Jahvid Best’s season is over

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The Lions can’t wait for Jahvid Best to get healthy any longer.

The Lions announced Friday that Best is headed to injured reserve.  Best played six games this year before suffering a serious concussion.

For a second straight season, Best struggled with injury.  He played through a painful turf toe injury for much of last year.

And for the second time in his football life going back to his college days, Best’s season has been cut short by a serious concussion. Best’s post-concussion symptoms were slow to go away. We can only hope the issue doesn’t cut short Best’s career.

Kevin Smith’s high ankle sprain on Thursday likely forced the Lions to make this move.

Detroit needs to add another running back until Smith is healthy. It’s telling that they expect Smith to come back and contribute, while they are comfortable ending Best’s season now despite his talents.

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  1. Here’s hoping jahvid gets better and is smart and thinks about himself before football when next season comes along. He would be a nice change of pace back with leshoure taking the load of carries behind a revamped offensive line. I never thought he was a full-time back at his size.

  2. Concussions. High ankle sprains. Brain tumors. The Lions can’t catch a break at running back. Not that he was ever a model of health, but does anybody think they give Clinton Portis a look?

  3. A shame. They should just cut him after the season. Our offense looked so much better with a running game. Smith is not the long term answer and Leshoure is an unknown to me too. We need a durable running back who has vision and speed.

  4. I like Kevin Smith much better between the tackles than Best.
    Best is probably top-end faster in open space, but Smith is making it happen inside.
    Because of Best’s multiple concussions, I would mimic how New Orleans treated Reggie Bush -> open space offense only.

  5. “The Lions announced Friday that Best is headed to injured injured.”

    I can only assume you mean injured reserve.

  6. This was rumored since this happened, that he wasn’t right afterward. Just mad I dropped Maurice Morris in my fantasy league this week and Kevin Smith goes down.

    Lions are going to have to invest in a legit running back sometime. This reminds of a much poorer mans version of the Patriots.

    In the long run I hope this doesn’t end his career. He is a 3rd down back period and a returner. It’s proven that he can’t be an every down, 25 carry back.

  7. Held on to him in fantasy all this time. No hard feelings Best. Who cares about football anyway when it comes to this… he seems like a really great guy, and I hope he gets better!

    Go Cowboys

  8. Don’t worry, the Bills will cut Tashard Choice are this weekend and Detroit can pick him up.

    Three teams in three weeks…let’s see if he can make it 4 for 4.

  9. I think that may be it for Best. If he has suffered two such serious concussions…it is time to go. It is not worth the risk anymore. Too bad however. If he and Lenshure had been healthy the Lions would have been fabulous this year. I am wondering who is left to bring in.

  10. Knowing he had a history of concussion problems, it probably wasn’t in his best interests to openly bash how he hates the Niners and he was a raider fan, a week before having to run into Navarro Bowman and Patrick Willis.

    All kidding aside, I hope he regains his health and becomes a great change of pace back ala Darren Sproles.

  11. chaseutley says: Nov 25, 2011 3:08 PM

    Concussions. High ankle sprains. Brain tumors. The Lions can’t catch a break at running back.


    Barry Sanders approves this message.

  12. .
    his career is over.

    he obviously has perma damage and to want to keep playing would be a stupid choice on his part

    but hey just ask aikman

  13. R.I.P. to Detroit’s season. Not that Best’s placement on IR really changes things since he’s been out for weeks, but the whole combination of injuries, penalties, interceptions, and overall bad play have taken a 5-0 team to the brink of elimination from playoff contention. Bunch of pretenders they turned out to be.

    Detroit = Ghetto Cesspool

  14. Best would be wise to take his earnings to date and retire. Another significant brain injury might leave him drooling or worse.

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