Ndamukong Suh “out of control,” college teammate says

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Criticism of Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is coming from all corners, including a college teammate of Suh’s who says it’s time for a suspension.

Jets guard Matt Slauson, who played with Suh at Nebraska, told Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post that the NFL should suspend Suh because fines haven’t curtailed his on-field misbehavior and, Slauson says, “he’s out of control.”

“Somebody needs to get him under control, because he’s trying to hurt people,” Slauson said. “It’s one thing to be an incredibly physical player and a tenacious player, but it’s another thing to set out to end that guy’s career.”

Suh and Slauson lined up against each other in practice, and Nebraska practices frequently featured problems related to Suh’s temper getting the best of him, Slauson told Hubbuch.

Although Suh was one of the best defensive tackles in college football history — being named Associated Press College Football Player of the Year and winning the Bronko Nagurski Trophy, Chuck Bednarik Award, Lombardi Award and Outland Trophy in addition to being a finalist for the Heisman Trophy — Slauson says his teammates didn’t like him. And he says people at Nebraska like Suh even less now that he’s making the football program look bad with his tactics in the NFL, including stepping on an opponent on Thanksgiving, resulting in an ejection.

This isn’t the first time Slauson has indicated he didn’t particularly enjoy being Suh’s teammate. Asked about the then-rookie for the Lions a year ago, Slauson said, “I wouldn’t say me and Suh were best friends. There were times we got in fights during spring ball, during camp. Emotions go, you get tired and Suh just happened to be the guy I was going against.”

It seems that pretty much everyone is fed up with Suh right now. The next question is whether Roger Goodell is so fed up that Suh is suspended.

131 responses to “Ndamukong Suh “out of control,” college teammate says

  1. 3 games… Anything less would be uncivilized.

    I’m kidding, but seriously. Everybody knows he’s out of control. My 7 year old asked me why he was acting like a baby.

    If he doesn’t get suspended, you’ll see the target on his back amplify big time.

  2. Suspend the turd. I was really into this guy and he’s still a FREAKING BEAST. but man, that was so dirty.. just get it out of the way and keep suspending him until he chills.

  3. The Lions are the dirtiest team in the league, and their head coach has all but condoned it. Singling out Suh is not entirely unfair, but this team as a whole needs a slap on the wrist. Goodell needs to have a sit-down with Schwartz about getting his team under control.

  4. Ok, as a former high school and (small)college D-linemen I will say this. You and the O-linemen do not get along. You bash into each other a thousand times a week. For years on end. You can’t do that at stay close. I was never friends with an O-lineman. Ever. QB’s, RBs, and some WR’s, yes. O-linemen nope.

  5. Detroit should suspend Suh before the league does. This is gots to go situation. I like having him on the Lions but this dude just does not get it.

  6. If I were the Lions – I’d trade him to the Raiders for 7 First Round Picks and a Second Rounder (becomes another #1 if Raiders win 9 games one year before 2020) in the offseason.

  7. if he would have been honest and apologized i would say suspend for 2 games.

    but since he lied about it and made up some BS story i say 4 games.

  8. People always crying about the NFL starting to be sissy….and now look at all you hypocrites…… SUH IS WHAT THE NFL NEEDS! hes not dirty….hes just a beast….if it was any there player who “kicked” an OL bicep (lol) it would not be news….i could easily pick 5 plays ive seen this year that were “dirtier” than what SUH did…WITH THAT BEIN SAID….STOP WHINING AND CRITICIZING SOMEONE PLAYING A GAME YOU GUYS NEVER PLAYED….its sad to see the NFL starting to act like the NBA…SUH IS THE RASHEED WALLACE OF THE NBA…..you love to hate him….

  9. Beginning to like this guy less and less. I admire the angry/aggressive style but now it’s become selfish. He’s putting his last name ahead of the team and it’s actually costing them W’s now. He needs to learn how to play mean AND smart.

  10. unless i have missed a story, it seems detroit’s coaching staff is conspiculously silent on suh’s stomping and later his delusional press conference remarks. this seems like a strikingly poor display of leadership from coaches and has the effect of giving suh yet another pass.

  11. Maybe they should ask Tebow to talk to him. Can you imagine if it was Tebow he stomped on……one day Suh will bark up the wrong tree and a 6’6 OT is gonna level him into next season.

    Its hard to find Suh supporters now……the guy has been dirty since day one but everybody said he was just intense….NO, wrong…..LT ended Joe Theismans career but he was the first person to jump up and beg for the doctors to come on the field and help. Cant picture Suh caring about the people he maliciously tries to hurt.

  12. tebowspeech says: Nov 25, 2011 3:57 PM

    If I were the Lions – I’d trade him to the Raiders for 7 First Round Picks and a Second Rounder (becomes another #1 if Raiders win 9 games one year before 2020) in the offseason.

    funny you should mention the Raiders trades.

    how about we talk about the donkeys non-trades?
    could have had a pick for Orton but instead cut him halfway through the season.

    BTW who’s first in the AFC West?

  13. The NFL has gotten way too namby pamby…Suh is old school. I don’t wanna see anyone get seriously hurt by his actions or anything…but Suh can afford to be “dirty” b/c he’s so damn good at what he does.

  14. Slauson says, “(Suh’s) out of control.”

    TRANSLATION: Slauson said, “I wouldn’t say me and Suh were best friends. There were times we got in fights during spring ball, during camp. Emotions go, you get tired and Suh just happened to be the guy I was going against.”

    ULTERIOR MOTIVE: Hey, Slauson … I guess now’s your chance to get even because you couldn’t do it on the practice field.

  15. fat piggy suey is over rated over hyped and he should get suspended it wont make a difference for the sorry lions they wont make the playoffs any way how many plays has he made this year ? not many

  16. 15 years ago this wouldn’t have made print because his previous fines would not have been fines. Have you all thought about that?

  17. I have spent most of the season defending Suh(including within THIS forum). I am now utterly ashamed of him. I wouldn’t have a problem if the NFL suspended him for 5 games, ending his season.
    As to the what “profootballgossip” has to say about the ENTIRE Lions team. I disagree. Ndamakong Suh just brings alot more scrutiny from non Lions fans.
    Suh is the “face” of the team thus making them all look “ugly”

  18. Somebody who doesn’t like Suh says he’s out of control? Wow, What’s next, a former head of officials who has helped make the game an inconsistent mess project the problems of officials on the players?

  19. What gets me about Suh is, he’s never apologetic and he always lies about it as if we can’t just hit rewind. He doesn’t care, you can hear it in his voice and see it in his eyes. It’s time for the league to do something about it before opposing offensive linemen start taking the law into their own hands…

  20. Ok, Suh is dirty…can we move on please? This is like the umpteenth story on the subject this year. Ya’ll know how to beat a dead horse, don’t you?

    For the record, I don’t know of any Detroit fan that would condone that kind of behavior. Absolutely deplorable…


    Diehard Lions fan

  21. What a class act this manchild is. The fact he thinks he did nothing wrong is the worst part of all. The lions should be embarassed for letting him even open his mouth.

  22. I don’t condone taking a guy out on purpose, but if there were ever a time for a little on-field justice, ie. broken leg or knee, this would be the time.

  23. I’ve not seen so many Hall of Fame and other great players so incensed about an existing player. That ought to tell you something.

    He needs a 3-5 game suspension. And BOY are the Packers gonna be motivated especially if they go into that last game against Lions and are 15-0.

    Well done Suh. Talk about putting a target on your team’s back.

  24. Hey look! It’s another article about baby Suh-ie and his sagging diapers.

    Enjoy the collapse of a promising season. I recon if you defend his actions then you like mediocrity.

  25. Normally I don’t like to simplify what could be a very complicated issue but this laddy is way out of control.

    It really comes down to this. When you can’t control your rage is could be a glaring example of STEROID USE. OR if it’s not that then this boy needs to be medicated which will affect his play.

  26. If you win the Chuck Bednarik Award, aren’t you supposed to be a dirty player? I thought that’s what the Chuck Bednarik Award was for.

    Suh hasn’t even closelined anybody into unconsiousness yet.

  27. If he could only channel his aggression he would be one of the best, still happy he’s on my team but if he keeps costing us games……that being said I will still run out on the field Buck naked and kick Suh if the arrest o meter ever reaches 100 days

  28. Heres the deal. In college he was a men amongst boys and intimidated everyone he played against. This allowed him to make alot of plays and be a standout. Now he’s with the big boys who aren’t afraid of him so he’s not able to steamroll O line and make a play every down. He’s frustrated because he realizes he will never be as dominant a player as he was in college. Bottom line he’s more physical than he is good at this level.

  29. Listening to Suh make those absurd excuses after the game yesterday is extremely alarming. It shows that not only he is playing out of control on the field, but when he gets off the field, and has a chance to look back on his actions, he just doesn’t get it. But more than that, Suh is a young player – that he would not just apologize after the game shows that the lions lockerroom has no leader. There needed to be a veteran or the head coach, grab Suh after the game and tell him how wrong his actions were. In my opinion, his all paints Schwartz in a very bad light. We saw how he reacted when the 49ers beat him, we saw how his team reacted when it was getting blown out by the Bears, and now we see that no one on the team felt the need to approach Suh after the game and tell him how wrong he was. The Lions look to be a team out of control, and instead of taking control, Schwartz is just allowing (and helping) his team become even more out of control. It is not a good sign at all. To be a great player, great coach, great team, you have to be able to handle adversity, and keep your cool even when things don’t go your way. The Lions have shown no ability to do that, and even worse, they show no ability to even try to do that.

  30. Hold the phone! Doesn’t this menace to society (NFL-wise) play for that idiot coach at Detroit who went postal with Harbaugh? In addition to being obviously mentally ill, this unfortunate kid has the misfortune of ending up with a coach who must encourage players to show they live on the lunatic fringe. Neither stands a chance as long as they are a tandem.

  31. *********

    why is he snitching?

    what happened to locker room brotherhood and keeping it in house?

    did Suh not ryde or die for Nebraska , did we forget the game against undefeated Texas that Suh took over?

    slausen clausen aint in the league tho…


  32. – Delusional: Yes. Just trying to defend his action was delusional.
    – Dumb: No. In being delusional, he was rather articulate in his denial. Not that anyone is buying it.
    – Does dumb things: You got it. How many times have we been told the child isn’t bad, they just do bad things?
    – Bottom line: He’s smart enough to know that fines don’t affect him enough financially. You have to take away the things he prizes in life, and that appears to be playing football. I know the precedent doesn’t support this, but he won’t learn from anything less than being suspended for the rest of the year. I doubt Goodell will pull the trigger on this one, but he needs to if he wants to stand any chance of resolving the Suh issue.

  33. Could’ve been worse for him. At least the game wasn’t close at the time….wait. At least it wasn’t televised in front of millions….umm. At least it wasn’t against a division opponent….ughhh… At least it’s only his first offense..o.k…Nevermind.

  34. So, let me see if I have this right…

    His obvious behavioral issues were ignored, allowed, covered up, or tolerated because he was winning awards left and right and making the football program and the Univ look good? Is that it?

    Sounds like another recent ugly (much uglier) situation. No?

  35. The NFL has gotten way too namby pamby…Suh is old school. I don’t wanna see anyone get seriously hurt by his actions or anything…but Suh can afford to be “dirty” b/c he’s so damn good at what he does.


    I’ve seen better. Way better. Guys that didn’t constantly hurt their team with personal foul penalties, too. If he cared about his team and teammates he wouldn’t be doing that crap. Just another overrated, self-centered turd.

  36. Suh was being held the whole game. And when the rookie douche pulled Suh down on top of him, Suh lost it. No excuse. But he didn’t slam the guy’s helmet into the turf. He pressed it down two or three times and probably told him while he was doing it that he’d kick his a$$ if it was allowed. Shouldn’t have lost his temper. Should ask the refs why they’re not giving him the calls that they should. A one game suspension and a very hefty fine are mandatoty.

  37. It has been reported that 60 percent of professional football players are bankrupt 6 years after they retire.

    Suh makes 1.4 million this year.
    He has already been fined $ 42,000 this year.
    With a definite suspension coming for the Packer game, let say minimally, 3 games and that is conservatively speaking, say good-bye to $ 262,500 additionally.

    So thus far this year, he has lost $ 304,500 from his salary.

    Doubt Suh will make it 6 years. Maybe it’s time for Suh to take a refresher course in math, anger management may help too, if he can get past kicking the teacher while he’s down.

  38. keeponhating says:
    Nov 25, 2011 4:02 PM

    BTW who’s first in the AFC West?

    Being in first place in the afc west is about as impressive as being in first place in the big east

  39. I’m incredibly happy to see that the dialogue’s from “Is Suh dirty?” to “What’s the best way to deal with it?”

    I’m not sure missing the rest of the season is the answer, but as someone smartly pointed out, “small” fines aren’t getting the message across.

    Maybe a lengthy stay on the bench and maybe a loss of a national sponsorship will.

    I think the comparisons to the Haynesworth stomp are valid. The only reason it wasn’t his face that got stomped was because his face wasn’t under his foot. He was doing it no matter what.

  40. “.if it was any there player who “kicked” an OL bicep (lol) ” That’s all it was, but in watching the replay if the other Packer pulling him off the guy had not pulled him back the stomp was aimed for his face/throat.

  41. It’s not about him being dirty…or whatever. What it is about is his lack of understanding of reality. He actually thought that presser was going to help? He was up there acting like an angry child that knows they just got caught and is trying to craft a lie on the fly. It is plain and simple…he cost our team the game. Schwartz can talk all he wants about other opportunities…yes…we beat ourselves overall. However, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    I say this team gets better with addition by subtraction. Add a bunch of picks…subtract Suh…improve instantly…return to prominence without this albatross around our necks.


  42. Nothing wrong with having fire as a player, until you cross that invisible line of respect.

    Flat out stomping on a guy’s arm, ripping people’s helmets off, talking trash…what is he trying to become Albert Haynesworth’s clone?

    There is no denying Suh’s talent. Ryan Leaf was talented too. Unfortunately, he also had a bit of a temper problem…


    Suh either needs to wise up or be sent packing.

  43. Thirty years ago this wouldn’t even be talked about..Just like the rest of the USA, the NFL is becoming wimpyfied! Maybe we should start retro-fining Deacon Jones for all his rough play back in the day.

  44. Personally, I like him. He hates the other team. That is way better than all this “player fraternity” talk I hear. I don’t pay $200 a ticket to see a bunch of buddies make sure the other guys are respected and protected. I pay to see my team kick the other team in the keester. As a Viking fan, I’m not getting a lot of that these days, so watching Suh play is the next best thing.

  45. It’s fun listening to peole over react on this.

    Suh is a young kid who doesn’t know how to control his anger. I know a lot of kids in their early 20’s who are the same way. It’s a simple maturity situation. He just happens to be a freakishly strong DT playing in the NFL who loses his cool in front of a national audience.

    He knows what he did was wrong; he knows his news conference was ridiculous. And several veteran Lions have tried to talk to him…and Jim Schwartz spent most of the day with him today But until he starts to grow up, suspension is about the only other thing they can do.

    It doesn’t make sense for Schwartz to criticize Suh publicly; that wouldn’t sit well with the team, and creates the perception that the coach cares more about appearances than his players. They know like everyone else that Suh was wrong. You can bet he handled it behind closed doors.

    It’s funny how when James Harrison had his issues, no one called out Tomlin for defending him, though behind closed doors, he assuredly had a similiar talk with his player. Schwartz didn’t even defend him; but his avoidance of the issue speaks volumes.

    In the end, maybe he needs a little anger management training, but really, he just needs to age a little.

  46. I get it….he lost it after the whistle blew. It happens (although rarely) and he should be suspended.

    But in his post-game interview, he sounded like a child who lied about stealing the cookies even though he had cookie crumbs all over his face.

    The kick was obviously deliberate to anyone who looked at the video. Next time, better to man-up and just take your punishment.

  47. The guy’s a Turd… he should be named “Ndamukong Poo”…


    Great Remark.

    Why is it anything attatched to the City of Detroit is a complete embarrassment?

  48. >As a Viking fan, I’m not getting a lot of that these days, so watching Suh play is the next best thing.

    Man, you must have been bored out of your skull yesterday. One tackle, no sacks, ejected.

  49. 31 tackles, 3 sacks, 0 forced fumbles on the team that’s rated 25th against the run = this guy is getting way more attention than he deserves. Anthony Spencer has 31 tackles, 4 sacks and 2 forced fumbles and he’s nothing special, either.

  50. Roethlisberger and Sanchez get hit harder than that after the play is over at least 5 times each game, with no flag, no fines, no suspensions.

    It’s only because he stomped on one of the golden children, the (gasp) UNDEFEATED Packers, that Suh is getting this attention.

    NFL = hypocrisy

  51. you people sticking up for this thuf are delusinal as he is. do not ever mention his name along with Dick Butkus and other greats. they played hard but not not dirty. I must have missed the games where he stomped on oppenents after stopping them. no I did not because he and the other greats never resorted to that type of playing. if anybody did that crap it was taken care of by the players. they need to suspend his roided out ass for the rest of the season and untill he takes anger management classes. but if they get him off the hgh he made not the classes. bottim line is they are the same old loser lions only now now they play dirty so they can feel better about losing.

  52. Not a Lions fan, but a huge Suh supporter til his “explaination” came out…Bro…just make an apology and be a little sincere about it…you went from being a beast to a piece in one game. I love your intensity and all that but you are out of line and you are treating everyone like idiots…the self entitlement you’re displaying isn’t helping your case out…until now you have been very good at damage control, but it working no more. Please….play hard and aggressive…the league needs it….quit going overboard with this crap

  53. I agree with one of the comments above, send the embarrassment to the Raiders, please and do it ASAP. Funny the more pathetic a persons life the more they love to trash on others.

  54. I think suh is just what the nfl needs… A hardass tough s.o.b that does what he wants and plays with rage… This is the no contact generation we are entering where everyone is scared to tackle for fear of a crazy fine… Suh doesnt care he plays his way… I give him props…. All the people who are degrading him id like to see u say to his face what u say on here… Exactly. All we see nowadays is offense in the nfl… When we get a beast of a defender who plays with reckless abandon we call him dirty and classless… Boohoo. This league used to be full of em in the 70s and 80s and hell even 90s and it made for great football… If u wanted to score on these guys u had better bring your A game and some bandages… It was a war…. Now this league has turned into the powderpuff leagues with a bunch of whiners and prima donnas… Dont hate on suh… Hes just takin it back old school.

  55. it has never occurred to me to trash an entire city because of a pro player in that city, as a few of you have done vis-a-vis Su. Detroit sports radio today has been inundated with comments on what an embarrassment he is to the Lions, the city and himself. But leave the City of Detroit out of it….(no,I don’t live there either). Those poor people suffer enough as it is.

  56. teams take on the personality of their coach. Look how ridiculous Schwartz reacted when the coaches handshake and pat on the back was a little too hard. The coach has no locker room authority to criticize Suh for losing control when he went crazy himself.

  57. so what if he gets held every play. it happens every play and if the hold is between the armpits the zebras wont call it. “the cost of doing business”…

    suh has no excuse. he sure likes the notoriety. then he can enjoy the suspension and larger fines that go with it.

  58. I’ve been a Lions fan my entire life, but come on man. The guy threw a hissy fit and stomped on another player.

    He should get a couple (2-4) games off. Maybe when he comes back, he’ll be refocused and more mature.

  59. Didn’t Suh just have a sit down meeting with the Commish?

    What a slap in the face to the Commish. He has no choice but to suspend him.

    The bigger question is-will it be a slap on the wrist like just one game, or will Goodell put the wood to him like he should?

  60. I like the aggressive approach from Suh. It reminds me of…..FOOTBALL, the way it’s supposed to be played, the way it used to be played. That is – before the pussification of the NFL took place…dont be mean to me boohoo my vagina is sore…

    If you dont want to have your head repeatedly shoved into the ground then stop taking it like a, grow some, and do something about it.

    As fans we expect these guys to physically beat the sht out of each other all game long but somehow get offended when a guy acts like a bully…

    Thank you Suh for playng the game the right way. If its not about dominating than its not football and if you gotta problem with it go watch figure skating and cope.

  61. If he’s suspended, the games should be division games. Not just the next two or three or whatever.

    If I was the commish, I’d show him the film, then ask him one simple question. “Do you think this behavior was out of line? Yes or No?”

    If he answers Yes, it’s two games (both division games if possible, one being the game against the Packers on New Years Day.) If he answers ‘no,’ I start with three games, and the more he talks trying to justify things, the more the number of games go up.

    Then I ask the coach the same question. If he says ‘yes’ he gets tagged oh.. 20K. If he says no, start adding multiples of 20K to his fine. It’s obvious that Schwartz, is guilty of ommision. His actions during the game weren’t stellar.

    Schwartz was complaining for five minutes against a call. Meanwhile his defense was still on the field. At that moment in time, he needed to keep a clear head, but obviously let his emotions get out of control. This the example his players are shown. This is what they emulate.

    I’ve said before, the PI call, and the roughing the passer call (both against Detroit) were bad calls. I’ll concede those calls. But there were missed calls on both sides of the ball.

  62. Goodell won’t suspend Suh. May fine him heavily, but Goodell answers to 32 owners and his isn’t about to possibly sink the season of one of them because they have a dirty player. Especially not this one that is on the verge of the playoffs after being a perfectly awful team for too many years.

  63. Wait….wait….wait……Suh can get away with this because he’s so good??? I guess we should look at his stats then………how many sacks in the first half and first drive against the packers? How many qb hurries??…….zero and zero……but lets give the man with the direct pipeline to the man upstairs some credit…..he did have one tackle…..one……singular……..but he is so dominant……uh huh……..more personal foul penalties than tackles? That’s valuable? Granted he gets double and triple teamed…..just like peppers and mathews and ware and ngata……but……..when was the last time any of those PROFESSIONAL football players went out of their way to try and twist a head off a quarteback or stomp a man who blocked them????? If a total lack of integrity was worth his weight in gold he would be richer than this immature peice of human garbage already is….

  64. I’m tired of all the “Man upstairs” talk from Suh. Can’t he keep his religion to himself. Jesus already!

  65. Suh single-handedly knocked out Aaron Rodgers from the game., resulting in a 7-6 win.

    The question is, how far is someone willing to go to win? Yes, he is dirty, but football is controlled violence. He is a product of today’s “win or else” culture.

    That doesn’t excuse his behavior, but he is driven to go beyond the rules. He must curtail the very thing that makes him dominant, and Logan Mankins got a little dirty, and Suh got right back at him in pre-season. I love watching the guy play, but the arm stomp was inexecuseable. Hope the guy gets it together.

  66. You idiots making excuses for this POS are even worse than he is. I get it, as long as the moron is “good” than his behavior is justified. None of you should be allowed to procreate — I can just imagine what fine upstanding citizens your kids would turn out to be.

    Then there’s the classic excuse that “none of this would have even been called 30 years ago.” What a stupid a** comment that is! How is that relevant in any way? Why don’t we just go back to leather helmets and having the goal-posts right on the goal line! If you don’t like how the game is played today, then don’t watch it.

    Suh has the same expectations as every other NFL player, but he doesn’t seem to THINK that he should have to follow them. And don’t give me that crap about him getting called more than anyone else — any extra attention he gets from the refs was earned by the way he plays — dirty. He is the only one to blame for his troubles — not the refs.

  67. >If its not about dominating than its not football

    What game were you watching? Football is played between snap and whistle. Suh is an after-the-play turd.

  68. jgrange08 says:
    Nov 25, 2011 4:44 PM
    keeponhating says:
    Nov 25, 2011 4:02 PM

    BTW who’s first in the AFC West?

    Being in first place in the afc west is about as impressive as being in first place in the big east


    Lord, please let my Raiders blow out the Steelers or Pats in the opening frame of the Playoffs.

    I am so tired of these non-believers.

  69. If you don’t like Suh for antics like this, that’s fine. If you don’t like Suh because he’s a violent and aggressive player, go watch baseball.

  70. Hey Michael David Smith, Why the PR slant, rant that is ANTI SUH. How come we didn’t see simialr posts last two years on Jerome Harrison, Rodney Harrison or similar people notorious for helmet to helmet hits. Those are calculated and can end a players career.

    This is a joke. The Packers started it and suh finished it. Look at the entire footage, not just what espn shows you.

    Slauson owns team in 2010 against the Lions, ended Staffords and Hansons season with brutal cheap shots.

    So lets quit with the revision or targeting. Pro Football Talk should be renamed Pro Football Enquirer for its sensationalism and witch hunts.

    I didn’t see the outrage ryan Brian Robinson of the Vikings or Sean Smith of the Chiefs hit two guys in the junk. Or when Flozell Adams did it for the Cowboys. Whats worse. If you even have to fib an answer you tainted.

    We all know whats worse. We are no longer the leagues doormats. Don’t start anything and there won’t be anything.

  71. The pistons had the bad boys, the lions need to embrace the bady boy view in the nfl. However, what Sug did was inexcusable. He was dillusional in his press conference and he should have owned up to his actions. What he did was dirty, people are trying to compare it to Haynesworth. No where near the intent of what he did. He should be fined and suspended. He needs to take a look in the mirror and analyze how his temperament is. I love how he plays through the whistle but he needs to calm the fu** down…

  72. Suh’s roided up balls are the same size as his pea-sized brain and any of you clowns that have the nerve to defend him have an even smaller set.

  73. >We are no longer the leagues doormats.

    What is wrong with you? You like getting 15 yard penalties and having players tossed out for after-the-play bs? Suh got pissed? Then he could have tried for some payback by dominating during the next play. He consistently chooses the cheap shot, with intent to injure path instead.

  74. Like what vanmorrisey, pointed out his coach was also Haynesworth’s d-coordinator when he stomped on Gurode’s head in Dallas. Also same d-coordinator who first coached Cortland Finnegan and his dirty antics. Bullock was never mistaken for a clean player either. Maybe Schwartz and Suh need to be reprimanded.

  75. Since we’re criticizing Suh so much, we should also look to the history of the NFL. Dirty, vicious players like Dick Butkus (who used to bite people), Joe Greene, Jack Lambert (who started a fight with a freaking kicker), Jack Tatum, etc. are glorified in NFL Films productions. Let’s get real: if Butkus played today, we wouldn’t glorify him, we would rightly condemn him for playing viciously and unscrupulously. We shouldn’t practice this hypocrisy of glorifying old-timers for doing the same thing we condemn present-day players for.

  76. It would seem a no-brainer that Suh would be suspended without pay for multiple games.

    But the league has been so inconsistent and at times unfathomable in some of their decisions that it honestly wouldn’t surprise me if he walked away with just a fine – no more than $100,000. I would hate to see it and would be disgusted by it. But it wouldn’t surprise me either.

    I am already disappointed that the Lions coach didn’t seem to care all that much at his presser. Whatever the league does – the team should punish him harshly as well. Besides just making them look really bad, his stupid, selfish, childishness cost them a game they had within their reach. They were only one TD down with a whole lot of time left and they were doing a pretty good job containing the Pack. They had a realistic shot at winning that game.

    And what does this say to the teammates who honestly try to play hard and within the rules? It says, “Screw you, dude.”

  77. We are no longer the leagues doormats. Don’t start anything and there won’t be anything.

    If you condone those kind of actions……then I guess you are the league doorknobs…. not doormats…………..see you in Lambeau 1/1/12…..

  78. Schwartze says the lions won’t punish him…..that is up to the league……is there an over/under on how many players want to get off this dysfunctional team when the season is over? I’ll take the over………there are quality players on this team that should not be judged by being a teammate of this emotionally and intellectually stunted turd……..

  79. @ jgrossi2210,

    You wrote this:

    “Slauson owns team in 2010 against the Lions, ended Staffords and Hansons season with brutal cheap shots.”

    I didn’t read any farther in your post, and I’d imagine no one else did either. I’ve read the “sentence” ten times, and STILL I don’t know what the hell you are trying to convey.

  80. The stomping was a crappy move, but the NFL has really started to become a candy-ass league. There is too much concern about protecting players. These guys make millions to play what “should” be a tough, physical game. Fans like to see big hits. I like seeing a WR pay for going over the middle, but the NFL has put an end to that.
    People who work in chemical refineries, firemen, soldiers, cops, and many other professions put themselves at greater risk every day than an NFL player, and they earn far, far less money to do it. If I see another 15 yard flag thrown on a defensive back for tackling a receiver, I think I’ll puke, and then I’ll cancel my subscription to Sunday Ticket. You listening Roger GOD-dell?

  81. I think Suh needs some anger management sessions. It’s one thing to go off in close quarters with other players your size with equipment on, but some idiot at a bar or somewhere will say something inappropriate to him and he’ll pop off and will do even greater damage to himself and the organization, let alone the poor bastard who will be on the end of Suh’s retribution.

  82. jgrossi2210 says: Nov 25, 2011 6:37 PM

    This is a joke. The Packers started it and suh finished it. Look at the entire footage, not just what espn shows you.


    This isn’t the Zapruder film – it’s clear what happened and there’s no defending what Suh did. The entire footage shows two players engaged in a block, then they go to the ground, then Suh goes Suh and gets booted from the game.

    Feel free to be an idiot and defend the guy – Detroit continues to show why they deserve this clown and their loser football team.

  83. There was once a time in the NFL when players took care of Suh-like issues. “Limp-offs” were
    worth so many clubhouse points, “help-offs; even more, and “cart-offs” could buy you a day off from practice. No one waited on the commissioner to impose suspensions. If nothing is done about the arm-stomping incident, those days may return ~ and perhaps they should.Suh is not the baddest ass to ever play the game ~ he can be tamed.

  84. Suh got mad bc the offensive guy tackled him which is an illegal hit. No, he shouldn’t have stomped him, fine him. Why is it no one talks about the packers player being ejected first, or the fact that the officials seemed more interested in throwing flags than having a football game? I would love to see anyone on here get on a football field and play with these guys and tell me you wouldn’t be emotional and get mad. It’s a physical game, the league has made this game so p*ssified its ridiculous. Yes, protect these guts from concussions, but let them play the fkg game, I like college rules better, a touchdown is a touchdown and a hits a hit.

  85. The Associated Press College Football Player of the Year, the Bronko Nagurski Trophy, Chuck Bednarik Award, Lombardi Award and Outland Trophy and a finalist for the Heisman? Don’t these organizations take into account personal character at all when making selections? The man is obviously violently psychotic and has no place in college or professional football, and should be in treatment and heavily medicated for lack of self control.

  86. Suh will probably have to sit out a game, and should. However, Slauson has the Ryan disease, can’t shut up. He is still upset over the ass-kickings he took from Suh every day in practice. which by the way made him good enough to get to the NFL. Ungrateful little turd.

  87. The Lions as a whole have proven over and over this season they are a classless immature team. Usually when you have no real dog in the fight you are supposed to be happy when a team turns their fortunes around. I don’t feel this way about the Lions. Week after week since the 49ers loss they are at the center of every weeks controversy on the field. I’m glad they are fading and hope they fade right out of the playoffs and right back into misery and obscurity. Maybe when they grow up and act their age I’ll feel differently.

  88. You know this is a topic of discussion when you walk into a bagel shop @ 10 am and people are still talking about Suh’s play.

  89. j0esixpack says: Nov 25, 2011 5:03 PM

    He needs a coach who can be a good role-model for personal self control – like Rex Ryan.

    Self control? Edelman would be much better.

  90. stampede101 says:
    Nov 25, 2011 4:04 PM
    The NFL has gotten way too namby pamby…Suh is old school. I don’t wanna see anyone get seriously hurt by his actions or anything…but Suh can afford to be “dirty” b/c he’s so damn good at what he does.


    Hi I’m earth have we met? Nobody here is calling for making this game less intense. The stunt Suh pulled is in no way part of good tough football. This is Busch league, period. Anybody who is still trying to defend this sadsack is an absolute moron.

  91. txraiderfan says:
    Nov 25, 2011 7:12 PM
    The stomping was a crappy move, but the NFL has really started to become a candy-ass league. There is too much concern about protecting players. These guys make millions to play what “should” be a tough, physical game. Fans like to see big hits. I like seeing a WR pay for going over the middle, but the NFL has put an end to that.
    People who work in chemical refineries, firemen, soldiers, cops, and many other professions put themselves at greater risk every day than an NFL player, and they earn far, far less money to do it. If I see another 15 yard flag thrown on a defensive back for tackling a receiver, I think I’ll puke, and then I’ll cancel my subscription to Sunday Ticket. You listening Roger GOD-dell?

     Ehhhh as much as I dislike Goodell much of this candy-*** league stuff you’re belly-aching about is born from collective bargaining. Goodell didn’t call for limited live hitting in TC and practice and bye weeks, the players did. I don’t see too many receivers itching to go over the middle only to have the Reeds, Palamalus and Goldsons turn them into vegetables for the remainder of their lives. Theres a fine line between smarts and toughness in this league. Maybe some of the “old school” ways are just plain retarded. It’s pretty sobering to meet some of these retired players and watch them hobble around because of the hits their bodies took while playing. As a species we should learn from our history and improve. We don’t need to wussify the league but we don’t need to return to the days of chop blocking and blowing up defenseless receivers or body slamming QB’s either.

  92. I like how people keep claiming Suh better watch his back for “justice” yet watch the Packers that came to the defense of their teammate. No one came. Nobody challenged Suh.

    The NFL is weak. College is way tougher and hard ass than the weak NFL

  93. @profootballgossip & others.

    For a real football player, its not just a game. I pay to see real football players. These dreadlock pansies talking about player fraternities, etc…they sound like a bunch of quarterbacks to me. Knock the other guy to the ground until he doesn’t want to get up.

    I would bet the next time Suh faces the Packers, there will be a lot of bitterness. It will add to the game. It will be a greater test we now get to see.

    I shouldn’t expect most of the softies on these chat boards to agree. Most of you couldn’t even hold my Viking sword. SKOL

  94. Suh is what America is all about. Nasty , bully folks and hurt the weak. We invade countries take what we want and could care less what other folks think. Keep stomping like the government. Mace college kids , drop bombs on countries , freeze assets , remove governments we dont like. As far as this clown Matt Slauson. Lets look at what we know about him . Jets LG Matt Slauson was credited with teams highs in sacks allowed (5.5) and penalties (7) during the 2010 season.
    Slauson improved as the season progressed, but he was clearly the weak link along the front five when everyone was healthy. The Jets still seem to be counting on Slauson to start in 2011. They’re now trying his backup, 2010 second-round draft choice Vladimir Ducasse, at right tackle.

    Sounds like a nobody trying to get his name some attention

  95. If you all accurately remember, Marcus Vick was on everyone’s radar when he was at Virginia Tech. He stepped on Elvis Dumervil’s arm during a bowl game and his draft status plummetted. He did get his shot with the Dolphins but apparently he couldn’t cut it in this league.

    Suh clearly has issues. I think the Matt Ryan incident was more sickening than this one against the Packers.

  96. It drives me crazy to hear non-players complain about the toughness, or lack of it, from pro football players. One real hit from even a mediocre linebacker — yes, even a scrub like Vernon Gholston — would send 99.9% of us to the hospital for a while, probably. It’s become a “candy ass” game? I think not.

    It is becoming a confusing game, though, as Goodell gives us a lesson on how not to manage a complex bureaucracy. One feels like he’s making up these reforms as he goes without any clearly defined long-term plans or benchmarks. So the players don’t know what the refs are going to call, because the refs don’t know what they should call, because the league doesn’t know what it wants, other than “fewer head traumas.”

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