitiful.

  5. Holy smokes. I’m going to assume he hasn’t seen himself on film.

    I can understand using hand against another player to get balanced and stand up. But slamming his helmet into the ground 3 or 4 times? Was this guy drinking during the game to be THAT unbalanced?

    And that kick was so blatant it’s ridiculous he’d even attempt to cover it up. He was completely disengaged and slammed him foot down forcefully.

    Two words to define Suh: dirty and dumb.

  6. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, trying to catch his balance, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

    He isnt dirty though, just ask anyone with a routing interest in Detroit…

  7. What a fool! Who is he trying to kid and it’s insulting listening to this guy! It’s a shame all the talent in the world and he is nothing more then a “punk”. I breathed a sigh of relief when he got his ass kicked out of the game, too be honest. Either way, screw him and his bs!

  8. wow, that’s rich. how about owning up to the reality of the situation — you’re incapable of controlling your emotions for an intense 60-minute game against stiff competition. you made a fool of yourself and the fans who have spent the entire season defending your misinterpreted “passion.”

    a lot of guys play the game with intensity and passion, with a motor that doesn’t stop — in our division alone, look at Jared Allen, Clay Matthews, Urlacher, etc. There’s no room in the game for a guy who acts like a neanderthal and tries to pass it off as good-old-fashioned hard-nosed football.

  9. The entire world saw what he did! Does he think everyone is stupid? Oh I was trying to just get up mr.Goodell and that guys arm just got under my foot! Moron,loser.

  10. hhhhhaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh this guy would punt a baby into the ocean and say he was losing his balance and a baby happened to get in the way of his leg as he was falling.

  11. It’s like “zero loses in regulation” or “LeBron is a great on defense,” if you say things enough someone will start to believe you.

  12. If i was the account rep for Subway, some other sponsor, I’d be livid. Not only do you do something stupid (granted, at the heat of the moment), but he gave a terrible explanation trying to justify his actions.

    If he owned up to it and said he was wrong, this is a non-story. His explanation dug a deeper hole.

    Unmarketable. Period.

  13. Dude, you kicked his arm and we all saw., prepare for more dirty player blogs and a hefty fine. If you refuse to change your play style ill respect it. Just prepare for the media bash

  14. He shouldn’t be allowed to play again until he tells the truth publicly and accepts that he is way out of line. He said he that the Lions and the Pack were on the same level. He proved that they clearly aren’t, in terms of play or character.

  15. Schwartz gets all riled up about an over-enthused handshake/backslap by harbaugh yet he can’t even teach his players to play clean.
    Can we say overrated. Lions will miss playoffs.

  16. Here’s how you know Goodell has gotten crazy with power: when Suh said, “The man upstairs,” I thought he meant Roger. Yikes.

  17. Who does this guy think he is trying to lie his way out of this situation. Can’t wait until someone puts you in your place… We had high expectations for you and damn, we were wrong.

  18. Decide how many games he should be suspended for the stomp… Then add two games more for that weasel like explanation and not taking accountability.

    What a freaking roll model.

  19. I watched this….sorry…just looked bad….I have been defending Suh for a while now…I know what type of people are successful as DTs….but Suh…..your now starting to look dirty and reckless….get a hold of your emotions…that is what makes the greats………….

  20. And here I thought the Packer player was the one who had his head slammed against the ground repeatedly…..oh wait he did. Suh is delusional and needs anger management class, and a suspension.

  21. “If I want to hurt him, I’m going to hit his quarterback as I did throughout that game.”

    When did he hit Rodgers today? What I did see was him pancaked by a backup guard on the play that got him ejected.

  22. They might want to get him to a doctor. Something is not right upstairs. He appears to be completely out of touch with reality. I’m wondering if he has some kind of mental illess.

  23. Really…this is the best Suh could come up with? Did he at least watch the replay of the incident before making these comments? I’ve defended him for his borderline, dirty play. No more, he came off like a straight up punk on this one. Bad enough to lose, much worse to act like a little buster in the loss

  24. Donkeykong might have been better off saying he saw a mosquito on the guys arm and was trying to kill it before it bit Deidrich-Smith. At least it would have been harder to verify on film.

  25. It’s just so hard to really, really like him when he does this garbage.

    Everyone secretly loves his play, though. I want to root for him, but IN THIS NFL, we are conditioned to not like it and that’s a shame.

  26. Just state the obvious: Andy Dalton, Jay Cutler, Jake Delhomme, Evan Dietrich-Smith…

    Suh goes after white guys. But the media would never bring that up, would they? Cool, cool.

  27. baous says: Nov 24, 2011 6:10 PM

    I support Suh. Thumbs down me all you want.


    So you’re the guy! Great to see dirty, disrespectful, no good clowns like Suh have fans that will support his every dirty, disrespectful, no good decisions.

  28. hes dirty im am unfortunatly a lions fan and hes dirty let your game do the talking bro not your mouth, your ejections,or your fines play the dam game let everybody else do the talkn

  29. Call me delusional, but I don’t think Suh should get a suspension. I hear lots of comparisons to what Haynesworth did, but I don’t think it’s even close. Albert looked down and stomped on an opposing player’s forehead … Suh stomped on an opposing player’s arm/chest as he walked away. Haynesworth intended to do great harm to Gurode’s face … Suh lost his cool. The ejection was the right move, but I think nothing else should be imposed. BTW: I think Brian Robison’s kick to T.J. Lang’s groin was FAAAAAAR more egregious than Suh’s incident today. A man doesn’t go after another man’s frank & beans.

  30. Said it before … Suh is a beast on the field and I respect him for what he does when he’s actually playing football. However, this guy has the developmental maturity level of a child. His attempt to defend this kind of behavior makes him look even worse than the crap he did on the field today. Anyone who defends this guy is either too much of a homer to admit otherwise or doesn’t understand anything about the value of exhibiting discipline, maturity, and leadership. If I were a Lions fan, I’d be hoping that this guy never starts turning this kind of behavior inward toward the team, or you’ve got a locker room cancer on your hands.

    I’m also curious as to how Lions management reacts internally to his behavior after the game. If they tolerate this kind of garbage or try to defend him, doesn’t say much for them.

  31. He was about ready to fall and was grabbing anything to prevent himself from falling like three or four times and not knowing what kind of disease that guy could be carrying tried running away from him really quick and took a step to push off and accidently stepped on him.

  32. Pregame show was about how Detroit is looked at in the wrong light as per people of Detroit. But this is the guy that is the face of their NFL team???????? This is not the image I would want.

  33. Just like Fat Albert, Suh doesn’t understand what the whistle means in football. You don’t develop a rep by doing most of your damage in the pile. This guy needs to learn self control.

  34. I don’t care that Suh is getting the rep of being a dirty player, but if I was him I’d be worried about getting the rep of being stupid after that excuse.

  35. berniemadoffsides says: Nov 24, 2011 6:31 PM

    Just state the obvious: Andy Dalton, Jay Cutler, Jake Delhomme, Evan Dietrich-Smith…

    Suh goes after white guys. But the media would never bring that up, would they? Cool, cool.
    I would say people more talented than him before white people.

  36. Suspension talk is crazy. Penalized on the field, noone was hurt and he was thrown out of the game. He will get fined for sure. Woodson threw a punch earlier in the season and didn’t get thrown out or suspended. That is the precident that has been set this season.

  37. Take a walk Peggy Suh. He’s pathetic. And worse he’s supposed to be a role model for kids! How’s that playing the game right?? Does help that his coach is gonna let keep doing. Dirty Detroit.


    Raiders get royally screwed by officials each and every year. This, is nothing new. However, yesterday’s Raiders-Vikings game officials should’ve had ski-masks on for that stick-up job.

    Could it be a coincidence that this blatant, ugly bias by the officials happens just when Tebowmania is taking off and the Denver Broncos all of a sudden have a chance in the division? Who doesn’t think the NFL would like to squeeze every last drop it can out of the Tebow publicity? Broncos making the playoffs would certainly extend that story.

    Sadly, Raiders may have to overcome an 11-on-18 playing field each week from here on out or until someone puts Tebowmania out of its misery.

  39. Lier, you stomped on his arm after you shoved his head in the ground three times. You’re a mince to the game. Get out now. That’s not football.

  40. Several comments talking about ‘IN THIS NFL’. Stomping on a player after you get b*tched during the play has NEVER been acceptable in the NFL. This guy is delusional, classes and then tried to reference God to justify his lies. He needs to be suspended for the rest of the year. Either that or just high-low his ass and take his knees out.

  41. @profootballgossip

    Thanks for bringing Tebow into the convo.
    You must be employed by PFT.

    He has nothing to do with this article.
    Do us a favor. Take a hike.

  42. also, albert didnt slam gurode’s head, helmeted or not, into the turf several times before stomping.

  43. baous says:

    “I support Suh. Thumbs down me all you want.”


    Suh’s Mommy speaks out!

  44. Alright, I’ll come clean, I’m a Lions fan.

    I thought Suh played well as a Rookie last year and provided the Lions with some much needed spark.

    Now this year, he’s being double teamed a lot and hasn’t had the same kind of impact he had last year when offenses were still trying to figure out Detroit’s D-Line. He’s frustrated because he’s not dominating like he did last year.

    What he did to that GB lineman was dirty, and he needs to be suspended.

    Remember that in college he was involved in a negligent driving incident where he ‘Swerved to avoid a small dog or cat and accidentally hit three parked cars with his Land Rover SUV.” He was tested and had a BAC of .035. According to reports, the first person he called was his head coach to ask about what he should do. His head coach pretty much got him out of facing further charges.

    To me, when I watch Suh speak to the media and he’s being asked simple gameplan questions, he’s calm. But whenever a reporter or interviewer gets testy about his after-the-whistle play, he starts to stutter and become a little incoherent. That tells me he’s hiding something. His immaturity.

    The point? Suspend him. He’s immature. He needs to develop into a professional and stop being a dirty player. At this point he is a liability to the Lions’ defense. He gets routine flags for dirty play and puts his teammates’ backs up against the wall.

    Suspend him and give Fairley a chance to develop in an environment where he isn’t overshadowed by an immature second year player. This team has 8 – 8 talent, as I said before the season began, and this Thanksgiving Day game proved it.

    I want the Lions to succeed, but not with a guy that brings back memories of Haynesworth’s stomp leading the way.

  45. I think it’s time to que up SportsNations “Liar, Liar” song to best describe Suh “defending himself.” Put him on the shelf for 3 or 4 games.

  46. THIS IS INSULTING. Suh is assuming that we’re all idiots. Suh, its not rocket science. The film shows everything. EVERYTHING. So shut your face and just apologize. Your ignorance is disgraceful

  47. My definition of dirty must be old fashion. The dirty player was the guy who was overmatched but found subtle unfair ways to beat the guy across from him. Wrench a finger under the pile. Twist belly fat to keep hands down or in. Hold a jersey. Pull on the pants belt. Trip.

  48. The Lions and their childishness has really done a number on what should be a feel good turnaround story that, at least early on, had a lot of people rooting for them.

  49. Lions fan here and I have to say i’m sick of suh and his antics. Then he has the nerve to defend his dumb plays. Your killing us suh, get it together!

  50. As I said before…trade him to Indy for picks…move on…let him be there problem. We don’t need people GIVING games away.

  51. Lions Fan. Full disclosure.

    Clearly, Suh is a kid who needs to mature. He is foolish to think anyone believes his lame excuse, and deep down, he knows it. He should be suspended, and probably for multiple games.

    But what concerns me is how he has seemed to disappear in games this year. He looks like he tired out there, even though he’s playing fewer or the same amount of snaps. Frankly, I think his frustration comes from his inability to dominate. But it’s deeper than that, and that is NO excuse.

    I think he spent too much time during the lockout focusing on Subway and other items and not enough on working out and getting better. It doesn’t matter how much talent you have; in the NFL, it takes hard work to achieve sustained greatness.

  52. berniemadoffsides says:
    Nov 24, 2011 6:31 PM
    Just state the obvious: Andy Dalton, Jay Cutler, Jake Delhomme, Evan Dietrich-Smith…

    Suh goes after white guys. But the media would never bring that up, would they?


    I am not defending Suh’s actions. What he did deserves a suspension of 1 or 2 games.

    I take exception to the implication that Suh is a racist because he “goes after white guys.” Was Lawrence Taylor a racist for breaking Theismann’s leg? Was Bill Romanowski a racist for breaking his teammates’s face? Was Bryce Paup a racist for smashing Randall Cunningham’s knee? Was Mo Lewis a racist for destroying Drew Bledsoe?

    Suh’s actions were foolish. Bringing race into this is even more foolish.

  53. I am a huge Lions fan and have been a supporter of Suh all season and I still do not believe he is the”dirtiest player in the NFL”

    However, what he did today is inexcusable and I’m really disappointed that as figure head of the organization he would act in such an awful way.

    Lets hope he gets the message and we don’t have to see anything like that ever again.

  54. Lil Fat Albert needs to go sit in the corner for a few weeks. Reading that “explanation”I can only ask….what the heck language is he mumbling?!?…almost completely incoherent. Assuming he didn’t spend too much time in classes back in college.

  55. “staffordsyear says:Nov 24, 2011 6:41 PM

    Suhs a stud,glad to have em,all you pansies can go to help.”

    Hahahaha. What?

  56. After Suh made that move, I called him “Smh” (Shake my head) on twitter, and now after this, I’m forced to upgrade to “Smdh” (shake my d*mn head).

  57. He’d have done much better for himself and his team if he would have just said “I just completely lost my cool out there. Damn that was stupid.” Even if he didn’t mean a word of it. Some fool somewhere would have bought it. No one buys this mess of an ‘explanation’.

    He cost his team the game today and the team should discipline him in some way for that. But they won’t.

  58. Suh, you only go to the “man upstairs” excuse when there are no witnesses. There were millions of viewers who saw what you did, and there is no room for misinterpretation.

  59. This press conference was so bizarre I had to watch it again. Apparently Suh is unaware that these games are televised. I can’t think of any other explanation.

    How did he ever get a reputation for being intelligent? Every time he has opened his mouth this year only nonsense comes out.

  60. I think Sparano and his foul four letter words on national TV should be fined also. I t doesn’t take too much imagination to read his lips and know what he’s saying.

  61. Can I defend Suh in this situation? No. He was wrong and shouldn’t have done it.

    But he plays for my team, so I got his back. I hope he gets no more than a six-figure fine with no suspension.

    I just hope he learns from this and at least comes to the conclusions if he’s going to play in a questionable and/or dirty manner, at least not be so blatant about it. Everyone respects the Steelers, and they have two of the league’s dirtiest players. No one cares all that much.

    Suh, if you ever again get enraged enough to commit an act that could get you suspended, at least do it to the other team’s quarterback. Preferably the quarterback of a division rival. Thanks.

    Go Lions! Go Suh!

  62. i hate seeing suh whine and blame and lie instead of taking responsibility and adjusting his behavior. he is a great player and this is beneath him. own up to it now, or this press conference will follow you around for years to come.

  63. philly, quit pretending race isnt a factor in things.

    like with vick, virtually all suh defenders look more like him…

    and why not bring in tebow…

    would suh and avril have mock-prayed over another downed athlete as publicly religious as tebow if that downed athlete looked more like them?


    suh is a baby and cant handle it when things dont go his way. maybe he can dish it out. he cant take it.

  64. Its quite funny, The helmet pushing you COULD take it as trying to get your balance, but the kick was CLEAR. There is no defending that. He pulled his leg back and thrusted it forward.

  65. He is full of it. he got frustrated and acted stupidly. He should have been a man about it and admitted his mistake, agreed with his ejection and apologized. he needs a major fine and a 2 game suspension minimum. he’s lucky if it is less than 5

  66. This punk is never gonna learn cause his team should’ve made him inactive earlier this year to show him (and the nfl) that they won’t keep accepting his dirty play that’s ultimately costing his team. They won’t bench him cause the lions are so desperate to win that they’ll do it at any cost. Classless organization, heading on a downward trend and will most likely miss playoffs! Stafford don’t look that great when Megatron is not making unbelievable td catches. Overrated players, over rated team!!! Lions blow! Go Bears!

  67. Let Suh sit out the rest of the season under suspension just to get his attention. Obviously he’s a slow learner who was toilet trained at gun-point.

  68. Couple of weeks ago, he tore off Cutler’s helmet sending it flying. Today he pushed so hard on a Packer lineman’s facemask, the helmet came off. Then the shoving of the Packers’ head into the ground, kicking him, and a lame excuse. Time to sit him down a few games.

  69. im a life long lions fan and i hope suh never plays a down again for the lions. he is a dirty player. also tired of swhartz. the whole team is undisaplined and the coach needs to go

  70. I’ve been a Suh fan for the most part and I like his toughness and intimidating style but what he did today was as low and immature as anything I’ve ever seen in football. The man has been close to crossing the line a few times already and today he leaped on top of it and stomped it.
    His delusional explanation afterwards lead me to believe that he has mental issues that need to be addressed. The man has talent but he needs to deal with that out of control rage he shows way too often.

  71. I loved his comment that “the man upstairs knows what I did”. The Man Upstairs is Roger Goodell, and he definitely knows what you did.

    I expect Suh to be suspended.

  72. The Lions need to take care of this not waiting for the league to weigh in. Either you condone this style of play or you do not. The replays speak for themselves. Suh is in denial and Schwartz and others need to jump in.

  73. Let’s see….try to give the guy some turf noogies and then a good stomp on the arm after he’s done.

    Yeah, totally innocent. All a big misunderstanding….


  74. It has become harder and harder to pull for the Lions. Their turn around has gone from a feel good storie, to a mouthy bunch of players that have accomplished NOTHING.

    And then Suh adds to that. Suh has proven himself to be dirty and classless which unfortunately represents how the Lions are going to be pertrayed.

  75. What a clown! Suh should be in the WWE because there is no place for this dirty player in the NFL. One of the reasons that he is such a dirty and ignorant player is because his actions are encouraged by his head coach Jim Schwartz. If Schwartz cares about this guy he needs to put his foot down and straighten him out.

  76. Dumb move Suh, pull your head out from where the sun don’t shine, I’m still glad your on my team, but clean it up, you can be the best

  77. The sad thing is he said in his interview after the game that he DID see the tape. Kinda foolish to even try and back track. Should have went with the “frustration set in” or my personal favorite…at least I didn’t kick him in the face like Albert did.

  78. suh plays the way i want every player to play… like gladiators with pads. suh wants respect out of fear. he doesnt care if you think he is a nice guy or not, he wants to kill you. i love that in a player. he has to hide it because of you tree hugging a$$holes that care about what happens to players later in life, like that s##t matters…. what sells tickets is violence. like it or not, im right. suh is the #1 story coming out of that game, because he is the man. you can hate all you want, but that dude he pushed into the ground 3 times, and stepped on, will be crying in his soup tonight, because ejection or not, he got smoked by suh…. and he has to live with that humiliation… forever. next time, maybe he will learn to stay out of the house of suh. i just wish it had been the QB… god that would have been fantastic!

    gladiators, i salute you!

  79. Clearly Dietrich-Smith’s helmet was crooked and Suh was simply adjusting it back for him and then he got under Suh’s foot….I mean….Suh could have twisted his ankle or something so maybe Dietrich-Smith should be fined as well….

  80. He gets it from Schwartz, who was 80% responsible for the handshake debacle that everyone thinks was 100% Harbaugh.

  81. You know what’s funny? Brian Robison did the same thing after he nailed TJ Lang in the manhood a couple weeks back. Robison went on to say he didn’t ‘intend’ to do it but replays clearly show him doing so and that is the same case for Suh. He can deny it all he wants but he is going to get at least an $75K fine and probably a suspension.

  82. Suh is a lying dirty dirtbag of a player, but a lot of the blame rests with the coach for not shutting him down.

    The league should hit Suh with a $100K+ fine, a suspension without pay, AND hit the Lions with a $100K+ fine

  83. “If I want to hurt him, I’m going to hit his quarterback as I did throughout that game.”

    Someone want to clue us in on when that happened…

    I timed my pi$$ breaks with commercials and didn’t miss a play. I didn’t even know he suited up until the play he was tossed in.

    Too bad. Your D will miss you next week Susie when the Saints torch your arses.

  84. Did I read this right? There are companies that are actually paying this d-bag to endorse their products? I would like to see a complete list of his endorsements so I can be sure to boycott those companies.

  85. Well it only makes sense that the toilet of the nation would have an NFL team full of turds. Suspension is coming. Too bad that dbag coach can’t be suspended too.

  86. So it’s quite clear he is an uncontrolled nutjob. The silver lining here is that his actions are now directly hurting his team. Hopefully he gets suspended a couple more games and eventually his teammates, his coach, and his fans (yes even detroit fans) will rein him in for his stupid unprofessional behavior that hurts the team in a tangible way. Fining NFL players is as effective as sanctions on Iran. What you need to do is take the morons out of the game, that they understand.

  87. As a lions fan it makes me sad. We keep defending this guy and he keeps making us eat our words. I apologize for ever saying this guy is just playing hard. It’s obvious he plays hard but he can’t control his emotions at all. I still believe my lions can make it to the playoffs but they got to get their heads together

  88. Ladies and Gents…we are witnessing the wheels falling off of the Lions bandwagon….

    Couldn’t have happened to a better city….

    Own it Detroit Unions, Politicians, murder rate…

  89. Kudos too to Jimmie Schwartz acting like a 4th grader on the DPI in the EZ against Jennings. Teach your DB’s to not pull the opposing jersey when the ball is in the air and you won’t get those call’s Jimmer. Was hoping for a nice post game handshake debacle too.

    The Lions are like watching a real good high school or college team that just isn’t bright enough to get it together.

  90. suspend him 2 games for the deed and 2 more for the lie ———————-OR———————trade him to my Eagles.

  91. Wow. I don’t know which was more embarrassing: his actions, his play, or that joke of an explanation.

    He does know these games are filmed, right? Instant replay and all that?

  92. mikeminnc says:Nov 24, 2011 8:32 PM

    Did I read this right? There are companies that are actually paying this d-bag to endorse their products? I would like to see a complete list of his endorsements so I can be sure to boycott those companies.

    Subway sandwiches and Chrysler….and soon to be Anger Management of America.

    No offense, but do you watch TV…? He’s on about 12 times a game every week on Fox and/or ESPN.

    Subway with Justin Tuck and Strahan and Chrysler he’s driving the new luxury sedan….something he could’ve bought 4 of with his suspension and fine money from this season.

    Excuse me….Mr. Donkey Kong Sue…..A Mr. Roger Goodell is on line 2 for you. Again.

  93. I work with preschoolers all day and have heard better excuses from 3 year olds. When little kids can’t play well with others, they get a time out. I’m hopeful Suh’s time out lasts 2-3 weeks.

  94. The NFL needs to reign in Jim Shwartz and his napoleon complex.

    It’s clear he thinks he’s a tough guy and lives vicariously through his players by teaching them the little man mentality.

    It’s not a coincidence that this has now happened TWICE on his watch.

  95. He’s the type of guy who will take a dump on your doorstep, ring the bell, ask for toilet paper, wipe his butt & then look you straight in the face & say “it wasn’t me”.

  96. How can people diss on the city of detroit like its there fault? If you think you have to slam a city because of the actions of one player, you have less class than Suh. And to answer any replies, no I’m not from Detroit

  97. This reminded me a little of the Warren Sapp hit on Clifton a several years ago.

    Both were non-factors all game long. And both got frustrated. They both got carried away.

    Observation. Schwartz isn’t ready for the big-time either. He was complaining and carrying on about a call for more than a few plays while his defense was still on the field. When his team needed him to be clear headed, he was not. This is the example Schwartz is giving the players; that it’s OK to let your emotions control you. Yoda would be saying something about the dark side about now.

  98. Am I the only one that noticed after the game, when it came back from commercial to the post game, there was a lion fan throwing up 2 middle fingers to the camera? Just sums up a lion fan/player!

  99. I see all the soccer moms are out that bein said that was very stupid of suh but he’ll learn from this and continue to be the best dt in the league

  100. This guy is really something. Nothing is stupider than fighting in full pads.

    Except for getting a ULC penalty after your team held on 3rd and goal.

    And then denying you did it when eight million people saw the film.

    Below the Adams Apple this guy is all world. Above it, he is merely a storage rack for his helmet.

  101. I dunno man…….. I have watched that stomp video clip over and over, freeze framing and slow-mo and all that stuff…it really does not look as nasty as I first thought it did. Watch the Packer player reactions – there really is none, well, not like there would be if they thought he was being as nasty as everyone is crying. Upon further review, I am kinda starting to lean Suh’s way on this……..maybe. Look at the locked arms (suh and smith), look at how #63 Wells is trying to separate them as if they are just “somehow” locked together, Wells is certainly not just trying to get Suh off Smith. Look at how #74 Newhouse casually pushes Suh away after he stands up AND then not a single packer player even makes a move toward Suh. The locked arms and Suh pushing Smiths helmet down is just a part of football, that alone is nothing, that stuff happens all day long. Then take a look at the stomp just on it’s own. Watch where Suh is looking and again watch how #74 just casually steers Suh away. Looks to me like not a single Packer that was near the ruckus thought that Suh was out of line – their reactions or lack of reactions show that. It seems that nobody standing out there on that field reacted like something terrible just happened other than a simple personal foul.

    It was a stupid penalty and that needs to be dealt with. But maybe it is not as “dirty” as everyone is crying……..

  102. guess he didnt learn anything on his visit this Fall to the principal’s office(commish goodell) to ‘clarify’ the rules…….guess he gets to go back again ,and probably get detention this time…..

  103. It all is derived from your head coach guys. Jim Schwartz allows his players to disrespect opponents – heck he did that with Harbaugh. Do you honestly see any player on the Bears & other teams ever doing that? Never. It’s because of the way the head coach is.

    Schwartz is the real problem. Most coaches would have sat him down LONG ago and reamed him. Now the Lions – in the most important stretch in a LONG time for that franchise – will be w/o their most important defensive player. Good job Suh!

    That Lions team is so overrated it’s comical.

  104. It’s true that Suh’s numbers are down from last year (he is facing double teams on 75% of passing downs and often on running plays). After today it is clear that he is frustrated. He acted poorly out of frustration and deserved his penalty and ejection. His coaches need to help him progress through the mental part of being a star player (and make no mistake he and Ngata are the two best DT’s).
    As for the incident in question; the pushing of the helmet, get real that happens on every other play of any game by both teams (it’s only bad because it was on camera). As for the stomp; he looked like he was trying to pull his foot free then lost his cool and stomped back on the guy (like I said dumb, inexcusable, and he deserved what he got).
    Let’s not be silly and compare Suh’s back stomp to Haynesworths face stomp standing over a guy with no helmet on. If you are a Packers fan is this play worse/dirtier than double tap sucker punch Woodson? Or Robinsons intentional kick in the groin. Perspective, so many of you come off like media sheople (sheep/people). I forget did either of those very clearly horribly dirty plays earn either player a suspension (let alone Multi-game)??? He has already been suspended for half a game (ejection). He will have a 50k+ fine coming which he deserves. “Dirty” play, yes. “Dirty player” who derserves a multiple game suspension, hardly. Btw his excuse was ridiculous and lame.


  105. nogoodell says:

    and GWB was a good president

    both excuses are believable
    Compared to what we have now GWB was a great President.

    Back to football.

  106. The man upstairs knows what he did? Everyone in the world knows what he did, except for Suh.

    It may be speculative, but I put this on Schwartz. He wanted a team with attitude, and he got it. He’s been enabling, deflecting, and defending this stuff all year long, and it’s no surprise that now his players show a lack of self-control and, subsequently, a lack of ability to regain composure.

    What we saw today was a disciplined, dignified team putting an undisciplined, undignified team on its back. The Lions have all the talent they need, but they’re building a lousy foundation of character. Schwartz needs to change that culture fast, or they’re headed for traditional-Lions also-ran status for good.

  107. If he had been contrite, or if his explanation made sense in this universe, I would suspend him for one game. Given his delusional or arrogant explanation, I would suspend him 3 games.

  108. I don’t care for the Packers as there isn’t a team in the NFL that the officials stick up for more, but what Suh did is no different than what Haynesworth did several years ago and if memory serves me correctly, Fat Albert was suspended for 5 games. I’ll be very curious to see how easy Goodell is on Suh after Suh went to NY and kissed the “Kings” behind.

  109. noeffinway says: Nov 24, 2011 9:15 PM

    I dunno man…….. I have watched that stomp video clip over and over, freeze framing and slow-mo and all that stuff…it really does not look as nasty as I first thought it did. Watch the Packer player reactions – there really is none, well, not like there would be if they thought he was being as nasty as everyone is crying. Upon further review, I am kinda starting to lean Suh’s way on this……..maybe. Look at the locked arms (suh and smith), look at how #63 Wells is trying to separate them as if they are just “somehow” locked together, Wells is certainly not just trying to get Suh off Smith. Look at how #74 Newhouse casually pushes Suh away after he stands up AND then not a single packer player even makes a move toward Suh. The locked arms and Suh pushing Smiths helmet down is just a part of football, that alone is nothing, that stuff happens all day long. Then take a look at the stomp just on it’s own. Watch where Suh is looking and again watch how #74 just casually steers Suh away. Looks to me like not a single Packer that was near the ruckus thought that Suh was out of line – their reactions or lack of reactions show that. It seems that nobody standing out there on that field reacted like something terrible just happened other than a simple personal foul.

    It was a stupid penalty and that needs to be dealt with. But maybe it is not as “dirty” as everyone is crying……..


    Whether his behavior today was dirty or not isn’t the only issue at hand. One issue is this guy’s inability to maintain composure, to not pout like a baby, and to not overreact. You’re playing prime time, on Thanksgiving Day, in front of millions of people – and you’re going to jam some guy’s head into the turf and then stomp him out? Even if the GB guy didn’t get hurt, that just looks bad on your part – it makes you look like you have no self-control. Go get counseling, go see anger management, learn from your mistakes, or do something. This stuff doesn’t just impact Suh, it also reflects on the Lions, particularly if they continue to let him get away with it.

    A second issue is his lame attempt to try and defend it after the fact. I’m not a Charlie Sheen fan or view him as someone to get advice on life from, but in one of his interviews, he said something along the lines that if you’re going to do stupid things in life, then own up to them, apologize and feel your shame, and move on. In other words – don’t sit there and whine about how you’re a target to the media and then continue to do dumbass things on the field that cause the league to target you.

    I understand that the guy is getting double-teamed more often now and teams are watching out for him more and probably hold him more than before, and that might be frustrating for him. My response: get over it. You have a breakout rookie year and that is going to be the result – other teams are going to adapt and try to find ways to stop you. Suh is not the first guy to have a breakout year and then get more pressure on him from other teams. If he’s going to be good in the long-run, he can either try to adapt back or he can … continue to lose composure and make a fool out of himself.

  110. My hat is off to the Detroit fans, the overwhelming majority of whom aren’t trying to justify Suh’s actions and are frustrated with and tired of his childishness.

    I’m all for hard-nosed football, but blowing your cool like that has no place in the game. That being said, I think a sizable fine is due, but not a suspension. This didn’t rate up there with the Haynesworth incident.

    As a disclaimer, I’m a GB fan. I wanted to see the best of both teams playing each other. Wish you coulda kept it together, Suh. Thankful, however, that we got out of there with Rodgers intact, if not the rest of the team.

    Other than that, though, the game was a bloodbath hope your secondary and our LB corps and RG are back at it for week 17!

  111. He’s taken on the personality of his scumbag head coach. The best thing that can happen for Suh is for Schwartz to be fired and get a guy in there that can teach him how to act like a professional.

    Do you think Mike Tomlin or Sean Payton would tolerate that BS?

    5-0 on their way to 8-8.

  112. Suh’s “explanation” reminds me of the time I tried to tell the nice policeman that I was speeding because the speed limit was in between gears — the RPMs were too high in 2nd and too low in 3rd. Dumbest thing I ever said.

  113. Unfortunately; being in denial like he is has nothing to do with maturity or stupidity. Rationalization of ones own actions like that is clinical narcissism. He will get penalized, will martyr himself unto himself, rationalize that “no one understands him” and do it again. In fact, he may react in such a way as to be exactly oppositional to whatever penalty he is about to incur – it may take a week, it may take a year – but Mr. Suh has issues in the head.

    What he really needs is a doctor; before he “plays hard” and irrevocably injures someone. Having the physical attributes he has, it is like giving a 6 year old a tank to drive – Mr. Suh will not see any damage he does as “wrong”. If Mr. Suh was to be expelled from the NFL – he would likely go the route of Alonzo Spellman, another physical monster with mental issues.

    Goodell has a real problem on his hands with this fella.

  114. Suh is not the work of Jim Schwartz alone. Bo Pelini and his brother brought up Suh with the wrong idea.
    Yes Schwartz’s defense since his time in Tennessee has shown to be that of a coach who will look the other way for dirty play to go on, but he got a right specimen made for him.
    Suh believes his excuse and this is sad and the scary thing is that he may get support from his coach.

  115. Everyone’s turkey must of been spiked, or maybe it was the eggnog. What a insult to all that watched. Suh should be severely disciplined by the NFL !

  116. Wow. What an over reaction

    He barely stomped the guy, do we want every player in the league to be professionally behaved ninnies?

    It used to be that stomping was encouraged.

    God forbid somebody in the NoFunLeague has a temper and is dirty

  117. nogoodell says:
    Nov 24, 2011 6:19 PM
    and GWB was a good president

    both excuses are believable

    DUH DUH DUH nice job moron. I remember when gas was 1.89 a gallon and the unemployment rate was 5% and we didn’t spend a TRILLION dollars for NOTHING but more debt
    Yep old Barack’s policies are as good ad Suh’s “policies”
    noeffinway your about the same as nogoodell Why didn’t the Packers react? Maybe a little more discipline a little more class? that’s why they are 6-0 and not 2-4 in their last 6 games

    Can someone tell me why Megatron (dumbest nickname ever an evil robot? Cripes) 12TD’s gets all the publicity While Jordy Nelson 9 TD’s only gets pub for being white?

    I think maybe ol Megatron would be really something if he joined the Packers well maybe not Rodgers spreads the ball around a little bit to much

  118. Have you noticed how often Suh rips off a guy’s helmet? Every. Single. Game.

    They can’t all be improperly secured. Dude is taking headshots whenever possible. When is the league going to take him to task for that one?

  119. Dirtroit did it again. Haynesworth got 7 games I believe, but hadn’t been flown to the commisioners office first for an explaination of what is expected of him. Suh will probably escape with 3-4 games out, but the ice is thin like late May for further problems. He’s going all “Dexter Manley” on us.

  120. If Suh wants to be as dirty as Tatum, he needs to be man enough to just say so. He reminds me of the basketball player Rodman. He would hit someone and then run and hide behind the ref.

  121. In today’s NFL where a Fumble is not a Fumble, a catch a catch, a TD a TD and on and on I can go no matter what your eyes are telling you. The dude has learned well from the Refs with the line of bull, they are teaching them well.

  122. Well if you’re going to get kicked out of a game against a division rival can you at least get kicked out for taking out Aaron Rodgers. If you’re gonna get suspended make it count.

  123. Suh might be over whelming at times on the field, but does more than most athletes for others off it. Could he show more self control at times? Yea, but he’s young and wreckless an will mature in time. If he was on your team, most of you wouldn’t be crying as much or hating like you do. Everybody likes to hate great players on the other team. A.k.a. Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Brett Farve, Kobe, and so on. So please, keep hating to remind me how good Suh is and will be!

  124. This should not have been an ejection. You can clearly see the GB player holding Suh down. Then once he gets off him, another Packer player shoves him. He was mad and stormed away and threw his arms and stomped in frustration. He clearly turns his head as he stomps. If he was trying to stomp the player on the ground, wouldn’t he look at him? I’ve seen classless, dirty stomps before and the players look at the guy on the ground to make sure they make contact if they are stomping them intentionally. Sub has always been an aggressive player, but has never been a dirty player. Every fine he’s gotten in the NFL has been due to giving 110% and getting extra facemask or something like that. Sometimes you can’t avoid grabbing facemask and once you grab it, it’s hard to get your hand out of it. Also, there have been calls that were just plain wrong (see Suh v. Dalton, Suh v. Cutler). Suh isn’t a bad guy, this explanation seemed fairly accurate, at least to the extent that players are allowed to criticize officiating. You could tell he wanted to say that the refs are simply scared he will kill someone during the play, so they freak out when anything at all happens after the play. The NFL is a joke. Suh wasn’t penalized like this even in the Texas-oriented Big 12, against the Longhorns. It’s sad that the NFL is this adamantly against having a dominant defensive player. Simply sad. R.I.P. Football.

  125. And Marshall Faulk tried to defend him on the Ravens/49ers post game show? We don’t know what had gone on before this? The guard in question is a backup to the guy you ripped the helmet off and didn’t get a flag for!!!!!!!!!! It was a good block and then you went allllllll baby-gonna-stomp-my-foot!!!! Pathological liar and pathological turd……..

  126. acieu says:
    Nov 24, 2011 6:36 PM
    He belongs in the NBA

    Whats does his behavior have anything to do with the NBA??? GTFO with your narrow minded thinking.

  127. If Swartze doesn’t step in and nip this kind of behavior in the bud, he must be condoning it. Play hard AND FAIR and man up when you screw up………the word is integrity….look it up

  128. I’ll readily admit I’m a packers fan. At the same time, I’ve loved watching Suh play in this league since he came in. He’s a phenomenal talent and a great player.

    That said, it’s hard to think of a play since Haynesworth’s stomp that’s worse. I actually talked to a friend of mine 20 minutes before the game, and said I’d be happy to lose to the Lions (well, not happy, but fine-its a long season, and it’s been a long while for lions fans–I sympathize; Matt Millen’s the worst), and I thought the accusations of dirty play were overblown. Well, color me wrong. That was one of the worst plays I’ve seen.

    In my mind, the fault lies not just with Suh, but Jim Schwartz. He has encouraged his team all year to be more competitive, which is good, but often to the point of emotional overcapacity. He routinely loses his cool on the sidelines, and it filters down to players. I hesitate to use “classless”, because the term is so overused, but Schwartz on the sideline is most charitably described as “impetuously overbearing”, and his emotional style filters down to his team. Suh’s response to questions just speaks to a team mindset that ignores outside norms. To me, it’s too bad.

    Even as a Packers fan I love watching Adrian Peterson, and am occasionally thrilled by Jay Cutler’s unpredictability. I want nothing more than to enjoy watching Suh play. This, however, was one of the worst plays, I’ve seen, and it’s going to take me a long time to get over that.

  129. >do we want every player in the league to be professionally behaved ninnies?

    If every player in the league tried to injure other players after whistles most of your team would be on IR.

  130. >Suh believes his excuse and this is sad

    Suh is deluded enough to think that he can get people who saw the play to believe him. Sociopath.

  131. who really cares if you like the lions he kicks ass if you don’t he ‘s an ass. come on you self indulgded pompus stiffs you are why we have these over penilized games . its not right but you love it when it makes the news. ps not a lions fan I don’t care what you say

  132. The people talking sub-human…you skipped a few steps, there. I think it was a moment of anger, maybe a little over the top with competitiveness, but nothing biblical.

    Having seen Dietrich-Smith since he first arrived in GB as an UFA, I know he’s a dumpy but gritty road grader that looks to get under people’s skin. It looks like he found a player that takes the bait.

    The head slamming was excessive, period.

    The kick was nothing more than a tap. He took all of his weight off of it as soon as it hit EDS’ arm. Suh is a former life-long soccer player, I’m sure part of that was muscle memory. It’s not like he raked his cleats down the guy’s face in a stomping motion like Fat Albert did.

    2-3 games sounds fair.

    I think the fine will be astronomical.


    Also, while we have the refs in the discussion:

    1.) Pat Lee was tossed for nothing.

    2.) The PI, called on the DET CB who was on Jones in the 2nd quarter, was not a good call. Kept our drive alive.

    3.) They seemed to do a makeup of that call a few plays later, again to Jones, when he was all but stabbed along the right sideline.

  133. Until today, I was with Suh. I thought he was a throwback. Just a tough football player. His actions today didn’t have anything to do with toughness or football. It was plain dumb! Very weak Suh. Kiss those endorsement deals goodbye!

  134. This guy is way too captivated by himself. He can become a great player, if he doesn’t become a train wreck first.

  135. You people who are rushing out to defend Suh and call out Goodell are doing about as much for the image of Detroit residents as an episode of ‘Hardcore Pawn’.

  136. Suh is just so much stronger than all other players, So strong that just stepping down gets misperceived as a kick. So strong that just trying to get his balance is misperceived as three slams of a head into the turf. The refs just don’t account for his superior strength.

    The man upstairs knows all about this.

    This guy is seriously mis-wired. He’s a sociopath.

  137. I can accept Suh as a dirty player, but delusional and dirty is a dangerous combination in any line of work. Suh needs to wake up and take responsibility for his actions.


    Dirty plays are blocks in the back, chop blocks, maybe even groin pulls under the pile.

    This was a dirty human being committing assault who just happened to be wearing a football uniform, it had nothing to do with the ‘play’ that was long over.

    He should be suspended from football indefinitely, get him some anger management and make him do community service before even considering letting play again.

  139. Uncalled for. I think he should suspended the rest of the season. This is like his 4th or 5th incidence. Stop the droids dude.

  140. @Cosmo
    Did you forget about the week 1 Woodson double sucker punch in the New Orleans game. I am assuming that you must really be holding a grudge against Woodson too?

  141. Nov 24, 2011 6:24 PM
    “If I want to hurt him, I’m going to hit his quarterback as I did throughout that game.”

    When did he hit Rodgers today? What I did see was him pancaked by a backup guard on the play that got him ejected.


    Big Bad Suh’s stat line…

    1 tackle, 0 QB hit’s. 0 QB Pressures, 0 QB stats

    and the majority of that was against a back up guard. When your head coach is a little hot head and goes after another coach for a “handshake” what do you expect these players to do.

    Schwartz is the bad apple in this bunch, the NFL should be embarrased by this stuff.

    Cudos to the Packers for staying above the Garbage and coming out of a hostile environment with a win

  142. Hey suh, how a out u man up and accept what u did. In the heat of the moment stuff happens. Don’t deny becuase the camera don’t lie. Make u look pathetic.

  143. Can a psychologist in the house please comment on whether Suh might be a:

    1) sociopath
    2) narcissist
    3) psychopath
    4) megalomaniac
    5) danger to society
    6) pathological liar
    7) delusion disorder sufferer

    Okie dokie, thanks.

  144. I admit that kick at the end does not look good for Suh.
    But Evan Dietrich-Smith was a man about the incident. Unlike the whiney Atlanta O-line concerning the fictional kick to their QB.

  145. “Suh is like Lawerance Phillips..a trouble making PUNK!”

    I don’t believe that at all. I don’t remember Suh acting this way while at Nebraska. I think he feels pressure to be Detroit’s version of “Mean” Joe Greene and set the tone for the defense and the team and turn that franchise from a perennial loser into a winner.

    The problem is that this isn’t the 1970s anymore, and the a lot of stuff that players used to do simply isn’t tolerated anymore.

  146. staffordsyear says:
    Nov 24, 2011 9:02 PM
    I see all the soccer moms are out that bein said that was very stupid of suh but he’ll learn from this and continue to be the best dt in the league


    Which project are you in homey? I’ll be over to stomp you with my soccer cleats…

  147. What a classless action from a good player.

    and Bill Clinton he didnt inhale seriously?

    If your man enough to do something like that be man enough to take accountability.

    Get an effin clue.

  148. I feel sorry for Lion fans. All in all, they are a classy group. Suh’s consistent dirty play is going to cost them this time. Some type of suspension is in order and when you are competing for a playoff postion, losing a top player for a game + is going to hurt.

    I don’t understand how he could even attempt to explain this one.

  149. It is pretty bad when someone is so dumb, they think the rest of the world is as stupid as they are, and they aren’t even smart enough to see that it isn’t working.
    The initial action was way more than enough for an ejection (the initial helmet slamming). When he obviously stomped the guys arm after getting up, that would qualify as a 3 game suspension. The very weak and totally unbelievable explanation/rationalization would be enough for me to order him suspended until 2012.
    That was insulting to my intelligence. It was nice that it was on a nationwide stage, at least. Suh is a dirty player. The players have known it for some time, and now everyone does. Suh will not understand this for quite some time, because he is pretty slow mentally.

  150. Suh would make a great heel wrestler in the WWE. He’s got the mic skills to cut good promos. He gets the crowd worked up. He’s dirty and could care less about the ‘rules’.
    His finishing move could be called The Suh Stomp.

  151. Suh made a bone head mistake losing control of his emotions. He needs to grow up and channel that emotion into his play, not after the play. As for people saying he cost the Lions the game… did you watch the game? Because I didn’t see Suh throw any INTs.

  152. @stevenfbracket
    Calvin gets his helmet riped off every game with no penalty so what’s your point?

    AND..just curious, if a 300 lb beast slammed his foot on your arm…do you think maybe it would hurt a little??? The Packer doesn’t even flinch.
    Suh needs to control himself but you guys are acting like the nfl plays with kindness .

  153. Suh needs to be suspended at least 2 weeks for trying to justify his actions and another 3 weeks for his actions. What he did was absolutely ridiculous. Not to mention his coach deserves some type of displinary action as well, for some reason I believe he condones that type of behavior. Jim Schartz, is the same coach who got into the scuffle with Harbaugh just a few weeks ago, and thought his actions were acceptable.

  154. All you people mentioning Woodson:
    Woodson did wrong, yes.
    Woodson had no priors.
    Woodson manned up after the game and took responsibility for doing wrong.

    Those are the differences.

    Suh’s season should be over. I too think he may have some mental issues. Either that or he was so spoiled and coddled growing up that he truly believes he’s “above the law”.

  155. They kept running the Subway ad even after this poor excuse for a human being was ejected. I will be taking my money to Quiznos or Jimmy John’s until Subway cancels his endorsement deal.

  156. @choice1329

    Seriously???? Do you see what happens on every play of every football game? Suh could’ve crushed the Packers arm but didn’t. I see corners taking heads off every game and they get fined 15,000…give me a break please.

  157. It doesn’t matter how hard he kicked or stomped the guy, it matters that he did, like al little angry girl throwing a tantrum. And much like my young daughters even though he was caught red handed he still thinks he can talk his way out of it. This guy isn’t a man he an overgrown child. Grow the hell ip Suh, you are not being paid millions to sit on the bench suspended you idiot.

  158. I am a Huge fan of SUH…..that said, his repeated actions of poor sportsmanship shouldn’t be tolerated. He is a very talented player, but plays the way the game was played 30 years ago. It is 2011 and the game is now a “gentleman’s” game. I believe he needs to be fined heavy AND suspended for 1-3 games. This is coming from a Lions fan too. Everybody I know that is a Lions fan believes Mr.SUH needs to be taught a lesson and do not support his actions or lame ass excuses. Just think if James Harrison did half of what SUH has done this year! Comish. would have tossed James for the year and fined him a years salary. …………….I do have to say that SUH is a very soft spoken, gentle man of the field and donates a lot of time and money to the community.

  159. stairwayto7 says:

    “Suh is like Lawerance Phillips..a trouble making PUNK!”

    What an assinine comment. While I don’t condone the obvious stomp, saying that Suh is like Phillips is a joke. What has he done off the field other that graduate from college, set up foundations to give back, and make large donations? He may be playing immaturely in his young NFL career (it is only his 2nd year), but to compare him to a convicted felon, who never did anything on the NFL field, or off it, is stupid.

  160. If the Lions organization had any sort of leadership, they would be able to coach these guys not to do this crap.

    Even better, they’d be able to COACH their players how to address the media when something like this happens. Suh practice these words “I’m pretty upset at this situation and I don’t want to comment on it at this time”.

    But now Suh ran his mouth and is trying to deny it and that just feeds the fire.

    Looks at Vikings’ Brian Robison who kicked Packers’ TJ Lang in the junk: He owned up to his part of it, got a slap on the wrist from the NFL, situation over.

  161. razsan says:
    Nov 25, 2011 9:00 AM

    Seriously???? Do you see what happens on every play of every football game? Suh could’ve crushed the Packers arm but didn’t. I see corners taking heads off every game and they get fined 15,000…give me a break please.

    Yeah seriously. I saw what happened in this game, I saw Suh bang another players head into the ground three times, I saw him stomp on the player arm. We’re not talking about a helmet to helmet hit, that happens in just about all games, we’re talking about the deliberate actions of a player. What he did was beyond wrong, and if you try to justify it well hey, you sound about as stupid as Suh. Now we will wait and see if the commissioner agrees with you or whether he agrees with me, now you give me a dam break.

  162. I have defended Suh on these boards time and time again claiming he was being misinterpreted and wrongly accused. I apologize for falling for it and having honolulu blue over my eyes. He is a punk and a dirty player and until he proves us otherwise, he no longer deservses the benefit of the doubt.

    Again, I was wrong for defending him and I am sorry. He embarrassed me and the city yesterday. And more importantly helped us lose a game we will look back on when we are watching the playoffs again this year.

  163. What Suh meant to say was, ” I was trying to to take myself out of the situation by making sure the other guy wouldn’t be able to get up.”

  164. @razsan says:Nov 25, 2011 9:00 AM


    Seriously???? Do you see what happens on every play of every football game? Suh could’ve crushed the Packers arm but didn’t. I see corners taking heads off every game and they get fined 15,000…give me a break please.
    Officer, I know I was going 95 mph, but I could have been going 110. Idiot.

  165. @CKL
    What Woodson did was wrong but he apologized and had no priors.
    Woodson blatantly sucked punched a guy twice. For no better reason than he thought he could get away with it. That is as dirty as it gets. You may not remember but Woodson does have priors. He was involved in more than one incident in Oakland.
    Suh was stupid, wrong and his post-game comments were horrid but the level of exaggeration of the incident in this post is staggering. It’s almost like people are saying its not dirty and it’s okay to kick someone in the balls or sucker punch the but a half hearted back stomp is just too much. Personally I would take Suh’s stomp over the other two any day of the week. PS- both are dirtier than Suh’s stomp.

  166. Suh is guilty of being a hothead. He gets baited regularly and reacts. I don’t condone his action but if you get pushed around enough times YOU will react too. At least he’s man enough to do something about it. There were 3 packers standing around watching that bad man “stomp” a teammate and did nothing. Nice friends you have there mr packer.
    And if I remember the innocent little packer guy was holding Suh and trying to drive Suh into the ground.

  167. @eddyj
    “Officer, I know I was going 95 mph, but I could have been going 110. Idiot.”

    No you seem the one that can’t commprehend that my point is MUCH worse goes on in a game…..moron

  168. I think they need to cut this guy some slack. He his name is Nmdukamong or something, so it’s pretty obvious he came from some tribe in Africa, where they have to use there instincts to avoid being trampled by rhinos, and eaten by lions. It is just his nature to viciously defend himself. Ironically, he really doesnt understand, that when he was drafted and told, you are a lion now he actually believes he is a lion and he must hunt and eat his prey. We need to keep that in perspective and respect the cultural differences between our two continents and just then we may be able to understand and accept.

  169. baous says:
    Nov 24, 2011 6:10 PM
    I support Suh. Thumbs down me all you want.


    We did.

    Sincerely, PFT Universe.

  170. Bill Cowher said during the Cowboys game either you condemn this sort of thing, or you condone it. Since I have yet to hear anyone in the Lions organization (note, fans are not in the organization) condemning this, they are condoning it by proxy. Someone needs to show true leadership in Detroit.

  171. Aside from everything else, his comments/excuse making, illustrate a lack of honesty, integrity and values. Didn’t anybody ever explain to him many years ago these sort of values? On the other hand, I think this actually aligns him better with Chrysler. Those Chrysler/Detroit commercials, which…unbelievably… actually try to romanticize and glorify the city of Detroit make me want to barf. Those commercials are the most dishonest, disingenuous, disgusting pieces of propaganda I’ve ever seen. Those Chrysler/Detroit commercials are just as insulting to my intelligence as is Suh’s lame excuse making here.

  172. More blame needs to be on the coach as well. Judging by the way he went after Harbaugh that time I dont get the impression he condones this type of thing

  173. “I support Suh. Thumbs down me all you want.

    /\ 287 \/ 4520 ”

    You actually got ~88% of the commenters to agree on something. That alone speaks volumes.

    And I want to know what part of Detroit in which those other 287 yahoos live and airdrop them a decent education.

    Playing tough and playing clean are not mutually exclusive. At least they aren’t for good teams.

  174. I am a life long football fan. My priorities in life equate exactly to 1. God, 2. Family and 3. Football. I am a firm believer that football is a physical chess match. Yes, I love the hard hits as much as anyone, but the true beauty of the game comes from watching whose game plan is going to out wit the other. Whose QB can read the defensive coverages better, throw the ball faster and with more accuracy? Or whose DT can get to the opposing QB despite being double or triple teamed? Which receiver will go out and run their route so superior that not DB can defend it? Whose RB can break tackles or juke and jive his way down the field despite the entire opposing defense coming for him? Whose Corners or safeties will read an opposing receivers route so well they can jump it and snatch the ball?

    For any of you who don’t watch football for these reasons, you’re missing out. It is the best part of the game. Physicality or aggression do not need to be construed as negative.

    To make comments such as, Suh acted violently in a violent game is sheer ignorance. People who make comments like that are missing the point and are those same people who never get ahead in life, all the while, blaming someone else for their lack of achievment.

    For the post earlier about Suh having a poor upbringing or a rough childhood as an excuse for his actions….were you watching the story of James Jones? How about Ray Rice? Maybe Michael Oher? There are several more examples of “rough” childhoods in the NFL that have turned out some outstandingly great football players and warm the hearts of human beings.

    During the plays it is the intention of every football player to play tough. Noone, especially the football fans of the nation expect any of these players to go out and lay down for the other team. However, sportsmanship does not include shoving a man’s head into the ground after the play or stomping on a person on the ground, whether it hurt the other player or not.

    Even in the UFC or MMA fighting in general, they do not wish to be portrayed as neanderthals. The train hard and use skill to beat the other man in combat. How is it perceived if after a fight, the winner does not shake the hand of the loser and tell him it was hard fought? Does the show of character and sportsmanship make the winning fighter a pansie?

    How about when Tyson bit Holyfield? How do we perceive Tyson now? He was overmatched, he was going to lose, and he went to a cheap and taudry act to gain ground, or out of frustration? Does this make what Suh did more or less dirty because he committed this act during a football game?

    Is football more violent to you all then boxing or MMA? It’s not okay to pull cheap shots after the bell in boxing, but it’s okay during a football game? I am trying to understand the logic behind some of your posts.

    I can understand an occassional loss of cool – being that it is a physical game, of course emotions will run high – and men have a tendency to react when they are shown up or feel embarassed. So when Robison kicks Lang for being thrown on his back during a play, or when Woodson gut checks a guy because he felt he was being held to long, we (football fans) can partially accept it out of a frustration motivated action. We expect the apologies which we receive and we move on. If the following week Robison kicked another player in the junk, or Woodson threw punches to someone new, then it becomes a pattern and IMO is no longer partially acceptable.

    Some of you will now assume that then if Suh is showing a pattern of behavior, what about James Harrison? Harrison is making old school tackles on opposing players. He isn’t stomping people after the whistle and lying about it later.

    Tough, physical, in your face football – absolutely, bring it on! Waiting until after the whistle to do harm, there is no place for it. Suh should be suspended and Jim Schwartz, who quite obviously has anger issues of his own, should be investigated.

    And for the record, Albert Haynesworth should not have been suspended for his actions, he should’ve been tossed from the NFL. His actions were criminal.

    Playing football in the NFL is a priviledge, not a right. I think it may be high time for these players to be reminded of that fact.

  175. razsan says:
    Nov 25, 2011 11:48 AM
    “Officer, I know I was going 95 mph, but I could have been going 110. Idiot.”

    No you seem the one that can’t commprehend that my point is MUCH worse goes on in a game…..moron


    Atleast when DB takes someones head off both players are moving 110 and collisions happen DURING the play and some of it might be accidental maybe the recievers ducks the defender misses his orginal target.

    Not someone dribbling a persons head off the turf, and stomping on them while getting up after a plays been done.

    Atleast you can say you have something in common with Suh, niether of you guys get it.

  176. thegbpfan says: Nov 25, 2011 3:05 PM

    Playing football in the NFL is a priviledge, not a right. I think it may be high time for these players to be reminded of that fact.

    If it’s a privilege, why don’t you get off your ass and become a football player? Oh yeah, that;s right, you’re just not talented enough.

  177. “Mr. Suh, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”
    –From Billy Madison

  178. @jh500

    I suppose you could say I’m not talented enough, but I’m also a female and the last time I checked, females are not allowed to play football.

    It is a privilege to play in the NFL, just as it is in the NBA, or NHL or to be a fighter in the UFC or a world class boxer. You obviously miss the point. Playing in a professional sport on television comes with responsibility, whether you like to think so or not. First you have to work to get there, and then you have to work to stay there. If it were a right, then by goodness I should be out there shouldn’t I? No. The point is, there is always another guy ready and able, with the talent, to step in to that position – so just because he made it there, doesn’t mean he has the right to stay. You’re obviously one of those “entitled” types eh?

    One should try to remain a good person no matter what they do for a living. Boxers punch other boxers in the face for a living, it’s what they do outside of the ring or after the fight that determines their character.

  179. @shaggytoodle…what I get is that Suh has a huge temper and in nearly every game this year an Olineman has baited him into reacting back. I am NOT condoning what Suh did, but please don’t act like the Packer lineman was some innocent angel going “wah…I was just playing and that bad man attacked me”
    And if you think for a moment any player in the league would rather be rocked in the helmet at 100 MPH than stomped on then you’ve never played football.

  180. Ndamukong Suh needs to be shut down for the remainder of the year. I just saw the tapes of him head tackling 2 QBs, and now this. This guy is undefenseable. You cannot take his side.
    He has major issues and needs to be shut down, and address them……

  181. razsan says:
    Nov 25, 2011 5:46 PM

    Ok so tell me this who has more control in the outcome of a play thats been fined in the NFL.

    A safety trying to jar the ball loose of a reciever coming over the middle?


    Two linemen on the ground?

    Suh doesn’t have any self control, if you need more proof look up the play on Delhomme. Its no ones fault but his own.

    You STILL dont get it.

  182. You want to be a good, tough, intimidating, mean, hard nosed defensive lineman… You sack the qb, and while he’s down, you just tell him to hold that pose, you’ll be right back… You don’t slam someone’s head into the turf 3 times and stomp on him after he just made you his bitch… That’s not showing that your tough.. It’s showing your frustrated, and the other player is dominating you, because your a teat baby! You don’t see the “greats of the game” pull antics like this. The players that are great, let their game play speak for them!

  183. The worst part about what Suh did is the fact that he did it on Thanksgiving, when pretty much EVERY football fan in the country was watching. Right in front of the cameras. Right next to an official. After the play was obviously over. It doesn’t get any more obvious than that. It will seriously make the NFL look bad if they don’t give him a harsh penalty, especially after he made his little trip into Goodell’s office and Goodell turned around and publicly… stroked his ego, to put it mildly.

    On top of all that, Suh blamed the refs for taking him out of the game! Even when he did finally apologize, via Facebook (how professional!), it was a lame attempt at saving face… it wasn’t even a real apology.

    His initial actions on their own were bad enough, but the way he handled the situation afterwards just goes to show that the guy doesn’t care and thinks he’s above everyone else, and above the league. He’s a piece of crap. I don’t care how good of a player he is, I wouldn’t want a hotheaded 12 year-old on my team.

  184. Who cares? Didn’t think it was that bad. He got ejected. Is it really worse than a safety intentionally driving his helmet into a defenseless receiver’s skull. Not even close. Suspend the illegal hits before Suh’s little fights on the ground (with pads on). It was against the Packers—totally understandable.

  185. @alreggie

    no its not worse than a safety intentionally going head to head, but there are way more things going on, have you noticed that GBs recievers don’t get many hits like that, mainly cuz Rodgers doesn’t lead them into situations where its possible.

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