Stafford says finger is not a factor

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Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford threw four interceptions in Detroit’s first eight games this season. Then he suffered a broken index finger on his passing hand, and he’s thrown nine interceptions in three games since then.

But Stafford says the finger is not a factor.

Asked after the Lions’ loss to the Packers whether the finger is affecting him, Stafford said, “No. Nope.”

Instead, Stafford says, the Packers just made three good plays on his three interceptions on Thanksgiving. Lions coach Jim Schwartz said he hasn’t seen evidence that Stafford’s interceptions have been affected by his finger, either.

They’ve all been different,” Schwartz said. “As long as he’s making good decisions and going where he’s supposed to go, he has to stay aggressive. He needs to keep throwing.”

But he needs to stop throwing interceptions. Stafford says his finger is getting better and that he expects to play next Sunday against the Saints without a splint on it, which could help — or could make no difference, if the cause of Stafford’s surge in interceptions is something other than his finger.

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  1. Maybe it isn’t the finger, but then it’s most definitely the glove.
    While two of the INT’s yesterday can’t really be blamed on him (lucky tip by Pickett, and the Grewsef being lazy) he had many overthrows and consistently missed some wide open receivers.

  2. Give the Packers some credit. Nobody jumps routes as well, which is why they have 22 INTs. When their defenders know where the ball is going, it’s not because of Stafford’s finger. It’s because of his brain, which didn’t see what was going to happen.

  3. his right index finger is supposed to be the broken one but in watching the game he seemed to have full use of it he used it to signal his players to move and such it bent normally you can`t do that with a splint on what going on making excuses for his interceptions?

  4. If Tramon Williams had hung onto the one he muffed the Packers would have had 7 more points. Rule #1: Know thy enemy. Stafford threw the ball into three situations where the route could be easily jumped.

    Stafford has a way to go.

  5. Well, the play calling sucks and his mechanics suck. Since Scott Linehan is the OC and serves as the QB coach, then…there ya go.

    Since Linehan can’t even handle calling a decent play let alone coming up with a productive game plan, at least bring in a QB coach to work on Staff’s mechanics so you can take that out of the equation and just have lousy play calling to deal with.

    This is coming from a die hard Lions fan, but there isn’t one person being held accountable for what happens on the field. It’s all this excuse or that excuse or it’s “playing to the whistle” or whatever else they want to come up with. There’s absolutely no reason why they should be losing and acting the way they have been lately. None. The fact that everything is correctable and it’s not being corrected is the biggest problem.

  6. 19 tds t0 4 ints before the gloves . since then tons of both. hard for me to not blame the finger and the glove

  7. Matthew Stafford has 34 ints in 24 career starts ….. This sample size would project him to pretty much be a QB who throws 20 plus interceptions in each 16-game season …… This isn’t likely to lead to many playoff teams in Detroit …… This problem can be fixed in only two ways ….. Stafford becomes better on his own or the coaching staff initiates the means to improved play from him ……

    Some players have a difficult time improving their play without outside intervention (better coaching) …… I believe Stafford is one of these players …… Unfortunately, the present Detroit staff will never be able to improve a player’s performance enough to sustain success …… Until Schwartz & his staff are sent packing, Detroit will always be an up & down team who (for the most part) underachieves …… Schwartz will get one more year & then the Lions will have to clean house ……

    How else can you explain the ‘chaos’ that presently exists in Detroit ? …..

  8. Stafford better blame it on his finger – if not his finger than may not be the super star star Detroit thought he was. Johnson is all but invisible to Syafford

  9. But, but, but…….didn’t the Lions already win the Superbowl? Say it with me band wagoners……OVERRATED! This is a such a young team with so much talent. Too bad their Coach condones Hayensworth type behavior and has NO control over his team. No respect given to this team until they actually WIN something. Yawn. On to the playoffs for my team!

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