Braylon Edwards has disappeared in San Francisco


Jets fans watching Thursday night’s 49ers-Ravens game must have had flashbacks.

A deep ball went up to Braylon Edwards, who was covered by a smaller cornerback. The ball was intercepted after Edwards didn’t exactly make the greatest effort on the ball.

“We liked the matchup that we had,” Alex Smith said via Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee. “Braylon was one-on-one with the defensive back. We just had some missed communication. I left the ball inside and he went outside.”

That play symbolizes this season for Edwards in San Francisco. He hasn’t been fully healthy, but his lack of production is hard to ignore.

Edwards only had one catch for five yards on Thursday. For the season, he has 14 grabs and no touchdowns.  That’s one less reception than Josh Morgan, who was lost for the season on October 9.

Michael Crabtree has played well, but the 49ers could really use Edwards to emerge as a deep threat.  Edwards didn’t want to talk after his latest letdown.

“No, I’m cool,” he said. “I’m talking Monday.”

Edwards still seems to act like a star, even though he has the production of a role player.

44 responses to “Braylon Edwards has disappeared in San Francisco

  1. Smith’s throw was short and to the inside; however, Edwards also did not make much of an attempt to break up the ball. Not much of a route, either, to set up the defensive back or to create any type of separation. Frankly, looked like he was out for a jog in Central Park. 49ers offensive line really is a problem, too, because pass protection at RT and RG looks like turnstiles at a department store Black Friday sale. Packers will chew them up in the play-offs.

  2. I thought this guy disappeared the day after he was drafted, didn’t he? Edwards, along with Brandon Jacobs, are the 2 biggest clowns in the NFL, hands down. All talk, zero production.

  3. Stating that Braylon has the production of a role player is somewhat insulting to role players. Fans expect more from their situational players.

  4. They had to know what they were getting with this tool, it’s not like it wasn’t already out there for everyone to see.

    The guy is a bum.

  5. If only harbaugh didn’t hate Braylon for going to Michigan, Edwards would certainly be all-pro.

  6. What amazes me is teams continue to pay this guy millions.
    His on field performance has been underwhelming(being generous here) with the exception of 1 yr in Cleveland and half a dozen circus catches with the Jets.
    Consistency is not a word associated with Edwards’ hands.
    Combine that with his well documented off field episodes and one wonders why teams continue to spend millions on this guy.
    There are plenty of big fast guys that can catch an occasional ball that aren’t world class divas.

  7. The niners paid him 1 million, not millions, so they knew what they were buying, they were hoping for numbers like last year, but instead are getting the true Edwards
    It looks less likely now that they will resign him, but he is coming off of an injury that sidelined him for multiple games. So before we bury him, let’s see if he rebounds during the bye weeks coming up and is healthy for their game against the Stillers.

  8. You know when we picked this guy up it was supposed to help add that deep threat and he was cheap. He was making plays in his limited preseason time and it was looking like if nothing else it would force crabtree to step up. Well that’s it crabtree has stepped up and there has been NOTHING else. Crabtree maturing has little to do with Edwards pther than maybe Crabs thought he might start getting less balls his way. Obviously someone forgot to tell Bray Bray that when you are on a 1 year deal, you’re supposed to showcase yourself IE; Carlos Rogers. It’s sad but at this point Edwards is behind where Crabtree was in his 1st year. Crabs is finally playing like a #1 WR but we don’t seem to have a worthy #2, #3, or #4 WR for that matter. Don’t know who i hate catching passes more at this point. Ginn or Edwards, but at least Teddy does have return value

  9. Brett Miller rookie FB converted from DE is more sure handed and reliable than Braylon and Ted Ginn combined

  10. One of the biggest problems I saw time after time, was Anthony Davis getting whiffed. The kid is strong enough, I remember him throwing Suh to the ground LOL. But he needs consistency if the 49ers expect much in the playoffs. At times he would just not know who to block. Shouldn’t happen.

  11. For the longest time, Braylon’s biggest problem was dropped passes.

    Eventually Braylon realized that his drops only happened when he was trying to catch the ball.

    So he stopped trying.

  12. And this is a surprise to who??? It’s the same old Braylon from Cleveland and New York. He puts forth about half of the effort needed about half of the time. He’s garbage!

  13. Niners haven’t had and probably won’t have their best receiver in Josh Morgan. Edwards is the real bust of the 2005 draft. He’s given an opportunity to showcase and market himself and this is how he responds.

    Put in Kyle Williams- faster and better hands.

  14. dowhatifeellike says: Nov 25, 2011 11:02 AM

    I didn’t know he played for the 9ers until last night. I don’t think he’s made Sportscenter once this season.

    He doesn’t play for the 49ers! He practices with the 49ers during the week and then disappears on gameday. Jet fans see nothing new here.

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