Mike Pereira suggests multiple game suspension for Suh

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Former NFL VP of Officiating Mike Pereira isn’t involved in league matters any more, but he has a good read for how discipline is doled out in the NFL.

So his words on FoxSports.com don’t come as good news for the Lions.

“The question won’t be if the NFL will suspend [Ndamukong] Suh, but when — and for how many games,” Pereira writes. “Suh’s not dirty, he’s filthy.”

Pereira points out Suh leads the league in personal fouls since entering the league and later suggests a suspension of multiple games.

“Suh met with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell recently to discuss his on-field play and afterward said he had a better understanding of how to play the game within the rules. I would say he needs another lesson — or two. Maybe three,” Pereira writes.

It’s worth noting that what Suh did Thursday isn’t any worse than what Vikings defensive end Brian Robison did earlier this year when he kicked a Packers player in the junk. Robison was fined $20,000.

The difference here is Suh’s history and the high profile nature of the Thanksgiving game.  That’s why Suh seems fairly likely to be suspended at least one week.

126 responses to “Mike Pereira suggests multiple game suspension for Suh

  1. Three games minimum + game checks. I like Suh, but he is out of control and he is going to seriously hurt someone. He needs to learn a lesson quickly.

  2. At least he didn’t kick him in his galloping gobler like Brian Robinson, but I’m sure he would’ve if he knew they already saw him. I like how he just walked away like nothing happened after he did that and him and his stupid coach were arguing with the ref about it. He should be suspended but knowing how much sense Goodell makes, he will fine both players and suspend James Harrison

  3. To me, a one week suspension is a slap on the wrist. I’d say at a minimum he should be gone three games.

  4. Just thought of this. This will be the thing that makes Goodell suspension happy like fining James Harrison made him fine happy. So soon we will be complaining that he suspends everyone and just fining them will be a relief.

  5. say whatever u want.

    i would want this guy on my team any day of the week and would want to play alongside this guy if he was on my team in the trenches

    he made a DUMB move, he cost his team the game

    he will mature, and grow up and still be a dominant force in the NFL

    his grimy play on the field will only make other players fear him more… hes only a young guy

    imagine when he hits his mid 20’s and is a grown man , mentally and physically he is already there

    he needs to channel the anger DURING THE PLAYS not after,

    he will learn, he made a mistake, his apology was awful, but still

    he will come back a better and stronger player/person for this

    he didnt drink drive kill anyone, no rape or making it rain

    come on now ppl…

    we know who to really hate in the NFL and who not to,

    hes not 1 you hate, he plays angry and makes mistakes yes,

    but it is ok…

  6. I don’t recall Cortland Finnegan getting suspended for any games for his fight with Andre Johnson…and Finnegan relishes being dirty

  7. Robison should have been suspended. And it is worse. He was slamming his head into the turf, that was enough for ejection, the kick deserves a seat on the bench for 5 games, seeing as he’s been warned and fined multiple times. Let him come back for the last game which coincedentally is against the Pack. This guy embarrassed the league on national TV, anyone defending him is clueless.

  8. “That’s why Suh seems fairly likely to be suspended at least one week.”

    One week, seriously?

    No way in hell this guy gets the message with a one week suspension, nope.

    It has to be at LEAST 3 weeks and a big time fine, not this $20,000 crap.

  9. He is in denial if he thinks anyone will believe his excuse . Needs to be sent a message don’t know if he will get it . He keeps stomping on people he will hurt someone bad very bad

  10. “It’s worth noting that what Suh did Thursday isn’t any worse than what Vikings defensive end Brian Robison did earlier this year…”

    Isn’t any worse? Gregg, have you ever worn any pair of any type of cleats in your life?

  11. What they both did by kicking is wrong but I think it is strange it was against the Packers both times. Is it because the Packers are the best team or does it happen after something a Packer player did something? I doubt it and there still is no reason for either one.

  12. I agree the thing the viking player did was bad too, but it pales in comparison to what Suh did. In the case with the viking, if I remember correctly, that dude was the one laying on the ground and he kicked upwards whereas Suh proceeded to pound the Packer dude’s head into the turf about 3-4 times and then tried to stomp on him ala’ Haynesworth. …..with all that said, there’s plenty of other dirty playing going on in the NFL and it does not exclude the Packers. Woodson has been known to throw a few punches when his emotions get the best of him. I know that many NFL players have commented about how the Packers are notorious for doing dirty things but that they realize the officials typically see the player who “retaliates”. All you need to do is look at the total penalties called in a game and you will see that the Packers are among the least penalized. I’m sure players get frustrated when they are hit with a fist on the bottom of a pile but there is no room for what Suh did.

  13. I’m a die-hard Lions fan and a lifelong Detroiter…and sorry to say Suh, I just cant defend you longer. As much as we want a villain on defense, your play has just been deplorable.

  14. lifetime lions fan here…he needs to be humbled…suspended or something. I think he lost it when he got pulled down and then held down, so in his rage I’m not sure he knew what he was doing so he and believes what he’s saying.

    in any case, he can’t do it. it makes the team look bad, the city look bad, and (me) his fans look bad.

    maturity is taking reaponsibility for your actions. suh is still an immature young player. he’s smart, so either he will learn and mature or he will be out of the league soon.

  15. I think your on to something there, but I would reverse that and say 1 game for the kick and 5 for his stupid explanation. does he know there are multiple cameras at these games.

  16. My sister and law and brother in law don’t normally let their kindergarten son watch football. I explained that EVERYONE HAS to watch football on Thanksgiving. They relented, my nephew saw Suh’s dirty play and asked several questions about it, why did he have to leave, why did he kick that man, is his mommy going to spank him?

    I was so embarassed. (even though his last question was kind of funny.) I doubt my nephew will be allowed to watch football with me next year.

  17. Cortland Finnegan, Titans, re: dirtiest player rankings: ““I’m number [six] right now, but I’m aspiring to one day hopefully be No. 1.”

    Albert Haynesworth, Titans, five game suspension for face stomping.

    N. Suh, Lions. You know.

    Link? Jim Schwartz.

  18. Another distinction with the Robison case, Robison immediately apologized to the Packer player and the NFL.
    And as mentioned by another poster, Robison was in a defensive position with the Packer player hovering over him – and it was not proceeded by any actions (repeated head shoves) that could have merited a Personal Foul penalty by itself.
    Outside of the use of the foot and the Packer target, there is little similarities.

  19. I’ve defended Suh plenty of times in the past but his actions yesterday are impossible to defend. That was as dirty as it gets and probably gets him labeled as a dirty player the rest of his career. Thanksgiving Day in terms of exposure for an NFL team is almost like a playoff. A lot of people who may have never seen the Detroit Lions play this season would have been introduced to Suh for the first time. It’s just too bad that those images of him out of control is what’s going to stick in their minds whenever they hear Ndamukong Suh.

    I hate to say it but at least a 2 game suspension is warranted and maybe through the end of the year seeing as how he doesn’t see anything at all wrong with what he did. The only way to control an out of control football player is to take football away from him.

  20. Goodell won’t be shown up by Suh, here. He gave him a meeting when he probably shouldn’t, then went onto brag about Suh and how he was working so hard to play hard, but within the rules. If Goodell doesn’t bust his ass bad, here, he gets shown up.

    However, I do think one game, that game’s check + a fine is fair. But I can’t help but see Gurode on the ground, getting stomped and the 5 gamer that came from that…

  21. As a Lions fan, I wish for him to be suspended for the rest of the year. Maybe then, even if in his messed up head he doesn’t agree with it, he’ll realize this sort of ish is hurting more than helping.

  22. Just when I thought no one could be worse then Albert Haynesworth…along comes Suh, now the question is was his behaviour like this at Nebraska were there signs? I mean why now in the NFL he surely just didn’t start acting like this…

  23. Suh should be suspended for the rest of the season and fined heavily. His explanation of his actions is one of the biggest hunks of BS that a pro athlete has ever come up with. I’ve been rooting for Detroit because of their underdog status and because of the former Huskers on the team, but I guess I’ll have to trim that to rooting for them only because of their underdog status.

  24. He was ejected already. Cost his team at least one score in the game. He didn’t injure a player and he didn’t hurt the players career. Suh was amped up and made a sequence of bad decisions. Do I think he deserves to be suspended? Yes, and only one game. The notion of suspending him 5 games is crazy and unprecedented.

  25. I love the way this guy plays.
    Even after this terrible display, i supported his style.
    BUT THEN he tries to give some lame excuse and totally ruins my whole perspective.
    If you’re gonna be mean, be mean. Dont try and act like it was some accident like you didnt mean to stomp on a mans chest.

    Now this suspension needs to happen. FatAlbert has already set the precedent on the issue with his famous head stomp.

    In this case however, i would suggest that a more servere punishment be issued. Albert casually stomped on a mans head, SUH lost complete control for the better part of 15 seconds. The smashing of the head that preceeded the stomp escalates the whole situation.

    With the previous history of this guy, you could argue that he deserves to sit out the remainder of the season, not with standing the playoffs.

  26. This guy reminds me a little of Dennis Rodman (NBA)… alot of talent but without discipline and accountability.

    I also think the coach has something to do with this…. we has Haynesworth’s defensive coordinator when he pulled the same crap for Tennessee.

    That explanation after the game was almost as embarrassing as the act itself and showed a total lack of any personal accountability.

  27. Oh what the H E double hockey sticks!! Let’s just make a statement and ban the dumb a$$ for life?!? Oh not for the intentional, devious, arrogant stomp, but for being the DUMBEST guy in the league. Banned for life for stupidity!!!!

  28. Despite our terrible record, as a RAMS fan, I’m even more glad we drafted Bradford instead. More class…

  29. Oh I forgot, SHE did wear a “N” on the side of her helmet that stood for knowledge. He comes from a classy school!!!!

  30. I can no longer let my children watch the Detroit Lions play until this disgrace of an athlete and human being is gone!!! Not only are his actions on the field a digrace but then he’s a complete coward in the press room after the game by not owning up to his actions. I will not allow my children to be influenced by this mans actions and lies.

  31. In the words of Lovie Smith, “there’s plenty of time between the whistles to show how tough you are”. The head coach of the Lions has not controlled his players all season long and now the Lions reputation is a team of yapping cheap shot artists. Suh is the worst of them.

  32. Last Thanksgiving, I watched Suh help turn an embarrassing Detroit defense around and give Tom Brady and the Patriots fits. I liked the chippiness and hustle this kid showed.

    Earlier this year, the complaints about him being dirty started coming up, and I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

    This time, he’s gone too far. His defense of himself is ridiculous because there IS no defense for what he did yesterday.

    He clearly rolled on top of a player who was already down, clearly pushed his face in the turf several times (should have been ejected on that alone!) and then unmistakably pushed his cleat into the guy’s stomach without being “pushed” by anyone.

    Suh, the “man upstairs” says “shut up”.

    This was the worst thing since Haynesworth planting a cleat in that guy’s face. Suh has gotten progressively more aggressive all season – inspired no doubt by his idiot coach -and an impact message needs to be sent to BOTH of them. Suh needs to miss at least 3-4 games for this, to make sure both he AND Schwartz get the message this time.

  33. Doing this crap on Thanksgiving after meeting with the comish ? He might as well have stomped Goodell instead. But hey who needs your best players when your fighting to get into the playoffs for the first time this millineum? What a selfish, childish fool.

  34. Whatever he gets, the Lions should add ONE.

    He needs to get the message that not only the league, but the Detroit org isn’t going to put up with that anymore.

    D-Smith could have been injured badly, but also he hurt his team. Pure and simple. Don’t need that anymore.

  35. Robision’s kick was stupid, but an isolated act by a guy without a history such things. I was still surprised it didn’t cost him a game.
    Suh has been receiving more letters from Tzar Goodell than anyone else in the league for two years, had a little visit “just to clear the air,” and obviously either won’t or can’t adjust.
    He’s got to be suspended and I’m guessing two games this time with an understanding that if there is a next time it will be five.
    All rhetoric aside, the dude has some genuine issues.

  36. Well, now we know he won’t get multiple games. Pereira is a a moron. His brief stint “advising” the Pac-10 turned the officiating from average to incompetent, bordering on shady.

  37. canetic says:Nov 25, 2011 9:20 AM

    Three games minimum + game checks. I like Suh, but he is out of control and he is going to seriously hurt someone. He needs to learn a lesson quickly.


    FYI a suspension automatically takes your game check(s).

  38. Hey fellas, I have to man up and do something Suh apparently isn’t capable of…. appologize. I spewed a lot when people were calling him dirty weeks ago and like a caring father, I defended him. Well, y’all were right and the dirty mofo is an embarrassment to the classy guys like Barry who wore the uniform before him. To top it all off, he is retarded enough to think that we would swallow his BS excuse. Well Boy named Suh, I’m not one of your “real fans” and if you don’t turn this ship around like now, I hope you are sent packing by my team.

    On a side note, it was great seeing the Niners lose last night. LOL

  39. The biggest problem here is, the Lions organization has condoned this activity by not acting themselves. They could have suspended Suh right after the game for this, but by passing the buck to the league, they’re essentially saying they defend the player. Teams with class and respect for the game dole out the punishment themselves right away.

  40. Mike Pereira was head of refs who would rather call personal fouls and noncatch TD catches that have left fans and players frustrated and confused. Meanwhile offensive holding has become so rampant and vague that coaches coach it and teams will accept it as a part of doing business because the reward for getting away with holding outweighs the risk. Suspension for on the field behavior should match the damage done to the opposing team. No Packer wad hurt or so much missed a play . Woodson wasn’t even thrown out for throwing and landing a punch in an unprotected area with an attempt to hurt. To suspend Suh would be a double standard.

  41. Why does the organization allow this to continue. The Lions will also have to deal with him along with the league… OR… is he just an extension of his coach and the Lions organization in generl?????

  42. Full disclosure I am Bear fan. The Lions have shown they are not ready for prime time just yet. The main culprit IMO is their HC Schwarz who in his haste to gain respect for his time is encouraging dirty play. This tactic is blowing up in his face big time. The Lions had the Packers in a position to lose but the Lions penalties eventually gave the game to the packers. This is a talented yet very undisciplined kind of like the Cowboyz.

    Suh behaves like a petulant spoiled child because Schwarz doesnt reign him along with apparently a long history of other coaches kisses his big butt. Suh appeared frustrated because somebody actually blocked him to the ground. Cant have that can we. Suh acts like he is entitled to get away with stuff others are not allowed to get away with. He did my team a big favor enabling the the packers to bring the lions closer to the bears record.

    Until the Lions learn some discipline they will continue to be talented under achieving wannabes much like the Cowboyz have been.

  43. This is funny and sad all at the same time. The media campaign that is going on regarding this seems to have a vested interest. It is worth noting that in the leagues last 7 years officiating has become brutal. Missed or blown calls time and time again.

    Mike P. Was at the head of it all before he retired, last year. His officiating buddies are brutal and yesterdays game was no different.

    As for Suh, he should be fined and thats it. There are plenty of examples. Finnegan, Robinson, Seam Smith of guys doing a lot worse, and not getting a suspension. (Or is hitting a guy in the junk, not worse? )

    Look at the entire play, not jsut what the network wants to show you. Suh gets brought to the ground and the guy pushes his head into the turf. All after the play. Suh gets pushed by another Packer lineman and then as he is falling away from the pile the same dirtbag who started it, grabs his leg. Suh is looking the other way and no doubt kicks his leg or stomps, just so happens his arm was there.

    As for leading the league in PF since he came in, that is another laugh. I can recall 4 or 5 that were garbage calls, that the league admitted to later.

    No doubt he is aggressive, no doubt he is very close to the line, but I am glad he’s on our team

    As for the packers and their backers, go watch the game again, look at Desmond Bishop and Clay Matthews JR. and all the liberties they took with our ball carriers and QB. Long before Suh did. Or is that ok?

    As for Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin, who lectured him on national TV last night about being immature. Really? You two lectruing on maturity and not being brash. Do we need to relive the 90’s? What were you guys? Certainly not church boys.

  44. For all the sensitive people who are worried about the children I suggest two things 1)Make them play soccer or tennis (2) don’t let hem watch NFL films which glorify players like Suh throughout its history. Just last week the Giants Eagles rivalry show Bednarik talk about wanting to kill Gifford and then showing a vicious hit immortalized with a photo of Chuck standing over him. In the same piece Bavaro talked about how he had a dream he murdered Buddy Ryan. In 20 years Suh will be censored and kickers will be highlighted as the herbs of the league.

  45. I sure hope it doesn’t take Mr. Goodell more than Monday morning to suspend Suh for the rest of the season, including all game checks and to also fine the Lions and Jim Schwartz for encouraging this type of behavior. Let’s hope Goodell doesn’t work like the NCAA and wait to impose the penalty until (Ohio State, here’s looking at you)……next year because it would be unfair to the Lions chances of making the playoffs this year. Typically a situation that results in a ejection, involves ONE action, Suh pounded the Packer dudes head THREE times and then tried to STOMP him………Suh has SERIOUS issues that go beyond the heat of the moment in a game and something needs to be done.

  46. The “Lost my balance” excuse is as bad as my dog ate my homework.

    First, Duane Brown of the Texans came up with that lame excuse for punching Clint Session and now Suh.

    Nobody believes either of them because they are both lies.

  47. Suh won’t get a multi-game suspension. I would suggest though that he gets suspended for the Minnesota game only. That’s the only game remaining the Lions have a shot at winning.

    I would also suggest the NFL flexes the Lions/Packers game on New Years to SNF. Let’s watch the Packers eat this kid up.

    I’ve lost all respect for the kid. Being tough and on the edge dirty is fine by me. After yesterday’s game he’s nothing but a punk @sshole.

  48. Yeah, well I suggest that Pereira lighten up and grow a pair.

    99% of us complain that the game is becoming too wimpy and then everyone has a tizzy fit when a player of an aggressive game acts naturally aggressive.

    Ok, so in “Today’s NFL” (sigh), Ndamukong Suh shouldn’t have stomped T.J. Lang, but other than hurting Lang’s feelings, did anything bad happen to the guy? Suh reeks of testosterone has that “badness gene” which gets linked up and tangled with his ambition, competitiveness, and heroism. The instinct cannot be squashed. The guy’s a throwback to the days of Mean Joe Greene, and Sam Huff, etc. Ever listen to Sonny Jurgensen talk about when he played? The stories he tells about players trying to gouge his eyes out, throwing forearms to his jaw, rip his head off, punch, kick and spit. I’m just sayin’…

    “Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?”

  49. Suh has finally gone completely too far! It’s one thing to take a cheap shot during a play (I don’t think that’s okay either!). But what he did was out of control and stomping on a player like that could really hurt someone. He obviously doesn’t get it…either because: he doesn’t want to; thinks the rules don’t apply to him; or has no control over his emotions.
    On top of his unacceptable asault of the Green Bay player, Suh gives a RIDICULOUS excuse that insults the intelligence of the League, other players, and the fans.
    $50,000 fine and 3 game suspension seems reasonable to me…and throw in some anger management classes for good measure.
    While the League is at it….have they tested this punk for steriods lately???

  50. warrenmoon says: I’m a Steelers fan, and I can find 739 ways to twist this into being about James Harrison, the second dirtiest player in the league, and I can find ways to make this about Goodell. I am too stupid to realize that there is absolutely no connection between this and Harrison, but as a whining, crying Steelers tit-baby I must contibue to try!
    Good Job warrenmoon, you’re spot-on!

  51. How many more times is this boy named suh gonna tell us he’s not a dirty player? He should get a career in politics after his career’s over.

  52. All you guys hating on Suh are nuts.

    I say this as a Saints fan that is going to have his QB exposed to this animal in what will potentially be his last game for a long time as he appeals his suspension. Meaning he will probably be going all out because it won’t matter.

    I would kill to have this guy and all of his antics on my team. He alone brings a swagger and a fear element that no other player does. If you have a coach that can keep that in check then you have one heck of a player. Someone brought up Rodman and that is valid. Phil Jackson was able to get the good out of him and minimize the bad. He not only was a rebounding machine for the Bulls he was also their enforcer. If one of their guys wacked a Bull Rodman was right there for the payback. A guy like that, kept under control, can be a valuable part of any team.

    He just needs better coaching. I think whoever is responsible for Suh up there in Detroit needs to reach out to Phil Jackson and get some pointers on keeping a headcase under control as best you can.

  53. Dirty play implies gaining an unfair advantage while the refs aren’t looking or refuse to call it. Getting called for late hits is being overly aggressive in an aggressive sport. Look at any pancake block and an olineman will push the defender down by the head to the ground. The kick that did as much damage as a tickle fight warranted the ejection and penalty but a suspension would open a can if worms that NFL fansfilms and particularly Steeler and Raven fans should be worried about .

  54. virger says: Nov 25, 2011 9:24 AM

    what suh did is much worse than what robison did (although that was bad too)

    How was Suh’s kick on the arm worse that Robison kicking who ever it was he kicked in the jewels?

  55. I’ve said before and I’ll say again. Suh probably cost the Lions the game. The Packers were on 3rd down and would have settled for a field goal. Suh’s penalty gave the Packers 1st and goal. Being ejected from the game didn’t either.

  56. Multi-game suspension is in order here, 2-4 games. That was a dispicable act. Along with the suspension Suh should be required to undergo a Pyschiatric Evaluation and complete all followup care.

  57. Rodman won NBA championships and defensive player of the year awards before Phil Jackson used his Zen magic on him. The Bulls didn’t need Rodman to win but the Pistons needed his kind of play. Had Rodman been given the Suh treatment by the NBA the Pistons would have been the Pacers.

  58. @benevolentanarchist

    “99% of us complain that the game is becoming too wimpy and then everyone has a tizzy fit when a player of an aggressive game acts naturally aggressive.”

    You couldn’t be more wrong. Hitting a guy when he’s down is not what 99% of us want. You’re trying to justify his actions by saying that people are demanding that kind of behavior in the NFL.

  59. I say, give him the same fine Richard Seymour got for punching Ben Rothleisberger in the face … I think it Seymour had a time out and had to apologize to his classmates, or something like that.

    Suh is getting beat up way more than he deserves for this.

    I wonder what Pierea thought about Seymour’s penalty last year?

  60. Someone who would try to pass off that explanation for his actions is quite obviously mental. This cro-magnon is sitting there saying (and I’m paraphrasing) “I didn’t do this. I didn’t do that. The man upstairs knows, etc” when HE KNOWS there are about 20 cameras filming him from every conceivable angle. That is what makes this even more disturbing than the actual stomp- that this guy is so bonkers and delusional that, in his mind, he thinks he can tell us that we didn’t actually see what we saw- and expects people to take him seriously. THAT is the scary part.


  61. Holy crap! All he did was try to stomp a guys arm. Everybody needs to chill the f*&k out. He’s a violent man playing a violent game. I love it. The NFL needs more violence, pretty soon it’s gonna be flag football.

  62. I agree with other posters that Robison’s kick was different, but only because Robison acted like a man and an adult and took responsibility and fully apologized immediately afterwards. Emotions run high, and stuff happens. Robison also isn’t known for this type of behavior. Even Charles Woodson got involved in some extracurriculars and he’s got a pretty clean rep, but Woodson also came clean and apologized.

    I don’t think the kick or the head slam warrants a suspension so much as his failure to take full responsibility for his actions and his failure to see that he did anything wrong. If I were Roger, i’d give him 3 games for that and require him to take anger management courses.

    A message needs to be sent – otherwise someone’s career might be ended by this hothead.

  63. No one in the league wears a cup to protect their junk. Everyone wears a helmet. And if you’ve never had your head pinned to the ground by an offensive or defensive player you either didn’t play past grade school or you were great. Get kicked in the jewels you will miss a play or two. Get your head pinned to the ground you’ll be back up and holding on the next play.

  64. >I would kill to have this guy and all of his antics on my team

    Another fan who wants his team to lose 15 yards multiple times.

  65. @mjbulls45 A modicum of punctuation makes you sound like you might actually have a point to make. However, galloping ignorance and, well, you are written off as an idiot.

  66. Suh went second overall in his draft class. Gerald mccoy, a Dt went third. I can honestly say tampa got a better pick. Not thru a disruptive line, but a decent player that stops the run. Way less penalties, and no team distraction! Come on. Suh could be costing his team the playoffs. class is outshining talent. Suh is proof

  67. People calling for Suh to be suspended and get fined and have a psycho evaluation and not let their kids watch him play need to look at his charity work. We know where Suh contributes his money. Will any of you know where the the money he is docked for a suspension and fine will go? Judging a man for his violence on the field in a violent game is nuts. Merlin Olson would have been doing beer commercials rather than Little House on the Prairie if there was media of today.

  68. Swartz and Suh, Swartz and Haynesworth? Coincidence? Ah, No! Goodell dropped the ball by not fining him and Harbaugh for their scurmish at the end of the game.
    Now Rodger has to suspend Suh. Only question is 2 games 3? Haynesworth got 5! Al also seemed generally remorseful for his actions.
    Suh’s explanation was dillusional at best and an outright lie at worst!

  69. Suh plays with super aggression which is a really good thing for a defensive lineman. The problem is that his brain doesn’t regain control over his aggressive impulses/instincts before he does something stupid. He will struggle with this for the rest of his career. I think with this guy it’s ironic. The very thing that drives him to be a great player is also the very same thing that drives him to get in trouble. He needs to get control of the rage.

  70. seatownballers says: Suh went second overall in his draft class. Gerald mccoy, a Dt went third. I can honestly say tampa got a better pick. Not thru a disruptive line, but a decent player that stops the run. Way less penalties, and no team distraction! Come on. Suh could be costing his team the playoffs. class is outshining talent. Suh is proof

    Hasn’t McCoy been hurt both years? His season is over this year isn’t it? Tampa’s run defense is only a handful of yards better than Detroit’s and has given up almost twice as many rushing TDs. TBs overall defense isn’t very good.

  71. I like his closing line in his response. “if I wanted to hurt somebody, I’d hit their quarterback as I did all day”. Ahahahaha! I honestly don’t remember his name said at any point in the telecast up until he got ejected! All day? Ahaha! He was booted out for half of it!!! What a tool!!! It sounds like he may be even more delusional than people think. Plus he has a little girly voice.

  72. > HGH testing. That should take care of the roid rage

    1. HGH is not steroids and there’s 0 evidence it makes people angry.

    2. The NFL has an extensive, aggressive testing program for steroids.

  73. What Robison did was wrong. No doubt. But at least he owned up to it. What Suh did was NOT the same. From what I saw Robison reacted to a guy trying to throw him to the ground while in a defenseless position. What Suh did was react to a defenseless player only because he was beaten on the play and couldn’t handle it. Then he went out of his way to slam the guy’s head into the ground 3 times and stomp on him. If you want to compare the two instances as the same you are HIGHLY mistaken.

  74. Two games should do it.

    Lions lose both and basically fall out of the playoff race with 6 losses.

    Then Suh can walk back into the locker room and face his teammates knowing he basically cost them all a chance to play in the post season.

    How he handles that will say a lot more about how much of a man he is than taking cheap shots at opposing players after the whistle.

  75. Who else thinks the whole I met with Goodell to learn how to play within the rules” is a bunch of BS? So let’s see he played pop warner, high school and college where the rules are even more strict than the NFL. Yet, he’s not sure how to play within the rules? Really??? What a crock of crap!

  76. trickybastard says:
    Nov 25, 2011 11:49 AM
    How about they just implement HGH testing. That should take care of the roid rage behavior

    Umm……..HGH is not a steriod and does not cause behavioral changes like steriods do.

    Other than that, great post.

  77. Anyone else curious what the lions reaction to this will be? Personally, I hope his suspension doesn’t keep this bipolar out-of-control waste of space from playing in the last game in Green Bay………revenge is a dish best served cold……like frozen tundra cold…….imo

  78. Hwy rmc1995,
    You are right mccoy has been injured, but what has Suh done this year? What signs of promise? Look at this distraction. Look at his penalties year to date. Lions will have a magnifying glass on them now, with every ref holding a yellow flag eager to toss it.
    I was comparing the classness of Suh to Mccoy

  79. rmc1995 says:

    People calling for Suh to be suspended and get fined and have a psycho evaluation and not let their kids watch him play need to look at his charity work.


    That’s the worst excuse I’ve seen yet. That’s like saying we shouldn’t all judge Sandusky so quickly because of all the kids he helped at the Second Mile.

    As a Packer’s fan I will say that by themselves either the head pushes or the kick alone would not merit a suspension (and a single head push would not have merited an ejection). He and Smith were clearly going at it, and I’m sure Suh was upset and frustrated.

    But the whole series of acts in conjunction with his “Who are you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?” routine merits a 2-3 game suspension in my opinion.

    It’s a tough game for tough guys, I get that. But losing all control and then refusing to be accountable for it later is not what the NFL is about.

  80. mjbulls45 says:
    Nov 25, 2011 9:23 AM
    say whatever u want.

    i would want this guy on my team any day of the week and would want to play alongside this guy if he was on my team in the trenches

    Well duh, thats about the safest place to be from his cheap shots and punk move tactics.

  81. warrenmoon says: Nov 25, 2011 9:21 AM

    ” He should be suspended but knowing how much sense Goodell makes, he will fine both players and suspend James Harrison”
    –This HAS to be in the PFT comment Hall of Fame

  82. robadawb says:Nov 25, 2011 11:29 AM

    I’ve said before and I’ll say again. Suh probably cost the Lions the game. The Packers were on 3rd down and would have settled for a field goal. Suh’s penalty gave the Packers 1st and goal. Being ejected from the game didn’t either.


    I would say the three Stafford interceptions had a bigger impact on the loss than on Suh’s ejection. The Lions might have actually had less defensive penalties without Suh being on the field.

  83. jimbobobjr said: Nov 25, 2011 9:15 AM

    He should get a 5 game suspension for his actions and a one game suspension for his explanation.


    You win.

  84. And everyone contact Subway restaurants online and tell them their continued association is a disgrace. Explaining to a ten year old not only his act, but his post game lying was not a great Thanksgiving memory. If he get fired maybe then he’ll realize his actions have consequences.

  85. You all can complain about Suh, but I bet the majority of you would love it if your team signed him. That stomp was messed up though lol

  86. This guy needs to be suspended and probably tested for rabies. Anyone defending him stomping on a player and repeatedly grabbing a mans neck and pushing him into the turf is just as classless as he is. He could have snapped that mans neck and paralyzed him. He’s that strong. It makes it all the more disgusting. No one deserves to lose their career and their ability to support their family because one guy wants to injure people.

    If he doesnt get at least 3 games he wont get the message. You Suh apologists will be singing a different tune if he eventually ends someones career

  87. ravensfan4life52 says:
    Nov 25, 2011 1:59 PM
    You all can complain about Suh, but I bet the majority of you would love it if your team signed him. That stomp was messed up though lol

    Not really, out of college I was a big fan of his, but why would I want a guy that is going to extend drives, and potentially cost the team the game, because of decisions and actions there are no excuses for.

    All, because he got folded up like a wet noodle. If he acted as tough as he did after the whistle, he woudln’t have been on the ground, and the stomp never happens.

    I thought he was a little silly when he said that the Lions and Packers were on the same level. Then yesterday happened…

  88. > I bet the majority of you would love it if your team signed him.

    $40M guaranteed for a guy whose performance has dropped off, is locker room cancer and racks up 15 yard penalties? I see your user name but based on your comment I’d have figured you to be an Eagles, Jets or Raiders fan. Anyway, no thanks.

  89. What makes all this worse is that Detroit organization has yet to even comment on this. Unless I missed it or something. Shows their lack of class, and inability to handle their employees. Pathetic.

  90. Suh blew it twice. Suh melted down on the field in the heat of battle. Perhaps worse, he offered up an absurdly implausible excuse afterward that was far from an honest account.

    Suh’s “explanation” of his innocent attempt to step out of the pile after being “pushed” was ridiculous, and certainly does no favors for any athlete, coach, fan, journalist, etc. who question some of the arbitrary decisions of The Commish.

    Many question The Commish with a sincere search for truth. Suh undermined those by being such a high profile athlete caught on film and then lying about it.

    Suh also apologized to who he calls his “true fans.” Anyone else who doesn’t buy his horsecrap must not be a true fan, and thus, also qualify for Suh’s ever-expanding rage.

  91. I wonder how many ad executives for the products he endorses just threw up a little bit in their throat?………..

  92. If Schwartz nand Meyhew had an once of care about their team they would sit him down before the league gets to him,

    Their is no call for what he did in the NFL. He is a disgrace to the NFL, his team and all the coaches and players in the league.

    he should be out the rest of the year, lose all his game checks and be fined 100,000.

  93. You see … before I started watching Football, the Steelers went from a dismal failing organization to a new coach (Noll) who drafted a DT First overall.

    He was a beast, and not a posterchild for fair play. Mean Joe Greene was the anchor player of the new Steelers. I started watching in the mid 70’s and Greene played/behaved less and less outside the rules; but from what I’ve seen in his first 2-3 years he was nasty.

    I think more than anyone, Suh is the next Mean Joe Greene. He will settle down, and for Detroit, he may anchor their renaissance. Joe did wonders for Steelers fans.

    btw. If he gets punished more than Seymour did when he punch Rothleisberger in the face after a play, it will be a disservice to Detroit.

  94. Here is a Wikipedia QUOTE on Mean Joe Green:

    “He often showed his displeasure on the field, including an incident during a game with the Chicago Bears in which he spat in the face of Dick Butkus and challenged Butkus, long considered the NFL’s meanest player, to a fight.

    In his early years with the Steelers, Greene was at times uncontrollable, and often let his temper get the best of him. At one time, during a 1975 game against the rival Cleveland Browns at Cleveland Municipal Stadium in which the Steelers won 42-6, Greene repeatedly kicked Browns lineman Bob McKay in the groin while McKay was lying on the ground.[6] Another incident had Greene snap the ball away from the center while the opposing team was lining up for a play. He had no tolerance for losing, and the team veterans quickly took notice. His intense desire to win rallied the veterans around him, and with great drafts as well as superb coaching, the Steelers franchise soon began to undergo a dramatic makeover. Joe Greene was credited as the cornerstone of the great Steelers dynasty and the most important player in team history.”

  95. earlcampbellrules says: Nov 25, 2011 11:38 AM

    Holy crap! All he did was try to stomp a guys arm. Everybody needs to chill the f*&k out. He’s a violent man playing a violent game. I love it. The NFL needs more violence, pretty soon it’s gonna be flag football.

    You and everyone else defending Suh by comparing this situation to the crackdown on dangerous hits needs to have a lesson in critical thinking. They have nothing to do with each other. The crackdown on dangerous hits concerns the way the actual game is played between the whistles. Suh’s situation is about a guy who thinks it’s okay to stomp on people after a play is over.

    If you want more violence, advocate violence that has something to do with football. Not violence by a moron who gives cheap shots after the whistle and doesn’t help his team win at football.

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