Colt McCoy recalls rough treatment from former Browns staff

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Colt McCoy has looked like a backup quarterback this year. The situation around him has not been ideal, but he’s missed a lot of throws and looked less composed than he did a year ago.

People expected McCoy to be a great fit for Pat Shurmur’s West Coast offense. But McCoy played better in Brian Daboll’s more diverse attack last year, even if McCoy didn’t have a good time during the process.

“There were times I had to pull my helmet off to call a play in the huddle,” McCoy told Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports. “Guys could hear him yelling, and they’d say, ‘Just take it off.’ People said to me, ‘Man, I ain’t never seen anything like that. Just hang in there.’”

The abuse McCoy took from Daboll and the Browns coaching staff apparently became a running joke among Browns players. But McCoy said he took the constant yelling personally.

“People [outside of football] thought something was wrong with me,” McCoy said.

Silver’s entire article is worth a read, but here was the money quote from my perspective:

“I had my dad as a coach [in high school], and Mack Brown as my coach [at Texas] – the last two years it was my offense,” McCoy said. “Then I come here and I’m thinking, ‘We’re all professionals here.’ It was [confusing].

“There came a point where I just really had to find . . . me . . . who I wanted to be. It really gave me an opportunity to search, to find that, to decide what I want to stand up for. Do I even want to do this? Do I want to put up with that? I decided, when my time comes to play, I’ll be ready.”

Fair or not, the Browns coaching staff probably believed McCoy hadn’t been coached hard since junior high school.  McCoy told Silver he appreciated the coaches making him tougher.

While we are hesitant to give Daboll credit for McCoy’s success last year, the reality is that McCoy has regressed this season. He’s averaging 6.1 yards-per-attempt, compared to 7.1 last year.

The new Browns staff may be more respectful to McCoy, but we suspect they will do something crueler than mercilessly scream at him unless drastic improvement occurs over the next six games.

They’ll find a quarterback to replace McCoy.

48 responses to “Colt McCoy recalls rough treatment from former Browns staff

  1. “There came a point where I just really had to find . . . me . . .


    Umm, Colt, did you try looking in the mirror? I bet you can find yourself there.

  2. maybe they should try giving him a number one receiver before they worry about finding a new qb. his numbers are pretty respectable for what he has to work with

  3. Remember the Browns hiring Mangini the minute he was fired from the Yets? Anyone else want to fall asleep when he’s on ESPN?

  4. It’s a results-based business. Produce or you’ll be gone. That goes for the coaches as well as the players and it brings a very real sense of urgency to the table.

  5. no idea what mccoy makes a season, but i’m sure its a couple of million. i’ll take that over what i’m making any time. even if it means brian daboll yelling at me

  6. i like this kids work ethic and attitude. definitely a good person. but im pretty sure that half of Cleveland’s fans could throw further than he can. he’s too much of a “dink and dunk” type player

  7. The Texas football players are coddled so much while they play there, plenty of their players have the same problem once they get to the pros.

  8. I’m sure McCoy’s struggles are related to Daboll being gone… or perhaps it’s the absence of the Pro Bowl RB he had last year!

  9. his best games have been his last few.
    Browns have other issues than just McCoy. I woulnd’t give up on him just yet. He is getting used to a new offense with no training camp and half his receivers have been hurt, if you can call them NFL receivers. Time will tell. He is a winner.

  10. The reporting on this site is impeccable. I mean this guy reads an article, pulls out a few quotes then throws in his uninformed opinion on it. Brilliant!! Hey Greg, write your own article, or better yet watch a few games. This kid will be just fine. Those who watch the games know the Browns lack of success has very little to do with Colt’s so called ‘regression’ you speak of.

  11. As a long time Browns fan I don’t know if McCoy is the answer or not. However, to compare this year to last year is not fair. He had a healthy offensive line last year and a healthy running game. This year we have a rookie left guard and a journeyman right tackle due to injuries or poor planning. Our starting running back is a practice squad player due to injuries to Hillis and Hardesty. The receiving core is weaker this year as well with rookie Greg Little starting.

    My point is Colt has even less to work with this year than he had last year and last year was a bad team. People smarter than me will be able to judge his ability this year compard to last but to look at stats is useless. He’s playing with a talent level that may be the weakest in the NFL on the offensive side of the ball. He’s done more than Painter and Painter has J. Addai, R. Wayne etc..

  12. Someone should tell anyone who thinks getting rid of McCoy is the answer for Cleveland that there is more than one skill position on the offense.

    Hillis has done nothing to take pressure off of him and his recievers are garbage.

    Believe it or not, that does make a difference.

  13. “Then I come here and I’m thinking, ‘We’re all professionals here.’ ”
    That’s when you’ve know that you’ve grown up. Realizing that many adults still act like children.

  14. The Browns have other issues besides qb, yes. However, Colt has better options to throw at this year then last. I was hoping he could be our qb for awhile but it’s not looking good. Holmgren has already said he will take a qb until he gets it right.

    Here we go Brownies, here w……ah hell, forget it….

  15. itsmammoth says:
    Nov 25, 2011 12:51 PM
    WWWWWaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I make millions… Wahaaaaaa

    ………..says the jealous loser.

  16. I doubt McCoy can be any better than average. Sure the whole offense sucks but what potential does he really have? He’s limited at throwing the ball downfield and is mainly good at short passes. If he can’t excel in the WCO, then he’s screwed.

  17. I like Colt and think he’s basically a good kid…but I am a bit tired of reading whiny crap from him or his camp about the way the prior coaching staff treated him. First the excerpts from his book, now this. Wahhh Mangini didn’t want me to play, wahhhhh Daboll was mean to me. I’ve never heard another QB complain about them. It’s over, and the people who need to have your back (your teammates) do. LET.IT.GO. Be glad you are not in that situation anymore, learn and move on. To think, men are turned off by women who constantly complain about their exes and yet they defend this. It’s the SAME THING.

  18. The road to the NFL is long one, with no gaurantees. College’s Graduate roughly 10,000 student football atheletes every year. With exception of the draft most of those pursuing an NFL career never make it. Of those that do, not many are selected by teams with a solid foundation from which to work. Whether it be front office, coaching, scouting, etc., its a crapshoot. Colt McCoy is a quality QB. Cleveland now has to find a nucleus of playmakers to surround him to make it work. They dont need another QB they need a team, around him. Either through free agency, draft or trade. Good luck Cleveland you deserve better then what you are getting. Its time to build that foundation!!!!!

  19. Interesting that so many people are willing to produce excuses (legitimate or not) for McCoy, whereas Tebow gets no such leniency. Tebow’s offense is less talented than McCoy, he wins more, and he turns it over less. But yeah: he sucks, and McCoy doesn’t. Reasonable.

  20. McCoy makes between 1 and 1.5 million per year. Coming into this weekend he is 6-12 as a starter. He will most likely get a pass for this year because of a new coaching staff, the lockout and injuries to the browns offensive players. Shurmur has yet to prove he is a better offensive coordinator than Daboll/Mangini. That’s pretty hard to imagine. To stick long term, McCoy is going to win some divisional games. They may win two of their remaining divisional games if they get lucky. If the Browns go 1-5 or 0-6 in their last 6 games, I think the Browns will begin looking for another option at Qb

  21. profootballgossip says:
    Nov 25, 2011 1:36 PM
    Interesting that so many people are willing to produce excuses (legitimate or not) for McCoy, whereas Tebow gets no such leniency. Tebow’s offense is less talented than McCoy, he wins more, and he turns it over less. But yeah: he sucks, and McCoy doesn’t. Reasonable.

    This is not a Tebow article, believe me there have been more than enough of those. Nice try though.

  22. Your evidence that McCoy looks more like a backup this year than last year and has regressed consists of one minor stat that shows his average yards per pass is one yard fewer than it was last year…?

    So I guess the facts that, this year, he has thrown for more yards overall, has more TD throws, more pass completions, fewer INTs, and has a higher QB rating than last year just isn’t the criteria for improvement or regression, eh?

    Stunning. You guys are so good at your jobs.

  23. profootballgossip says:
    Nov 25, 2011 1:36 PM
    Interesting that so many people are willing to produce excuses (legitimate or not) for McCoy, whereas Tebow gets no such leniency. Tebow’s offense is less talented than McCoy, he wins more, and he turns it over less. But yeah: he sucks, and McCoy doesn’t. Reasonable.

    Funny that you say that, because in every single QB stat except running, McCoy’s numbers are better Tebow’s.

    Because, you see, “wins handed to you by your great defense despite your sucking” is not actually a QB stat.

    Don’t talk to me about interceptions- If McCoy threw 8 passes a game he probably wouldn’t have many either. And part of the reason Tebow doesn’t have many is because most of his passes are so inaccurate even the defenders can’t get to them.

    If you put a gun to the head of every GM in the league, including Denver’s, and said they had to take Tebow or McCoy, every single one would still take McCoy.

  24. Poor baby. He got yelled at. I take it he learned from Vince (Mama’s Boy) Young on how to handle pressure.

    Perhaps Colt should join the armed forces if he thinks his superiors are a bunch of meanies.

  25. @ profootballgossip
    Granted that Tebow does get tons of criticism and his offensive teammates are pretty bad. But Cleveland with is at least as bad on offense without the injuries. McCoy is a better passer and Tebow a much better athlete. I would still take McCoy over Tebow simply because he is a better passer. Both have a lot of guts. No doubt about it.

  26. Its funny that some people equate coaching with screaming expletives for no reason whatsoever in someones face.

    The real issue here is coaches like Daboll, who became coaches while never having any experience playing the game above D-3 college, or have their jobs entirely because of their daddies (Brian Schottenheimer, Jim Mora, and a thousand others), have to go off on players constantly because they have the Napoleon complex.

  27. I lost what little respect I had for Mangini when I read an ESPN the mag article where before last year he for the first time changed his off season letter to staff and player–which until then he had copied EXACTLY from what Bill Bellichick used at the Patsies. What kind of a man just mimics someone else at their job? It’s no wonder he couldn’t succeed.

    It doesn’t surprise me his OC was an abusive idiot.

  28. As a longtime Browns fan who ran out of patience about three years ago (just exactly how does this team manage to stay down and show zero progress year after year in a league with a hard salary cap and a college draft?), it drives me up a wall to read these be-patient-with-McCoy articles. Funny that nobody had to be patient with Andy Dalton or Cam Newton. Anyway, as for McCoy, I’ve been really rooting for him because he seems like a nice kid who is tough and works hard, but I’m just not seeing anything to indicate that he can be a decent NFL QB. I’m afraid that what the Steeler fan said is correct … he’s never going to be good enough to win, but never quite terrible enough to give up on. Don’t give me excuses about the running game or the receivers. We Browns fan have heard nothing but excuses for the last 12 years. Believe it or not, we’d like to start seeing some progress instead of listening to more excuses. The Browns have two first-round picks in 2012, and if Colt can’t show something between now and the end of this season, I think one of those first-round picks should be used on a QB.

  29. The bottom line of this story is the coaching style that Eric Mangini implemented with his staff when he was coaching the Jets and Browns. As you can see his style didn’t work and I would be shocked if any NFL team hired Mangini ever again.

    I’m not sure why the Dolphins hired Brian Daboll after the lackluster results he got with the Browns. The guy has proven to be a terrible offensive coordinator, but hey maybe the Dolphins like being terrible.

  30. The only reason this is published as a story is the author, who if he isn’t slobbering all over the Steelers, he’s bashing the Browns. Makes me wonder who he is blackmailing to have this job, because this is not journalism.

  31. Lets see, McCoy has a running game lead by the 4RTH STRING running back and an offensive line who has him as one of the top HIT QB’s in the league and somehow we think that McCoy has regressed?

    Right now Josh Cribbs is having a career year as a reciever and Greg Little has the second most receptions of any rookie despite everything I named above. Who exactly do you think is throwing them the ball or is this site too busy worshiping Tim Tebow to actually watch the games they’re reporting on.

  32. @ henrykissingerisgod

    Steelers lost to a Mangini/Daboll coached offense lead by Brady Quinn at QB with Chris Jennings as a running back. Enough said.

  33. Daboll can’t be too bad,Miami has been killing teams on offense the last few weeks. Moore and McCoy are equal talent-wise in my book. Maybe Colt just can’t put it together? He reminds me of Boller;good enough to beat bums but bad enough to lose to anyone else.Baltimore wasted 5 years of championship level defense on the Boller experiment. Hope the Browns figure it out sooner rather than later.

  34. It’s hard for me to feel sorry for these pampered kids playing a game for millions of dollars.

    After being drafted into the Army, I literally got my ass kicked daily for $97.00 per month! And then getting shot at by people I didn’t even know for about $200.00 per month! Now, after 30+ yrs I get to spend weeks at a time away from my family as a long-haul trucker. If I work it right, maybe I get to see them on holidays!

    Colt, learn to count your blessings. It is so easy to bitch and complain. Maybe you’ve just always had it too good.

  35. “The Texas football players are coddled so much while they play there, plenty of their players have the same problem once they get to the pros.” What?? Do you have any idea how many players from the state of Texas are in the NFL?? There’s a lot of hate in that statement. But I guess it is easier to hate on Texas, and Colt McCoy, then to come to the realization that the Browns are not a good team in any sense of the word good. They are building, granted, but are in desperate need of an offensive line, wide receivers, and a running game. Going after a rookie QB in his first full season as a starter who has that supporting cast around him is extremely short sighted. Of course he has made mistakes this year, but he has also played pretty well. Get the kid an offensive line and a running back before blaming him for the Brown’s lack of offense.

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