Shannon Sharpe grills Tebow on support from franchise

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After Thursday’s game between the Dolphins and Cowboys, CBS teased the latest network sit-down interview with the man to whom — and about whom — everyone wants to talk.

Tim Tebow.

This one should be good, based on the snippet that aired.  At one point, Shannon Sharpe asks Tebow whether he has the 100-percent support of the organization.  Tebow evades the question, explaining that he’s blessed to be the quarterback of the team, or something like that.

But Sharpe doesn’t let him off the hook.  Instead, Sharpe insists that Tebow focus on the specific question of whether he believes he has the full support of coach John Fox and V.P. of football operations John Elway.

Of course, that’s where they cut it off.  To see the rest, we have to tune in tomorrow at 12:00 p.m. ET.

And if you come to PFT at 1:00 p.m. ET, we’ll let you know what he says.  (That’s not really a tease, since I currently have no idea what Tebow will say.)

48 responses to “Shannon Sharpe grills Tebow on support from franchise

  1. Oh jeez. Just what we need. As if last Thursday’s post-game show with the NFL Network wasn’t awkward enough. Why do these people get thrills out of trying to get Tim to trip up or say the unpolitically correct thing? No other athlete gets grilled like he does. I’m sure Shannon will also ask him about his throwing motion. “Which of these best describe your throwing motion best: ugly, inadequate, or painful-to-watch?”

  2. This is getting ridiculous. Guys are going out of their way to “catch” Tebow, or trip him up in their questioning. What exactly is Tim supposed to say? “No, John Elway thinks I suck.” It’s like the Eli Manning “Elite Quarterback” question, no matter what the guy says, he is scrutinized for his answer.

  3. “Shannon, all I know is I have Jesus Christ on my side, that’s all I really need to succeed, I can’t concern myself with any other factors. It’s just me and the lord who believe in me, I’m blessed to be where I am and anything else is an after thought.”

  4. Considering Sharpe spent part of last weekend’s show wearing an orange #15 jersey, I’m betting that it won’t be TOO rough of an interview…

  5. I am not a Broncos fans so I really don’t care who they play at QB.
    I am sure that Tebow will be forgotten before too long because he is just a bad QB but I don’t root against him and I don’t see any reason to take pleasure in him failing or saying something dumb.
    What is this twisted obsession with seeing certain people fail or suffer just because you don’t care for them?
    I get it with turds like Vick, Roethlisberger or Suh but who has players like Eli, Cutler, Brady, Grossman or Romo wronged?
    Is your life so pathetic that you have to hope for someone else to go down just so you feel better about your own world?

  6. Does anyone even watch the CBS pregame? I would rather watch Chris Berman for 24 hrs straight than that bunch of has been on CBS.

  7. People need to stop treating football players like they are Nixon during Watergate. We all know all sports reporters are failed real reporters who thought they were going to be the next Woodward and Bernstein because they watched Redford and Hoffman in the movie.

  8. .

    I could care less about tebownania or the sub .500 broncos. However, CBS Tampa has decided to preempt NE @Philadelphia to air Denver visiting San Diego.

    Frankly, I’d rather see a replay of a Cleveland / Jacksonville exhibition game from 2006.


  9. Leave the dude alone. Tebow has been nothing but a class act and for some reason people want him to fail. Also, john elway needs to get over himself.

  10. The bigger question is what makes SS think he’s a journalist let alone someone who deserves to have all of his questions answered.

    Keep up the good fight Tebow.

  11. This Tebow stuff is stupid, Broncos are not going anywhere, They will probably win one more game this year, Yeah yeah yeah Broncos beat the Raiders 1 time, That game was a pre season game for Palmer..
    That game was a fluke, Raiders will run away with the West

  12. They’ll stop picking on the religious fanatic soon enough. He won’t be playing beyond this season

    gatorays says: “Does anyone even watch the CBS pregame?”

    LOL No, I like Fox w/Howie, Terry, & Jimmy Johnson. Good crew. Howie looks like he could still play AND dominate.

    nightwalker43 says: “We all know all sports reporters are failed real reporters”

    Really?? Maybe you could say that about guys that never played the game, buy Sharpe??? That’s who did the interview. Are you referring to him?

    As a Hall of Famer, he’s obviously NO failure and does this because he’s now retired and this gives him something to do, makes him some money, and keeps him close to the game he put his entire life into

    Jealous much or just mad overly religious & upset that Irvin asked the tough question and apparently wouldn’t let Tebow get away w/not answering it directly???

    What are YOU so successful at???

    rambo08 says: “Shannon Sharpe is a mush mouth.”

    It is HARD to believe that this guy makes a by SPEAKING. He’s barely coherent. He’s funny and knowledgeable, but WOW, you have to listen when he “speaks”, if you can call it that

    Funniest thing he ever did was pretend to call 911 on the sideline, in front of a camera, saying “Hello, 911? Bring everything you’ve got, we are KILLING the Patriots!” … and I’m a Pat’s fan. It stung, but it WAS funny

  13. >Shannon Sharpe should ask Kyle Orton what he thinks of the support of the Bronco’s organization.

    You may be the only person on earth who would find that interesting.

  14. First, this is just a silly line of questioning. If he wins, he has their support, whether they want to give it to him or not. If he repeatedly loses, he doesn’t have their support, and it gives them an excuse to get rid of him.

    Second, it is the wrong subject to be asked that question. Does he have the support of John Elway? Ask John Elway. He is not in a place to answer the question in an objective manner.

    What silliness.

  15. I can’t believe I am saying this, but I am actually feeling bad for Tebow. This is coming from a non-broncos fan who does not understand the cult-like worship this guy has.

    Just leave the kid alone and let him be.

    Whatever he says, people will make a big deal out of it..over-react and poo poo it. Whatever.

  16. sterilizecromartie says: Nov 26, 2011 9:18 PM

    Oh jeez. Just what we need. As if last Thursday’s post-game show with the NFL Network wasn’t awkward enough. Why do these people get thrills out of trying to get Tim to trip up or say the unpolitically correct thing? No other athlete gets grilled like he does. I’m sure Shannon will also ask him about his throwing motion. “Which of these best describe your throwing motion best: ugly, inadequate, or painful-to-watch?”


    No, actually plenty of players get grilled like this. That is how irresponsible journalists get paid. Did you ever watch the entire interview where TO said he wished he had a different QB? He was asked related questions several times before he gave them the sound bite they wanted, then they crucified him with it. Tebow may not have done anything to deserve it (yet), but he’s nowhere close to alone in that treatment.

    That doesn’t make that kind of journalism fair, or good. Of course, we’ll all be talking about the repercussions of whatever he says over the next week. I guess we are all to blame for this stupid game.

  17. Watching, Tebow appears to believe he has never and will never need coaching. He doesn’t need to learn a thing. He can just pray and be good to go. That is the only way to explain the way he throws. It appears he believes he has Jesus’ phone number and that’s all he will ever need to be great.

    Tebow set himself up for this. I sure hope he enjoys it.

  18. When a guy kinda sucks at his position and is one of the starters for an NFL team, they deserve all the talk. Doesn’t matter what his record is either. Put him up against the top 8 teams, he loses them all. If they win one, its because of defense or turnovers…not him. The talk will stop when he’s gone.

  19. And people keep telling me I’m wrong when I say that Tebow ignores questions to talk about Jeebus. I’m not making this stuff up people, it’s coming out of HIS mouth!

  20. By the way, press is something that goes along with being a professional athlete. I fail to see why I should feel sorry for a guy who is expected to actually answer questions when someone interviews him on camera.

  21. Tebow should ask horse face why nobody can understand a word he says.

    Seriously, how does this guy have the job he has?

  22. Of course… I’m sure anyone could answer this concerning Sharpe’s speaking style. “Which of these best describe your speaking style: ugly, inadequate, or painful-to-listen to?”


    the media likes to pump people up then tear them down. but tebow clearly doest fit their template; he isnt the kind of person they want to ever look good. they are then doubly troubled because, since he is so popular (in part because of prior media shenanigans), they have to go interview and cover him. then their bias gets exposed and in the internet age, they suffer slings and arrows.

    the media likes to think they make the news and decide what news is and isnt, when they are really sposed to just report the news. they are trailing the public on this one, not leading it and not even reflecting it.

  23. We all know how this is gonna sound :

    Shannon – “Yabba slabba ibba jibba hey.”

    The 15th Apostle – “Go with Christ.”

    The End

  24. I hate the Broncos with a passion but honestly I’m really tired of the whole Tebow grillings. Let the kid play, I hope he loses but he’s won but not the way folks want 2 C? Definitely unconventional & ugly but a “W” is a “W”? Cut the guy some slack with the grillings…

  25. As the hysteria surrounding Tim Tebow continues to unfold, it is clear that it transcends sports as it plays out against a backdrop of racial and religious politics and all of the cultural stereotypes and double-standards which now consume us. Tim Tebow is a devout, honest, handsome, talented, wholesome young man who has defied all of his doubters because his drive and determination exceed his so-called physical limitations. In any other era in this country, there would be no doubt about the legitimacy of his fame and his value as a role model for society at large. I agree with the Wall Street Journal which recently described America as a place that”worships celebrities but not heroes.” Instead, we elevate the anti-hero to iconic status. While Tim Tebow finds himself described as “polarizing” and “controversial,” we heap fame and acceptance on people like Michael Vick and the Kardashians! If a society is judged but the moral and cultural standards that are the foundation of it’s future, I am dismayed!

  26. Gator/evangelical Tebow fanboys and self-styled football guru Tebow haters are two sides of the same irrationality coin. Tebow ain’t Jesus with shoulder pads like more than a few of his fans seem wont to believe, and Tebow is hardly the worst QB in the league and a blight on the game like his detractors seem wont to believe. He’s somewhere in the middle, and he’s trying to get better. Leave the dude the funk alone!

  27. Just keep praising an imaginary person every time someone puts a mic in your face. Im so tired of hearing how much you love Jesus. I hope you say this when you’re out of the league and praising god for the amount of ditches you dug this week. Douchbag

  28. I’m really surprised that Tebow could understand anything Sharpe said. The guy talks like he has a mouthful of marbles. The only reason they keep Sharpe around is because they view him as some cartoon character. His brother Sterling could actually speak affluent english.

  29. tebow has to know he doesnt have the support of the franchise. which is a shame because the guy is a baller and all you nerds can put your poor mechanics argument aside, the guy wins games and is actually a good person who has handled this situation with more class than his burned out coach and john elway. give the guy some time to develop, does anyone remember troy aikmans first few seasons?? maybe i’m watching the game differently than the so called experts at the sell out network espn but tebow has turned the broncos season around and the ravens won a superbowl with a strong running game and good defense. since when is trent dilfer considered a quality quarterback, the guy sucked his whole career, didnt have the athletic ability of tebow, the heart or desire, or the passion for the game this kid plays with

  30. Tebow never answers a question truthfully. He always says things like I’m just blessed to be in the NFL which is true but at some point you have to answer a question.

    I’m just waiting on them to lose so he can do his “this team will never lose another game” speech

  31. What people don’t seem to be understanding about Tebow not wanting to answer that question is because he’s trying to have some CLASS. A guy like Desean Jackson would come out and talk about how he’s a superstar and how the coaches don’t support him.

    I thought Tebow did a very good job of answering the NFL Network guy’s grilling in a very professional manner.

    I agree with the posters who are saying that there is some sick obsession with “catching” a guy in something he says or trying to trip him up and get some headline quotes to show him being hypocritical. It’s like an obsession with people these days. I would think that people would find someone who’s honest and professional and not the “me-first” mentality to be refreshing in this day & age.

  32. This would be like asking your grandma if she thinks that everyone actually liked her Thanksgiving dinner.

    I know you’ve heard it before; that Tebow brings out the best in his teammates and other people. Well, he certainly brings out the worst in everybody else.

  33. This once again shows the passive\aggressive evasiveness of Tebow. He will go into politics or the ministry after his football career is cut short by injury. The injuries will be inevitable considering his stubbornly chosen style of play. He will “Aw Shucks” and “My Faith in Jesus” his way out of every question,or he will say “I don’t know” “Not my place to say” etc.

  34. Winning 4 games is hardly “winning”. He hasn’t proven that he can win long-term. Teams will figure out how to beat him. Not that it matters, since Denver isn’t going to the playoffs anyway.

  35. Saw the interview. Thought Sharpe was not out of line. Nothing like the fiasco that the NFL Network produced. Thoughtful questions. Direct, not pushy. Solid journalism. Unlike the amateurish interview of the NFL Network, this was actually informative and interesting.

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