Hillis surprisingly will be a game-time decision

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Out of sight and out of mind, the Madden 12 cover boy could be doing something other than playing football in a densely pixilated video image.

After missing several games with a hamstring injury, Browns running back Peyton Hillis could be playing on Sunday, when the Browns face the Bengals in Cincinnati.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Hillis is now a game-time decision.

“It’s looking very positive for this game,” Hillis said.  “We’re all shooting for this Sunday. . . . I’m working my best to get out there, and I’m looking forward to the opportunity.  I’m eager and excited about it.”

Montario Hardesty also is expected to be available, and he’s expected to start, with Chris Ogbonnaya serving as the backup.  It’s unknown whether Hillis would leapfrog one or both of them if he’s able to play; coach Pat Shurmur has said in the past that Hillis will be the starter once again, once he’s healthy.

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  1. It’s amazing how watching your back-up, who was on a practice squad the month before, rack up 100+ yards will speed up even the most gnarly of ailments.
    I’ve been a Browns fan all my life, and I was one of the many who were all up-in-arms when they failed to resign Hillis at the beginning of the year, but now that I’ve had the chance to see the dog and pony show he’s put on this year I applaud waiting. I think that after last year they should reward him, just not what he and his agents think he’s worth.

  2. what an epic fall from grace this guy has had. injuries and inconsistent play are one thing, but when the guys are your team are questioning your commitment you have problems.

  3. For such a big dude, Hillis seems pretty soft..

    A hamstring injury kept Beanie Wells out for 1 game He then did his knee in against the Steelers and was playing the following week. That knee injury still hasn’t gone but he’s playing through it. Javhid Best played most of last season with double turf toe.

    Hillis has been out 5 weeks and still isn’t healthy. What a wimp.

  4. Hillis isn’t a wimp. I’ve had a hamstring injury; they can linger for a long time and make it impossible to run at full speed.

    As a Browns fan, watching the drama surrounding Hillis this year is like watching the end of a marriage between two people you both like. I like Hillis but this season has been like Murphy’s Law for him, everything that could possibly go wrong has gone wrong. He keeps getting hurt, he and the front office disagree on what he should be paid, his team has regressed (trust me, it has) … and on and on it goes. Hillis is a free agent at season’s end and it’s clear that he’ll be going elsewhere. It’s a shame. I loved having him on the team. How can you not root for a guy who came out of nowhere, was a throw-in in a trade, and ended up as the Madden cover boy? He was a great story and I wish he could stay with the Browns, but it’s clear that it isn’t going to happen. Too bad. We’ll miss him. (Not that it really matters since the Browns are never going to be competitive anyway.)

  5. Well, they waived Clayton, so they are expecting either Hillis or Hardesty to suit up Sunday.

  6. The best part about the Madden curse for Hillis is he was elected to the cover only out of fan hatred for Vick. Too funny.

  7. As a Browns fan, I honestly don’t care if Hillis plays again. If they’re definitely letting him walk at the end of this year, why even have him play when the guys who are staying and are being counted on, Ogbonnaya and Hardesty, get more experience. Hardesty spent his whole rookie year on the bench with an injury and so this has basically been his rookie year for all intents and purposes- and Ogbonnaya has been a PS player, with little game experience. Both of them seem to improve with the more playing time they get. Concentrate on those guys and put the Great White Dope on IR until he walks.

  8. Hillis is a monster running back but with that style of running you can’t expect him to stay health. If they do keep him they need to find a good back up. Most team have a change up back anyway.

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