Jaguars will be televised in Jacksonville


The Jaguars are on TV in Jacksonville again.

The blackout has been lifted for Sunday’s game with the Texans and the game will be on local television, the Jaguars announced today.

That doesn’t mean the game has actually been sold out. It likely means the Jaguars bought back some of their own tickets at 34 percent of the face value, as teams are allowed to do to get the blackout lifted. The team previously confirmed that 6,000 tickets have been donated to members of the military.

Whether the Jaguars are viable in Jacksonville in the long run is open to debate, but so far this year they’ve done enough to get themselves on local TV every week.

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  1. Its not really a sell out if they are giving away thousands of tickets. Way to supportvyour team Jacksonville. I think more seats were given away or tarped over then were sold.

  2. I can’t think of a worse franchise to be a fan of than the Jaguars. There is really no bright spot on that team. The best player (MJD) will be washed up by the time the franchise is competitive again. The WRs are awful. The QB (whom they traded up for) looks to be the worst of the draft. I can’t name a single player on the defense. The coach is a dead-man walking. Just a complete trainwreck.

    My condolences go out to all Jaguars fans… if there are any left.

  3. Stop hating on the Jags. This will be the 4th home game I’m attending. Yes, they are horrible right now. Yes, people down here are more interested in the Gators/Seminoles/Bulldogs than the Jags. Yes, our coach is completely checked out, our QB is not looking too promising at the moment, and girl scouts could fill the WR spots better. Why do you care?? All teams go through rebuilding, or down years, or total disaster years at some point (see the Matt Millen era in Detroit). My only guess is that those of you that post all the anti-Jag stuff are just angry because you follow a team that may have tons of fan support, but who’s team is stinking up the city (see Indy, Philly, Minnesota, NY Jets, and so on…). Look in the mirror first instead of trashing and easy target. GO JAGS!

  4. I think it is so cute when people who obviously know nothing about football try to post an intelligent well-thought out comment about football, or the Jaguars. I’m talking to you “sterilizecromartie”. First of all, MJD is only 26, so he still has a long career ahead of him. Our rookie QB is just that, a rookie. If you knew anything about the development of a QB, you would know that it takes 2-3 years for a QB to fully mature. Finally, our defense is ranked #3 in the league, that didn’t happen by accident. There are good players on this team, and great fans in this city, but again this is way above your IQ.

  5. I agree jagfan14, the only reason that “sterilizecromartie” can’t name a player on defense is that he chooses not too try….The defense has been solid….

  6. This may very well be the last televised home game based on the number still available on that Jaguars website. 10K left for the Chargers next week, over 7K for the Bucs, and over 9K on New Years Day for the Colts. The one draw for the Colts game may be the possibility of being in attendance to see another team go 0-16.

  7. 26 is beyond old for a back. Cam Newton, Joe Flacco, Andy Dalton, Matt Ryan etc had success in year one. JAX is a joke of a franchise, stop trying to manufacture a rivalry with the Texans.

  8. So you’re logic is that because Cam Newton, Flacco, Dalton, and M. Ryan all had success in their first year, then that should apply to ALL qb’s. With that logic, Aaron Rodgers is a complete bust because he sat behind Favre for THREE YEARS!! We aren’t trying to manufacture a rivalry with the texans! We’re trying to grow as a football team!!

  9. Jacksonville should trade for Tim Tebow and that will solve two problems. #1 John Elway and John fox do not want him in Denver and #2 The Tim Tebow lovers will always sellout Jacksonville so they can watch him run the read option all game. This is a win win situation for this offseason.

  10. I have a very legitimate reason for hating the Jaguars…back in 95 south Georgia was pretty much all Atlanta Falcon fans as well they should be SINCE THIS IS GEORGIA! then the city of Jacksonville is awarded a team by the NFL and since at the time and throughout much of our history Atlanta wasn’t very good, a large number of supposed “Falcon” fans all of a sudden became Jaguar fans…I pull for every team in this state whether i follow the sport or not….Go Falcons Braves Bulldogs Hawks etc. So yeah I literally hate the Jaguars and they’re not even very good so I can understand why nobody wants to pay their hard-earned money to go sit in a nasty downtown Jacksonville stadium and watch their “team” get slaughtered by a real NFL team (like Atlanta will be doing in a few weeks @ the GA Dome) and then worry about they’re car being stolen in the parking lot or being mugged or murdered trying to find that car…sorryI’ve spent a lot of time in Duval and it is nothing to be proud of….an anonymous South Georgia (near Waycross) Falcon fan FALCONS ON TOP!!!

  11. @dalucks

    The Jags haven’t had a blackout in two years, so having Tebow would make no difference in that area. It might actually hurt ticket sales when he wouldn’t be able to beat out newly acquired qb Dan LeFevour for third string, which would be good for billboard vendors however.

  12. @thekingdave

    There is no rivalry with the Texans. That franchise is a joke!

    One year…I year with a winning record, and it was 9-7 at that.

    Stop acting like the Texans are a model franchise. All of those years of high draft picks,a nd you can only manufacture one year above .500? They are joke.

    One and done in the playoffs!

  13. The article above states that ” The team previously confirmed that 6,000 tickets have been donated to members of the military.”

    Now when you read that, the perception is that the team just gave away 6,000 tickets.

    That is absolutely not the case. Click on the link and read the story.

    6,000 tickets were purchased at face value by local businesses (I am one of them), and donated to the USO.

    That is the definition of local support!

    Further, when you post the truth, it gets deleted. Why is censoring posts which tell the truth?

  14. @danielv77

    You want to talk about the “nasty downtown!” I have been to the Georgia Dome, and you have to do the “army crawl” to dodge the bullets.

    What a completely moronic thing to say, considering how bad of an area around the GA Dome!

    Oh…and the Falcons have won the same amount of Championships as the Jaguars.


  15. I gotta give the Jags owners credit for at least buying the tickets back or tarping off 1/4 of the stadium so the fans could watch their team play. The economy is bad so not everyone can afford to go to games. Other owners will just give the finger to local fans and then raise prices.

  16. @ danielv77,

    You live in ATL and are making fun of how unsafe downtown JAX is? lol.

    Don’t be bitter cause your team sacrificed their franchise for the next half decade for Julio Jones.

    Haters gonna hate. Enjoy your ghetto dome.

  17. @granadafan

    The Jaguars owner did NOT buy the tickets back, and less than 9k seats are covered. Even with the covered seats, Everbank is 65k seats. That is bigger than a lot of stadiums in the NFL.

    Again…there is this perception that the city does not support the team. That is completely false. There are other cities with 3x the population of Jax that are blacked out on a regular basis.

  18. ar1888
    You guys post on every Jags topic but never offer anything insightful or credible. You repeat your old sayings that are 3 years old. At least trying to stay current and show some life of intelligence if your capable. thekingdave , so we are trying to create a rivalry with a team that can’t put together a winning season(texans). That’s funny.

    By the way Jag fans, if you see joetoronto on here I found out he is a Raider fan. The Raider has 83 home blackout since moving back to Oakland in 1995 and he is on our topics leaving comments. If you see this troll call him out.

  19. No, but you stated that “if you know anything about the development of QBs it takes 2-3 years blah blah blah etc”. I showed that’s not the case, and Los Angeles Fans will be very disappointed with him as a QB. @Jvillenole, yes you desperately want to manufacture a rivalry with us, given your multiple obsessive comments regarding “dirty” play from the Texans, when in reality you just root for a pathetic franchise. Have fun getting “revenge” tomorrow.

  20. @thekingdave,

    Not sure if you know this, but your QB has a potentially career ending injury with his Lisfranc injury. This will set your franchise back another 5 years.

    And what are you even talking about manufacturing a rivalry? You guys have never made the playoffs in your entire existence. Where do you get off flapping your gums like that?

    Good luck with Matt Leinart, hahahaha.

  21. @kingdave

    Oh…I see.

    So the camera made up the “punch.”

    All of the other teams, including the Steelers and the Titans are both making “obsessive” comments when they too state that the Texans are a dirty team.

    I could honestly care less about the Texans. It is a garbage franchise who needs a down year in the AFC South to be in position to make the playoffs.

    That is FACT!

    Oh…and watch what you say about the game tomorrow. It is ANYTHING but automatic for the Texans.

  22. nationalmediacansuckit -Your wrong, I didnt state that the jaguars will be in L.A. in a few years. If you guys would actually go to the games these stories wouldnt be on profootball talk everytime the Jags have a fake sell out for all of their home games.

  23. @jvillenole

    When I said obsessive it was directed at JAX fans like you and zoxitic who claim the Texans are a garbage franchise yet troll every Texans related post and spew your non sense. And yes, tomorrow is automatic. LA Glitter Kitties.

  24. Putting the Jags on television? Television?

    You’re going to give them swelled heads.

    Next they’ll be thinking they’re a professional team…

  25. thekingdave – did you cry when Mincey broke Leinarts collarbone and your chances of getting out of the first round (of your first playoffs ever?)

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