Signs pointing towards Kevin Kolb’s return

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Kevin Kolb could return for Sunday’s big clash for the basement in the NFC West.

Kolb returned to practiced the last two days despite his toe injury. Although he’s not taking all the first team snaps yet, Kolb didn’t suffer any setbacks on Wednesday.

“It’s just a thing where he has to warm it up,” coach Ken Whisenhunt said via “He has to get back into the flow of football.”

John Skelton made sure that the quarterback controversy died down in Arizona last week. Kolb appears to be on track to play against the Rams. A Cardinals victory would spark more cries for a new coach in St. Louis.

11 responses to “Signs pointing towards Kevin Kolb’s return

  1. Kolb, Fitzgerald, Cassel I guess all of you who say PROVEN running backs shouldn’t be paid need to apply that same logic to UNproven quarterbacks! smh

  2. All players contracts are base on “potential” for example Kolb and Fitzpatrick may be bargains or have outplayed their current contracts by 2014. Cassel was a playoff QB last year. Kolb has had 7 games as a Cardinal and Fitzpatrick has stabilized the Bills francise. The Bills need to put more talent around him, Kolb needs a full offseason with the Cards and Cassel well, it may be a offense coaching thing or and injury thing with the Chiefs this year. And yeah, it’s unlikely that all three pan out – see Jamarcus Russell.

  3. All i can say is I truly feel bad for Larry Fitzgerald. Skelton or Kolb it doesnt matter. Both are garbage

  4. Why Kevin why?
    With the set of offensive and I mean offensive tackles the Cardinals have why not milk the toe until the end of the season. They will certainly upgrade the position before next year. Can you believe Levi Brown was drafted before Patrick Willis and Adrian Peterson! This guy is a fringe player at best and will be a backup next year. Brandon Keith on the other hand will be a backup to a backup to a backup next year.

  5. UnProven Contracts
    Ryan Fitzpatrick, 6-year, $59 million
    Matt Cassel 6-year, $62.7 million
    Kevin Kolb 5-year, $63 million contract

    Who would you rather have on your team? Those Quarterbacks or these running backs? Case Closed

    Proven Underpaid
    Arian Foster, Matt Forte, Fred Jackson

  6. Jackson is out for the year so, not him and Cutler and Schaub are stinky, not. So I think the QB makes the team, I guess Texas will be the experiment, now that Schaub is out.

  7. trbowman says:
    Nov 25, 2011 12:29 PM
    Kolb will be a stud next season.


    That’s what they said last year……………..Face it the guy is a bum. And the most action you will see out of him is his ability to walk up and down the sidelines drinking gatorade, outside of that don’t count on much more.

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